Deposits proved to be of little value New 3M company focus on sandpaper products. . Five businessman set out to mine a mineral deposit for grinding-wheel abrasive.Founded in 1902 at Minnesota.

` ` .` The world¶s first waterproof innovative step toward diversification and the first of many Pressure-Sensitive Tapes. Masking Tape was invented. Technical progress resulted in Cellophane Tape for box sealing and soon hundreds of practical uses were discovered. which reduced airborne dusts during automobile manufacturing was developed.

. Marketing input traditionally came from current customers and sales representatives. Product developer focus on finding new angles or twists on the early trends.` Product team comprise technical individuals involve process engineers x ensure the particular product under development could be efficiently made x provided feedback about 3M¶s manufacturing capabilities ` ` ` Allowed for technical employees to take matters in their own hands.

Data from sales representative with daily contact with physicians or registered nurses. with the intent to identify unforeseen needs. . Site visits to observe physicians and nurse at work. Gather some 30 nurses biannually from across the nation in a room to obtain reactions to proposed products. Customer evaluation of currently marketed products. Data on risk factors for diseases.

customers were somewhere blind about their own needs.Hiring out for market research created too many interfaces between development teams and customers Information obtained was not necessarily proprietary . and thus could not provide clues about developing revolutionary products.anyone could open up a medical textbook to find key risk factor for diseases. Understanding customer and market needs would not suffice . .

Want to find new ways x Identify leading-edge customer needs x Develop concepts for breakthrough products and services x Customer-focused product development process .` They want to product a breakthrough products.

.` Definition Method : An accurately forecasting market opportunity by taping the expertise base of´ lead users.´ Lead User x The people whose experience are ahead of the market segment. x They may lead in either target or analogous market. ` Purpose unearth product development opportunities. x They may be involved with just one or more attributes of the problems users met.

Compose: 4-6 people from marketing and technical department 12-15 hours per week spent on the project project typically takes 5-6 months . Necessary Elements: supportive management a cross-disciplinary team of high skilled people. better products and service concepts.Advantages: richer and more reliable information. a understanding of the principles of Lead User research. acceleration of the product and service development process.

Stage 1 ‡ Project Planning Stage 2 ‡ Trends/Needs Identification Stage 3 ‡ Preliminary Concept Generation Stage 4 ‡ Final Concept Generation .

` 3M wanted to find a breakthrough infection control product. Surgical drapes ` Probe the team with questions What do you know about this market? How important is the skin itself as a source of infection? ` Build up an invaluable database of information Know the need for good surgical drapes .

` ` ` ` Make sense of all the information gathered in stage 1 Prove more effective the current products easy to apply and remove. Talk to a wide range of experts veterinary science to medics from MASH. Turn up other experts Theater make-up business to veterinary sciences to oceanographers. .

` Identify important trends in infection control Travel to extreme situation: surgical environments in developing countries Send product developers to visit potential customers. make-up artists in Hollywood How to pool the combined knowledge and talent to develop product concepts? . ` ` Identify lead users Veterinary hospitals.

Lie in navigating a sea of facts x Interplay of Q&A from diverse range keep the process afloat.` ` ` Hold a workshop 11 3M personnel and 11 outside experts Focus on efficacy and cost Four challenges Lack of structure in many corporate meeting Introverted and extroverted participants x Artist¶s idea VS. surgeon¶s squash Find ways to marry very creative ideas with technical feasibility. .

Higher growth for the rest of 3M through incorporation of proprietary 3M technology with patient protection. Boosted global presence of the division. with the goal of double-digit annual growth. .Customer preference for the new products Creation of new growth for division.

` Economic line One size fit all timesaving Low cost material apply anti-microbial substances to skin ` Skin Doctor line Hand-held vacuum mode -mop up surface liquids Original laying mode ` Antimicrobial µarmor¶ product line Consistent with current strategy of reactive infection control Open the door to new business opportunities(2 billion) .

` Focus on qualitative probing of the right questions Traditional method focus on quantifiable question and research ` Evolution or revolution? Combining technologies from more than one core areas is evolution. Lead users method is a revolution x Think about challenging the entire business strategy. x Think that we gather and use information differently than before x Provide emotional support .

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