Computer Methods 01 Art 3385

Adobe Illustrator #1

Instructor: Cobey Shaver 4114 Avenue Q daytime phone: 792.5141 email:

ASSIGNMENT: You will create an interesting, non-abstract, image using all of the eight shapes

in the Illustrator document I have provided. No additional shapes can be used. Change their size, color and orientation to create your image.

RULES: You are allowed to duplicate, flip, rotate and rescale the shapes as long as their

proportions have not been altered. You may not skew, free transform, etc. Not all of the shapes have to be used but you cannot use any shapes in addition to those provided. Colors and gradients must be used and you are free to explore your own color schemes. ONLY FILL COLORS MUST BE USED... NO STROKE USED. The use of filters or effects is not allowed. If the document name doesn’t contain your name and Ill #1 then I will not know who it belongs to and no grade will be given.

You will turn in:

One Adobe Illustrator file (document will be 8.5” x 11”). Make certain that it is saved and named properly (Your name_Ill. #1) or points will be deducted from your grade. How to work with Color and Swatch palettes How to use the Gradient palette Orientation of objects around a specific point How to use the scale, rotate and reflect tools You will be graded on the use of shapes in creating the image, use of tools learned, as well as following the rules. If the document can not be opened, no grade will be awarded. Please double check your document once it is saved to make certain it isn’t corrupt or damaged.

You will Learn:

Grading Criteria:

Due at the beginning of class on 9-13.

Computer Methods 01 Art 3385

Adobe Illustrator #1
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Instructor: Cobey Shaver 4114 Avenue Q daytime phone: 792.5141 email:

All 8 Shapes were used properly (non-abstract, without skew, free transform, and shape proportions are not altered, etc.) (25 pts) Color and/or Gradients were used properly. (25 pts) Only fill colors used - no stroke. (25 pts) Followed Directions yes no yes no yes no yes no 8.5”x11” document (5 pts) document saved as an Illustrator file (5 pts) filters or effects were not used (5 pts) only shapes that were given were used (10 pts)



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