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How Much Oil is There to Share?

How Much Oil is There to Share?


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Published by Laurel LaFlamme
“We have so much oil that we will never see the end of it in our lifetime…in a thousand lifetimes!“
“We have so much oil that we will never see the end of it in our lifetime…in a thousand lifetimes!“

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Published by: Laurel LaFlamme on Jun 28, 2008
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How Much Oil is There Really? What a Geologist has to say!

“We have so much oil that we will never see the end of it in our lifetime…in a thousand lifetimes!“
June 28 2008, MSN online News, there was an article called “How Much Oil is There, Really?” The article plainly states that I am free to email the contents, Digg it or “share it with a Friend”…so I am going to reprint some of the article to share it with you, my International Scribd Community. We are going to compare what MSN “says” about the oil “shortage” and compare that with what a reputable Exxon Geologist told me in good faith. I’ll never forget what he said about the quantity of oil resources we have to spare! FIRST, THE OIL DATA:
• • • •

MSN News Source states, “There's good reason to cast a cold eye on estimates of proven reserves. By indifference or design, there's simply no source for reliable information. FACT: OPEC only produces 36% of the World’s Oil! (Where is the rest?)

”Because the data on oil stink.”

MSN goes on to explain that pricing oil consumption and deciding how much it should actually cost is “tricky” because the “supply and demand” factors are difficult to adequately measure…blah, blah, blah… Government statistics, area little bit “fuzzier,” but they are complied and computed in a generally consistent fashion. They say that many countries don’t truly or accurately report their oil consumption. Even so, “Think of the host of financial and economic statistics available to you every day: stock prices, unemployment data, company results, foreign exchange prices, GDP growth rates, etc. Market information is precise. “ The Wall Street Journal states, “Oil Price is a result of both demand and supply; that’s why it's difficult to get a handle on demand”. You can read that article “if” you want to pay for their subscription to read the rest of the story. HERE IS THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR OIL RESERVES AS IT WAS EXPLAINED TO ME BY AN ESSO-EXXON GEOLOGIST: I worked with someone for two years. We were friends. Her husband is a Geologist for ESSO. That is what EXXON is referred to in the Lower Congo of Africa where “we”, the United States, are constantly drilling for oil. This man was an odd character. His personality was extremely dry and serious. He only spoke when it was necessary. A man of few words, but when he did speak, it was profound. This Geologist works and lives in the Lower Congo. He only comes home from the region about once every three months for a visit…and then back out to sea on the Rig in

the Lower Congo. Exxon provided him a house in the Lower Congo and the helicopter transports him to and from the ESSO Oil Rig daily. One day,during one of his visits home, my Friend and I were discussing the news and the oil “shortage” being reported on. This was about 5 years ago! Much to my surprise, the Geologist hubby spoke up and plainly stated: “We have so much oil that we will never see the end of it in our lifetime…in a thousand lifetimes!“ I said, “If that is the case, why is it that since I was born, all I have heard is OIL SHORTAGE, OIL SHORTAGE, we have got to conserve and produce the OIL!?” He said it is nothing but politics, pure and simple. As it was explained to me, Esso is out there in the Lower Congo drilling for oil and tapping into the oil vein underneath the ocean’s floor. They are “CAPPING OFF OIL” for the US every single day, he said. “That oil is not even being used right now. It is there, CAPPED OFF. “ There is so much oil capped off in just the Lower Congo ALONE that our lifetime and the next several generations of life time will never see an end to the oil. Our United States Government “owns” and controls these finds. The bottom of the ocean floor has been divided by Geologists into GRIDS. In the Lower Congo alone, there is ”more than enough oil to meet our entire Nation’s supply and demand”. He looked me dead in the eye when he was explaining all of this. He also stated that in addition to Esso (Exxon), there was a Shell Oil rig about 2 miles away tapping in daily to the same vein of oil in parallel grids. This Geologist is not worried one iota that we will ever run out of oil before he dies…or his grandchildren pass away from this Earth.

So, why all the needless reports and worry about us running out of oil?
If Iraq has about 2,000 unexplored oil fields compared to our over 1 Million in Texas ALONE, what’s all the drama about? Think about it. A qualified Geologist states that with his own eyes he sees enough offshore oil on a daily basis for us never to have to worry about it…EVER! Why is it that we are inundated with constant fears of Oil SHORTAGE, OIL CRISIS, and high fuel prices? The Geologist’s Answer: • Red Tape • Politics • Whore-mongering Nations in bed with each other • The greedy Oil Industry • Lack of concern for the People by our own Government • Ineffective Government Leadership Worldwide • Miss appropriation of Earth’s Resources by those with a lot to gain in the Oil Industry (Bush-like Tycoons)

• •

Lack of concern by Government Officials who are busier reaping the rewards of fame and living large… Government Officials who are more concerned with getting a blow job in a Rest Area Men’s Room or having sex with the office secretary, or prostitutes, than doing their sworn duty to protect “we the people”! Greedy Nations who lie to take advantage of the United States and other well developed Nations and our Leaders doing NOTHING ABOUT IT.”

“Can you imagine the International “stink” it would cause if we stopped doing business with the Saudi’s and exclusively rolled over in bed to fornicate with African Nations or South American Governments as our sole oil industry providers? That would be certain economic and National Security suicide”. “Is it doable? Yes. Is it prudent right now to change bed-fellows? No. Who is going to continue to be caught in the crossfire? We are.”

What’s the solution right now?
There isn’t one. We have to wait it out. I don’t know about you or how it is where you live, but as for me and my Family…this “oil crisis” is nickel and diming us to death! Not only are we paying way too much at the pump for fuel but the increase in oil prices is making everything we need much more expensive! It costs more to transport our food to the stores. Our clothing, paper goods...everything we need to function in some semblance of normalcy costs way more than it really should…and for no real apparent reason. This week we got a bill for an extra $35.00 from our Waste Disposal Company. The Garbage Man calls this additional quarterly fee our “Price of Oil Increase”. People! People! WE ARE NOT RUNNING OUT OF OIL!

“What is the "right" price for a barrel of oil?”

• •

“Japan's oil minister has said, based on fundamentals, that the price of crude should be $60 a barrel, not the $130 to $140 we see today. During congressional testimony, five oil-industry CEOs each gave estimates of where oil "ought" to be, with results ranging from $35 to $65 a barrel up to $90. Even the implacable Saudis are reportedly about to increase production by half a million barrels a day, a sign that they are concerned that the current price is too high. Yet BP's chief recently said current price levels are warranted, and the oil bulls at Goldman Sachs forecast a "super spike" to $150 to $200 a barrel. How can presumed oil experts be so divided?” By Slate.com

BP Execs would love to see a super spike! I personally don’t trust anything BP has to “say” about anything after I completed extensive research last year (on the BP website)

and saw first hand how they lied and cajoled the public related to their dumping vast qualities of pure waste back into out Great Lakes. Our National Treasure, the Great Lakes! The very same beautiful bodies of water that preservationist have worked long and hard to only recently get the fish back to life? Those Great Lakes! As far as I am concerned, BP LIES like Pinocchio! Feel free to investigate this for your self at: www.protectthegreatlakes.org/ =============================================================

A Side note: Beyond Preposterous: Stop BP's Toxic Dumping
British Petroleum (BP) plans increase its pollution into Lake Michigan at its Whiting, Indiana refinery, just 3 miles from Chicago's beaches. Under the new permit, already approved by the state of Indiana, BP will be allowed to dump up to 1,500 pounds of ammonia and nearly 5,000 pounds of suspended sludge particles into Lake Michigan every day. We've worked for decades to clean up the Great Lakes and it's been years since any company has been allowed to increase dumping in Lake Michigan. Certainly a company that claims to be "Beyond Petroleum" should also be beyond polluting our waters.

Take action today to stop BP's toxic dumping plan!

================================In Conclusion:

MSN News Continues: Caught Off Guard by the Surge in Oil Prices
“The International Energy Agency, a prime source of oil-related information, was caught off guard by the surge in oil prices, so it decided it needed to get a better grip on capacity. The IEA is only partway through a survey of the world's biggest oil fields, yet says it expects to show a significant reduction in estimated reserves. (?) But even when concluded, this project will be far from reliable. For starters, OPEC, which is estimated to control two-thirds of the oil reserves and to provide 36% of oil production worldwide, is largely unresponsive to IEA inquiries. And cooperation doesn't always translate into insight. “ SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT…

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