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Bike Repair Maunal

Bike Repair Maunal

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Sprockets and chainringsBrakes


Rims and tyres




Worn teeth

Worn brake pads

Checking for wear

Regularly check the tyres,
rims, brakes, chainrings,
cables, and sprockets so
that you can spot signs of
wear as early as possible.

Spotting danger signs

Check the whole circumferenceof both tyres
for bulges in the tread or the walls. Tyres with
bulges or distortions are very likely to blow out
if you ride on them. If you see any of these signs,
replace the tyre (see pp.106–7).

Check all cables and cable outers for signs of
splitting and fraying.Frayed inner cables can snap,
leaving you without gears, which is inconvenient,
or without brakes, which is dangerous. Change the
cable before you ride again (see pp.46–9, 114–17).
Worn or split outers reduce the effectiveness of
your brakes and allow dirt to get in and clog the
cables. Change the outer as soon as you can.

Look for evidence of deep scoring on the rims
of each of your bike’s wheels.Rim brakes will
gradually wear out the rims, especially if you ride
off-road or in winter. Eventually, the rims will fail
and you could crash. Cracks around the nipples of
the spokes where they join the rim are a danger
sign, too. Replace the rim if you see these signs.

Check each tyrefor splits or cuts in the tread or
side walls. A large split means that the internal
fabric of the tyre is damaged, so the tyre is likely
to blow out. Smaller splits and cutswill let sharp
objects penetrate the tyre, causing at least a
puncture and possibly a rapid blow-out. Replace
the tyre if you see any splits or cuts (see pp.106–7).



Look closely at the tread of both tyres for signs
of wear.If the tread is worn, the tyre has lost
structural strength and can break down and
distort or bulge. The result can be a blow-out
during the course of a single ride. A tyre that has
been skidded and lost enough rubber to develop a
flat spot can also be dangerous. Replace the tyre
if you see either sign (see pp.106–7).

Rims and tyres

Split brake outer

Frayed gear outer

Split tyre

Worn tread

Worn rim

Split or frayed cables

Bulging tyre


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