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11790 :: Gagandeep Bhatara


1. Belvered E Needles, Accounting for Decision Making, Cengage Learning, New Delhi, 2010
Other Specific Books

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Other Readings

Pandey I.M., Management Accounting, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd Shah Paresh, Management Accounting, Oxford University Press, 2009. Horngren, Sundem & Stratton, Introduction to Management Accounting, Prentice Hall India, 2007. Tulsian PC, Financial Accounting, Pearsons Publication, New Delhi, 2008.

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Jouranls atricles as compulsary readings (specific articles, Complete reference)

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A Financial Analysis Case Of Amazon.Com And Barnes & Noble With Emphasis On The Impact Of ROE V/s EPS, Timothy,Judith & loren,Journal of Business Case Studies, May/Jun 2010.Vol.6, Iss.3; pg. 21, 12pgs "What Every Ratio User Should Know About Assets", Dianna Ross. Commercial Lending Review. Riverwoods:Sep/Oct 2005. Vol.20, Iss. 5; pg.19, 8 pgs, "Analysing company accounts", Hussey, Roger, Hussey, Jill. Credit Control.Hutton: 1997. Vol.18, Iss.2; pg.11, 10 pgs, THE DU PONT MODEL: EVALUATING ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES IN THE RETAIL INDUSTRY, Philip L Little, Beverly L Little, David Coffee.Academy of Strategic Management Journal. Cullowhee:2009. Vol.8 pg.71,10 pgs "Missouri Solvents: Managing Cash Flow", David A Kunz, Rebecca Summary. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies.Cullowhee: 2010. Vol. 16, Iss.4; pg.43, 10 pgs "Budgeting: Perspectives From The Real World", Karen Shastri, David E Stout. Management Accounting Quarterly. Montvale: Fall 2008. Vol. 10, Iss. 1; pg. 18, 8 pgs Comparative study of Budgeting and Budgetary Control in Bangalore Based Public and Private Sector Units1, D S Prathima.Finance India. Delhi:Sep 2005.Vol.19,Iss.3;pg.1012,4 pgs, Zero-Based Budgeting As A Planning And Budgeting Tool, Schulze, William C., Journal of Information Management; Spring 1988; 9, 1; ABI/INFORM Global pg. 1,

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Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11

Kung H Chen. Edward "Responsibility centers promote effective financial control".htm http://www. http://proquest.htm http://proquest. 17. 19. Atlanta: Web adress (only if relevant to the courses) Salient Features 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 http://www. 1 pgs Relevant Websites Sr. concepts etc.super-memory. Provides introduction to managerial accounting & all other managerial accounting articles. Lecture No.1 Page 2 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 . pg.accountingcoach.icai.CVS Corporation/Ch 1/Ref. 3. L Neal Freeman. Vol. 4.umi.Chapter-1 Pg-1.pdf Various accounting terms are available. 27. Information regarding concepts of managerial accounting Articles & cases related to the course Free study material available for the course Access to study guide of Accounting for management by Paul M. Contains articles & information of accounting standards including change of financial statements from Indian GAAP to IFRS. 72. 16. Cleveland: Aug 15. Journal of Performance Management. 24 pgs. 11 pgs.Chapter-1 Pg-2 ->Reference :5. Topic Chapters/Sections of Textbook/other reference Homework to be Assigned to students Pedagogical tool Demonstration/case study/images/anmation ctc. Ophthalmology Accounting%20for%20Managers%20Interpreting%20Accounting%20Information %20for%20Decision-Making. Iss. Vol. pg.1 ->Reference :19.14 15 16 17 18 Standard Costing. Gerald Aranoff. Vol. Leslie Kren. 1365. Collier Detailed Plan For Lectures Week No. 21. Finance India.umi. http://www. No. 29. 4. 11 pgs.businessbookmall. Iss.umi. Boston: May/Jun 2009. Delhi: Dec The ALLTEL Pavilion Case: Strategy and CVP Analysis.edcourses. Cost Management. 2. Users of accounting information ->Reference :1. http://proquest. Sarasota: Nov 2004. pg. Iss. Iss. 2004. 23. Case. Rajendra Singh Chikara. pg. Vol. http://www. Issues in Accounting Education.accountingformanagement. 5 pgs Using Activity-Based Management for Cost Control. 18. http://proquest. Transfer Pricing in Indian Banks. 555. planned Part 1 Week 1 Lecture 1 Basic Accounting Review: Accounting terms. Flexible Budgeting. And Variance Analysis For www.


Chapter-1 Pg-17 ->Reference :5.Chapter.23 Pg 1147 ->Reference :1. Examples Lecture 8 Financial Statement Analysis . Tools for analysis and interpretation of financial statement analysis.23 Pg 1115 ->Reference :3.Chapter-5 Pg-5.Chapter-1 Pg 20 & Chapter 11 Pg 490 ->Reference :5. Management accounting & their interrelationships Week 2 Lecture 5 Understanding Corporate Financial statementstypes. Use of Annual Report of a company Lecture 6 Lecture 7 Capital and Revenue expenditures and receipts.Common size profit & Loss Account Term Paper 1 Allocation Week 3 Lecture 9 Case analysis Lecture 10 Common -size financial statements.2 Pg 2.Chapter. ->Reference :1.23 Pg 1110 ->Reference :20.Common Balance Sheet. nature.Chapter. Cost Accounting.29 ->Reference :20.Chapter-9 Pg 9. ->Reference :1.1 ->Reference :5. Case analysis Page 3 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 .Part 4/Chapter-11 ->Reference :1.13 ->Reference :1.Chapter-1 Pg1.1 ->Reference :21.Part 1 Week 1 Lecture 2 Accounting concepts and conventions ->Reference :5.Chapter-9 Pg 9. ->Reference :1. ->Reference :1. Common-size financial statements. ->Reference :1.Chapter-1 Pg 20 & Chapter 11 Pg 490 ->Reference :20. uses and limitations.Chapter.Concepts and objectives.23 Pg 1147 HomeWork 1 Allocation Lecture 3 Accounting Equation Practical Problems Lecture 4 Financial Accounting.1 ->Reference :5.Chapter.Case McDonald's.23 Pg 1114 ->Reference :3. Financial Statements: Attributes.Chapter-1 Pg7 ->Reference :22.Chapter.Case McDonald's.Part 4/Chapter-11 ->Reference :1.

in relation to investments.Chapter-25 Pg 536 ->Reference :3.Part 4/Chapter-11 ->Reference :2.25 Pg 528 ->Reference :1. uses and types.23 Pg 1147 ->Reference :2. Ref 2/Pg556 Case Study. Ref 2/Pg556 Case Study.25 Pg 524 ->Reference :1.23 Pg 1147 ->Reference :2.25 Pg 524 HomeWork 2 Allocation HomeWork 1 Submission Lecture 12 Comparative statements. Ref 2/Pg556 Lecture 15 Liquidity Ratios .Case McDonald's Chapter.23 Pg 1117 ->Reference :2.Chapter-25 Pg 520 ->Reference :1.23 Pg 1117 ->Reference :2.Case McDonald's.Balance Sheet Week 4 Lecture 13 Trend analysis.Reliance Industries Ltd.Reliance Industries relation to sales & in relation to investments Week 5 Lecture 17 Profitability Ratios. Efficiency/ Activity ratios Lecture 18 Efficiency/ Activity ratios Page 4 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 .Chapter.Part 4/Chapter-11 ->Reference :1.Part 4/Chapter-11 ->Reference :1. ->Reference :2.Reliance Industries Ltd.Chapter.Chapter. Ref 2/Pg556 Case Study.Chapter.Current ratio .Reliance Industries Ltd. Quick ratio & Cash ratio Lecture 16 Profitability Ratios.Chapter. Part 2 Week 4 Lecture 14 Ratio analysis.Chapter.Chapter 25 Pg 518 ->Reference :20. Case Study.Meaning.Chapter. Ref 2/Pg556 Case Study.Reliance Industries Ltd.Part 1 Week 3 Lecture 11 Comparative statements.Chapter-25 Pg 535 ->Reference :3.Profit & Loss Account ->Reference :2.23 Pg 1117 ->Reference :2.Chapter-25 Pg 535 ->Reference :3.

Ref 2/Pg556 Lecture 20 Other Common ratios & Du Pont Framework Week 6 Lecture 21 Fund Flow Statement.Managing Cash Flows ->Reference :1. Lecture 22 Lecture 23 Lecture 24 Case.Chapter-21 Pg 1001 ->Reference :1.23 Pg 1121 ->Reference :2.Chapter.25 Pg 521 ->Reference :1.24 Pg 496 ->Reference :2. Uses.Direct & Indirect Method Preparation of Cash Flow Statement and Analysis.Chapter 23 Pg 1116 & 1123 ->Reference :2.24 Pg 496 ->Reference :2. Revision of Syllabus covered till MTE Case analysis Ref 10 Case analysis Ref 10 MID-TERM Part 3 Page 5 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 .Reliance Industries Ltd.Chapter 25 Pg 534 ->Reference :9.Chapter.Bharat Chemicals Ltd pg 514 ->Reference :1.Part 2 Week 5 Lecture 19 Leverage ratios & Trading on Equity.Du Pont Framework ->Reference :2. Ref 2/Pg556 Case Study.Reliance Industries Ltd. ->Reference :4. ->Reference :2.Bharat Chemicals Ltd pg 514 Week 7 Lecture 25 Cash Flow Statement.Chapter. ->Reference :5.Chapter. Preparation of Fund Flow Statement.Chapter-21 Pg 1001 ->Reference :1. ->Reference :3. Coverage ratios ->Reference :1.Reporting Cash Flow from operations. Statement of changes in working capital and fund flow statement (Overview) Preparation and Analysis of Statement of changes in working capital.Meaning.Chapter.24 Pg 492 ->Reference :22.Case.Finding out hidden information & ascertaining funds from operations Preparation & analysis of Fund Flow Statement. ->Reference :2.Chapter-21 Pg 991 ->Reference :10.introduction. HomeWork 2 Submission Quiz 1 Case Study.Chapter.24 Pg 492 ->Reference :2. three categories of cash flows/ business activities Case analysis Ref 10 Lecture 26 Lecture 27 Lecture 28 Preparation of Cash Flow Statements.

Budgeting and Budgetary Control. Lecture 36 Zero Based Budgeting & Activity Based budgeting. Pratical Problems Lecture 32 Cost Control Techniques.Part 1/ Chapter 2 ->Reference :1. Break even Point.Part 4/ Chapter 12 ->Reference :1. determination of marginal cost.Part 3 Week 8 Lecture 29 Basic Cost terms and concepts ->Reference :1. Budgetary Process Case of Frame craft Comapny/ Ref1 Week 9 Lecture 33 Preparation of Budgets: Master Budget. Case of Frame craft Comapny/ Ref1 Lecture 34 Financial Budgets: Cash Budget Case of Frame craft Comapny/ Ref1 Lecture 35 Preparation of Budgets: Fixed & Flexible Budget. Margin of safety Lecture 38 Conceptual Cases Ref 3/ Pg 621 Page 6 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 .Chapter-17 Pg 779 ->Reference :3.Case. Advantages & limitations of Budgeting & Budgetory Control Week 10 Lecture 37 Marginal costing. ->Reference :20.Part 4/ Chapter 12 ->Reference :13. Operating Budgets-Sales Budget.Part 1/ Chapter 2 ->Reference :3. Production Budget.Chapter-17 Pg 799 ->Reference :3.Contribution.Chapter-17 Pg 787 ->Reference :3. its value & limitations Cost Volume Profit Analysis.Gurudev Ltd pg 484 ->Reference :3.Zero Based Budgeting ->Reference :3. ->Reference :1.Part 5/ Chapter 16 ->Reference :20.Chapter-13 Pg 567 ->Reference :3. HomeWork 3 Submission HomeWork 3 Allocation Lecture 30 Lecture 31 Preparation of Cost Sheet Use of cost data in managerial decision-making. ->Reference :3.Part 5/ Chapter 16 ->Reference :16.Chapter-13 Pg 567 ->Reference :3.Meaning.Part 4/ Chapter 12 ->Reference :3.Budgeting ->Reference :20.Part 1/ Chapter 1&2 ->Reference :1. P/V Ratio.Part 4/ Chapter 12 ->Reference :3.Part 4/ Chapter 12 ->Reference :11.

->Reference :20. Computing Standard Costs.Box Company Week 11 Lecture 41 Incremental analysis for Special order Decisions & Segment Profitability Decisions Case Ref1.Part 5/ Chapter 16 Case Cadila Corporation Ref 3/Pg 625 Part 4 Week 10 Lecture 40 Decision involving alternative choices: Incremental AnalysisOutsourcing & make or buy decisions ->Reference :1. Pricing Decisions. Ref 3/ Pg 531 Page 7 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 . ->Reference :20. Quiz 2 Case.Chapter 15 Pg 681 ->Reference :3.Inroduction.Chapter 19 Pg 885 ->Reference :3. advantages & limitations Ref 14 Lecture 47 Variance analysis.Part 5/ Chapter 18 ->Reference :3.Part 5/ Chapter 17 ->Reference :1.Different pricing methods.Chapter-20 Pg 947 ->Reference :3.Part 5/ Chapter 17 ->Reference :1.Meaning.Part 4/ Chapter 13 ->Reference :14.Chapter 19 Pg 894 ->Reference :3.Chapter-20 Pg 951 ->Reference :3. ->Reference :1.Meaning. Computing & analysing Direct Material Variances.Part 4/ Chapter 13 ->Reference :20.Chapter-20 Pg 937 ->Reference :3.Part 5/ Chapter 19 ->Reference :15. factors affecting pricing decisions & overveiw of different pricing methods. Uses & limitations of CVP analysis ->Reference :3. ->Reference :1.Part 3 Week 10 Lecture 39 Break Even Analysis.Home State Bank Lecture 42 Incremental analysis for Sales Mix Decisions & Sell or Process further decisions Case Ref1.Part 5/ Chapter 17 ->Reference :3.Graphical presentation of CVP analysis.Priety Comapny.Home State Bank Lecture 43 Lecture 44 Pricing Decisions. Transfer Pricing Term Paper 1 Submission Week 12 Lecture 45 Activity based Systems Ref 15 Lecture 46 Standard costing.Transfer Pricing ->Reference :1.Part 5/ Chapter 18 ->Reference :17. HomeWork 4 Allocation Case Ref1.

Part 5 Chapter 20 ->Reference :3.Part 4/ Chapter 14 ->Reference :18. ->Reference :3. ->Reference :4. Ref 3/ Pg 532 Week 13 Lecture 49 Computing & analysing Overhead Variances Case. ->Reference :2. Ref 3/ Pg 530 Lecture 50 Responsibility Accounting & Management Control systems Lecture 51 Lecture 52 Management Information Systems Revision of whole syllabus Spill Over Week 14 Lecture 53 Lecture 54 Capacity Management Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting ->Reference :3.Part 4/ Chapter 13 ->Reference :1.Part 4 Week 12 Lecture 48 Computing & analysing Direct Labour Variances ->Reference :1. ->Reference :5. HomeWork 4 Submission Case.Chapter 19 Pg 905 ->Reference :3.Chapter 19 Pg 902 ->Reference :3.Indumati Comapny.Part 4/ Chapter 13 ->Reference :3. ->Reference :3.Trupti Comapny.Part 4/ Chapter 14 ->Reference :1.Part 5 Chapter 21 Page 8 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 .

Each student will submit a written report & test will be taken for the same in the tutorials. as explained in teacher's guide available on the UMS Page 9 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 . Topic of the Homework Nature of homework (group/individuals/field work Homework 1 Each student will be allocated a company and will submit a report on analysis of financial position of that company for the past three years by using comparative analysis. common size analysis and trend analysis. Individual Homework 2 Homework 3 Individual Individual Homework 4 Individual *Normally all the homeworks shall be submitted online but in special courses where homeworks cannot be submited online . Each student will take annual report of a company and will analyse various ratios and components of its fund flow statement and will submit a report with suitable interpretation. Practical problems on Preparation of Marginal Costing & CVP analysis and pricing decisions. consider x best out of y components of CA. Each student will submit a written report & test will be taken for the same in the tutorials.Details of homework and case studies plan Homework No. Evaluation: Written report is of 5 marks & Test of 10 marks. Practical problems on Preparation of Cost Sheet and Preparation of Operating & financial Budgets. Evaluation: Written report of 5 marks & Test of 10 marks. the insructor can edit the mode of submission while entering the IP Details Scheme for CA:out of 100* Component Frequency Out of (If any) Marks for each Total Marks Homework Quiz Term Paper 3 2 1 4 15 15 25 Total :- 45 30 25 100 * In ENG courses wherever the total exceeds 100.

sell or process further. Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 . Critically analyse the role of Accounting in the Satyam Fiasco and illustrate the various developments & amendments made by the regulators to address these issues in the future.List of suggested topics for term paper[at least 15] (Student to spend about 15 hrs on any one specified term paper) Sr. Discuss the changing organizational structure and individual responsibilities of Managerial Accountants in the era of modern business. make or buy. Choose an organisation and identify the various responsibility centers within that organisation and discuss the role of the responsibility accounting in fostering goal congruence of that organisation . No. 4) Examine the key issues involved in strategic pricing of a new product in the context of managerial accounting & discuss legal restrictions on setting prices. Examine the pros and cons of two specific cost accounting systems: Traditional cost accounting (TCA) and activity based costing (ABC). Discuss the financial and managerial accounting standards & practices and explain how the information being formulated is for a managerial purpose. (this topic can be given to multiple number of students) Discuss the importance of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and accounting ethics in the context of modern organizations. Future Accounting Practices: A review of the changes expected in the practice of accounting in businesses. Compare and analyse the smilarities and differences in the operational budgets prepared by manufacturing & service industry firms. (this topic can be given to multiple number of students by allocating different firms) State the role of accounting information in supporting decision making process in an organisation with suitable examples. Understanding management accounting techniques in the context of organizational change. Analyse and examine the Activity-Based Costing in the service industry and discusses how the service industry uses ABC to improve profits and competitiveness. and will submit a report on analysis of these cases with suitable recommendations. Analyse how standard costs are used in product costing and describe the changing role of standard costing system in today's manufacturing environment. A study on the Adoption and Usage of Modern Management Control Systems in Indian Firms A sudy on the Knowledge Management Practices of Leading Accounting Firms in India. Students will select two companies and they will apply all the concepts taught in the class on the financial data (annual report) of that company and will submit a report on inter-firm & intra-firm analysis of financial position of the company with interpretation and recommendations Student will be given 5-10 cases on the decisions involving alternative choices viz. (Cases are available in the book mentioned in Ref. Topic 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Page 10 of 12 An analysis of management accounting and its role in the changing realm of modern business. outsourcing etc. Perform the financial analysis of any two companies & comparatively analyze both the companies with respect to their ratio analysis. Compare and contrast the different budgeting techniques used by various organisations and examine the applicability of each technique with suitable examples. (this topic can be given to multiple number of students) Analyse and interpret various components of cash flow statement of two or more companies in an industry and describe how an investor can use it to learn how a company financed its capital expansion.

Discussion & Doubt Clearing Session Discussion & Doubt Clearing Session Problem solving. Ratio analysis Ratio Analysis: Discussion on Journal Articles Ref. Use of cost data in managerial decision-making. Budgetary control and preparation of budgets.Discussion on Article Ref. 6. 7 & 8 Fund Flow Statements. Cash Flow Statements.role play.Plan for Tutorial: (Please do not use these time slots for syllabus coverage) Tutorial No.problem solving test. 12 Test Problem solving Problem solving Test Page 11 of 12 Approved for Autumn Session 2010-11 .Common size and comparative game etc) Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 Tutorial 5 Tutorial 6 Tutorial 7 Accounting terms. Marginal costing and CVP Analysis. concepts and conventions Financial statements: nature of transactions and identification of capital & revenue items. No.Doubt Clearing Session Problem solving Discussion on Articles Ref. Test based on HW4 on the topics of Preparation of Cost Sheet and preparation of operating & financial budgets. Pricing Decisions & Transfer Pricing Standard costing and variance analysis Test based on HW4 on the topics of Marginal costing and CVP Analysis and Pricing decisions Discussion & Doubt Clearing Session Problem solving. 6 Problem solving Problem solving After Mid-Term Tutorial 8 Tutorial 9 Tutorial 10 Tutorial 11 Tutorial 12 Tutorial 13 Preparation of Cost Sheet. Tools of financial analysis. Topic Type of pedagogical tool(s) planned (case analysis.

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