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Character 00 Align. _. taaii Class, Level 4 PLAYER CHARACTER RECORD Player's Name Sse lei ol Family Race/Clan = Homeland 44¢o Liege/Patron Religion ZgsZaliz_< sex_dlale Age ae Social Class Status Lag a git He _@ we Lis Birth Rank _/ J Siblings. Hair Broun Eyes Grown Appearance Zen, and etal dneie) [ork hk Fook with Honor___ (Base Honor ) Reaction Adjustment eu ABILITIES MOVEMENT SAVING THROWS toatl Mitt | eR ret2ORe/O £6.32] | pact = Rae 7 Rete ‘Mistle Def (S6~/21 ta ste i es meee +t SOULMATE Hy (68-79 ein’ ae ees on — rim Lang So Level Toate Jog, oe a gt ee ‘Spa Sl Run = Fag a. Ae = aes aes a vere te ¥/ Rin nome oe | ARMOR (Adjusted AC Armor Type (Pieces) HIT POINTS | Wounds edad Mh em th) | Surpri ae < ] Shieldless 38 Rage es Defenses WEAPON COMBAT J ‘Weapon #AT_ Attack Adj/Dmg Adj THACO Damage (SM/L) Range Weignt Size Type Speed QL 2 Ztis Tt [sap ee t 9) fet a wht fede ¢ FP eae) er [eT eld Ge $e 4 WAS] td (ds J Li & A He Eee. Ammunition:. seen = aqooo0 ooooo ooooo0 ooo0o0 oooco ooooG oooo Proficiencies/Skills/Languages 1 (i) x2 | (wpa) Basped C1) (5) dh er) ry Z Cr) GES) ( } 4 Or12) (op) “Hunk sp) Cr) Annual Trading (lst) Cr) ie (hey 3) (ee) (ae) = (5 { ) as ( ) ( ) Cr) Bay ( ) ( ) Wh Location We Location We. OpsPrOcUnSs OB. OCODS OSs ooo ® oogoo oo DD MmOoO ooooo oo i005 DOoOoo oo i000 ooooo oo i000 oooOoo oO 762,000 Other Valuables Zgelf_ gob FRGY Panhhatinmgies = oe | For next feel Foes Miscellaneous Information (Magical Items, Command Words, Small Maps, etc.) pr ae ot Te J Hlank esl __ tie tele 2! Nifanie , fort sural XG Faucbly cat hy of y, ale Ye i | 2¢ & frpee asin Or WA clay off lemh Pegitadr Venysrers Eyerabg fg Hit 4 deggthh iA lngh| lok Mg Tue -laadid Henchmen/Animal Companions Bae Name AC RacoClass HDI YATTHACO _DmgEtfets bp Skill Abilities Digna be [ Bawa (lé 13 Tage 169 4 Tiel [Background Fonte thee Wilk at ___ [Fe] “Kritw T= Ze | PAE LS [Background Orig tah 1S LESPONSIBLE Foe merci Ful ENDING YHE LIVES OF 7 OF WRETCHED PEOPLE Ag NOTHING TO Live f MAYOR FOAL ~ To POT THE OFM RENPER COT OF BUSINESS iTEREsTINS FACTS — IF You ARE within — Agtw's REACH OF Mim, You MRE DEAD 4 ; ONCE Yived A MAN DIRK wim A NERF BAT THE wonDER pens Berleves THAT THERE Age Just Too MANY VACANT GRAVES ITES INTHE WeRLD pntiaeh,