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Manage Requirements (RM)

NRC Regulation Evaluate Regulation
Regulation (Changed)

CI Change History D ConFig

Apprv'd New/Rev'd Source Requirments CI System
Apprv'd New/Rev'd Source Requirments
Source Eval Data

Apprv'd New/Rev'd Source Requirments 1.2

Perform Requirements D Domain-
Analysis Document
Documents (Affected)
CI Trace Data Control

Develop Requirements Requirement Flag (New)
Requirements Trace Data

D Domain-
Requirements Source Eval Data
Management System Constraints
System Performance & Function Requirement
System Interface Requirements

Approve System
Requirements Trace Data (Updated)
CI Change History

Requirement (to be Changed)

Approved System Requirements

Requirements (Changed) Requrements (Changed) 1.5

Publish Requirements

Legend 1. Manage Requirements (RM) (SSADM

Data Flow)
Process External to System Architect
M Data_Store Process Wed Jan 25, 2006 08:48
Data Flow
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