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Bab 0 Introduction 1

Bab 0 Introduction 1

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Asmarashid bin Ponniran Jabatan kejuruteraan Elektrik Kuasa (JEK) Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik dan Elektronik Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn

Panduan Kursus

Academic Background 
 Name: Asmarashid bin Ponniran (asmar@kuittho.edu.my) Education: 2003 ± 2005 : M.Eng. (Electrical ± Power) ± UTM 2000 ± 2002 : B.Eng. (Electrical ± Information System) ± KUiTTHO 1997 ± 1999 : Diploma in Electrical Engineering ± ITTHO Specialization: High Voltage, Information System Research Interest: High Voltage Application and Web Based Development ± OOD/P. Room: Lecturer Building (C 15 ± 001 ± 08) Phone: 07-4537588 / 0137257570, asmar@kuittho.edu.my Homepage: Under construction 



Course Contents 
Course aim: To provide the broad understanding of essential aspects of instrumentations and measurements in electrical field. Course outline: This course is about analog and digital instrumentations, measurement techniques, sensors and transducers. Course structures: Lecture ± 3 (compulsory) Tutorial ± 1 (compulsory) Lab. session ± 0  

Course Timetable
FOR BET STUDENT ONLY Wednesday Friday Friday 8 a.m. ± 10 p.m. (Lecture) 9 a.m. ± 10 a.m. (Lecture) 10 a.m. ± 11 a.m. (Tutorial) BS-A5 BS-A5 BS-A5

Course policies and procedures
Course assessment:
Item Quizzes (at least 5 ± without prior notice) Individual Assignment (report + presentation) Group Project (project + report + presentation) Test 1 Test 2 Final Examination TOTAL % 5% 10% 10% 15% 10% 50% 100%

Course policies and procedures (cont«)  Lectures/tutorials: 
Students are expected to be punctual in lecture and tutorial sessions.  The course itself is definitely fastpaced. Keeping up will prove essential to your success.  Class attendance for lectures and tutorial should be viewed as mandatory for those desiring high grades.

Course policies and procedures (cont«)  Assignment: 
For full-credit, assignment/report must be submitted on assigned date.  For any assignments which is late submission will be penalized 25%.  Assignments are handed in more than one day late will not be accepted.  Co-operation is allowed on assignments, but each student MUST hand-in their own individual work. You must be able to explain line by line your assignment/report.  I will notice either to use Bahasa Melayu or English to work your assignment/report.

Course policies and procedures (cont«)  Test: 
Makeup for missed tests will be allowed in the event of an illness or emergency. There will be no makeup for unexcused absences.

Course policies and procedures (cont«)  Academic integrity: 
KUiTTHO puts a very high value on academic integrity, and violations are not tolerated.  I encourage students to help one and another, but plagiarizing will not tolerated in this course.  You should be able to explain to me every single details of your solution to the related assignment.  Both or more parties involved in the plagiarizing case will get zero points.

Course policies and procedures (cont«) 
My expectations:  Read the course material or any text books. Come five minutes before lecture/tutorial and review your previous notes.  I expect all students to be respectful of their fellow students (and me).  I expect you to be alive and kicking during lecture, and responsive to my questions.  Please turn your mobile phone off/vibrate mode.



General Comments 

The do¶s and the don¶t 
Dress in appropriate way (ETIKA BERPAKAIAN DAN SAHSIAH RUPA DIRI PELAJAR)  Show your professionalism (future engineer) 
Attitude  Time management  Quality of your job

1) PSpice 2) Orchad 3) Matlab 4) Mathcad 5) Others«

Important Dates
WEEK Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 DATE
10 July 2006 ± 14 July 2006 17 July 2006 ± 21 July 2006 24 July 2006 ± 28 July 2006 31 July 2006 ± 4 August 2006 7 August 2006 ± 11 August 2006 14 August 2006 ± 18 August 2006 Test 1 (15%) Friday (10 a.m. ± 11 a.m.) 18 August 2006 Assign of Individual Assignment and Group Project


Week 7 Week 8

21 August 2006 ± 25 August 2006 28 August 2006 ± 1 Sept 2006 4 Sept 2006 ± 8 Sept 2006 Pre-presentation for group project

Mid term break

Important Dates
WEEK Week 9 Week 10 DATE
11 Sept 2006 ± 15 Sept 2006 18 Sept 2006 ± 22 Sept 2006 Dateline for individual assignment (report) (10%) Friday (till 5 p.m.) 22 Sept 2006


Week 11 Week 12

25 Sept 2006 ± 29 Sept 2006 2 Oct 2006 ± 6 Oct 2006 Test 2 (10%) Friday (10 a.m. ± 11 a.m.) 6 Oct 2006

Week 13 Week 14

9 Oct 2006 ± 13 Oct 2006 16 Oct 2006 ± 20 Oct 2006 Dateline for group project (product + report + presentation) (10%) Friday (9 a.m. ± 11 a.m.) 20 Oct 2006

Week 15 ± 16 Week 17 ± 19

21 Oct 2006 ± 5 Nov 2006 6 Nov 2006 ± 24 Nov 2006

Study week (2 weeks) Exam week (3 weeks)

Perancangan Kuliah
MINGGU 1 TAJUK 1.RALAT DALAM PENGUKURAN 1.Ralat kasar dan ralat sistematik 2.Ralat mutlak dan ralat relatif 3.Ketepatan, kejituan dan nombor bererti 4.Ralat gabungan bagi pengukuranmenggunakan lebih dari satu alat 5.Analisis statistik asas ± min, sisihan, sisihan piawai. KUIZ 1 2,3 2. METER ASAS DALAM PENGUKURAN AT 1.Meter geglung bergerak magnet kekal (GBMK) 2.Ammeter AT, pelbagai julat 3.Voltmeter AT, pelbagai julat 4.Penentukuran ammeter dan volmeter 5.Ohmmeter siri dan pirau 6.Kepekaan meter 7.Megger ± megaohmmeter KUIZ 2 PEMBERIAN PROJEK KUMPULAN DAN TUGASAN INDIVIDU 4,5 3. METER ASAS DALAM PENGUKURAN AU 1.Gelombang sinus 2.Elektrodinamometer 3.Meter gerakan bilah besi 4.Voltmeter penerus separuh gelombang dan gelombang penuh 5.Ammeter penerus separuh gelombang dan gelombang penuh 6.Pengukuran kuasa 7.Pembetulan faktor kuasa 8.Wattmeter KUIZ 3

Perancangan Kuliah (samb..)
MINGGU 6,7,8 TAJUK 1.PENGUKURAN MENGGUNAKAN TETIMBANG 1.Pengukuran rintangan ± kaedah voltmeter-ammeter 2.Titian Wheatstone 3.Titan Kelvin 4.Gegelung ujian Murray 5.Gegelung ujian Varley 6.Pengukuran rintangan tinggi 7.Pengukuran kearuhan dan kemuatan 8.Titian perbandingan kemuatan 9.Titian Wien 10.Titian Schering 11.Titian perbandingan kearuhan 12.Titian Maxwell 13.Titian Hay 14.Faktor Q dan D UJIAN 1 9,10 1.PENGUKURAN GELOMBANG 1.Operasi dan binaan osiloskop 2.Pengukuran voltan, frekuensi, tempoh dan fasa 3.Rajah Lissajous 4.Pengukuran denyut 5.Prob osiloskop HANTAR TUGASAN INDIVIDU/KUIZ 4

Perancangan Kuliah (samb..)
11,12 1.PERALATAN DIGITAL 1.Ulangkaji get-get asas, flip-flop, paparan digital dan kiraan digital 2.Perbandingan alatan digital dan analog 3.Penukar analog ke digital 4.Penukar satu-cerun dan dua-cerun 5.Penukar voltan ke frekuensi 6.Pembilang elektronik 7.Digital multimeter UJIAN 2 13,14 1.PENGESAN DAN TRANSDUSER 1.Pengenalan kepada pengesan dan transduser, klasifikasi dan criteria pemilihan 2.Tolok terikan ± terikat dan tidak terikat 3.Perwakilan litar bagi tolok terikan 4.Termistor 5.Termogandingan KUIZ 5 PEMBENTANGAN PROJEK KUMPULAN PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR SEMESTER

‡ Digital Systems: Principles and Applications, 9th Ed.; Ronald J. Tocci, Neal S. Widmer and Gregory L. Moss, Prentice Hall, 2004. ‡ Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering, 4th Ed.; Rizzoni G.,; McGraw-Hill, 2003. ‡ Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 2nd Ed.; Alexander C. K. & Sadiku M. N. O., McGraw-Hill, 2000. ‡ Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements; Richard S. Figliola and Donald E. Beasley; John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2006. ‡ Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements; David A. Bell; Prentice Hall Career and Technology, 1994.

Electrical engineering disciplines

Electrical engineering systems in the automobile

Quiz - 1
‡ State the difference between DC and AC. ‡ State the difference between Analog and Digital environment. ‡ Describe how semiconductor device operate. ‡ State the difference between DC machine and AC machine.

Dear students,

All the best«

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