Releasing Basics

February, 2009

Learn and practice the basics of releasing

Releasing the easiest way to get rid of emotional baggage. In this report I explain the basics of releasing, give practical examples from my life and two simple stepby-step exercises to get you started on releasing. :)
Effortless Creation
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to achieve everything easily, almost effortlessly? Everything seems to fall into place for them. Whatever they wish for is fulfilled. Almost as if the whole Universe is conspiring to help them! ;) There are others who have worked very hard their whole lives and have gotten nowhere. Everything comes through great struggle and stress. It seems almost unfair, because these are mostly well behaved, good and hard working folks. Life is not fair...or so it seems. Let’s take a look... process, time disappears, world disappears. You are totally immersed into what you are doing. It matters not what the activity is. What is important is that you lose yourself in the process. And the end result...it is spectacular! You almost can’t believe that you did it, that you were capable of that! As if it was not you who created that masterpiece... Other times, when all hell breaks loose you just give up - there is nothing else left you can do. You already have done all you could think of. You have tried everything. And now you have lost all hope, all faith in yourself and your powers. You give up, throw in the towel. And what happens is...the Problem resolves itself! Almost instantly and easily, effortlessly.

What is Your Experience?
I believe you have definitely at least once in you life experienced the Flow state, being in the Zone - when there is only the creation

but many ways”. but he must travel it on his own. easy and natural shortcut! And it works!! In this report I am sharing my experience and understanding about Releasing that I have gained thus far in my journey. A shortcut. :) Hope to hear from you soon! 2 . because your soul guided you to this information.. Feel free to take what resonates with you and ignore the rest. The True Self. His Divine nature.com if you have any questions. a method of releasing karma thus freeing oneself from needing to replay it again and again in life.with a burning desire within me! One of my spiritual teachers Gabriel Cousens described it the best: “There is one path.com Why I wrote this report and how can you benefit from it? It has been said that the longest and hardest journey for a man is the journey inwards. suggestions or just want to talk to someone who may be on the same path. And I’m on this journey. I believe that you will benefit the most if you are in a somewhat similar situation. This is my way of giving back and growing through teaching. In essence it is a tool. One can only be shown the direction.libertyliveshere. Reinis Ikass PS: you can contact me at reinis@libertyliveshere..www. On his path a Student can and will have many teachers to aid his understanding and shorten the distance. method or approach to Liberation and there can never be one. wisdom and tools he needs. From each teacher a student will take exactly the understanding. Only by experiencing anything it truly becomes ours forever. :) Best wishes. One such invaluable tool is Releasing. We are all unique. Re-discovering who he really is. And a simple. Your experience most probably will be different. my thoughts and beliefs. :) But I believe there is some value for you in here. Inner-Being. Whatever you want to call it. There is not a single recipe. :) A word of caution: This is my experience and understanding this far. I am just starting to master myself. because you will be able to relate to what I am going through and vice versa.

Selfsabotage. We are infinite beings who have come forth in this physical reality to have fun! Our true nature is freedom. To reach the destination faster they increase speed.www.. Who we are? Some background information that I found useful to fully understand the concept of Releasing.the easy part. It would require much less effort to get ahead and the journey would be much more enjoyable. Like attracts like. :) And after all . worlds. :) That is the inspiration and intention. Through exploring world and pursuing joy we expand. Each one of us is a part of a whole. bumpy and even dangerous ride.as it is impossible to describe with words the infinite.like most of the people are doing. peace of mind and clarity. Source. And the contrast we experience creates our desires .but it did not give me any real practical advice. The best explanation and advice on how to incorporate Law of Attraction in daily activities I got from the teachings of Abraham by Esther & Jerry.. We can create our lives deliberately. I remember that my previous attempts at sharing my experiences have not become instantly famous. And we create our own realities. With our thoughts and emotions. :) The irony is that most people are going through life like driving forward with brakes on. Creator.. :) But then kicks in the doubts..better health. Or subconsciously . I want to create this report to share what I have learned and (hopefully) assist in your journey.. travel the world etc. The result is a very uncomfortable. Like a drop of water in an ocean. You can read more about the Law Of Attraction here.well. Thus we are the Creator. that is good growth experience for myself as well. The most powerful law in the Universe. I liked it a lot. Esther & Jerry Hicks . For example. You reap what you saw. It would definitely be a much better idea to just release the brake pedal. more money. Not a very smart thing to do. On daily basis. The best way to live life is to follow your bliss! Go where your heart directs you. fears and insecurities!! Suddenly I think about how the whole internet is full with various reports on all subjects.com Driving forward with brakes on Counter-productive.the reality we can observe daily.. grow.. So there really is no separation.. You have probably seen the movie The Secret. Besides. So what does it have to do with our daily lives? There are two parts to the equation of creating our reality. Needles 3 Law of Attraction The first part is the Law of Attraction.libertyliveshere.who am I to tell you what to do? So what should I do? Continue with the report and ignore my doubts and fears? Or maybe abandon this project? But what if there is a third option? Getting rid of the limiting beliefs and creating this report with greater clarity and confidence! :) to say that the first option gives us the lives we want and the second. consciously guiding our thoughts. We are the Universe. But right now we are here no Earth living our lives. God. The label is unimportant.

the sum total of our past thinking.libertyliveshere..what you want. Instead of free will we are preprogrammed. Even better . Subconscious mind. A pile of garbage with few gold nuggets in it :) What is the subconscious mind and karma? The way I see it . But if you look at something that you do not want and shout “No“ at it. There is nothing really to learn. :) This bring us to a question: HOW can we create the life we want? There are two parts to creation: 1) Direction & Speed .just to remember.it is our natural ability to do so! We have just forgotten how to. Deliberately choose the ones that you want. Basically . thus creating a distorted reality. Throwing out unwanted and unnecessary stuff. When we experience something in the now.. I know.you still get it.what is holding you back from achieving your goals. So it does not really matter when or how it was taken on. the shadow self. That is our natural ability to let go of emotions. karma is the garbage we have accumulated in all our lifetimes. it triggers a response from our subconscious and we re-act. At some point something will ”go wrong“ and the kid will look around 4 to see if anyone is watching and start screaming or crying. dreams? What do you want and why? How much feelings. That is . There is also the subconscious mind. This life we chose our circumstances to play out our major lessons. our karma. It is a garbage we have accumulated throughout our entire life and are carrying around all the time. thoughts. your goals and dreams. our dark side.. :) The good news is that we can let go of this garbage we have accumulated. you invite it.. memories.subconscious mind and karma are one and the same emotions and thoughts of past memories that we are holding on to. But if there isn’t. . A pretty heavy bag of rocks. Nothing is bad or good in the world. Easier said than done.if there IS someone watching or nearby. not accumulating a pile of garbage in our own back yard (subconscious). But it is not necessary to remember our past deeds. But our thinking makes them one way or the other. self-sabotage programs.. If you believe in reincarnation (I do :).. Want proof? Look at children playing. your subconscious self-sabotage programs.then the little rascal will shrug and continue playing as if nothing had happened. energy do you put into them? How much airtime in your mind do they get? ”The Brakes“ Karma. everything just is. Direction & Speed What are your desires.because your attention was on it. feeling and acting. feeling.. :) Not only we are taught from early age that only by hard work and patience will we achieve success.. 1. You get what you turn your attention to. Blockages. More like viruses. Tricky. Existing situations are evaluated through past experiences. your goals.www.. isn’t it? :) So you have to be very picky of your thoughts. 95% of our actions are actually re-actions. 2) Obstacles & Brakes . If you look at something that you like and want in your experience.com But there is a tricky part to the Law of Attraction. They are like computer programs.

Let’s apply it in a practical situation. Everything in nature exists in opposites. Fear. doubt. :) Think of something that you do not have in your life experience at this moment and you don’t have a slightest idea where to find one. let them go. II. a blue painting. Scarcity. :)) Better yet. expand the world. forgive them. Now really think about it. visualize.com The more you think about. Observe what happens.so that new 5 You are driving to work. the faster they will come true. Instead. Desire and resistance. We wanted to expand through pursuit of joy! Expand ourselves. confusion. And return to that feeling many times during the day. whatever you picked.. sense it with all your being. When your vibration (thoughts and feelings) is a match to your desire. Subconscious.a particular species or any bird. You conclude that you’re going to be late for work and there is nothing you can do about it.com :) desires. The Universe expands through us! Oh yeah.libertyliveshere. a book you would like to read.. Obviously that feeling of helplessness and frustration drives you mad! Can you relate to this kind of experience? . feel it. anything else you fancy experiencing. And you get stuck in an enormous traffic jam. believe and know that your desire is already fulfilled for it to manifest. feel your desires. experience that sunny weather. Flowing energy = life. I have an assignment for you to test and experience how you are creating your reality with your thoughts. Obstacles & Brakes The lack of your desires. hear that song. it will manifest in your physical life. If not for the opposites. Bask in that feeling. Everything. A practical exercise. absence. This is the simplest form of releasing. Release. tell me what happened reinis@libertyliveshere. A thought about more money on one hand is having more money and on the other hand is the lack of money. It could be a bird .www. the contrast of our experiences .and we get to have fun along the way! :) It is in our best interests to free the blocked energies we are carrying around. There is not much incentive to expand in ”heaven“. And new desires mean new directions for the energy to flow. :) Every subject is really two subjects. Only in the physical world of contrasts new desires can be born. It means new life is born. More words will do nothing for your understanding. expand the universe. Feel that experience.how would we know what we want? This is exactly the reason why we chose this physical experience . a song you like but have not heard in a long time. I am not going to illustrate this point much further. Limiting beliefs. because everything already is perfect there. a rare brand of supercars like Lamborghini. imagine what it will be like to see that car. new preferences could be born. You have to hope.

It is just a matter of remembering how. Like a dragon breathing fire .burning away your karma. You may imagine it going away with 6 . cold. But don’t worry if you can’t ”feel“ them. sense and don’t try to force anything.libertyliveshere. You can even give them a name. happier? . Notice what you feel. ending resistance and struggle against it. It is important to feel. Step out of the emotion. heavy feeling in chest. your breath.) Practice to achieve mastery of your thoughts and feelings. but it is absolutely calm and peaceful in the center. energy rushing through you. :) 2) Relax into the feeling. As a steam or smoke. You can not get it wrong! Practice it: Do this process on any negative or disturbing feeling. Just by relaxing. or bubble of energy. Experience the situation fully. This is a natural process. 2) Relax into the feeling. Separate yourself from it. whatever you are inclined to do. What I do is usually I imagine myself as a light in the middle of the dark cloud of smoke. easier. heat. Toy around and you will find an image that suits you best. fear of losing money. quarrel with my mate etc. By image I don’t necessarily mean a picture .there may be chaos and destruction around. Whatever works for you. accept the situation. as an alive being. shivers. 3) Exhale and release the emotion. :) Or you can imagine it being dissolved into bright light. Let it go. and it is my promise that this will work for you. because this is just the beginning. anger at traffic. Allow it to be. emotion or situation you are experiencing right now. :) Notice how you feel now. experience. Don’t judge. after releasing!! Can you feel being lighter. :) Let’s take a closer look at each step. you can do. sensations in your body. accept the situation. spilled coffee on your brand new jeans.this pain in my leg. that is shining white light and is completely calm. It can be . Do it in a way that is comfortable for you. Identify it and experience fully. 3) Exhale and release the emotion. like an objective witness. Do it in a way that is comfortable. Like a center of a tornado . experience the situation fully.it can be a sound or sounds. imagine them as a physical object. The possibilities are endless. Doesn’t matter what you choose. Observe from side. This is where you actually already are starting to release. understand what it is that we want to release.www. Perhaps you had an argument with your best friend. Everyone is different. 1) Feel the emotion.com There are three main steps in Releasing: 1) Feel the emotion. had a terrible traffic to work. Understand that the feeling is not a part of you. It will be unique to you.

and let them go.. Express your gratitude for the lesson. I believe that every problem should ever be viewed only as an opportunity. Our problems are only the fruits of our memories. our thoughts.com What Problems really are? What does all of this say about problems? We create our problems. happiness.. our thoughts and thus our creations. color. lessons I had to learn. . the energy took a form of a man A more advanced release technique.when panning for gold in a river. when I was releasing want to control. the water washes away the sand and lighter stuff. Ask what is the lesson you need to learn. The feeling of relief I get from this kind of releasing is indescribable in words! It feels as if a heavy rock has been lifted off of me! Fantastic!! Overwhelmed with joy.. We created them. a challenge.it’s hard. It is our job to find it and then let go of the rest. a pearl of wisdom. a solution. Basically .our problems are created by our subconscious. understand the causes of my miseries. The good thing about this is that these are our memories. belief. emotions. However feels comfortable at a particular moment. sense it fully...libertyliveshere. How does it feel? What is its shape. previous releasing technique is like water washing away all the lighter stuff. Practiced thoughts that became beliefs. Bigger and heavier rocks and gold nuggets have to be picked out by hands. our reality. The lighter stuff washed away. taste? Welcome all sensations. Sometimes these balls of energy take on another form that expresses their essence.. beliefs that reside in our subconscious shape our attitude.a lesson. At first I practiced releasing without trying to understand the lessons. And then I was guided to heavier stuff. situation.because they are valuable! At least that has been my experience. 3) Give thanks and gratitude again and let it go free. a thought. But you will have to pick out gold nuggets by hands.our memories. our feelings.www.but 7 man is than an exciting and empowering point of view! :) So here it is . a person or a situation you want to release.a more advance release technique to pick out our valuable lessons: 1) Pick a feeling. Take what comes in mind first.and we can let them go. Deeper explanation of each step: 1) Choose an emotion. (who would consciously create problems? :) And all it really is . This is a more conscious and waaaay more powerful release technique. I usually imagine a bubble of smoke or energy around me or in front of me. gratitude and love! :)) Every problem has a piece of gold hidden within . images or sounds. 2) Welcome the feeling (or whatever you picked) as an old friend who has come to teach you. And create better ones. Feel. smell. a chance to grow beyond what I am now! To practice my mastery! I know. person you would like to let go. Thoughts. Similarly.. :) I like that! Think of it this way .. Better thoughts = better life. For example.

situation. :) When I was releasing the want to control. Let me give you an example to better illustrate this process. he still could not control everything. Thank the thought.libertyliveshere. thought. The way I do it with questions and answers. ask it for the lesson you need to learn. well-being and safety!! :)) 3) Express gratitude again and let go. situation. :) At another time when I was releasing the same want to control. go downstream. And that is the start of Releasing . have fun. Impossible. :) I thanked the thousand-handman for his help and asked what is he here to teach me.www. The people were moving along their way. It is here for If you can truly feel gratitude and love for a problem. feeling. take it easy. memories that you are carrying around in your subconscious). toy around. better. obviously he is not succeeding at that. person. You can not get it wrong! :) 2) Accept and welcome the feeling with gratitude and love. the same man appeared. Releasing hostages (trapped energies. Either way is fine. happier. the image I got was a man with thousand hands. already start noticing that you are feeling lighter. he looks stressed. feeling. what feels comfortable and natural to you. It is your friend. He quickly got exhausted and worn down.although none of the people from crowd was fighting back! As I accepted the want to control and relaxed. He was failing. Obviously it is easier and more fulfilling to take it easy. Take a few breaths and start poking your conscious mind for answers. he needs them to control everything. I ask a question. the thousand-handman stopped fighting and just stood there.. if you ask me. You have already started to release. You could not possibly think of every possible way the Universe can arrange circumstances for you. in despair. feeling. allowing the people to move about their way. So welcome them as an old friend who has come to help you learn! Approaching with gratitude and love is vital to releasing. :) Let the Universe take care of the details. For example ”What have you come here to teach me? What is that I need to understand? What is your essence?“. Making peace with the past. There is no one single right way to do this.forgiving. Congratulations! :) Now that you have made friends with that particular thought. to become more. Problems are here to teach us. They should already be there. go with the flow.. You can . brighter. to control them. Try many different and create your own. energy. take a few breaths to change my point of attention and then start answering the question in a logical fashion.com with thousand hands that is trying to control everything. Only this time he was standing in a crowd. energy again for coming to your aid with the lesson you needed. You know what happened? I felt a sense of absolute peace. out of control. A tough job! Other times they remain as bubbles. He was trying to control everything. But this thousandhand-man was trying to fight them. you are forgiving. as Abraham says. Experiment. No matter how hard he tried. situation. My thoughts went something like this: ”he has thousand hands. 8 frustrated. to help us grow.

life experience does”. experienced. As Abraham says “words don’t teach. Look around! Do you like what you see and feel? You created all of that. feel the calmness.. the joy. it has to be felt. Feeling lighter and happier? :) Now.libertyliveshere. but nevertheless . energy go free. Relax for a moment. Your memories limit you. Only by experiencing it will it become a part of you.to help you. your reality. :) creating your own reality. your happiness.. Notice how you feel about the subject now. You created your life.com www. don’t stress about it. Or burn it and see.it was you.Abraham-Hicks. Take the power back! Be the powerful and magnificent creator you are meant to be!! :) But take it easy. situation you feel most discomfort about in your life at this moment.com www. Notice how you feel and what happens. do this process for a thought. Subconsciously. feeling. There are no coincidences in life. an experience about everything that is going on in your life now. Thus deliberately Some useful resources: www. a feeling. When ready. Words can’t describe it fully.com 9 . Now I seek every moment that I can spare You’re a Creator! The most important thing to understand and remember is that you are a Creator! You create with your thoughts. Enjoy this feeling of peace. You can always create new ones. feel the smoke going up. thought. feeling.at some point you have had a thought. Reinis Ikass Do It! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain! Practice daily. You are safe. the happiness. Let go of them. That can only be experienced. experienced a long lasting.it can not be described in words. relaxing breaths. You can imagine yourself as a calm lake between mountains.ReleaseTechnique. Take a couple of deep. :) Keep growing and learning. Don’t believe me? Look inside of yourself . energy dissolve and leave you for good. most of it. enjoy yourself! :) to release. tolerated emotion. My best wishes to you. Imagine it being dissolved into light. problem. your life experience. :) Remember that you have to practice. Empower yourself. The lightness.Sedona.com only one reason . You can choose your thoughts and guide your attention. I have felt and experienced the gains and benefits of it. let the emotion. Whatever feels natural and comfortable for you. I choose to practice releasing daily. It is worth the trouble! I don’t see how it can be any other way once you have really felt.www. experience this process to fully understand it. Accept full responsibility of your life. Better ones. have fun. slow.