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Gillette India Limited—BUY—960—INR
Stocksidea Equity Research Sector— FMCG (Personal Care)—SPA-65A, Ind. Area, Bhiwadi, Dist. Alwar, Rajasthan-301019 Listed— Nse, Bse.

Company Overview— Company was incorporated on 9th February 1984 at Rajasthan. House of Poddar Enterprises (HOPE) and Gillette Company, U.S.A. (Gillette), promoted it. Company entered into a foreign collaboration agreement with HOPE for setting up of a company for the manufacture of stainless steel razor blades in which Gillette agreed to subscribe 24% of the equity capital. This agreement provided technical collaboration by Gillette over the full range of technical know-how and technical assistance for the manufacture of razor blades, razors and shaving systems. Company placed a plant for the manufacture in the first phase, 200 million stainless steel razor blades per annum in the starting. Blades manufactured by the Company were of two types, the premium 7 O'Clock, Ejtek Super Platium and the stainless brand 7 O'Clock Ejtek Super Stainless. Company took over Sharpedge Ltd., by acquiring the entire share capital of that company. Company also merged Duracell (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Wilkinson Sword India Ltd. with the company. Company introduced new twin blade shaving system called 7 O'Clock Ejtek P II with platinum enriched edges in 1987 and changed the shaving system in the India. Sabre Pens Ltd., Sheen Dental Products Ltd., Klosershav Products Ltd., and Vanity Cosmetic Ltd., are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company. Products & Services— Company Manufacture stainless steel razor blades. Gillette India has a wider portfolio of core business of shaving products sold under Gillette, 7’0 Clock and Wilkinson brands, Battery and flashlights business and oral care products (Oral B). Company has strong presence in shaving razor blades market. It has the premium quality 7 O'Clock Ejtek shaving brush, 7 O'Clock Ejtek P II shaving system with a metal spine and a shave cream in three variants, Gillette Presto Readyshaver, Readyshaver under the Brand 7 O'Clock Ready II, tooth brushes under the well known international brand name Oral-B, Gillette Sensor & Sensor Excell" shaving systems which met with an excellent consumer and trade response, Gillette Shave Foam, Gillette Aerosol" shaving cream, new generation triple blade shaving system Mach3Turbo etc. Company also entered into ladies personal care segment with the launch of the Gillette Sensor Excel for women. Company has strong diversified portfolio to increase its male personal products coverage. Company has tied up with Rediff-on-the-Net e-commerce to market its product and increase its customer base. Financials— 01-july-2005 to 30-sep-2005 Financial Results Net Sales (Rs.lakhs) 11730.00

00 991.00 12185. .com has prepared this document. P&G India’s managing director Shantanu Khosla and executive director Ashok Chhabra have been appointed alternate directors to Henretta. stock trades at valuation of 28 X of its FY2007 Estimated EPS.00 377. Three senior executives of Procter & Gamble have been inducted into the board of Gillette India.stocksidea.00 Other Expenditure Total Expenditure Profit(+)/Loss(-) Before Depreciation & Taxes Depreciation Profit(+)/Loss(-)Before Tax Provision for Taxation Adjusted Net Profit(+)/ Loss(-) Basic EPS (in Rs.Other Income Gross Income Increase/Decrease in Stock Consumption of Raw Materials Staff Cost 455.00 3065. This synergy with P&G will enhance brand and product expansion for the company across the globe. USA. USA has become subsidiary of the Procter & Gamble Company. we don’t take any liability of any kind of loss or profit due to investment made in securities mentioned in the Disclaimer: Our Research group www. This is not an offer to buy or sell the securities mentioned in the articles. 3274. We recommend investors to “Accumulate” Gillette India limited” with medium to long-term investment prospective.00 366.93 We invite Readers to send Valuable feedback. Company have continuous track record of dividend payout.00 1132. changes in the corporate structure of Gillette India have begun.00 Total Expenditure (Excluding Other Expenditure) 5469. Company also expanding at the Bhiwadi facilities to increase capacities of twin shaving systems and will also upgrade technology.00 1933. Company is having strong product portfolio and the funds infused by the parent company will be used to expansion in organic & inorganic way. stock and subscription queries at E-mail Id investment_guru1@yahoo. The information and opinions contained in the document have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable. It can provide double-digit growth in the years ahead.00 5. At CMP. Company’s shareholders can’t avoid the possibilities of strong buy-back offer in the years to come.00 4112. completeness and correctness. calls made here in are for informational purposes only. With the acquisition of Gillette by Procter & Gamble. Our group members may have investment positions in the securities mentioned in the article referred herein and may make purchases or sale thereof while this report is in circulation. Stock market is highly unpredictable & risk involved in investment into the securities. We don’t warrant its accuracy.) Valuation— Gillette Company.00 8743.00 3442. P&G’s Asia-Pacific president Deborah Ann Henretta has been appointed as non-executive director on the Gillette India board. while continuing to focus on premium blades and shaving systems market.

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