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Here under this subtitle I will explain the influence of Hegel on Marx’s philosophy
and in particular the influence of his understanding of alienation. Even though
Marx criticizes Hegel, Hegel has also had a positive influence on Marx. Although
Marx criticized Hegel because of his philosophical and political perspective, Marx
never ignored Hegel’s influence on his own philosophical development. Marx
acknowledged that he borrowed Hegel’s method and his terminology. Marx
benefits from Hegel’s terms such as dialectic, labour, and alienation. The following
except from a letter Marx wrote to Engels in 1858 is an illustration of this

I am getting some nice developments. For instance, I have thrown over the
whole doctrine of profit as it has existed up to now. In the method of
treatment, the fact that by mere accident I have again glanced through
Hegel’s Logic has been of great service to me-Freiligrath found some
volumes of Hegel’s which originally belonged to Bakunin and sent them to
me as presents. If there should ever be time for such work again, I should
greatly like to make accessible to the ordinary human intelligence, in two
or three printers’ sheets, what is rational in the method which Hegel
discovered but at the same time enveloped in mysticism.164


Ibid, p. 8.


Early Political Writings/ Marx, edited and translated by Joseph O’Malley with Richard A. Davis,
Cambridge (etc): Cambridge University Press; 1994, p. xxxiv.


Marx and Engels always declared that they paid homage to Hegelian dialectic and
underlined how Hegel’s dialectical thought enabled them to construct their
philosophy, not only the early ones but also the mature ones. The method or
structure of their philosophy was established by dialectic. On the other hand, they
also differentiated themselves from Hegel by criticizing his dialectical process.

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