Sample interview topics

Basic EE
• • • • • • • • Basic circuit analysis Kirchov’s laws, Thevenin and Norton equivalents IV characteristics of circuit elements (R, L, C, diodes, etc.) Transient response of basic circuits, RC delays Intuitive operation of PN junctions and MOSFETs Circuits with opamps Transmission lines Power dissipation

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • CMOS gates, complex gates, Latch and FF design Logic families (fully complementary, pseudonmos, CVSL, pass transistor, domino) Regions of operation of a MOSFET, IV characteristics in different regions, transistor IV curves Transistor cross-sections Charge storage/sharing and how it impacts certain circuits Capacitive coupling Dynamic logic Sources of capacitive load, capacitances between terminals of a MOSFET Various kinds of inverters, switching delay, gain, wire delays Transistor sizing and ordering Threshold drops, ratioing, leakage, carrier injection, noise SRAM, DRAM, Flash memory basics Synchronous memory Low voltage, differential I/O standards

Logic / Architecture
• • • • • • Boolean logic Minimization State machine design Synchronous circuit timing, races, testability Pipelines and hazards Processor block diagrams, Cache architecture Microarchitecture techniques

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