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Dark/Light - Faith vs. Knowing - The Crucial Difference That Kills (3)

Dark/Light - Faith vs. Knowing - The Crucial Difference That Kills (3)

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Published by edgejy
Stewart Best's Dark/Light. Chapter 11, Part 3. Find more here: http://www.poorlostchristian.com/darklight.htm
Stewart Best's Dark/Light. Chapter 11, Part 3. Find more here: http://www.poorlostchristian.com/darklight.htm

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Published by: edgejy on Jun 28, 2008
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To be SENSE REALM, and you carry about many FACTS ABOUT brought from death into life, from darkness unto light. Now then, if FAITH IS FOR THINGS NOT SEEN, and it is THE WILL OF THE FATHER THAT WE SEE THE SON, could we not say that IF THERE IS A REVELATION, A MANIFESTATION, THAT WE HAVE SEEN THE SON? That we KNOW WHO HE IS? That this is why Christ said:


The word for "see" here is "eido", and it means TO SEE, TO BEHOLD, TO LOOK UPON, TO PERCEIVE, TO KNOW. Read it carefully, for it says what it means. THE PROCESS OF REGENERATION INCLUDES THE REVELATION OF AGAPE LOVE, WHICH IS THE ESSENCE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. When we "see" the Kingdom, we KNOW WE HAVE FOUND IT. We know that heaven has opened the DOOR TO REVEAL THE MYSTERY, THE SECRET. We can now ACKNOWLEDGE WE KNOW THE HIDDEN SECRET OF GOD. We have asked, and we have received. We have searched, and we have found. We have knocked, and the door was opened. We find then a perfect harmony. When we begin to understand that there must be a revelation of a supernatural type, a manifestation of the essence of Christ, then we can begin to make sense out of some of His otherwise difficult sayings:


This verse throws people. We know they all died, and Christ has not yet returned. IT WAS NOT A SECOND ADVENT VERSE FOR THE WORLD. It was instead Christ coming in HIS POWER TO THE BELIEVER, INSIDE THE INNER HEART! When you realize He comes to each individual believer, in a personal revelation and manifestation, which can be seen by that believer, which is fully experiential in nature to both the inner heart and the conscious mind, then we understand what Christ is saying. He is confirming everything we have studied. He is saying that HE WILL RETURN TO SOME OF THE PEOPLE STANDING THERE BEFORE THEY DIE, AND WILL COME AND BE SETTING UP HIS KINGDOM, WHICH IS IN THE INNER HEART OF THE BELIEVER. The word "see" here is "eido" which means TO SEE, TO BEHOLD. The believer actually SEES INTO THE AGAPE LOVE OF CHRIST, HE BEHOLDS IT, HE BEHOLDS CHRIST, he hears the voice of Christ, which is confirmed in Revelation 3:20, John 10, and other places. It means what is says. Christ is setting up His kingdom in the hearts of the individual believers, and as soon as Pentecost came, the process was begun for the setting up of His kingdom. We do not know when Paul actually received the gift of agape love. We know the Damascus road incident was A CONVERSIONARY EXPERIENCE, but it did not include the revelation of agape love. Paul went away for three years, and during that time was brought down to full judgment and came into the knowledge of agape love. The other we do not know. Peter we know obtained it, for he writes about it. John knew all about it. They all received the REVELATION OF THE MYSTERY.

He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth NOT THE SON SHALL NOT SEE LIFE; but the wrath of God abideth on him." (John 3:36)

Again we find a total confirmation of the manifestation and revelation of Christ. The person that does NOT BELIEVE THE SON, AND WHO DOES NOT COMPLY WITH THE COMMANDS OF CHRIST TO ENTER THE STRAIT GATE AND WALK THE NARROW WAY WILL NOT "SEE" LIFE. They will NOT behold the beauty of AGAPE LOVE, they will NOT have the revelation or manifestation, and they WILL NOT BE GRANTED ETERNAL LIFE. This is a grave warning to all. Agape love can be "seen" and "experienced". It is seen in the SPIRIT, and the physical eyes are not used, but the SEEING IS JUST AS PLAIN AS THOUGH THEY WERE. It is important to know however that this "seeing" is not at all done BY FAITH.

The tragic mistake of modern Christianity is that they appropriate EVERYTHING BY AN ACT OF FAITH. They do all of their seeing BY FAITH, BY BELIEF. We are not speaking here of FAITH SEEING, OR FAITH BELIEVING. What we are speaking of by the words REVEAL, REVELATION, MANIFESTED OR MANIFESTATION and SEE ARE NOT FAITH WHATSOEVER, BUT THE VERY OPPOSITE OF FAITH. Faith is FOR THINGS UNSEEN, UNKNOWN, NOT EXPERIENCED. Faith is something YOU HAVE, YOU DO, YOU WORK UP, YOU EXERCISE. Faith is an invisible dynamic, a force, a power that propels you THROUGH the narrow way TO THE ENCOUNTER WITH CHRIST. The encounter itself has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR FAITH. Your faith is spent, your faith in inoperative at the point of the encounter. More importantly, THE ENCOUNTER IS DONE BY THE WILL OF GOD UPON YOU. It is Christ and God that COME to you. It is something that THEY DO TO YOU. You are PASSIVE. You are the OBJECT OF THEIR INTENTIONS. It is not your will that decides when this encounter will come, IT IS GOD'S WILL ALONE that decides, and you have nothing whatever to say about it. You can get down on your knees a hundred times and ask Jesus into your heart, and NOTHING will happen. It will not happen whatsoever BECAUSE you do not know when your heart is READY FOR THE FINAL END OF YOUR FAITH: ONLY GOD KNOWS THE HEART OF MAN. Your heart is wicked beyond anything you can imagine. THAT IS WHY GOD TOOK THE PEROGATIVE OF REGENERATION AWAY FROM MAN TOTALLY. It is the absolute ARROGANCE OF MAN that attempts to TELL CHRIST WHEN TO COME INTO THE HEART. The arrogancy of modern Christianity is at unbelievable heights when it comes to the REBIRTH. To be sure you understand the terrible difference between faith and knowing, we are going to use several stories to make that difference abundantly clear. It is this TERRIBLE DIFFERENCE THAT COST THE VAST MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS HEAVEN, and put them into ETERNAL RUIN. Everything they did, THEY DID BY FAITH ALONE. We have shown you that FAITH IS ONLY USED FOR THINGS NOT SEEN, NOT KNOWN, NOT EXPERIENCED. Scripture proves there is AN END TO YOUR FAITH. There are TWO FAITH WALKS IN SCRIPTURE. There is a point OF EXPERIENTIAL KNOWING, which is the OPPOSITE OF FAITH, juxtaposed BETWEEN YOUR WALK WITH CHRIST TO YOUR PHYSICAL DEATH: We are to SEEK until we FIND. We are to knock until God OPENS. We are to beg and crave until GOD GIVES, BESTOWS. We are to CONTINUE AND FIGHT UNTIL WE SEE AND EXPERIENCE THE AGAPE LOVE OF CHRIST. There is a point of FINDING. There is a point of OPENING. There is a point at which THE HIDDEN MYSTERY IS REVEALED TO US. We then SEE IT, KNOW IT, EXPERIENCE IT, AND HAVE POSITIVE PROOF OUR FAITH WAS NOT IN VAIN. We go from FAITH TO KNOWING. We go from not seeing, to seeing. We go from things NOT SEEN, to things that ARE SEEN. This is the DIFFERENCE THAT KILLS THE MANY. They did not understand THAT FAITH ONLY PROPELLED THEM TO A POINT AT WHICH GOD WOULD HAVE ACTED UPON THEM, HAD THEY BEEN

OBEDIENT. You are to use YOUR WILL to daily pick up YOUR CROSS, until Christ USES HIS WILL and comes to you and PRONOUNCES YOU DEAD AND THEN ALIVE. It is this radical difference that you MUST understand, even though it is denied by modern Christianity in all denominations. It is why the "many" stood in such SHOCK. They bought into a doctrine, a theology that CONVINCED THEM there was NO EXPERIENTIAL EVIDENCE, THAT THERE WAS NO REVELATION, NO MANIFESTATION, NO SEEING, NO EXPERIENTIAL KNOWING. Had they known there was, they would have NOT BEEN UNDER A DECEPTION, AND THEY WOULD HAVE DONE WHATEVER NECESSARY TO FIND THE EVIDENCE THEY LACKED. The inner heart of man, coupled with the deceptions of Satan will DO ANYTHING TO SURVIVE BEING DETHRONED BY CHRIST. It's most USUAL tactic is DECEPTION, DISTRACTION AND DENIAL. STORY NUMBER ONE A friend tells you that it is vital you meet him on Highway 90. He says for you just to drive towards his city until he finds you. He says you will not know what car he is driving, because he is not sure what car he can get hold of. The tone of his voice is such you know he is in trouble and needs you. You agree to immediately start driving. It is your will to decide to obey the request of your friend. It is YOUR FAITH IN HIM that propels you to gather up the things you need, jump into the car, and start down highway 90. You drive and drive and drive. It seems like forever, and your friend does not show up, no one honks and no one waves. You remember your friend and what he asked you to do, so BY FAITH ALONE you continue, you abide, you remain on highway 90 driving as you were bid to do. ALL OF IT IS BY FAITH IN YOUR FRIEND, AND BY THE FAITH OF YOUR FRIEND, WHO BID YOU TO COME. Finally OUT OF THE BLUE, at a TIME YOU KNEW NOT, your friend HONKS HIS HORN, WAVES AND YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENTIAL ENCOUNTER. You ACTUALLY SEE HIM, EXPERIENCE HIM, BEHOLD HIM, HE HAS REVEALED HIMSELF, HE HAS MANIFESTED HIMSELF. He did as he said he would do. Questions: Do you need FAITH when you have MET HIM? Do you need faith AT THE POINT OF ENCOUNTER? Faith is always for something NOT SEEN. It is the DYNAMIC OF FAITH, the FORCE OF FAITH, the POWER OF FAITH that propelled you TO THE ENCOUNTER. Once you have MET, FAITH IS NO LONGER NEEDED, THERE IS NO MORE FAITH, FAITH HAS DONE ITS JOB. The end of your FAITH is the ENCOUNTER, WHICH IS EXPERIENTIAL, A SEEING, A KNOWING. You did not know WHEN your friend would come, you only knew He said HE WOULD. So by FAITH ALONE you take the NARROW ROAD until HE ARRIVES AND MEETS YOU. At that point, at the POINT OF RECOGNITION, your faith, your hope, IS NO LONGER NEEDED, IT TURNS INTO RELIEF, KNOWING, FINDING, SEEING, and know you know FOR SURE. You have a FULL ASSURANCE, YOU HAVE A PROOF, AN EVIDENCE.

"Blessed are they THAT MOURN, for they shall BE COMFORTED. (Matthew 5:4)


"Blessed are the PURE IN HEART, FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD." (Matthew 5:8 )

How is your COMFORTING TO COME? By faith? Do you just sit there and conjure up by POSITIVE THINKING, OR POSITIVE CONFESSION THAT YOU HAVE COMFORT? Hardly! The comfort mentioned here IS AN EXPERIENTIAL COMFORTING, SOMETHING THAT GOD DOES TO YOU. It has nothing to do with YOUR WILL, YOUR FAITH. God decides WHEN AND WHERE HE WILL COME AND OFFER YOU COMFORT. If you hunger and thirst after agape love, which is the righteousness of God, when would you know you HAD BEEN FILLED? How could you know it? Do you BY FAITH go around and say "I am filled, praise the Lord?" Do you simply BY FAITH, BY POSITIVE THINKING, BY POSITIVE CONFESSION DECLARE YOURSELF FILLED? That would be a DELUSION, A DENIAL, A REFUSAL TO FACE THE REAL FACT YOU ARE DYING FROM HUNGER AND THIRST. You could BY FAITH CLAIM YOU ARE FILLED AND STILL DIE FROM HUNGER. If you are in the desert, and you have no food, and you have no water, NO AMOUNT OF POSITIVE THINKING, NO AMOUNT OF POSITIVE CONFESSION IS GOING TO FILL YOU, OR SAVE YOU. Someone else MUST FIND YOU, and BY HIS WILL ALONE, he decides whether or not he wants to save you, and give you OF HIS WATER, OF HIS MEAT, OF HIS FOOD. You are destitute, lying on the sand. It is an ACT OF THE MERCY OF YOUR SAVIOR TO OFFER YOU HIS WATER AND HIS FOOD. IT IS HIS WILL, NOT YOURS THAT SAVES YOU. Modern Christianity is under the DELUSION, THE DECEPTION that they are TO BY FAITH DECLARE THEMSELVES FILLED, WHEN THEY ARE NEAR DEATH FROM STARVATION! They have extended the meaning of faith to include that which

it does not include. When do the pure in heart SEE GOD? What is the narrow way for if it is not to break down the heart, PURIFY THE HEART, and then await for the arrival of CHRIST TO FILL THE HEART? These are they that WILL SEE, FULLY AND EXPERIENTIALLY GOD! We have shown you much of this already. BUT WHO DECIDES WHEN GOD WILL ARRIVE? Does the believer? Does he sit there and conjure up by positive confession, by positive thinking that GOD HAS ARRIVED? That is what the modern faith movement would have you believe, but it is a DELUSION, A DECEPTION. The answer Christ gave to the "many" is your clue: HE NEVER EXPERIENTIALLY KNEW THEM, HE NEVER WAS IN UNION, HE NEVER CAME TO THEM, HE NEVER ARRIVED. THEY DID NOT SEE CHRIST. They BY FAITH ALONE CLAIMED A UNION THAT NEVER WAS. They conjured up a UNION by POSITIVE THINKING. They said "I am saved, because I say I am saved." They THOUGHT the Bible said they were saved, but they would NOT READ WHAT THE BIBLE SAID WAS THE REAL EVIDENCE OF SALVATION. When you claim the BIBLE SAYS I AM SAVED, then you have PUT YOUR FAITH AND TRUST IN THE SCRIPTURE, AND IN THEM YOU THINK YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. The Bible is the testimony of THE ONE WHO HOLDS ETERNAL LIFE, and HE IS WAITING FOR YOU TO WALK THE NARROW WAY SO HE CAN BESTOW IT UPON YOU WHEN HE IS READY, WHEN HE DECIDES. STORY NUMBER TWO A group of scientists are contacted by their government. They are ordered to a top secret project called THE MANHATTAN PROJECT. They have in their hands a white paper written by Albert Einstein that claims that a tremendous amount of energy can be released by the SPLITTING OF THE ATOMS, THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES OF MATTER. He claims that E=MC2, and this would WIN THE WAR IF A BOMB COULD BE DEVELOPED USING THIS THEORY. The Word of Einstein becomes THEIR BIBLE. They put all of THEIR FAITH, THEIR TRUST, THEIR BELIEF in to this theoretical concept. They must now take THE INVISIBLE THEORY, AND CHANGE IT INTO A REALITY. Day by day, week by week, month by month THEY LABOR AND STRIVE to change THE INVISIBLE THEORY AND CONCEPT INTO A KNOWN REALITY. Their faith grows with every passing day. There are many obstacles placed in their way, which they must strive and labor against in order to OVERCOME THEM. Their every waking hour is devoted to DILIGENT STUDY. DILIGENT APPLICATION. Little by little PROGRESS IS BEING MADE. Their faith IN EINSTEIN and HIS THEORY grows as their experiments ALL PROVE IT IS CORRECT. They test here a little and there a little. Line by line, precept upon precept, proof upon proof THEIR FAITH GROWS AND PUSHES THEM FORWARD.

The days drift by, the weeks, the months and the years. THEY DO NOT GIVE UP. THEY MEET WITH TRIAL AFTER TRIAL, FAILURE AFTER FAILURE. The obstacles mount, but so does their diligence and persistence and their fortitude. THEY SET THEIR FACES AS FLINT, and they WILL NOT BE DEFEATED by the enemy. They will take death to defeat. BY FAITH ALONE THEY CONTINUE, SEARCHING, SEEKING, LOOKING. DILIGENTLY THEY PROCEED, LEAVING NO CLUE, NO STONE UNTURNED. Their search is far flung, and wide. They accept all things, and hold fast to THAT WHICH PROVES TO BE TRUE. Their vision becomes wider, their FAITH STRONGER. THEY NOW ARRIVE AT THE POINT WHERE THEY KNOW POSITIVELY THEIR WEAPON WILL WORK. There is NO QUESTION WHATEVER IT WILL WORK. They struggle and strive and put the final pieces of their weapon together. IT stands before them, UNTRIED, UNTESTED. It is a weapon OF FAITH, BUILT BY FAITH. It was the DYNAMIC OF FAITH THAT PROPELLED THEM, THAT URGED THEM, THAT DROVE THEM FORWARD AGAINST ALL ODDS. It was their FAITH and THEIR HOPE OF ULTIMATE SUCCESS that BROUGHT THEM THROUGH THEIR NARROW WAY. They had given up their lives, their families, their homes, their communities, their friends, and BY FAITH ALONE made their journey. The BOMB sits before them. It is ready. They are positive it will work. They are TOTALLY SURE IT WILL GO OFF. All of their PROOFS TO DATE PROVE IT IS SO. Every test they have made PROVED THE WORD TO BE TRUE. There was not ONE AREA in which Einstein's theory was not PUT TO THE TEST. It held up against the evidence. The evidence collected PROVED THE WORD OF EINSTEIN TRUE. BY FAITH ALONE they place their weapon on a tower in the middle of the desert. BY FAITH ALONE they wire it up with diligent safety precautions. Everything is set. Everything is ready. ALL OF THE EVIDENCE IS IN AND IT POINTS IN ONE DIRECTION; IT WILL WORK. They go down into their bunkers and peer out of the window. BY FAITH ALONE the countdown starts. WILL THEIR FAITH PROVE CORRECT? WILL THEY JUMP THE GIANT GULF BETWEEN FAITH AND KNOWING? WILL THE BOMB ACTUALLY EXPLODE AND GIVE THEM AN EXPERIENTIAL REVELATION AND MANIFESTATION OF THE POWERS OF THE ATOM? Will they THEN COME TO THEIR END OF THEIR FAITH, AND KNOW ABSOLUTELY? Will THE REALITY OF THE UNKNOWN MANIFEST ITSELF? Will the powers of heaven itself REVEAL THEMSELVES? Will their persistence and tenacity pay off? WILL THE WEAPON ACTUALLY WORK? They did not know FOR SURE IT WOULD WORK UNTIL THEY TRIED IT. They were POSITIVE IT SHOULD WORK. But would it? Had they miscalculated? The whole project was one OF FAITH IN THE WORD OF EINSTEIN. From the beginning unto the end they were dealing WITH UNKNOWNS, WITH INVISIBLE FORCES, THINGS NOT SEEN, NOT FULLY UNDERSTOOD.

They needed REAL HARD EVIDENCE, A REAL PROOF. There was no real evidence, no real proof that the weapon would work. Their testing INDICATED IT WOULD. Their faith was ABSTRACT, IT WAS THEORY, IT HAD NO TANGIBLE PROOF. They now stood on the edge, the razor edge, between FAITH AND KNOWING. There stood before them that GIGANTIC GULF, THAT WIDE EXPANSE OF NOTHINGNESS THAT SEPARATES FAITH FROM KNOWING. This gulf is as vast as the universe. It is the very gulf that separates man from God. The cries of mankind echo and rebound across the abyss of the cosmos, forever answered by the cold winds of silence. IS GOD REALLY ALIVE? IS HE THERE? DOES HE CARE? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME WHEN I DIE? ARE WE ALONE FOREVER? IS THERE NO CHANCE TO KNOW FOR SURE? Man lives but a moment, is full of trouble, dies in agony and goes back to the dust. The next generation moves up, asks the same questions, cries that same tears, holds the same fears, and dies and goes into silence. YET FOR ALL OF IT THERE IS A COLD, DARK FOREBODING SILENCE. So man invents all forms of religions and philosophies in an attempt to bridge the gulf by his reason, and his intelligence. It offers comfort in time of need. But there are no REAL ANSWERS, NO REAL EVIDENCE, NO REAL PROOF. So they argue, debate, fight and kill over their various concepts. This GULF OF SILENCE, THIS GULF OF THE COLD WINDS OF THE UNIVERSE BLOWS IN MANS FACE. He peers out into outer space, and probes ever deeper into the mysteries of the Universe. He is crying inside, fearful, but he will not admit it. He gathers himself together, PUFFS HIMSELF UP, and with great confidence BLUNDERS FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE. Can this bridge BETWEEN FAITH AND KNOWING BE CROSSED? Is that lonely figure from our history, the preacher who wandered the dusty roads of Judea OUR BRIDGE? Does He hold in his nail scar s THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE? Was He really the CREATOR OF IT ALL? How did He know 2000 years ago that every hair upon our heads is literally numbered? How did He know the secrets of DNA and genetic coding, which have proved Him correct? Could it be that in His hands, His heart, His mind, HE CREATED THE COSMOS? THAT HE IS THE BRIDGE? Could it be that this carpenter, this man who cried unto us all HELD THE REAL TRUTH? Does the cross of Jesus Christ SPAN THE ENTIRE COSMOS, FROM INNER TO OUTER SPACE AND BEYOND? Jesus said HIS WORDS WOULD NEVER PASS AWAY. No matter how large the universe, no matter how long in years, HIS VOICE, HIS WORDS WOULD NEVER PASS AWAY. He said that heaven and earth WOULD PASS AWAY. But He Himself would never pass away. WAS HE GOD IN THE HUMAN FLESH? WAS HE THE CREATOR OF IT ALL, OF US ALL? His wisdom is loved by many tribes of man. His claims to divinity are hated. We take his wisdom, we change it into what it is not. We take His claim to being THE ONLY ANSWER TO THE UNIVERSE AND WE TOSS IT ASIDE. It is a most tragic mistake. WE HAVE UNDERESTIMATED THE


The scientists have journeyed a long way. That have had their faith tested, tried, and now the await their proof. WILL THEY JUMP THE GULF BETWEEN FAITH AND KNOWING? BY FAITH they push the button. All hearts stop. It seems like an eternity. Every eye, every mind, every heart, every hope, every faith, ALL AWAIT THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. WILL IT EXPLODE OR NOT? Was their faith and hope all for naught? Was all of their diligence, their striving for naught? SUDDENLY THERE IS A BLINDING FLASH OF LIGHT AS THE POWERS OF HEAVEN ARE UNLEASHED. THERE IS A TERRIFIC EXPLOSION AND A GIGANTIC CLOUD RISES UP IN THE DESERT SKIES. The shock waves are fierce, and the storm of angry atoms causes fear. THE WORLD WILL NEVER AGAIN BE THE SAME. The unseen, the unknown, the invisible answered. They jumped the gigantic gulf OF THE UNKNOWN AND INVISIBLE INTO THE VISIBLE AND THE KNOWN. They had seen it with their own eyes. They had captured it on film. THEY HAD PROOF, THEY HAD EVIDENCE. NOW THEY KNEW FOR SURE. NOW THEY HAD ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE, ABSOLUTE ASSURANCE, ABSOLUTE PROOF. The world could laugh at them, scoff at them, ridicule them, claim them idiots, fanatics, lunatics or worse, the world could burn them at the stake, DENY IT, DISOWN IT, DISCLAIM IT, BUT THEY KNEW FOR SURE. Their faith met EXPERIENTIAL REALITY AND KNOWING FACE TO FACE. Their faith had been tried in the fire and been found genuine. Their faith had been tried and put to the ultimate test. They had jumped the gulf between FAITH AND KNOWING. IN AN INSTANT, THEY FLEW ACROSS INTO THE ARMS OF KNOWING. It was the meeting with EXPERIENTIAL REALITY, AND EXPERIENTIAL KNOWING THAT PROVED THEIR FAITH VALID. They had reached their destination, AND THEY KNEW IT. They had searched until THEY FOUND. They had knocked until EXPERIENTIAL REALITY OPENED ITS DOOR. THEY WERE HOME, AND THEY KNEW IT. Their theology was not in error. Their theology was dead center accurate. They worked out their salvation with great fear and trembling. IT WAS THE GIGANTIC DISPLAY OF POWER AND THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE LIGHT that proved they were TOTALLY CORRECT. Now they can move ahead with KNOWLEDGE, A KNOWING, AND FAITH AND HOPE, ALL COMBINED TOGETHER. They now take their faith, their hope, and they combine it with their EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE, which is THEIR WITNESS, THEIR SEALING, to forge a more powerful witness. Now they can build upon ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE. Now they can BUILD UPON A FIRM FOUNDATION. Now then let us apply this to REGENERATION. Let us say that CONVERSION is the same as reading Einstein Theory of Relativity booklet. We convert to it, we believe it is right. WE BUY INTO IT. Our conversion is WHOLE HEARTED. Regeneration is the actual EXPLOSION ITSELF. Between CONVERSION AND REGENERATION is a

long hard arduous journey, filled with OBSTACLES, TRIALS, TESTING. As we read our paper, we become "hooked on it " and we begin to test it, to see if it be true. WE STAY IN THE WORD. The narrow way is the trial of the scientists. Day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year their FAITH WAS TESTED, TRIED. The believer is tested and tried in the same manner. They continued, labored, strove, fought until they WERE POSITIVE THE WORD WAS TRUE. Likewise you are to strive and labor until you come to a point of DEATH, AND YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE. Question: DID THE SCIENTIST TAKE THE EXPLOSION AS AN ACT OF FAITH? Did Noah take his ark as an ACT OF FAITH? Did the scientists just sit around and say "I HAVE SEEN THE EXPLOSION. PRAISE THE LORD." " I have seen the LIGHT! Praise the Lord!" Did they just by POSITIVE CONFESSION CLAIM AN EXPLOSION? DID THEY BY POSITIVE THINKING CLAIM THE EXPLOSION? No, they did not. THEY LITERALLY SAW IT. THEY LITERALLY EXPERIENCED IT. THEY HAD SEEN THE LIGHT IN A VERY REAL AND TERRIBLE DEMONSTRATION OF POWER. You see, their faith was not operative. When they jump the gulf between faith and knowing, they leave FAITH BEHIND. Faith is not the end all and be all of Christianity. It is the DYNAMIC ONLY: " if YE CONTINUE IN MY WORD, THEN ARE YE MY DISCIPLES INDEED. AND YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE John 8: 31-32

Jesus Christ said we COULD KNOW THE TRUTH. We have proved that this truth is AGAPE LOVE. We have proved that agape love is OF THE SPIRIT. We have proved that SPIRITUAL THINGS CANNOT BE LEARNED BY THE CARNAL MIND, THE SENSE MIND, THE SOUL MAN, THE SENSE MAN. It is spiritual. We have PROVED with much Scripture that ONLY GOD REVEALS DIRECTLY AND EXPERIENTIALLY SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. If agape love was lost at the fall, and it is not a part of our nature, then WHEN does it become OUR NEW NATURE? If we can FIND, when do I know I have FOUND? If I can knock on a closed door, when do I know the DOOR HAS BEEN OPENED? The fallacy of the modern faith movement, of instant regeneration is that by AN ACT OF FAITH WE APPROPRIATE EVERTHING. It is a lie right out of the pits of hell itself. It is the very lie Satan needs to SWEEP YOU INTO ETERNAL RUIN. Faith is ONLY A DYNAMIC, A MEANS TO AN END. IT IS NOT THE END. Faith itself does not save anyone, it never has, it never will. FAITH GETS YOU TO THE POINT OF CONTACT, TO THE POINT OF EXPERIENTIAL KNOWING, OF REVELATION, OF MANIFESTATION. You are TO KNOW when you have found the mystery of God, the MYSTERY OF AGAPE LOVE.

STORY NUMBER THREE You are in Chicago and you get a call from your family in Minneapolis that they need you home for something. It is urgent that you be there. The weather is not good. There is a forecast of a major winter storm sweeping in from the southwest. There are winter storm warnings up for your route home. You jump into your car BY FAITH, and you begin your journey down the long narrow way of I-90 and I-94. It begins to blow and snow starts to fall. You wonder if you will make it. You begin to become fearful. The snow thickens, the winds blow harder. The snow is starting to build, and the roads are getting icy. YOU PRESS ON BY FAITH. Cars are beginning to go off the road, and you see a few at first skid into the median and down into the gullies along the way. The plows are out now, going in force, but they cannot keep up with it. You turn on your radio, and you hear advisories that ahead the roads are terrible, and the state patrol is advising everyone to get off the highway unless they must travel. YOU COLLECT YOURSELF TOGETHER. YOU SET YOUR FACE AS FLINT. your family needs you. You build up your confidence. You will not be turned back: YOU WILL PRESS ON, YOU WILL CONTINUE. Every fiber of your being is now dedicated to keeping the car on the road. You pass hundreds of cars in the ditch. You STRIVE AND LABOR to maintain control. You grit your teeth, you PRESS ON. BY FAITH alone you continue. You pray to God to protect you. YOU MUST REACH HOME. YOU MUST FIND YOUR FAMILY. You ask God to send angels to guide you. You continue, and the way is now VERY NARROW, AND VERY HARD, VERY DIFFICULT. Night has now fallen and you NAVIGATE ONLY BY THE LIGHT OF YOUR CAR. You yourself can see very little ahead, only the light cast by your headlights. They guide you IN YOUR JOURNEY. No one can teach you now. ONLY THE LIGHT CAN GUIDE YOU. YOU PRESS ON, CONTINUE, YOU ABIDE, REMAIN ARE STEDFAST. Many of your fellow travelers have gone OFF THE WAY. They made a mistake, they lost control and they fell in the ditch. You know you cannot stop for them. Out of the darkness appears the lights of the city. You recognize things, you continue and arrive at your destination. You KNOCK upon the door and it is opened. You fall into the arms of your family. YOU HAVE OVERCOME. YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER. YOU KEPT THE FAITH, YOU FOUGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH UNTIL YOU ARRIVED AT YOUR DESTINATION. When you SEE YOUR FAMILY, WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE THE REALITY OF THEM IN FRONT OF YOU, YOU KNOW YOU HAVE ARRIVED. Questions: Where was faith operative, and where was faith no longer needed? When you fall into the arms of your family, DO YOU NEED FAITH ANYMORE, OR DO YOU KNOW FOR A FACT? When did you pass over the GULF that separates FAITH FROM KNOWING? When did you SEE your family? When were they MANIFESTED TO YOU? When were they REVEALED TO YOU. Did you just IMAGINE BY POSITIVE THINKING your family? Did you just

IMAGINE BY POSITIVE CONFESSION your entire journey? Did you just sit in Chicago and say " I BY FAITH CLAIM I AM IN MINNEAPOLIS? Did you just sit in your armchair and say "BY FAITH I AM NOW IN THE PRESENCE OF MY FAMILY?" Did you BY FAITH SIMPLY TELEPORT YOURSELF TO MINNEAPOLIS? The answers are obvious, and YET MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS CLOSE THEIR EYES AND IMAGINE IN THEIR MINDS THAT THEY ARE REGENERATED, IN UNION AND ARE THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD. What a tragic DELUSION. What a fantastic DECEPTION. I want to ask you a most serious question: Do you think that the God of this universe THE CREATOR OF IT ALL, a God of 100% PURE AGAPE LOVE, could actually COME TO YOU, ENTER INTO UNION WITH YOU, and actually invade your dark, puny little self with all your problems AND YOU NOT BE AWARE OF IT? Do you actually think that PURE AGAPE LOVE CAN INVADE YOUR INNER HEART AND SOUL AND MIND AND LITERALLY KICK THE GREAT "I AM" OFF YOUR THRONE, AND YOU NOT BE EXPERIENTIALLY AWARE OF IT? What an INSULT TO CHRIST AND TO GOD. What an ARROGANT CONCEPT that is. That reduces God and Christ to a puny insignificant IT, that somehow SNEAKS AROUND AND INVADES PEOPLE IN TOTAL SECRECY AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN AWARE OF IT. What a lie, what a deception. If you camp within 20 miles of an above ground nuclear test, do you think YOU WOULD BE AWARE WHEN THE BOMB EXPLODED? Do you think you might SEE THE FLASH, HEAR THE SOUND, FEEL THE SHOCK WAVES, AND SEE THE CLOUDS OF DUST? Are you going to reduce Christ and God down to a NUCLEAR BLAST? Let me tell you, CHRIST AND GOD ARE MORE THAN THE UNIVERSE PUT TOGETHER. WHEN THEY COME, YOU KNOW IT. Every fiber of your being, every cell of your brain IS AWARE THAT CHRIST HAS COME. Christ is God, my friend, the same God that had the power to create the entire Universe. He created the galaxies, the billions of stars. It was His hand that stretched out the heavens. From His hand came everything there was, is and ever will be. If the nations are counted as DUST in His hands, and the COSMOS as DUST in His hands, then O VAIN CHRISTIAN, WHY DO YOU IMAGINE HE CAN ENTER YOU AND YOU NOT BE AWARE OF IT? This is GOD TAKING UP RESIDENCE IN YOUR PUNY SOUL. This is a God of AWESOME POWER, AWESOME MIGHT, WITH AN AWESOME LOVE. It is God that we have to do with. Are you aware of what that MEANS? Are you aware of what SOVEREIGNITY MEANS? How dare we bring God down by our stupid and vain theologies and sell a God of NO POWER, NO MIGHT, AND NO SAVING ABILITY, to our fellow seekers of truth. Shame be on the heads of the false prophets and teachers. They told all of their followers that ALL OF THESE VERSES were SECOND ADVENT VERSES, that all of the REVELATION, MANIFESTATION, SEEING AND KNOWING were to come when Christ came. If this is true, THEN WHY WOULD CHRIST CAST THEM OUT FOR NOT KNOWING THEM? Ever think about that? Why would Christ

REJECT people HE WAS NOT TO KNOW UNTIL HE CAME TO GET THEM? The answer is OBVIOUS. He rejects them BECAUSE HE WAS SUPPOSE TO HAVE MET THEM BEFORE THE SECOND ADVENT. He was supposed to have met them IN UNION, AND TO 'SUPPER' WITH THEM. He was SUPPOSED to have SPOKEN TO THEM, JOINED WITH THEM. That is why He rejects them AT THE END, because THIS CONSUMMATION NEVER TOOK PLACE! REPENT, AND TURN, THAT YE MIGHT FIND LIFE. STORY NUMBER FOUR A certain king who was very rich called for a great wedding dinner and feast in the honor of his son. His call went out to the far reaches of his kingdom. In the proclamation of the coming feast, the rich king made certain stipulations that would have to be observed. Because he knew that the vast majority of people could not afford to be dressed properly for this grand occasion, he decided to hand out TICKETS TO HIS FEAST. The ticket was in fact a written INVITATION, WITH AN RSVP ATTACHED. Included in the instructions was the fact that this was an RSVP ONLY OCCASION. You had to respond. Secondly, you had to go downtown and purchase AT THE RICH MANS EXPENSE A WHITE ROBE. You had to go to a specific place, well marked, and you had to follow the instructions to enter that he enclosed. If anyone showed up WITHOUT THE PROPER AND AUTHORIZED WHITE ROBE, THEY WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER. The guards of the rich man's estate had orders to forcibly evict anyone who did attempt to enter without their proper white robe. The kingdom was abuzz over the coming feast. Many people sent in their RSVP and said they would be there. The date of the feast was set, and the rich man was happy at the coming event. When the people went into the city to obtain their WHITE ROBES, they found that the entrance to the address given was FULL OF OBSTACLES. There were so many obstacles in the way that one had to FORCE THEIR WAY THROUGH ONE AT A TIME. After they were past the GATE, they found a very NARROW STAIRWAY that descended many stories into foreboding darkness. The stairs were narrow and dangerous, and wet. If you did not hold on to the railing, you would slip and fall to your death. Many of the people GREW ANGRY because the gat was so strait that they could not bring themselves to try it. Others who had passed it, grew fearful at the narrow way and refused to go further, for fear they might fall. Some went part way and then they turned back. A group of HUCKSTERS GATHERED OUTSIDE THE GATE. They watched as the people struggled to gain entrance and it gave them an idea. WHY NOT SET UP SHOP OUTSIDE THE GATE, AND PEDDLE WHITE ROBES TO ALL WHO WANTED THEM? They could make a fortune selling the robes, and walk away very rich. So the HUCKSTERS set up their shops around the entrance of the gate. They put up signs all over saying:"BUY YOUR ROBES HERE, AUTHENTIC ROBES, THEY WILL

ALLOW YOU ENTRANCE TO THE FEAST. As the entire kingdom had been bidden to come, they knew that here was an opportunity for great merchandising. THEY CALLED THEIR ROBES, FAITH ROBES. The people would come and take one look at the STRAIT GATE, and decide to purchase their robes from the FAITH HUSKETERS. They IGNORED THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE RICH MAN. They decided NOT TO OBEY THE INSTRUCTIONS. They went to the MERCHANDISERS OF THE FAITH ROBES AND THEY BOUGHT THEM BY THE THOUSANDS. Only a few persisted in entering the strait gate. They were laughed at by the crowds. They were mocked, called idiots, fanatics. The few would point out to the many what the instructions said. The instructions were so clear that no one could miss what they meant. The many would laugh, and say "IT DOES NOT MEAN WHAT IT SAYS. HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY MEAN THAT? You don't really believe that the rich king intends for us to GO THROUGH ALL THAT, DO YOU? You're misinterpreting what he said. He said for us to get a white robe. These robes are white. You see, the rich man only wants us to APPEAR CORRECTLY DRESSED, THE TYPE OF ROBE IS NOT THE POINT. The point is that we be properly dressed. There is nothing wrong with these FAITH ROBES" The few would respond and say, "but it says here WE MUST GO TO THE LOWEST ROOM AND AWAIT FOR THE ROBES TO BE GIVEN US. The robes have to be APPROVED ROBES." With the wave of the hand their claims were laid aside, and the many SHUT THEIR OWN EYES TO THE COMMANDS. The HUCKSTERS MADE A FORTUNE. They were very popular. It was very easy to obtain a robe from them, and there was no gate or narrow way to travel to get it. Their robes looked in every way genuine. The merchandisers reputation grew far and wide. The great day of the feast arrived. The people washed and cleaned themselves, put on their robes and began to gather at the gate of the rich King. They came by the thousands, and gathered in groups awaiting entrance. They were all very joyful, full of great happiness. The whole Kingdom had declared a holiday, and all work ceased in honor of the Son's wedding. It became apparent that there was a DIFFERENCE IN THE ROBES. A few people showed up in robes that were so white they were luminous. It was as is they had their own light within. These robes were beautiful, made of a fabric unknown to anyone that looked at them. "WE KNOW NOT WHAT THESE ROBES ARE MADE OF". They were envious, jealous, for their robes were just white cotton. Suddenly the Son appeared. His robe was SO WHITE IT SHINED WITH THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND SUNS All of the guests were stunned by His beauty. The Son said to the guards, there is something wrong here, for I see only a FEW with the proper robes. all of these others have on IMITATIONS. Check them carefully, I will be with you. I KNOW WHOM I GAVE MY ROBES TO. THEY ARE THEY THAT WENT TO THE LOWEST ROOM AND i AND MY FATHER CAME TO THEM AND GAVE THEM THEIR ROBES. Check each one, we have counterfeits here. One by one the people came to the entrance seeking admission to the great feast. One by one the robes were checked to see if they were genuine or not. One by one they appeared

before the Son and one by one He turned them away and said, "Get away from me, I NEVER KNEW YOU. " Those that had gone in via the strait gate, and had walked down the narrow way to the lowest room, and had waited, RECOGNIZED THE SON, and HE RECOGNIZED THEM, because they HAD MET HIM IN THE LOWEST ROOM. Their robes were washed in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. THEY HAD A SHINE TO THEM, A LUMINOUS SHINE. He called them by name, AND LED THEM OUT. The rich man, the King, the Father of the Bridegroom was WROTH WITH ANGER. "KILL THE IMPOSTERS." HE SAID, "BIND THEM HAND AND FOOT AND TOSS THEM OUT INTO OUTER DARKNESS. THEY HAVE DISHONORED MY SON. THEY ARE IMPOSTERS. LIARS, DECEIVERS." And so it was done. There was much crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Which robe do you have on? Is yours a FAITH ROBE? Did you purchase YOUR ROBE FROM THE FAITH ROBE HUCKSTERS? Is your robe made of common white cotton, or is your robe made of SUPERNATURAL MATERIAL? If you have on a faith robe, I urge you with tears, I beseech you to take it off, and enter the strait gate and narrow way. I urge you to go to the LOWEST ROOM, and wait for Him that bade you to come. HE WILL COME: "So that you come behind in no gift, WAITING FOR THE COMING OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST: WHO SHALL ALSO CONFIRM YOU UNTO THE END, THAT YE MAY BE BLAMELESS IN THE DAY OF OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST: I Corinthians 1:7-8

Modern theology places this as a second advent verse. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE THAT THIS IS A SECOND ADVENT VERSE. Read it carefully, over and over until you see it. THE BELIEVER IS TO WAIT FOR THE COMING OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. The word for "waiting" is "apekdechomai", which means TO EXPECT FULLY, TO LOOK FOR, TO WAIT FOR. When Christ COMES, He will ALSO CONFIRM YOU UNTO THE END. In other words TWO THINGS HAPPEN: HE COMES AND REVEALS HIMSELF, AND THEN HE ALSO CONFIRMS YOU TO THE END. If this was a second advent verse, IT IS THE END, AND CHRIST NEED NOT CONFIRM US TO ANYTHING. Why do you need to be confirmed IF THE END HAS ALREADY ARRIVED? Either you are in or you are out. This verse clearly states that YOU ARE TO BE CONFIRMED UNTO THE END. There is going to be a period of time between Christ coming to give you agape love and the final CONSUMMATION OF IT ALL. The coming of Christ to the believer IS TO CONFIRM THAT

BELIEVER, SEAL THAT BELIEVER UNTO THE END. What is the end? THE DAY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IS THE END. THE DAY OF CHRIST IS THE RESURRECTION AND RAPTURE. It is the coming of the Lord TO CONFIRM YOU VIA AGAPE LOVE BESTOWMENT THAT SEALS YOU UNTO THE DAY OF REDEMPTION. The word "end" is "talos" which means CONCLUSION, TERMINATION, END RESULT. The word "confirm" here is "bebaioo" which means TO STABILITATE, TO ESTABLISH, TO CONFIRM. The word stabilitate comes from the word stability, which means among other things, "FIRMNESS IN POSITION..CONTINUANCE WITHOUT CHANGE, PERMANENCE." It is used to BIND UP TOTALLY, TO CAPTURE AND KEEP SAFE. We will get into this in the chapter on eternal security. WHEN THE LORD JESUS COMES AND UNVEILS AGAPE LOVE TO YOU, AND COMES INTO YOU, YOU ARE AT THAT POINT CONFIRMED, SEALED, BOUND UP. The issue between you and God is settled forever. You are acquitted. This verse proves there is a big difference between THE COMING OF CHRIST TO THE BELIEVER AND THE DAY OF CHRIST, WHICH IS THE LITERAL SECOND ADVENT OF CHRIST TO OBTAIN HIS PRIZE, THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. The distinction made is bold, direct. READ YOUR BIBLE CAREFULLY. IT MEANS WHAT IT SAYS. Notice how it is worded. WE ARE TO WAIT FOR THE COMING OF CHRIST. The word "coming" is "apokalupsis", which means APPEARING, MANIFESTATION, REVELATION. This confirmed by Revelation 3: 20 "I will come into him, and sup with him" by John 14:21 " I will manifest myself to him" by John 14:23 " we will come to him by John 3:3 " see the kingdom and John 6:40 " seeth the son" YOU ARE TO SEE THE SON. YOU ARE TO HAVE A REVELATION OF THE SON OF GOD. YOU ARE TO HAVE A MANIFESTATION OF AGAPE LOVE, WHO IS THE SON. It is the appearing that BRINGS THE UNION WITH THE LIVING CHRIST. You cannot enter into union with someone unless you MEET THEM FACE TO FACE. It is this COMING , this FIRST APPEARING, that CONFIRMS YOU, It is the righteousness of Christ that confirms you, not your own righteousness. We are saved for HIS NAMES SAKE, BY GRACE, and not by any merit we have. If Christ is able to CONFIRM YOU, THEN WHO CAN DISANNUL IT? The concept that Christ is to appear to the believer was lost in the FAITH MOVEMENT, which categorically denies any such revelation, and claims we can become INSTANT REGENERATED CHRISTIANS. We have utterly disproved that fact. It is a vain flight of fancy, a carnal gospel, a gospel of death followed after by lying signs and wonders. It was not lost from view however by the few, who KNEW ABOUT THE REVELATION OF CHRIST. I will now quote from a very FAMOUS BOOK IN CHRISTENDOM TODAY CALLED THE PILGRIMS PROGRESS. This is book LAUDED by many of our false prophets who hold this book

up, and then CATERGORICALLY DENY WHAT IT SAYS. "Hope: Ask him if he HAD CHRIST REVEALED TO HIM FROM HEAVEN. Ignorance: What! You are a man of REVELATIONS. I believe that both you and all the rest of you say about this manner, IS BUT THE FRUIT OF DISTRACTED BRAINS. Hope: Why man! CHRIST IS SO HID IN GOD FROM THE NATURAL APPREHENSIONS OF THE FLESH, THAT HE CANNOT BY ANY MAN BE SAVINGLY KNOWN, UNLESS THE FATHER REVEALS HIM TO THEM. Ignorance: That IS YOUR FAITH, but NOT mine; yet mine, I DOUBT NOT, IS AS GOOD AS YOURS, THOUGH I HAVE NOT IN MY HEAD AS MANY WHIMSIES AS YOU. Christian: Give me leave to put in a word, YOU OUGHT NOT TO SO SLIGHTLY SPEAK OF THIS MATTER; FOR THIS I WILL BOLDLY AFFIRM ( EVEN AS MY GOOD COMPANION HAS DONE) THAT NO MAN CAN KNOW JESUS CHRIST BUT BY REVELATION OF THE FATHER: YES, AND FAITH TO, BY WHICH THE SOUL LAYETH HOLD UPON CHRIST (IF IT BE RIGHT) MUST BE WROUGHT BY THE EXCEEDING GREATNESS OF HIS MIGHTY POWER; THE WORKING OF WHICH FAITH, I PERCEIVE, POOR IGNORANCE, THOU ART IGNORANT OF." I have heard this book held up time after time by well known teachers and evangelists. They tell everyone to read it , but then turn right around and claim THERE IS NO REVELATION, IT IS MERELY 'ILLUMINATION' OF THE MIND. They are under a deception, a delusion,. Pray for them. The "many" had the faith of IGNORANCE. They laughed and scoffed and said any such revelation was UTTERLY FALSE. That is why they stood before Christ rejected, and that is why Christ sent them away into eternal ruin. HE DID NOT KNOW THEM BECAUSE HE HAD NEVER COME TO THEM, HE HAD NEVER ENTERED INTO UNION WITH HIM. Their faith was the faith of IGNORANCE and the Scriptures say we are WILLFULLY IGNORANT if we do not study to show ourselves approved unto God. This was penned in the 1600's and the REVELATIONS OF JESUS CHRIST BY THE MIGHTY POWER OF GOD WAS KNOWN TO THE FEW. Bunyan was thrown in jail for His teachings, and the Church could not stand him, for he put the lie to their false theology and showed them what they were: IMPOSTERS, LIARS, SONS. Bunyan had the revelation of Christ, was trying to tell everyone about it. He was warning them that FAITH WITHOUT THE REVELATION IS NOT FAITH AT ALL. FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS A DEAD FAITH. It is the faith of the narrow way that brings Christ, who in turn CONFIRMS YOU UNTO THE END BY HIS GIFT OF AGAPE LOVE.

It is all true. Do not let the false prophets, who are themselves under a deception and a delusion, SWAY YOU FROM THE WORD OF GOD. I can personally attest that IT IS TRUE. Christ came to me personally, He spoke to me, called me by name, showed me HIS AGAPE LOVE AND ASKED ME IF I WANTED IT. When I said yes, HE CAME INTO ME, AND IT WAS ALL VERY EXPERIENTIAL. AND ALSO WAS IN STRICT ACCORDANCE TO HIS WRITTEN WORD, WHICH HE CANNOT, AND WILL NOT VIOLATE. By the testimony of TWO OR MORE WITNESSES is anything established. The REVELATION OF CHRIST must be in FULL ACCORDANCE with the Bible. The revelation is ONE WITNESS, the second witness IS SCRIPTURE. If the revelation IS NOT IN ACCORDANCE TO SCRIPTURE, it is most likely a COUNTERFEIT FROM SATAN. The revelation we are speaking of here is a REVELATION OF WHAT TRUE AGAPE LOVE IS. The revelation we are speaking of here WILL OCCUR AT THE END OF THE WALK OF DEATH. WE ALWAYS GO FROM DEATH TO LIFE, NEVER FROM LIFE TO LIFE. We must die, and that death is as experiential as the REVELATION ITSELF. The next report will cover the TRUE EVIDENCE OF REGENERATION.

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