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Re: Sen. Cornyn Visit Thursday, October 04, 2007 7:30:49 AM

10-4 ----- Original Message ----From: SELF, JEFFREY D To: AGUILAR, DAVID V; COLBURN, RONALD S; (b) (6) Cc: (b) (6) Sent: Thu Oct 04 07:26:43 2007 Subject: FW: Sen. Cornyn Visit Chief,

Senator Cornyn will be visiting Chief Vitiello on the 10th and participating in a border tour.


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Just fyi…… ________________________________ From: (b) (6) Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 2:42 PM To: (b) (6) Cc: (b) (6) Subject: Sen. Cornyn Visit Importance: High

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this is just to follow up on our conversation.

from Senator Cornyn’s office called and advised that the Senator will be in the valley on


Wednesday October 10th. He is having a meeting at the Pharr City Hall with some city and county elected officials referencing the levee projects here in the valley. In anticipation of fence issues being brought up the Senator Office is requesting the following.

The Senator is ending a prior meeting in the McAllen/Sharyland area at 3pm.

The Senator would like to meet with the Chief at 3pm and have an aerial tour of the levee and proposed fence locations. He would like the CPA to do the brief while in the air.

He would like maps of the proposed fence locations and some of the proposed fencing being contemplated.

He want’s to land at the Pharr POE at around 3:30 to 3:45.

He then want’s the CPA to accompany him to a round table discussion at 4:00 with selected city and county officials at the Pharr City Hall. This meeting should last 45 minutes.

I advised (b) (6) be looking for it.

to send her request to congressional affairs up at your end. So you might want to

I just advised DAO (b) (6)

of the air tour request as well.

We have requested the list of who will be in attendance at the round table discussion at the Pharr City Hall.

We are preparing on our end and as soon as you here something at your end give me a call.

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