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Designing for Fire Safety in Schools

Designing for Fire Safety in Schools


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Published by: Kay A Dankwa on Sep 01, 2010
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Guidance on loadbearing elements of structure
is given in section 6.2. Section 6.3 is concerned
with the sub-division of a building into
compartments and section 6.4 makes provisions
about concealed spaces (or cavities). Section 6.5
gives information on the protection of openings
and on fire-stopping. Common to all these
sections and to other provisions of Part B, is the
property of fire resistance. resistance

The fire resistance of an element of construction
is a measure of its ability to withstand the
effects of fire in one or more ways, as follows:

resistance to collapse, ie, the ability to
maintain loadbearing capacity (which applies
to loadbearing elements only) (R);

resistance to fire penetration, ie, an ability to
maintain the integrity of the element (E); and

resistance to the transfer of excessive heat, ie,
an ability to provide insulation from high
temperatures (I).

‘Elements of structure’ is the term applied to the
main structural loadbearing elements, such as
structural frames, floors and loadbearing walls.
Compartment walls are treated as elements of
structure although they are not necessarily
loadbearing. Roofs, unless they serve the
function of a floor, are not treated as elements
of structure. External walls, such as curtain walls
or other forms of cladding which transmit only
self weight and wind loads and do not transmit
floor load, are not regarded as loadbearing for
the purposes of this section, although they may
need fire resistance to satisfy requirement B4
(see sections 7.2 and 7.3).

Section 6| Requirement B3 – Internal fire spread (structure)


Loadbearing elements may or may not have a
fire-separating function. Similarly, fire-separating
elements may or may not be loadbearing. elsewhere in this guide
concerning fire resistance

There is guidance in sections 4.3 – 4.5
concerning the use of fire-resisting construction
to protect means of escape. There is guidance
in section 7.2 about fire resistance of external
walls to restrict the spread of fire between
buildings. There is guidance in section 8.4 about
fire resistance in the construction of fire-fighting
shafts. Appendix A gives information on
methods of test and performance for elements
of construction. Appendix C gives information
on fire doors. Appendix E gives information on
methods of measurement. Appendix F gives

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