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ae we MAUNGATUROTO O-OPERATIVE DAIRY COMPANY LTD HE NORTH KAIPARA CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY COY. LTD. THE WAIPU CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY GOY. LTD. The MAUNGATUROTO CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY COMPANY LTD. THE NORTH KAIPARA CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY COY. LTD. THE WAIPU CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY COY. LTD. Pairreard etre Sear lapeerteaetecieee ‘of the Distr, Co-operative Dairy Industry — z Priddy “ABEL DYKES LTD, AUCKLAND and WELLINGTON. $avrt Planraph by | SNOWDEN, AUCKLAND. ‘A distant view from the shoulder of Puke- nee 1901 ae ae ee is the re these flty years later —a feat rt on orth: its placid river meandering down the ene towhts Kaipara Harbour, Here were green filds, good fences, cory: Joking homesteads with ‘well-grown shelter frees, and roads aplenty. Atsuredly, the farmers, mainly Atbectnd sets, bad bees Very industrious in vo changing to productive ask ernest of bush and sea all in & span of thirty years, A closer view, however, was less pleasing to the stranger accustomed to the lush eockse foot pastures of Taranaki. Too much clay soil was in evidence, supporting a thin growth of the inferior grasses which were then prevalent. Its « ‘capacity might be eatimated at and a half sheep to the acre, The roads, although well liid out, were far fora being all-weather rouds Much rated in summer, in winter they were largely deep, und mud! The best road mender war Bob with his big droves of smoothing the surfaces for the few wheeled Vehicles of the settlement Tn 1801, friend Horse was in his kingdom. ‘He did the ‘small amount of cultivation that Was carried on drew the few wagons and farnily ‘buggies, likewise the catarsaran and the sigh Which suited the roads best. The children rode him to school, the growa-ups. to church and ‘concert, Tt must also be recorded that he featured in the courtships. A man was known The beginning The early records of the Maungaturto Co-operative Dairy Coy, were lost in the fre Which destroyed the residence of Mr. W. Bailey. We have, however, been let a mani feript entitled “Account of the Initiation and Early Precedings of he Maungaturot Co. tative Datry Coy..” by W. J. Bailey, and iiweh ef te (allowing inertia abridged The backcround of 1901 * . the he rode—the "a tate ome Met The economic situation ‘in these years, in ‘most close settlement areas, fell far below the Frarperity of the town and city. There was ite orien; ne railway, good roads or elec. ity mall and siewspapers care but twiee week, The farm luced much of the food for homes which were surprisingly good, lacking none of the creature comforts. Best of all were those great homemakers, the wonder wotzen, At she tne we review, few of he farm ‘were large enough to support a. . Cows in anal runtrt were ealyhepe a et butter, bartered at the loeal stores, on, aftce olsame fourteen miles! journey to Waipu, hipped by the “Rob Roy” to Auckland brought only sispence a pound, ‘Many of the farmers had been accustomed to augmenting their income by doing outside ‘work such af shearing: eed nearby uns, roadmaking and kauri bush work. BY 1901, however, these supplementary sources of income bad practically disappeared and the settles wre forced to look to their farms to ‘provide x full income. ‘This, then, was the situation when the settlers began to consider enterir on the new industry of “Co-operative Dairying It says reat deal for their courage and optimism that they disregarded. thelr handicaps ‘and initiated what was actually a local industrial revolution,