Requirement Analysis

I. Introduction:
The airline reservation system (ARS) is a software application to assist an airline with transactions related to making ticket reservations, which includes blocking, reserving, cancelling and rescheduling tickets. System Objectives: • Minimize repetitive work done by the system administrator and reservation clerks. • Maintain consistency among different access modes e.g. by phone, by web, at the information desk and across different physical location. • The user should be basically taken through the same steps by the system as they go through in the conventional desk-reservation systems. • Maximize the revenue of the airline company by various means. • Increase awareness among frequent travellers about various special offers and discounts. • Maintain the capability to adopt a flexible pricing policy. The price of the tickets should be dynamically determined based on how early, before the date of departure, the customers buys the ticket.

II.Functional Requirements:
1. Creation/Registration Of User Account: The user fills in personal details like user id, a

password, first name, last name, address, phone number, email address, sex, age, credit card number, etc.
2. Checking Availability Of Seats: Checking whether the seats of the flight the user has

requested for are available or not.
3. Making Reservation: The user selects the number of seats to be reserved in a particular

4. Confirmation Of Ticket: The reserved sets are confirmed and the user goes to the

payment mode.
5. Rescheduling Of Ticket: The user reschedules the ticket. 6. Cancelation of Ticket: The user can cancel the blocked or confirm ticket. 7. Update User Account: The changes made to the user’s account are updated. For

example, personal details, miles earned and redeemed, etc.
8. View Flight Details: The system should allow any user to access the details about the

arrival and departure times of a flight by requesting the user to input the flight number and date.

Users should be able to understand the menu and the options provided by ARS. Availability: i. privacy concerns by encrypting the credit card number and also protecting other personal details. Usability: i. . ii. 3. III. Efficiency: i. Telephone Access: ARS provides access to telephone in order to book or confirm ticket. Provide Security: Protect users. ii. ARS server should be down for 2 mins daily. 11. power failures and other natural catastrophes and rollback the databases to their most recent valid state. 5. Response time of the Airline Reservation System should be less than 2 second most of the time. ARS shall be able to handle at least 1000 transactions/inquiries per second. polite and free of jargon. 10. Any notification or error messages generated by ARS should be clear. iii. Reusability: i. ii. ARS shall provide an easy-to-use graphical interface similar to other existing reservation system so that the users do not have to learn a new type of interaction. 4. ii. ARS shall be available 24 hours a day. Fare Calculation: The system should be able to compute fares. ARS should have the option of updating to an advanced version of software. succinct. ARS shall always provide real time information about flight availability. ARS shall be able to recover from hardware failures. Non-Functional Requirements: 1. Reliability: i. 2. 7 days a week.9.

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