BS ECE First Year


The game is really boring. The UP maroons have no supporters making their game ruined. The performance of AdU(Adamson falcons) is quite good. OH! I¶m sorry it¶s not just good it¶s very good while the performance of up maroons is so bad. My hypothesis about this is that UP maroons is unable to execute their best play due to the lack of support from their classmates. I think they don¶t know how important supporters are. Hmmmmmmm««. Compared to adamson falcons we practice solidarity among our schoolmates. This is one of our assets that lead us to the top. OK! Let¶s go back to my reaction. Hmmmmm«« Let¶s talk about the referees. The call of the referees is quite fair. Ok my overall rating on this game is 5 out of 10. NICE GAME ADAMSON!!!!

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