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Published by: Andy Osier on Jun 28, 2008
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This Radiologist Stands Out…

in interpreting MRI studies.
At 611 Open MRI/CT, Dr. Adam Trybus personally interprets over 5,000 MRI studies a year – more than any other radiologist in Centre County. With this experience you know your MRI studies will always be correctly interpreted. He is supported by a team of experienced, certified MRI and CT technologists using state-of-the-art Open MRI and High Resolution MRI. Dr. Trybus is just one of the reasons that physicians trust 611 Open MRI/CT with their patients. Dr. Trybus is board certified, received specialized training through an MRI Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and was the MRI Director at Altoona Hospital.

800-624-6110 • 814-234-2600 www.openmrimgt.com
Adam G. Trybus MD Medical Director, 611 Open MRI

611 University Drive • State College, PA 16801

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