Oracle Golden Gate (GG) vs.

Oracle Stream

Sanjay Naik

What Oracle Sales Statement

Oracle Golden Gate (GG) Oracle GG is a comprehensive software package provides real-time, log-based change data capture, and delivery between heterogeneous OS systems and databases. Oracle GG, a key component of Oracle Fusion Middleware with over 4,000 implementations.

Oracle Streams Oracle Streams, a built-in feature of the Oracle database. Oracle will support stream but there will not provide active enhancement .


Oracle GG in not a free. Oracle GG core Oracle Streams has no license includes a full use license for Oracle licensing . It is part Oracle Active Data Guard Enterprise database. Easy to setup and manage. GUI interface of Comparatively complex to Oracle GG Director. maintain

Install and Maintenance

What Source

Oracle Golden Gate Heterogeneity Supports all major databases and platforms. Lower integration costs Load is on target . It is real-time, log-based change data capture (CDC) replications. It can to move large volumes of transactional data between heterogeneous databases with extremely low latency and a very minimal footprint on source. Oracle GoldenGate veridata to verify replication correctness. All the three components can be installed of separate server for better performance.

Oracle Streams Possible with additional Gateways Processing is done at source , some load impact on source database. (slower than GG which seemed due to dependence on LogMiner capture process in our testing)



Integrated with Oracle databases, can not be split.

Client decisions factors Client C 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Replication Requirements -database size, security , encryptions ,sub-data Source data from different database versions and OS Performance requirements Cost of owning software Vs ease of maintenance Oracle support for future project and enhancement. Other software data-mirror from IBM GoldenGate is Oracle¶s strategic replication solution Best Streams technology will be integrated into GoldenGate

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