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CHAPTER 1 A CHANCE Formidable No doubt the last two years of my life has meant profound
changes both in concept and world view and personal ideology on goal life, as well as terms of
my social integration and access that I had some very astounding reality for common man. I
might add here and the opportunity to come into contact with an elevated area of esoteric
knowledge. To do this, especially, and the other I am grateful to Brad Caesar, who almost lit my
power of understanding on some basic aspects of life. I do not know yet, nor my best to analyze
the subtle causes which led to my participation in active rather complicated gear of the
Department Zero work-related events, but the fact is that parents view Arsenie Boca expires in
step with pas1 this very special time in my life I often put the question very seriously if we lived
and what I saw was a dream or if it was just the reality of everyday existence. I soon learned that,
at least in terms of principle, the distinction between these two states of consciousness is enough
(1) Here the author refers to a passage from Chapter 2 of the first volume in the series (future
head of the dead - backstage power) (the vision) relative. in some very intense moments, the
boundary between dream and so-called physical reality seems to fade a lot. Machandi goddess
meeting in the cave in Tibet and especially at the start that we received on top of mountains
Retezat2 Gugu can integrate easily into this category. However I have opened unexpected
opportunities in their daily existence. My goals have changed largely and aspirations have turned
a great force to study esoteric depth and spirituality. secretly harbored intense desire to be
initiated in the mysteries of alchemy authentic, thanks uluitoarelor information that we received
from Elinor3. began to understand that almost nothing is accidental in life that we live and the
relationships and encounters with certain people who deeply impressed us in terms of mental and
emotional causes are actually the result of mysterious and apparently only coincidental, leading
to a definite purpose.
(2), (3) See volume 2 of the series (12 days - A secret initiation into the mysterious realm of the
gods) (the vision) secret laboratory during the short period that I spent with Elinor, this proved to
be fully true, because shortly after we returned from
2 Retezat Mountains I notified that he must leave the country for an indefinite period. I explained
this in a discussion that I wore it on the phone and I remember that I noticed that Elinor
suggestive pause did it after I introduced to his departure. Then he confided that Xien doctor
advised me to leave me in care of the villa, while the country will be missing. Perhaps the two
have talked on this subject, but Elinor was limited to I make that offer totally unexpected for me.
The discussion was held in February of 2005 and I pretty excited and surprised, I accepted'm
glad his proposal. Not only Elinor's villa was a very pleasant space and modern living, but an
irresistible attraction was the great library occupies two large rooms upstairs, specially designed
for the study. one of the visits that I did after returning from Elinor's Retezat he introduced me
around the villa and its annexes, giving me details about the library was especially rich. I watched
amazed at the approximately seven thousand volumes (some of them very rare, as he himself
informed me), nice and orderly placed in special wooden shelves. Now, looking back, I'm sure
there was a hidden meaning in his desire to present my house, it was very possible that he and
Dr. Xien have already made that decision to leave my house first and then Elinor made no than
me 'accommodate' the space. Naturally, I responded with a barely restrained joy when I realized
what it was. After a short break in which I felt pleased that accepted his proposal, he added with a
serious voice on the phone: - There is an issue about which I speak, but this requires us see. I
guessed that it was something more serious and we set the meeting for the day, evening. I was
also punctual and eager to know why he invited me to Elinor. - First, you have to say that
tomorrow I will leave Romania, he immediately clarified one of his major points. Although I was
rather amazed at how quickly it happened, though I learned to adapt to time and control my
barrage of thoughts and questions came to mind natural to me, ordering them after immediate
needs. Elinor then gave me some technical and administrative details on maintaining the villa and
then invited me to a follow in the basement, where I had never been until then. I got on a elegant
white marble staircase and I got a way round the living room, with a diameter of about five
meters. Curved wall was painted a beautiful light blue, soothing, and the marble floor was a
mosaic that presence without a doubt a symbol with deep esoteric meaning, it consisted of a
triangle with the scale on which we descended and tip until the only door in the basement there.
Triangle have Tan, and inside were the more complicated signs, among which I noted and
famous symbol of the caduceus of Mercury. However, these representations were made in white
marble and dark red. I felt suddenly that I shudder of feet up in the crown when I came down last
step, following one by Elinor, and I reached the door which was made of wood and metal. The
wood in the center of the door was carved a symbol made of copper alloy, it was a big circle,
consists of a snake that turned so get to catch in his own mouth tail. the door I noticed a digital
alarm system, which was deactivated by dialing a specific code Elinor. Immediately after he heard
the tinkling particular safety signal is removed, Elinor and I pushed the door handle broke a pretty
big room where there were many devices and systems, especially glass. I was invited in and
getting into that place that I find a true sanctuary, I realized that it represented a modern
laboratory alchemy. Along the time had had the opportunity to see some photos and icons that
represent moments in the work of medieval alchemists, but what I depict the eyes there, in
Elinor's villa basement, far outstripping the complexity firavele flasks of alchemists of old drawings
representing laboratories Renaissance. Tube systems were very complicated, sometimes with
the arms across the room over our heads, that is crossed and who later came down to some
glass, some higher, some lower, having either a truncated cone shape or form of Ball or even the
hourglass. I also saw two cars of modern centrifuges, with several tubes, a strange metal plant,
which was connected to what I interpreted as "oven" and a computer. In one room walls was
placed a large closet with several shelves that were aligned with different coloring glass
containers, each with its label. I approached one of the shelves at random and read the label on a
perfectly sealed glass jar with a lid including: sodium thiosulfate. Everything was perfectly orderly
and clearly arranged in a certain order to be used most effectively. About one third of the length
of the cabinet was divided and there but otherwise I could notice even more books and
manuscripts, which seemed to be very old. Undoubtedly they were a part of that target specific
documentation mysterious alchemical processes. I returned to Elinor, who was concerned to
regulate something metal device placed near the center of the marble table, on it were retortele
and glassware. I noticed it on the wall behind his two large installations of ventilation, fully
automated, which set and maintain evidence of that room air to some predetermined values. On
the ceiling I noticed four fire-fighting equipment and a modern oven before I saw it was placed a
leather sofa pretty narrow for two people. I approached this place, because the oven had a
peculiar shape, somewhat resembling a house with pointed roof. - Unfortunately we concluded
that, just as powerful and as such modern oven that is electric, it can not replace the value of
classical furnace, flame, explained Elinor. Missing some subtle dimension to the process, but still
ponder this issue. After a brief pause, he said smiling slightly: - Know that no one entered in this
room, after I installed everything here. In your case but I feel it is about something else and so I
wanted to show you this secret part of the house. However it is too soon, given the knowledge
that you have now, to go into technical details and I'll explain the alchemical processes that work.
Moreover, I myself still intense study these processes, which holds many mysteries. I put the
question then that I stood on language: 4 - But you got Philosopher Stone ... Elinor laughed very
relaxed. - My dear, this is a goal that all alchemists and-a desire, is really fundamental aspect of
their work. If I already managed to get the Philosopher's Stone, hardly what I would have had to
go into the laboratory. However, we arrived at some intermediate results. And saying it was
moving to a section of the great wardrobe and take the shelf a bottle containing a yellow liquid
copper. Elinor left to fall just two drops in an elegant silver spoon and then invite me to swallow
that liquid. A little nervous and insecure, and we've got yet teaspoon quickly swallowed the
contents. In fact, because of very small, almost like I felt that this substance in my mouth. At first I
noticed nothing unusual, but after about half a minute I felt that I stumble and fall; an acute
nausea seems to block my breathing at the neck, which I had the impression that huge swell
because he could not swallow. I suddenly slipped and I sat on the couch pretty panicked in front
of the oven. Meanwhile, Elinor quietly read a book they had on the shelf. I included a sudden heat
of the soles, rapidly ascending to the head. My heart was beating like crazy and sweating lake.
When that feeling of intense heat has reached the right neck, I felt a strong energy release
around me, as a field that included me in the head like thousands of needles. I think then, for a
moment, I lost consciousness, but I managed to resist that very intense feelings. Gradually, I
noticed the heat as it dissipates, leaving a very nice moods and very pure. I actually feel a full
clean as if I would be born right then. My soul was flooded with a great joy, and my forces have
recovered sharply, but more amplified. I stood up with a jump on the couch and I sit struggling
without me very well adjust voice volume and joy because they had been included surescitarii, I
cried Elinor's that I like to drink the liquid that . Man of my face and I closed the book looked
amused. - Of course, I said it, but only if you want very much to finish accounts with this world. It
is an elixir so strong that the state and the psycho-physiological condition in which you are now,
your body would almost certainly fail. Remember that one of the basic rules in alchemy is to keep
harmonious proportions. In time, they will guide the human being to physical condition, mental
and spiritual of increasingly elevated and then it will come to understand things in a completely
different way from a higher position. I ruled with a heavy desire to counter but his words I realized
the truth yet. We both left the room and then, after it secured entry, Elinor led me downstairs
living room where he gave me other administrative details that had to get busy in his absence.
She said she has full confidence in me, and that will come a time when I will explain in more
depth some specific aspects of operational science of alchemy. He stressed that to reach that
stage, was a necessary first step to get documents very well. I immediately understood the
allusion to the huge library which I had available and I sincerely pleased with a lot of trust in me
an award. The next day he left Romania and Elinor, though he revealed to me to be correct
destination, and other specific elements of this issue, anyone has asked me not to mention those
details. Because I knew
broadly the history of life, I immediately understood his motivations in this direction. He boarded
the personal car, very elegant, being accompanied by a male couple, which you do not know. It
struck me that to see that leaves only a small travel bag, in which there is the mysterious device
which virtually never separated. He said that at that time could not know precisely when we meet
again, but this will still be possible in the not too distant future. She handed me all the keys of the
house without me and figures yet destainuiasca the alchemical laboratory in the basement. Asked
me to understand that his decision was a further precautionary measure, both for me as for him.
Then I felt great regret. Noting my disappointment, my Elinor said that it was only a temporary
situation and should not worry me in this regard. - Soon you'll understand in depth all the things
that happen when they have their show. Everything is in a certain order and is dictated by a
certain spatial-temporal necessity that must not pass over, than in very exceptional
circumstances. You will clarify these things ever better, as your knowledge will become ever
closer. Sometimes, to your great surprise, 'jump' can also occur suddenly. We said good bye and
we went with the hope that what has begun, must somehow continue under the law of evolution.
Had no idea then how much justice had Elinor telling me about those moments of life that
sometimes give us some chance amazing opportunities. Reviewing Soon we found the villa's
library contains works Elinor remarkable, many an inestimable value, so I made a habit of passing
more often and stay there sometimes for hours of reading and books conspectând which were
carefully selected. Many times I wanted this intensity Caesar to me discern some aspects that
were mentioned in those esoteric texts, but which we could not guess the full meaning. I knew he
could illuminate very quickly in those respects, as he had done many times before. Yearned for
his voice calm and filled with goodness, never ironic or exasperated by my ignorance. His mere
presence near me and create a state of high security, clarity in thinking and open mind. In that
time we spent after Elinor's departure I was almost completely alone, preferring to meditate as
deeply to people that I met and the events that I faced in recent years. Slowly I realized there was
a profound effect on how our life takes place and that what we spend is a causal link directly to
other actions that we have committed before. However, my conclusion based firm had more than
an intuitive, because I was not yet able to meet these "roots" of my deeds past, which led to the
extraordinary circumstances in which I was involved. Rather, I feel a wireless directory guides me
step by step, the unknown, that I could intuitively feel in your heart and in my soul. From this idea,
I wondered what or who is guiding me so. Had already long before the decision to abandon me,
regardless of risk, serving six in a selfless good after my own possibilities. Moreover, the main
ways in which we were urged to realize that I was suggested by people who owe almost
everything in terms of my spiritual maturity. I refer here especially to Brad Caesar, then the doctor
Xien, the Elinor and in a manner very different from Machandi goddess. I found that many
readers of the two earlier volumes that I've written have expressed impatience and bewilderment
across the three volumes of the series that has not appeared on the market soon. With total
honesty confess that I saw no sense in writing a book that basically had nothing to say than about
"alchemy" to deepen my mind about teaching initiatives. In addition, just as I stated Dr. Xien,
there was no time to explain in more depth some specific aspects of operational science of
alchemy. He stressed that to reach that stage, was a necessary first step to get documents very
well. I immediately understood the allusion to the huge library which I had available and I
sincerely pleased with a lot of trust in me an award. The next day he left Romania and Elinor,
though he revealed to me to be correct destination, and other specific elements of this issue,
anyone has asked me not to mention those details. Largely because he knew the history of life, I
immediately understood his motivations in this direction. He boarded the personal car, very
elegant, being accompanied by a male couple, which you do not know. It struck me that to see
that leaves only a small travel bag, in which there is the mysterious device which virtually never
separated. He said that at that time could not know precisely when we meet again, but this will be
still possible in the not too distant future. She handed me all the keys of the house without me
and figures yet destainuiasca the alchemical laboratory in the basement. He asked me to
understand that his decision was a further precautionary measure, both for me as for him. Then I
felt great regret. Noting my disappointment, my Elinor said that it was only a temporary situation
and should not worry me in this regard. - Soon you'll understand in depth all the things that
happen when they have their show. Everything is in a certain order and is dictated by a specific
spatial-temporal necessity that must not pass over knowledge. For example, all information that I
found in specialized papers, I still need some more nuanced explanation, I would be cleared
better understanding of different aspects of Creation. I knew we could not only get to Caesar and
why I thought of him often with nostalgia, remembering the precious moments we spent together,
genuine moments of spiritual initiation. This period of intense spiritual practice and study lasted
several months after Elinor left me in charge of his villa. Just as Caesar advised me to our last
meeting held in the winter of 2005, shortly before receiving his proposal to Elinor, was required to
write only about issues that really essential information aimed at an important and complex
people. They must refer to some extraordinary reality that I faced, and some basics that can
make the beneficial existence of human beings. Just beginning to get used to 'silence' relative of
my life that allowed me to accumulate more and more information on the nature of esoteric and
spiritual, when an unexpected event shook me again from scratch, the normal flow of existence.
The speed with which things happened, as well as the implications of which were generated by
their sequence gave rise to a state of effervescence and dynamism in my being which helped to
address situations with courage and maturity. I had already experienced some amazing events,
extremely emotionally intense and already has an acceptable piece of knowledge to help me
keep my balance mentally and physically. However, I confess that there were few times when I
had to call on all my self control to overcome some difficult situations that we actually lived in the
past year. I am also aware that the chance was offered to me meant so much to me and dare to
believe that subtle game which made it possible to involve dimensions of consciousness that not
many people have access. I will try to be so exact story as the facts occurred and how best to
capture some important nuances of advice and explanations that I gave Caesar. Moreover, I am
sure that without him I would not have had the opportunity to participate in extraordinary events
and much less by their amazing details and their significance. In September 2005 a day, I was at
my house after you return to Bucharest after a short trip in the province. It was evening and more
neatly arranged books in a bag to carry them back to the villa's library Elinor. When not remain
there overnight, I take with me a pattern one or more works that interested me, to study at home.
thereby ensure a certain continuity in my documentation process. Just browse through the pages
once more a translation of the Bhagavad-Gita rare-her wise Janakar commented before I decide
whether to May 1 to keep me or include among others the one who would lead them back, they
look I fell on some special considerations on the importance of the spiritual Master, on which
commentator you develop a very profound way. I was suddenly so nica release energy around
me, like a sphere, which included my head like in thousands of needles. I think then, for a
moment, I lost consciousness, but I managed to resist that very intense feelings. Gradually, I
noticed the heat as it dissipates, leaving a very nice moods and very pure. I actually feel a full
clean as if I would be born right then. My soul was flooded with a great joy, and my forces have
recovered sharply, but more amplified. I stood up with a jump on the couch and I sit struggling
without me very well adjust voice volume and joy because they had been included surescitarii, I
cried Elinor's that I like to drink the liquid that . Man of my face and I closed the book looked
amused. - Of course, I said it, but only if you want very much to finish accounts with this world. It
is an elixir so strong that the state and the psycho-physiological condition in which you are now,
your body would almost certainly fail. Remember that one of the basic rules in alchemy is to keep
harmonious proportions. In time, they will guide the human being to physical condition, mental
and spiritual of increasingly elevated and then it will come to understand things in a completely
different way from a higher position. I ruled with a heavy desire to counter but his words I realized
the truth yet. We both left the room and then, after he secured entry, Elinor led me into the living
room floor, which gave me eight other administrative details that had to get busy in his absence.
He said he has full confidence in me and will come a time when I will be given a proper
opportunity to know us better both ourselves as the others. Somehow, they are like the wind: no-
one can see, but they feel the influence, they see the effects. Such a 'coincidence', one of the
most apparently trivial, I happened at that time, too. But what wonder, what caused my exuberant
joy! I answered the phone and I was petrified by surprise when I heard the voice of Caesar that
greet me and asked me if I'm home, because he wanted to visit me. Precipitate, just finding my
words of emotion, I answered that what is happening is extraordinary that just at that moment I
was thinking with his intensity, wanting very much to a meeting and that just then the phone rang
and desire I was almost turned into a magical way. I asked him how it was possible and
something that could be the explanation. Caesar laughed, and I eagerly answered that arrives in
a few minutes asked me if I open in the evening because it had to tell me important things and it
was necessary to have more time available. I answered that I was the free man in the world and
like a big waiting anxiously. Indeed, in less than ten minutes I heard the doorbell. I immediately
opened and I saw there, tall, cool, perfectly balanced and smiling, looking at me with great
kindness. We hugged like two good friends, but I already feel the depth of my heart that he had
become for me a true Master to initiate me into mysteries unknown. I felt in him by unseen wires,
a great strength and determination, not more remarkable as until then to someone else. Its power
seemed so great that every time we met, only a few seconds after it arrived in around him, felt a
deep sense of right and also an inexplicable nostalgia for the unknown, what lies beyond this
world complicated . then my whole being became more relaxed and my mind was clearer. The
crown felt a kind of "cool" so nice, so I was often touched to tears, like when someone very dear
to reexamine after a long period of time. Mastering my hard exuberance, I invited Caesar to the
house, anxious to know how he explains synchronicity, from what I just happened to me. We both
sat in the chair and after I changed some impressions about the long period we've seen, I asked
once again about to say is incredible "fit" of events that just occurred. I wanted so much these
golden moments, the following factors very important to know about the enigmas of life, these
meetings were for me and water for the thirsty in the scorching desert. Words and explanations of
Caesar had a great impact and power of anyone with a lower sensitivity, could have remarkable
modesty, but also the competence with which they were uttered. In my case, they were also
deeply spiritual dimensions and attributes were real initiation for both physical life and for the
subtle, which I was largely unknown. A subtle demonstration Smiling Cezar said, Indeed,
"coincidence" seems incredible, but nevertheless it was
happened was real, materialized. In the context of "coincidences" of this kind it seems to be
relatively minor, but if you are careful, you will see increasingly more of these matches or
overlaps strange events apparently different nature, which still have a common cause. The'll be
more vigilant, all you will see more such "coincidences" and you'll even find their expression and
with other people. What you will not notice, however, much harder than would be their
significance, because they were primarily a subjective nature, they hold even the person who
lives and are intimately related to the peculiarities of destiny, with the mental and emotional.
-Okay, but you have to understand where I live such an event? I asked. Undoubtedly he does not
appear out of nowhere and, moreover, is very significant. It is not a blind coincidence, but has an
effect. That is, in fact, seeking to answer the question: where it comes from and who is this
cause? Caesar looked at me thoughtfully a moment. - Right as you put the question to find out
first who is this secret that reveals a synchronicity you, only then can you begin to ponder the
cause or a source that has generated. However, for asking me, I will briefly answer this question,
as to have a starting point for your further analysis. From the esoteric point of view, what many
people call it coincidence or synchronicity of events reveals, in fact, the highest presence of God,
because in his absence, all incredible situations occurring simultaneously in our lives might not
occur. But the fact that they still occur, suggests that there is someone able to organize them,
match them and show them. It is however important to understand the reality of synchronicity that
can allow us to get right, even if minor events of daily living that, as simultaneous with the phone
situation that you received from me Tonight, what is beyond all that and so you convince the
existence of a reality much higher than that live here. I mean these "coincidences" like a gate
waiting to be opened, to escape a reality unexpected, but essential to human happiness. We
stayed a little surprised, when Caesar was first brought into question God's existence and I
explain that it can be perceived immediately, if we were prepared to understand the phenomena
around me. I confess that this topic concerned me very much and I wanted to clarify my many
question marks they had, in large part we succeeded, thanks to careful study of the general
principles underlying the most important practical and philosophical systems of East and
especially in India. However, from theory to practice is a giant step SA1 and I wanted as quickly. I
knew at once that the subject is rather delicate. Many people and many bagatelizeaza is
completely ignored. But I always felt in my heart that something exists, that life is much more than
a mechanical scroll events. I had several opportunities to bring the problem under discussion with
some people who had enough trust and who respect their views. To the surprise and
disappointment I had to admit that the idea of God is most people are wrong, or nonexistent.
Unfortunately, I noticed some kind of rigor, even unconscious, and about 10 others have found
that they prefer to follow the dark path of evil. In these circumstances, how can you sustain them
against a clear argument about God when they rejected from the beginning any discussion on
this topic? Intelligence often darker and evil force them to subconsciously instill a false sense of
power and domination, which until eventually it will surely lead to a big decline. Little discouraged
by these failures, I had several times his intention to ask his advice Caesar in this direction and
that seemed a fit opportunity, because he himself had brought it about. Moreover, surely there
are many more human beings who have planted in the depths of their hearts sincere belief in
God, even if some of them still depend from 'rigors' company, seeks to convince the fact that it
can be wrong or maybe it is a simple "supernatural power", a "What's unknown is not accessible
to people. Therefore I decided to clarify this difficult issue and one to ask Caesar to explain my
items as clearly as possible on the topic, because I, in my turn, can expose them more so that
people can easily overcome the barriers of uncertainty. - If God is the one that "fits" synchronicity,
who make them possible, then it means that He is always in us, so as Eastern tradition says, "I
said. Because if he would be just outside our could not see how to 'arrange' all synchronicity and
clutter of facts and realities that surround us. Moreover, it comes in full compliance with Hindu
philosophy, which talks about the Atman, the spirit that is essential, immortal self of each of us.
But here there is a big issue that was raised by many people, I mean that, just as you know,
based on its overwhelming authority, the Christian religion does not recognize it in any way, even
considered a real one blasphemy. I tell you I had the opportunity to meet many people who were
confused by this, and some even came to live near an inner drama, as a feeling that they were
pure in heart and making them more or less pinpoint this self and thus of God in themselves, was
countered by Christian dogmatism which is subordinate. Caesar listened carefully and stayed a
few moments thought. - Is it true that Christian tradition denies that God would be present in
creation "man", he answered me in a later. However, just as you said, the Eastern spiritual
traditions and even spiritual common sense shows us that God is actually present in us every
moment, even when the human being is retarded, even when she is selfish and even then when
she is angry. It is therefore very important for man to know and then understand that God is
present in it in all cases and in all situations. You mean our self-critical, I stopped myself, to not
leave any doubt. Yeah, I mean the Atman of Hindu spiritual tradition. We need to tell that if he
had not been so, and if God had not "placed" in every human creature a spark from him would
have been impossible through all the great initiates, which were made spiritual man to ask Him to
know. For that, and if man would want to know God, would not have to know if he was absent
from his being. And then, for good reason man would have to ask: "Why are you telling me you
know, if you are only outside me? You see that is impossible, because you're outside me and I'm
alone. And because you're not me, then I know where you?
outside? If so, you could face in every moment, without me ever find you ever. So if you are just
out I do not mean that I found it forever and I thank you! ". The monologue may be inconsistent to
show you the idea that God is in all of us. Everybody says that God exists "outside", but the true
revelation of God is actually that which occurs even in our being. Only then can say that we
reached the state of deification. Caesar's words have enlightened me better understanding. Even
as I looked there was a schism between these contradictory aspects of the existence of God, very
pertinent demonstration which made a gift to Caesar has inspired me a much deeper
understanding of this reality. So I immediately pointed out the idea:-I think that is why Jesus said:
"I am in the Father and the Father is in me ', but this statement was understood by few people
and we can see the result today. -You asked essentials Caesar confirmed the words of me.
However, we must note that what the Christian religion is considered as valid only for Jesus, is
also valid for all of us. This truth is fundamental. Because deviations in Bible translations have
been idea stipulating nonexistent God and human being felt that only by knowing Jesus, by the
grace of Jesus, the human creature, and she can know God the Father. Otherwise, the clerics
say, this is not possible. Even if we accept as true the idea, however be noted that there were
people who had the revelation of God long before Jesus. Remember the holographic images of
Hall projections could you find that there were human beings who have missions similar to that of
Jesus, but with tens of thousands of years before him, and have asked also easily influence
divine their actions. I head immediately approved. I remember when I was very confused by that
point, but as the sequence of images and information was very rich, strong impression that
somehow passed the second. Later, after several months, making a more detailed retrospective
of the memory of what it saw in Hall Bucegi projections inside, I noticed that I was not surprised
and that situation so it seemed natural. There were so many human beings who have reached a
full communion with God the Father, who have long preceded Jesus and who also have very
important spiritual missions. In the images we watched we watched the three wise synthesis
tasks, two were great spiritual reformers. Caesar has resumed idea. - Even this simple fact shows
clearly that God is ever present in us. Had he not been so even from our origins, would have
meant that everyone who lived before Jesus was supposed to be some 'scrap' of God, which
ultimately would have required even count , asking: "What you have mocked us and we've shown
before the coming of Your Son, because here we are some scrap forever?" Of course such an
idea is nonsense, like the idea of sin and everlasting torment. People should understand - and
here I refer particularly to those who are fanatical in their faith, dogmatic and lacking the minimal
opening of the soul, which might help pinpoint the truth easily say that your 12 now - such an idea
is simply aberrant. Can not, when a mistake is clearly limited in time, because human life is
limited in time, the pain that is being distributed to be eternal. Now I think you know very well that
human suffering or pain is directly proportional to the mistakes that he makes in life. I guess
you've heard of people in a time of their lives go through some crises and even severe mental
disorders, but that after a while they recover and even in some cases fail to achieve better shape
than before the illness. I realized something as I'm not thinking. - Yes, you're right, I said
surprised. How still healing? normally the disease severity of the crisis and should destroy them.
Caesar answered me unflappable - For evil to them was not so big that during the ordeal was
over, the compensation errors made in the past, before the end of their lives. In other cases, the
situation presents itself in different ways: some do not and never come back, some become so
paranoid or are yet to be born and leave the physical plane in the same condition. The 'ring'
properly understood mechanism of karma or fate, but his explanations are clear and well Caesar
problem. - You know that part of what you said I supported myself in discussions we had with
various people, but many of them surprised me virulence and how misunderstood my words.
Sometimes almost not know what to answer, so their remarks were mocking and malicious. I was
excited because I could not understand what was required in terms of good, which as you said,
always comes out winner. Caesar laughed briefly and let loose on the back of the chair. - It is true
that good always wins, do not you ever doubt it! However, in some cases is not enough just to be
good, but weak enough that inner strength and inspiration. In our confrontation with an evil being,
but powerful, if we are good, but we have enough inner strength, we will be defeated quickly.
Assuming that we put in this situation can be very dramatic, we will not be able to impose
ourselves, even if our side is truth, even if we know him too well and although it is very clear to us
that other is a pervert who wants to nauceasca or split, for example, thousands of people. It will
not have it any importance. And even if we lament, saying all that makes that person, what is bad
and the awful truth know about it, however paradoxically will have almost no importance. I was
somewhat confused. in a sense, subconscious level I think I imagined the good and truth must
prevail automatically and quickly, regardless of the situation. - Why? I asked with a small eziare.
Why has good power in that situation? Pressed Caesar rarely spoke, seemed to convince well
understand that as particularly important: - For when you are anemic in the reactions and
responses we
able to fight effectively and with approximately equal strength, we having good gun, powerful as
that bad. A being who is powerful in evil must be able to prevent one being stronger the better. If
you are not even tied, then the river is very strong will triumph. I think you know, moreover, that in
many cases throughout history have been such cases in which a tyrant or a despot has managed
to nauceasca million people, which then prompted to act aberrantly just as he wanted. If kindness
is doubled and inner power, to become an effective goodness, she is like when the goodness of
God. Rather I would say that is a lamentable state, in which many might even say that about a
show that is "stupid, that's good." In such situations, the person who is good, but still poor in
terms of gold and her inner strength, will feel somewhat 'flattened', small and almost insignificant
in front of overflowing strength of her opponent, unfortunately targeted by evil influence . Can you
recognize when that person weak and helpless after state that specify a manifest, it often shrug
and say yes, considering that it is fully justifiable excuse: "I am small, I have to do, should I obey '.
And although it does, though what makes it against her will. It can not oppose that which is
efficiently directed her energetic aura of evil that is small and anemia. By this I mean that she
does not have enough strength to oppose the beneficial pressure successfully completed the
opponent is evil. There was a pause in which neither I nor I spoke a word Caesar. Fix the gaze
point on the floor, trying to tell me about my condition which was also present in terms of a
confrontation between good and evil. It is true that several years had passed from hypostasis
which I referred, from discussions I had with my opponents, but I was hesitating to give any
verdict. I wanted to ask a Caesar in connection with this, I wish I had an "evaluation" pertinent,
but something seemed to prevent me and request it. I found myself asking: - How can increase
this force for good in personal aura? How can I, for example, has become strong enough so as to
successfully confront the evil of others? I felt it had chosen that path. Caesar seemed pleased
with my question. I looked directly into my eyes and answered quietly: - Many bears in her almost
unconsciously manifest evil, evil tendencies or intentions. Most times they do not realize it, even
come to believe that so well. Evil plans with lower specific energy feeds it very rough and they
affect the mind and thinking so that those beings to want or even get to enjoy when they harm
others. You know you did not tolerate evil forces of good. Spiritual and even moral superiority that
they embarrass those who are bad and then they feel a desire to strike exacerbated, destroy, to
pângareasca what is good and elevated. In our era, can easily find that evil beings are claimed in
such shameful acts and then they become a channel for expression of malevolent forces of evil.
However, as long as they have fallen a lot and have not closed the soul by way limit their thinking
and their actions reprehensible and evil, these people still have moments of lucidity though some
are tormented by doubts and anxieties of widespread Sorry. But if you have slipped too much
downward slope, if they 14 'were sold' as they say, it will be very hard to be restored to normal in
their present existence. -An example would be senior Massini, huh? I asked. -Sure. And not only
he, generally speaking, like all major international Masonic leaders faced with this issue, whether
they are or are not yet fully aware of it. Is that a "mark" placed in their auras, which can not
themselves never a sensitive person, profoundly beneficial oriented. Yeah, but ordinary people
will say that all these inventions are just absurd, that in fact those are respectable people. You
know about the old materialistic conception of science ridiculous: no subtle energies, there is
subtle bodies, subtle world that there can not be seen. Caesar has sketched a barely perceptible
smile. - My dear, this is a specific problem decadent era in which we live. If the selfishness, fear
and some people prefer their comfort to think that way, it takes only their ignorance. Subtle
energies exist and they can be put into evidence, but those who have collected them are able to
capture. As we can not print a photo on a piece of wood, so these subtle energies can not be put
in evidence in any creature, if it does not awaken and ability to perceive them. Consciousness of
such a person has a lower frequency of vibration and it can not perceive subtle energies
surrounding the event, as the man in question is the country which sees an elephant, but said it
could not exist. However believes beyond ignorance of such individuals, subtle reality is quite
clear for those who have trained and have acquired the ability to clairvoyance. They describe a
world that shared similar feelings and issues. In terms of subtle perception, this world is far
superior to the ordinary people feel and perceive things and beings around them. If I think of it, to
make a certain latitude, or magnetic phenomena can not be highlighted if we have no tools to
measure and even some kinds of nuclear radiation can be observed only from the effects they
produce. And yet, even if not seen, they are still welcome. I nodded their heads vigorously. After
a brief pause, resume Caesar idea before in a normal and natural:-I said that those who can not
itself an evil being oriented substantially beneficial, which holds the same time and certain
qualities of foresight but from Unfortunately they still managed to quite successfully themselves
with huge masses of people, the evil systems of government and population control. No you can
not imagine what misery and decay can exist in their world, especially in the policy. , Know
something, I had occasion to observe a time, then even if we were not yet aware of this, "I said
bitterly, referring to my past service. -It is well that fate has turned you into another direction.
Moreover, it will greatly help to make a decision right when I will expose the reason of my visit.
Some recommendations that I made, and your relative neutrality in political conglomerate were
some strong advantages for certain policy makers to have you in mind. Do not worry, it's a decent
proposal, although I realize that it conceals a complicated game.

My heart leaped in his chest. This approach from Caesar was something totally different, making
me very curious. But I started to formulate my confusions by live voice, he addressed me again -
and is well dressed as our discussion of these issues, the need to be strong and well directed,
because they bind what to say next. I thought it was time to take this occasion however, that
there was now an opportune occasion. So I asked him about the bush: - You mean that is
required by virtue of what has to decide to have a powerful aura and energy enough to support a
confrontation with the negative? But Am I really ready for this? Caesar smiled elegantly avoiding
a trenchant reply: - If in your aura of power is good enough developed, then you will be able to
afford to effectively combat powerful manifestations of evil and even convince those who come
into contact in such circumstances the evil nature of their orientation. Most times, these creatures
are somewhat mimetic: they imitate what they see in others, but imitate what is evil. Then it is
only natural to accumulate bad influences in the aura. These people are like 'puppets' that acts
like that and others just act. Occurs as a kind of general idiotizing, where each shall take the
example of other, but not good habits and the right attitude, but in actions and evil tendencies,
because, as you know, they are much easier to follow . Eventually, inevitably, these actions will
have to be paid in full and this will mean more suffering for the person. My then allowed to
intervene and notice that 'idiotizing' collective is mostly ideological and that the "stock" offer is
more decadent than that of just some ideas and actions. Caesar fully confirmed my words: - It is
entirely true, because there was already a close scrutiny cvasitotal means of spreading
information, ideas and programs in the masonry mass. Is easy to see that emphasis on what is
decadent, easy, on what is childish and in bad taste, lack of content, on what did not promote
spiritual values. In such conditions, it is natural for people to "swallow" what is provided, at first,
perhaps, more difficult, but a habit takes time and the mentality and their auras will accumulate
energy and ideas like "just be ' and "so normal." Thus reach the paradoxical situation that, if
something occurs that is now truly is valuable and spiritually, that presentation is at best ignored,
if not repudiated. This is a sad situation and also dangerous. However, there are always
solutions. Remember that any habit can be changed, if it works with a different habit opposite. If
you are focused and strong, then you can convince those who come in contact with the evil
nature of their orientation and thus you can create a phenomenon of "deflation" evil tendencies
which they promote. Even a brief conversation with such persons if your aura is strong enough,
you can create a beneficial orientation of those human beings who will be saving for them.
Otherwise, it will be very difficult to convince, for example, a confirmed fan of hard rock that
makes him evil. This dialogue provided there, of course. But if you succeed, then being that
simply will not feel attraction to what she considered to be fascinating and evil before.
16 Caesar drank a little bit of orange juice whom a service and then continued, as if suddenly
inspired:-Think about the huge level only robots and hypnosis in which modern man brings his
life. If you are aware of how the lives and thinking, you immediately notice that he almost forgot
the divine soul is totally fascinated by temptations below, degrading, vicious and perverse type of
society that is integrated FREEMASONS. Is governed almost exclusively by material
accumulation in this society you will find traces of an extremely rare authentic spirituality. And yet
they manifest, they tend to be quickly suppressed, the accused and then degraded in the eyes of
the multitudes who are the 'hypnotized' by the news media directed. It is a sad reality that one but
will have to confront with courage, with perseverance and patience. , However, that many people
are should have a major influence in the fight against evil, the freemasonry, I noticed it. Is a
quantitative aspect, right? There are many people who unfortunately have taken either from
ignorance or even the path of evil intent, but I also think that many people face in a beneficial,
positive, who want good to triumph. - It's true what you say, but remember that these phenomena
beneficial and efficient mass production provided there is a perfect state of unity among all
members of the group or crowd of people who act in that direction. You must understand very
well what is needed to drive this state in any group of human beings. And also all that can make
you understand better how to express demoniace and satanic forces when they aim to divide,
creating a state of suspicion and lack of unity within a group. If the drive status is "crushed",
energetic force disappears and she is exactly what the Masonic organization aims to achieve
globally throughout the planet. It is very clear that as long as people are always divided and
Hatred between them especially through wars, state of unity, strength, consistency and
effectiveness in action may not occur. understanding this law, because it really is a law with a
universal character, can show you why it is so important to maintain a state of harmony in a
group, a team or a couple. I had some queries and so I asked:-And this feeling of unity of a group
is disturbed even those who do not fit are far fewer than others? -What do you say I'll surprise
you, but this will happen only until you understand correctly the subtle mechanism. It is sufficient
that one being to protect and create a state of disharmony within the group, because then it will
lead to separation, the dissociation and thus terminate the state of unity between members of that
group or crowd, the emergence of tensions that not necessary. Precisely this is the technique of
diversion and famous, so much used in politics and intelligence. It is therefore very important that
the group or crowd that aims to be a beneficial goal oriented and harmonious 'phase' in the
direction in which it operates. If the human beings still appear tempted to spread some bad
influences, lower and thus spoil the harmony deep in thought and deed of a group or crowd, as
preventive method is better for them to be eliminated as soon as the group's entourage , until
they reach a generalized disharmony. More difficult is when there are such people and groups to
infiltrate the crowd, but not to betray true for thoughts

and interests, but in a first phase mimics the same aspirations and the same conduct as
members of that group. Shock Caesar He paused and then, without any introduction, I suddenly
said: - I was asked by high-level contact you in a more delicate problem. No need to worry
because it can be a wonderful opportunity for you. Few days ago I received a note on our
letterhead particular, that I asked for some information about Dr. Xien. Our intelligence structures
are highly interested in touch with him and seems to peak were "moved" a little water, especially
during it. In fact, demand was even more specific, I was set the task to contact you because you
were not involved in translation space last year, conducted by Dr. Xien.4 I was astounded. I
asked him how it was possible to know that I was the one who wrote about the subject. Caesar
laughed and eagerly answered me: - Do not ever underestimate the power of the
counterintelligence service. Imagine that after those revelations will remain completely unknown?
Tacu for a time on to the floor. -In fact, our departments need to work very closely, so I know
you're concerned. Finally, the game is more complicated than what you relate me now. Important
is that, just as I said, there's still that some segment of the structure of state officials who have a
very beneficial and guidance through some "fireworks", as they call it so, she decided to not be
locked out you have proposed. Initial intention, according to a standard procedure very quickly,
was to immediately remove you from the editorial circuit. Sure, you were not at all easy. But some
people above have made important somehow glimpsed the information we provide and especially
their effect may have sensed the mind and the soul of all. You know very well that goes a 'fight'
fierce between huge interest, both national and international. I wanted to intervene, but Caesar
made me a sign was not a pause.
4 'See Volume 2 of the series (12 days - A secret initiation into the mysterious realm of the gods)
(the vision) - Here, here, there is a point-focus crucial to victory in tilting the balance one side or
another . I mean the degree of "awakening" of the population and the complex found in the
Bucegi Mountains. There are of course other issues, but I find most important. Must therefore be
sustained. And believe me, there were plenty of internal tensions and debates between our
departments on the subject. We can even say 'fight' internal arguments and counterarguments,
but eventually you get a kind of 'green light', meaning you're left in peace. Naturally, I expected
such reactions and that somehow we prepared together with general land Obadiah and some
other trusted subordinates. A few days ago I received a secret note that I said and I was
summoned to a particular place. I can not tell who was the person and think you understand very
well why. But I found that situation very suitable to be designed to help you get closer to some
points 'hot'. I hope you are in your consent.

18 Although not understand what is about, I tilted his head quickly, yes. I was a little stunned by
what we find. I was able to maintain the illusion that a perfect secret on my person, the fact that
the author of these books. Clearly, the disclosure of secret would create "waves" high and could
lead to unpredictable results. But intelligence and counterintelligence purposes is not to disclose
further that what they get to know, unless interests so require. in my case, I found once again
what is important to be someone to support life, the important moments. - A person having a
special mandate information and received very specific tasks, Caesar continued to talk to me. I
was asked if it is possible that Dr. Xien be contacted as soon as possible. Then I sensed a very
exciting opportunity and I showed you, this way you can enjoy and also a kind of immunity. In
short, I was asked to propose a position in your department Zero scheme since we launched the
idea that in this way, thanks to the special experience of living together with a doctor Xien was
possible to have more success taking Contact him. It knew that we're friends and I have asked
some information about you, but they were more generic. It mattered greatly that you have no
social obligation, and my warranty was sufficient to get the approval it needed. However I did not
believe that happened to me. You mean, now part of Department Zero? -I enjoy? I knew you very
much want to know details about the discovery of Bucegi Caesar taunted me with an easy smile.
Then I explained that I was special consultant status, because in this way can be integrated into
service establishment. However, the real reason was that I had been accepted as superior
resorts have been informed decision that was last known person who had seen Dr. Xien. Caesar
did not mention anything about Elinor and, in some way, it took me a stone from the heart,
because I did not want any complications related to a raid on his villa. Suddenly, the situation
became clear: the Department had been called Zero, I'm happy with it for some protection and
still had the freedom to write about certain topics, but not on all, as specified thousand Caesar.
However, do not understand what I could I contribute to the plan of higher organisms, which
requested a meeting with Dr. Xien. I could not help seeing as more than this, being part of the
Zero Department. - Merge situation, as almost always, some advantages and some
disadvantages, Caesar began to explain to me. It is a struggle between particular interests and
state that you are a civilian reveals some important information. Eventually, as you can see, the
preponderance of state interest. But it happened in particular that reports indicated a perception
of niche technical so to speak, that this information is assimilated only a certain category of
people, but it seems increasingly to diversify. We stressed the fact that your works are classified
in current fiction and therefore not a risk factor. The strategy paid off and this way you get access
to other information just extraordinary. Here Caesar stopped a moment, looked me in the eye and
told me with joy is one person who knows that other great surprise:
- We go back to room projections. Over several days a team that you belong and you will go
through tunnels to Egypt. Official must be made some special arrangements in that place and
must also make some items that we found there. I say that that was the best day of my life.
Neither the wildest dreams I did not see any possibility to get to be part of such an expedition,
and yet we were only a few days away from fulfilling my aspirations in that direction. Already in
my mind had also taken part in an intensive impressions and images from my previous visit in
huge underground hall. But even more than that, it became almost restlessly thinking about what
I had to see the expedition that was. After I showed noisy joy, I insisted that the Caesar to tell me
in advance that he discovered the location in Egypt, but he undoubtedly amused by my childish
attitude, he resisted all my entreaties. -You will be so amazed at what you see there, that does
not get it to ruin your excitement. Sure, on some items along the way Let me tell you, because we
will have enough time for it, the expedition will take several days. Even now, however, it remains
an issue that intrigues me, he said thoughtfully. -Why does it take so long? I asked, somewhat
annoyed. -That 'is, should we move to specific vehicles, but manufacturers do not understand
why we have left that outstanding technical achievement within the mountain, we have not given
any indication regarding travel through tunnels. Because there are a thousand miles to be
traveled and, just as you can see the tunnels are completely empty. Impeccably made technical,
like it was put into service only yesterday, but empty. No object, no result. Finally, it is not too big
a problem though, because it was resolved immediately by the U.S. Navy. But now you do not
want to reveal anything in May, as you will soon have the opportunity to see for myself. You have
to take a bag with what is necessary and go immediately to the more "said Caesar, looking at and
in the rush hour. I panicked. I expected to be a transition period, an accommodation area, but
was in two words that we can not delay any moment. - Part of the Protocol, to justify Caesar.
After he is offered some information, the subject should not be exposed at all. In addition, it is
necessary and you get used to certain items before departure. Have any special program? I
started babbling something. - Good! It took me from the mouth of Caesar. So is perfect, your
departure will not cause trouble. Training will be a brief few days, you'll adjust to life in the and I
will give some details on the objectives that follow. Last hours we spend in the room even
projections found that it has a very positive psychological influence and we will be all the more
necessary, as we prepare to travel. You do not have to take with you, I repeat, than strictly
necessary. Already begun, feverishly, to add some things that I think I need. Filled two travel
bags but Caesar showed me only a backpack. - Basically, you do not need anything. You'll find
everything there. Finally we packed a few things we need urgent and went outside the house, the
night lit part of the month. Once again, I had almost 'took up' events, without respite I have 20
peace without cold analyze the situation. The silence of the night and cool air blast but I have a
sudden feeling of confidence and, until then I had some concerns still secondary, they have
vanished like steam into the wind. My soul was suddenly seized by a great gratitude to Caesar
and what he was doing for me. I sincerely thank for this, saying that they also believe that a
genuine spiritual master guiding my steps along destiny. Said nothing, the thinker before, but I
noticed a smile barely sketched in the upper lip and an expression of acceptance on his face.
Few meters away from home a jeep waiting for us dark. We both climbed in the back seat and the
driver started immediately. I opened a huge life perspective, which few people have access and I
was determined to be expectations. A move but going strongly against the background of my
mind, making me feel a tremor in my body easily: very soon I was stepping back into the giant
space projections Hall, I had to watch again those outstanding technical achievements, had to be
surrounded by enigmatic silence of time immemorial ... CHAPTER 2 TUNNEL my emotions have
not ceased either on the road to Alpha and secrete much less in the four days we spent there.
Instead, they have grown more and more, as departure time approached through secret tunnels
to Egypt. For obvious reasons, can not disclose information regarding the secret Zero Division. I
only say that I already prepared a cozy room just for me, in the same wing with the living and
Caesar. Generally speaking, I was forbidden to give any details about the location, construction
or administration of that secret facilities. After all, I believe that this is not significant, but rather
events that followed. Days spent in the occult reasons Alpha sport training involved and a
moderate, accommodating with special equipment operations as well as learning some simple
schemes of action in extreme cases, ie in situations. Evening, Caesar came into my room and
illuminate me on various technical issues that I was not used. I take care to provide everything I
need and how personal interest stemming necessary training before departure. I appreciated very
much, because I knew the day he was busy studying the records, talking on the phone and even
in motion-based helicopter flash, to destinations that I had not known. On the evening of the
fourth day came and General Obadiah. Two years had passed
since May 1st saw not, but I'm as energetic and upbeat. His facial expressions and eyes of steel
hard not managed to hide but sensitive soul, nor sense of honor and verticality that you breathe
through his simple presence. General had a discussion first with Caesar confidential for nearly
half an hour, then came to me and I looked together some details about the forthcoming
expedition. At one point, General Obadiah took a break and then I spoke with a voice equal - are
mandated, the chain of command, to send you an important message. Do you speak but as a
good friend and I assure you that I support with all your strength to department Zero integration.
Not long ago, Dr. Xien our government contacted by certain people to link to a very important
issue that you do not have permission to disclose it. At that time, the Government gave a reply,
but meanwhile have major changes and state leadership wants to change the options.
Unfortunately, about Xien doctor is not present, and the situation has become quite critical. There
is the idea that you can still contact your doctor to arrange Xien and, in fact, that's why you're
here. Know something about the great experience you have lived a year ago in this Dr. Xien,
Caesar told me more details. Hard to believe, but in political circles at the top there are people
who are able to understand the events that have passed since then. It seems an unusual action
in about you, but time is your connection with Caesar, things were much facilitated in order to get
your present here. I was embarrassed because I did not know any better than her how I could
have a contact Dr. Xien. I expressed these concerns before the General Obadiah, but he
immediately calm me: - We have some experts have indicated that your choice probabilities
should be advantageous to do so. They explained it by a kind of "match situations' and 'affinity
conjectural'. So looking to create a framework for determining contact Dr. Xien. I know very well
that his actions and influence is not limited to the physical level. It's so occult that exceeds our
possibilities, those that we have available. Not even Caesar fails to make contact in such
moments. I looked at him surprised and I saw his head approving seriously. - That is, Caesar
said. 0 explanation would be that in this period Dr. Xien participate in something special. It's like
when you do not want to be bothered and you remove the phone jack. It remains entirely distinct
possibility that, in principle, you have access, contact it first on Machandi and thus, avoided, to
reach Dr. Xien. Now understand, I think, how is the question. I left thinking. Remembering my
goddess suddenly stirred the whole being and intermittent flashes of vivid me and my mind was
filled with whirling heart. I felt on top after the initiation of Gugu, Retezat Mountains, as I was
offered the ability to report me Machandi power and that its reliance almost every time I create
the opportunity to become lucid while dreaming, to meet me and talk to her. This is but one of the
most intimate and troubling issues in my life and I will not insist too much, except to the extent
that they clarify the events described here. After initiating special that I lived it, in my 1:22 left as
indelible imprint some impressions and intuitions whose verbal play is very difficult. They have
several common components that are not our reality, but binds to a different world, almost
impossible to describe. I will not dwell here on these realities, but I will say that the idea argue
that my subconscious is open and allowed contact with this goddess. Probably the energy
transformations that were needed to structure my being able to make it occurred in the few hours
spent on the mountain, where I was immersed in a state near chatarsis. At the same time, even
when I invoke the power Machandi felt his presence near me without fail, though no one saw, not
a physical eyes perceive. At least at first, it saddened me somewhat, but then I had her vision in a
dream, just as it was in reality, at that time suddenly became aware that dream and that I create
an intense feeling of immense happiness and freedom. I had two such meetings with Machandi
disturbing the year before and, in the words of General Obadiah, I realized that I basically asked
to reiterate this third time. But I could not understand how my subtle connection with intuisera
goddess who can say that I scored yet most existing. We agree with Caesar and General
Obadiah try this indirect way to contact a doctor Xien, but intuitively, I felt that this time will not be
successful. Indeed, whatever we relied on a Machandi, she still has not appeared in my dream.
At first I said it may be due to agitation and my emotions before leaving, so we resorted to a
technique that my doctor had recommended even Xien to get as deep relaxation of body and
mind. Technique was pretty simple: about two hours after the last meal and without being made
in this time of violent exercise, sit on a blanket with me up front, taking care of me creating a
comfortable environment of peace and safety. Given eyes closed, I imagined that every segment
of my body, from feet to head, it becomes very difficult, that made shortly to not feel practical
weight. Experience shows me that the way my mind was largely freed from contact with the body
and now, somehow, more "easy". Avoid lying in bed technique to realize, because I found it quite
easy slip into sleep, before even thinking to deliver powerful to Machandi. After having reached a
certain believe that relaxation and tranquility of body and mind, which I usually come as a great
feeling without a physical expansion, my memory evokes the impressive when I saw the
Machandi very close to me in the cave in the mountains of Tibet. Then spent a somewhat strange
phenomenon: I felt a shiver in the body and an easy vibe, accompanied by a flash light in his
eyes. Immediately afterwards I was in front of the goddess, who was at a small distance, glare
and looking at me with love. At first, after that flash losing continuity of consciousness, slipping
into sleep, and when I wake up I do not remember what I dreamed and even if we dreamed. But
keep the heart a peculiar nostalgia, a longing for something that was deeply hidden, mysterious.
But gradually we started to run the increasingly clear around that 'threshold' important vision
before the goddess, and even-one can surpass. In those moments I enjoy an indescribable
happiness, on a per Machandi in all its brilliance, and the state is growing even more when I
spoke it. I knew too well that when dive into sleep, being fully aware, between the world of lucid
dream, in which
laws are completely different. We found however that after the goddess vision, lucidity and slip
my rapidly diminishing in regular sleep. I wake up refreshed and a wonderful physical and mental
condition, but still was not able to consciously directing all actions in the dream sequence. I
understand that god helps me in the first phase, which was essential to remain aware of around
them, but then had that myself, by persevering effort, to progress to achieve the same dexterity to
keep me awake during dream consciousness . In very unusual tests they have done after the
discussion had with General Obadiah did not give any results. Was even more daunting than the
first times when it started to practice technique. I did not understand why this is happening and so
I told Caesar about failures and they registered. He explained to me that what I could do in such
circumstances was not discourage me and continue. It seems that nobody understands that this
obscure sudden, at least temporarily, any method of contact seemed to be doomed. However,
Caesar was very pleased and past experiences that we shared and encouraged me to persevere
in this direction. - Our time is obviously deeply decadent and special conditions are created so
that in some human beings to awaken a higher form of intelligence, which we could call "smart
heart '. It combines happily with intelligent mental feel the love that heart. The great advantage is
that this "awakening" will appear a little more common sense in society. Few people realize that
this important quality that should be the basis for all forms of life, however, currently lacking for
most human beings. However, for those that follow the right path and harmonious, but not by their
own precepts but by the laws of cosmic, spiritual, some revelations are possible to make them
realize that everything is simultaneously the material and immaterial, concrete and abstract
objectively and subjectively. I realized then that in a certain way I integrate into this category,
because I myself have experienced several times, lately, the boundary between two worlds, one
that I find tangible, physical body in which I was aware of mine, and another which, though
perceptible, was still governed by other laws of manifestation. This relative interpenetration I first
created a feeling of upset and not many times I questioned whether or not to present such
information in my books. Naturally I wondered what reader can understand here, if not myself that
I deal with these issues, we do not understand too well. Caesar's worlds came subtle explanation
but a good time and made me feel intuitive essence of the problem. I wanted all these things to
be as clear to me, so I asked him to detail than the subject. - For most people, the main obstacle
comes from the fact that they are convinced of the existence of only the physical plane, he began
to talk to me. If any laws of this world are not always well understood, how can they conceive the
existence of subtle worlds? Yet, fortunately, there are people who are perfectly aware of these
realities and more importantly, participate in them to some degree. Take your example, intense
experiences you've lived mostly in the last year you made to understand that what we call 24 in
our material world, not in reality than some of its state. So talking in general terms and is purely
physical matter of the universal condition that exists in a context defined by specific laws. To a
certain extent, science has shown that these laws have their own internal consistency and that is
sutin each other. You but you could tell that while these physical laws there are other coherent
system of laws governing the manifestation mysterious world, invisible to the common man and
which therefore are called subtle. In this world there are more subtle types of subtle matter, which
have different features and qualities and, as you could convince yourself already, these lands are
inhabited by beings with specific features of that world. On the other hand, subtle worlds are also
strictly hierarchical principle is essential vibrations of matter, since it is higher, the subtle world
that is more elevated. Machandi, for example, is part of the world of the gods superior and you
can be sure it is a great grace you are given when you are showing it. On the other hand,
different frequency of vibration of matter that makes up every world, physical or subtle, as its
inhabitants do not perceive the world than where they live. This is especially true regarding the
physical world in which we live. Think of a radio, which works only where the average, another
radio, more sophisticated, but both work where the environment and short-wave, which is higher
than the average frequency of vibration. A radio wave would mean it can not take short-wave
stations and therefore did not even know they exist. But operating on short wave radio knows that
there are areas where, if given properly, he can catch them easily. You understand, huh? It was
very clear and I felt a great inner satisfaction at the thought that I already experienced other than
the physical reality in which we lived. Sense that they helped a lot of Machandi and feel that
inspires me almost everything I do, I told myself when Caesar suddenly excited by the memory
image of the goddess, who appeared in my mind. When I allowed and are helped to enter into
that world, everything changes and senses appear as an outpouring of beauty and harmony.
Practically speaking, you were helped to gain access to a paradisiacal world and it has awakened
somehow you breath life that generates you the state of happiness. Clearly you are kidnapped by
her beauty and that helps you see beauty everywhere you look around and full of delight nature. I
realize that there was a change in your status, meaning that now your capacity of understanding
and appreciation of the things is that you superior phase was two years ago. Essence of beauty
draws you in and is an impetus for you to heights, as even an engine of life. Once again, I was
overwhelmed by Caesar's observation accuracy and correctness. Suddenly, I felt inspired and I
said out of breath: - What seems to me most important about this is that I realized that beauty is
primarily harmony. On her and contemplating her on Machandi often, we discovered that her
dazzling beauty is transmitted in a mysterious way in myself and make me discover here, the
inner harmony that we need to be happy. It's just a sublime and at the same time organizing
different levels of my being. However note that not only keep this wonderful state for some
period. I quiet, astonished me as I expressed so concisely what long wanted to tell him of Caesar.
- To properly understand why this happens, you have to keep in mind that the universe, which will
cover the physical world, and on the subtle, working under a mysterious geometry, which consists
dintro lot of levels. You can imagine them as some "strip" the show. You're right to say that
beauty is harmony and can add that it reveals, also inside being some form of balance. If you
touch one of the harmony and balance levels of the universe, then it will show one of the
instances of universal beauty. Will remain but the other levels where you have failed yet to get the
balance, the difference appears to state here that tells me about. Are you happy there, but
relatively unhappy here. but when the harmony and balance are achieved on several levels,
grand beauty that you perceive is revealed in everything around you. Therefore, many entities are
much higher in these times of harsh willing to help those who are on the path of spiritual evolution
and in some cases they do this even when not required aid. Many such contacts are made in the
astral plane spiritual when people sleep, as is the case for you. I then told Caesar that are
unfortunately many people do not even think that, preferring to remain subdued ideas and
thoughts often gregarious and petty that you have about life or about evolution. -You are right in
this regard agreed Caesar, but there are many human beings who made a significant leap in their
spiritual existence, understanding a certain extent, in fact, they are reflections on their thoughts.
Depends only on them to realize that everything in their lives is the fruit of their prevailing beliefs.
In principle, understanding the process is simple, but changing the beneficial and harmonious
effect is often very difficult. People often come to the conclusion that their life is the product of
their own imagination, which, because of habit that takes time, then the power is manifested
increasingly higher. Some of them come to intuit that he can actually change lives, altering their
thoughts on their nature. If you reach this level of intuitive understanding, and creates the
premises of a superior kind of open mind and heart to the true source, which is God the Father.
Those who do not care about these issues will have to somehow explain why so many are facing
difficulties in life events and otherwise, especially not happy with that. Perhaps eventually will
understand that these events really helps to structure and mature, but this is not mandatory but
depends, in turn, many other elements. There are many people to understand in depth all the joys
and sorrow of this world are actually some "moving shadows' which we design ourselves

26 suffering the problem two years ago formed a group of friends who discuss such issues,
trying to dive deeper into the mysteries of the occult. Caesar explained the subject was often
seen in our meetings, but had failed to reach a viable conclusion. Most thorny problem was that
suffering, especially suffering dictated relational failures was perceived as leaving deep scars and
being fully real. I confess that I was not even cleared well in that regard and so I took the
opportunity to ask Caesar to explain to me the delicate shades of life. Night was already late, and
us had to go underground complex in the dawn of the Bucegi mountains. Considering however
that this problem is important, Caesar began to unravel some mysteries to me then: "Everyone
always wants more happiness and joy, but not suffering. When you suffer, know well that he is
ready to do almost anything to get rid of this feeling. Suffering thus pushes us to seek a way out.
This means we need to reevaluate many aspects of our lives, including those that make us happy
before. A first observation is that in the face of suffering is necessary to act. It puts us in motion
and in this regard has played a structuring role, because when we get out of trouble, we strive to
find solutions. -OK, but the mechanism is suffering, why is it? I interrupted me Caesar. I find it
essential to know the reasons for reaching such a solution. -That is, only now, your understanding
is only intellectual and not from the heart, a deep introspection. The causes of suffering known,
as they are understood in the current society, are the absence of what we want or not this what
we want. You may suffer, for example, because of the absence of a person they love or you
suffer because of this one you damper. You can suffer and whether your work too much, because
you want to have more free time, but you can suffer if you do not work. Suffering has many facets
and degrees of intensity, but it definitely makes us closer to the essence of life, to understand and
to relate to her always. I think a short circuit in mind. -How is that possible? I asked amazed.
Seems to be some masochist. Wrong here, because little confuse things, Caesar said calmly.
Suffering there, but we can enjoy pain, such as masochistic. Although no one wants to suffer,
though suffering can play a positive role in our lives. And here must understand very well that
whatever form or origin of suffering, we will find solution to remove it will be determined by the
attitude of suffering that we face. Unfortunately, some human beings do not give any meaning
and thus get even to suicide. However, suffering and salvation can become if we consider the
transformation of life in the hill station. The solution they find to replace pain but must be viable,
powerful, beneficial and constructive. Otherwise, it will perpetuate suffering or may appear later in
the same direction. A proof that suffering can have a positive role, if seen with maturity is that she
can give birth to new feelings of compassion for the suffering and selfless help here we can give
him one.

I read some things about Buddhism that deal with these matters, but I was only beginning. - I
know from some reading that the Buddha seeks the origin of suffering and, after it reached a
certain understanding of its mechanism, was seized with compassion for those suffering. - It is
natural to be so, Caesar completed, because compassion is a natural consequence of these
searches. The greater someone show a real sympathy with that person so we can find some
essential elements related to suffering. Buddha concluded that the origin of suffering is, in
essence, ignorance. We must accept that if we suffer, then ignorance is always involved in this
process. - In other words you mean that if I suffer, then do it from ignorance. But then where is
ignorance? I asked, being very careful to lead Caesar explanations. - Suffering ignorance and
therefore occur when our understanding of reality is different. Unfortunately, reality can not be
perceived independently of the mind, for it is as a channel of perception we have of everything
around us. Of course, we can not only see through our own channel, and is therefore said that
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or "each sees the world in its own way '. And here come to
an important conclusion that you wanted to share it, to solve the problem of suffering, should not
we focus on treatment of symptoms, but rather the ability to correctly perceive what surrounds us.
In a way, we call that discernment. I noticed then that discernment is an attribute of mind and if
mind is clouded, discernment is also greatly altered. -This is a problem, indeed, accepted Caesar.
If the mind is clear, then man can be more aware of what is happening, can better accept the
reality, and his suffering will be so much reduced. But I know that nobody can give us that clarity
of mind, because we already have in us, let us be guided only by a new way of seeing things and
situations. In fact, when the mind becomes increasingly clear, and it causes suffering diminishes
more and more. If you want, you can even imagine the relationship between mind and ignorance
in the following way: the mind, ignorance is also a failure, which through other aspects they
generate, we block the correct understanding and thus triggers pain. -And what are those issues
that generates ignorance in mind? I asked curiously. -The first is confusion, which is same thing
with blurred mind, you were talking about earlier. I could mention then affection, and especially
fear of rejection. They generate pain that occurs as you know, then disappears, then reappears
and so it can be perpetuated forever if not understood in a mature way. I thought about that might
be the most mature way to understand suffering but instead I asked: - What is the first thought
you have to have when one is suffering? After a brief pause, Caesar said to me: - Suffering forces
us to admit the existence of a void in ourselves which constantly pushes us to want to one full,
"he said rising to his feet and ready to go. For example, a bad relationship with one parent in 28
childhood can alter our feelings and thoughts towards him. These negative impressions will be
transmitted over years and years, so that every thought you have about our father, one will be
treated with this resentment. It is a quite natural phenomenon. However, a better option would be
to take into account the positive aspects of this relationship. We can not change the painful
experiences of childhood, but if you become able to look with another eye relationship, meaning a
high and positive perspective, then pain can be diminished. Although I saw that Caesar wanted to
leave, yearn to find other interesting things about this sensitive issue. I explained that he wanted,
in fact, give me respite I needed to rest, the day before travel. I looked and I saw the clock and I
was past midnight. The discussion had been so caught up, that almost forgotten that approaching
a crucial moment in my life. I asked my Caesar responding to one question and he accepted with
a smile. - Why, even if we know these things or their opinion on how little we still suffer so often?
Sometimes this stuff happens and no real importance. Supported by the hands of the seat
backrest, Caesar I replied in a very inspiring:-In most cases, the suffering that comes from
identifying a small piece of our whole life together. Too often we identify with external issues,
especially if it is isolated trouble. Too often we choose to worry about unpleasant memories,
which tend to persist long enough in our memory, to the detriment of situations in which I was
happy. This is not to ignore suffering, but to strive to think in a broader context. It's like a shoe
when you shy, normal looking to see why this is happening. But also necessary to take into
account and good aspects, for example, is not necessarily required to immediately throw shoe
bag. -And if pain is very deep? I knew these people, arrived almost on the verge of despair and
hopelessness, I have insisted. -When pain is very deep, we will go look for them origin, we think
the more times we interpret subtleties signs appear. We must act almost immediately to reduce
pain and powerful emotions that cause it. If someone delirious from high temperature that is, have
to ask you to do a different list they felt feverish before you act to-one help? It is clear that we
must do something to cause decrease in temperature. Similarly, a person who was in great pain
should first be calmed and encouraged. Relief is a process by which we must act so that
emotions do not overwhelm us. At this stage we must be responsive to any methods that are
effective, but relief should be the first step. -Okay, then? I asked. Further, we seek to resolve the
situation, because we can not yet continues to ease forever. If nothing is done to solve the
problem after I relieved the suffering, is almost certain that difficulties will reappear. After intense
negative emotions are controlled and acquires a state of relative calm, we need to start looking
for the origin of this emotion, that the suffering experienced. Solving can occur, for example,
thorough retrospective of the situation. -It means that with finding the causes of suffering, it just
disappears? -There is not sufficient to know only causes suffering to remove it, said Caesar with
a serious voice. But it can still be mitigated if we understand the process that generated it.
Unfortunately, various circumstances of life can reactivate an old problem, even if it was fully
understood. Liquidation suffering is real only when the problem recurs not a long time. This
method puts into action the deepest aspects of our being and, as I said, is based on mental clarity
and discernment. Any way that can help alleviate suffering is precious, but its effect is only
temporary. Therefore I insist, that to understand, especially techniques that help develop the
quality of mind are more important because they help eliminate ignorance. However, the essential
problem is to know if suffering can be completely removed. Success in this direction will be
achieved only through a profound transformation of the person who will finally break the original
link with the suffering, whatever the particular events that make you suffer. I said that to succeed,
it must first identify the cause of suffering and then to find a cure because a certain clarity mental.
- Means that, if it becomes clear mental break link with the origin of suffering and why it does not
appear, I said, logical reasoning will lead. - No, not so, I corrected Caesar. Clarity is not enough
to eliminate the source of suffering. There is a technique to completely dissolve, so that only
understanding the underlying cause of pain generated is not everything. Is necessary and nothing
outside of it. To better understand this, holds that suffering, no matter how intense we may never
completely overwhelmed. True, it can profoundly affect our being, but nevertheless there is a
'space' hidden where it never gets whatever depth that appears to or touch her. Even in the
moments atrocious human suffering, being tortured by intense pain that is caused by suffering,
though a certain part of his being does not suffer, but knows both cause and solution to the
problem. This is fundamental to understanding the essence of evolution, because, after all,
successfully overcoming of suffering means to be an important step on the ladder of personal
evolution. As we draw closer to this place hidden in the depth of our hearts, we all feel less pain,
because then we identify less with her. Pain does not disappear, but peace and quiet typical of
this place, which is just life focus, we will mend in a fundamental way. If we try to get in touch with
that peace and if we identify in depth with it, we suddenly feel relaxed and calm, even if pain
persists. - Here I have a suggestion, I said. If pain decreases, it is normal that the pain they feel
and then drop it? Caesar shook his head. - Pain and suffering are indeed related, but not in the
way you put the question. In some small pain is accompanied by great pain and suffering to
others is low despite intense pain. The explanation is that while some people have found the
hidden focus intuitively, which I told you 30 that exist in each of us that no one can touch
suffering, others are still away from him and even continue to depart. Being aware of the real
space and very subtle in themselves the suffering they are experiencing an increase. It's like a
voice that urges us always to seek lost consciousness of what we once had. This voice can be
assimilated to what people call, in general, "the voice of the heart '. And you realize you have I
mean, in fact, the divine self that exists in each of us. It is really sacred space where it can not
suffer. Finished talking, Caesar looked over at my clock and then attracted the attention that is
still needed to rest before departure. I thanked much for his valuable advice and explanations and
we decided that at six o'clock in the morning to be ready to go. I slept happily and at peace at the
thought that I clarified a lot of issues that do not understand. It was a physical setting, given that
the next time I had faced, so as I was given to understand, with surprises and special events. We
very well that the Alpha was an important hub for operations and plans of state secrets, but even
if I did not know any of that, I felt very well-integrated and protected, because I knew that goals
were targeted only to well. I fell asleep quickly, thinking to Machandi ... Leaving the morning when
I got off the training room, we were guided to the heliport outside, near where a large helicopter I
saw three young men who were talking. Along with several boxes were special military service,
and other bags, objects and devices whose purpose I could not identify it. I understand that the
expedition equipment that was supposed to go. After friendly greetings they've changed, I
realized that two of them were Americans, and the third was Romanian. A simple calculation
showed me that if no changes, our expedition was to be composed of five people, including me
and Caesar, who was its leader. One of the two foreigners were employed in U.S. Navy officer,
with rank of lieutenant, the other was a civilian who was recommended to me by the name of
Aiden and, to be honest, his presence annoyed me a bit. He was a medium sized, with brown hair
to blond, messy and mischievous eyes, that struck me in particular was always relatively weak
and shaken. I can not understand their role in that expedition, but I suspected that after I get
some clarification from Caesar. A third person was Nicoara lieutenant, officer in the Department
Zero, which I understand later after he was considered one of the people of that secret service.
Americans recommended Trujo name, had been part, as a lieutenant Nicoara, the commando
first expedition through the tunnel, which took place two years earlier. Have Mexican origins, and
because well mastered Spanish, since iam a few replies in his native language. This one was
pleasantly surprised and immediately became very friendly atmosphere. Meanwhile, the
helicopter pilot to come with some direction sheets into the hands of offices where there is
Caesar, browse them carefully and noting something. The aircraft climbed and soon we heard the
first movement of the rotor, a sign that May was little time to take off. I saw four soldiers who were
busy coming
equipment in the hold of the helicopter spacious and we got into the compartment behind the
pilot, so we avoid the strong current of air which had already begun to form. Noise became quite
strong, so that we could hear only screaming at each other. Therefore we preferred to wait silent
coming of Caesar. After about two minutes I saw him coming through the door rushed the
building in which they take office, heading for the helicopter. tall, very well done, inspiring a
feeling of great security and self control. Then I felt a surge of affection as I drown my soul and I
went with all gratitude to him. I was aware that my destiny tied by some mysterious nature of this
man and I decided to listen and get a one I would follow wherever he suggested. A few years of
experience showed me abundantly that was one of the wisest people and probity, honesty and
his good intentions did he enjoy the most trust from others. All these qualities were coupled with a
great subtle force that could be asked almost immediately when he was around. Often I
wondered how it was possible to get one at this level of spiritual evolution and understanding of
the fine aspects of society. From what I had already known that I could intuiesc this was largely
due to outstanding that he has acquired existing other, now relatively easy to progress quickly
enough. However, as once told me, the key was especially persistent in the practice who
imposed it, without leaving discouraged by failures. However felt that occur when such thoughts,
he never said he did not abandon them, but fight and more to strengthen the will, focus and
aspiration to succeed. The most important aspect that I was one, but stressed that he had always
focused its inner forces to God all reported incessantly and in all that was purer, softer and higher
in his being. Words you spoke then I remained imprinted with letters of fire in memory as the most
important: "Do not forget any moment that each of us is hidden as height, and depth as
mysterious eternity, which are will unfold immediately when you have real vision of things. This
idea guided me always and without fail the right way, without fear of error. And I say even more
than that: it is the only one who can make you truly happy. " I remember that in my ignorance,
when I asked him if perhaps he is still only the privilege of being chosen and very special. Caesar
told me to be patient as this is a deeply bad idea, not merely to limit human access to state of
eternal happiness for which he tends. "Every human being there, among others, to perform their
specific function. Most times, this function is not understood and is lost in the labyrinth of human
society, forgetting that is the main reason he was in life. Those who seek to truly know who they
actually are, kill 'in this way in every moment. You can not get to know God, who is single, only if
you yourself are a single and unique reality. For this, each of us must become one with himself,
that is to merge the self or even heart. All other happening in the world and in life are only
secondary issues. " I confess that not too well understood the significance of his words at that
time, but guessed that behind them is still a really deep and unfathomable with common means of
perception or analysis. Now my spiritual horizons expanded considerably and I was able to
achieve, at least in theory, that it was only 32 correct direction which man should work to balance
their life and to find true happiness, which is inner . Deeply immersed in the memories and
personal reflections, I realized belatedly that Caesar had near helicopter and pilot that beckoned
him to take off. She sat beside me and handed me a pair of special headphones, soundproofed,
making signs to I'll put my ear. And he put his one pair and immediately I could hear your voice,
very clear on the background noise of the helicopter. Headphones were specially designed for it,
having included a national radio amplification system with a small antenna. Caesar explained that
U.S. facilities were part of that we were offered under a partnership two years ago. Now I could
simply talk to your arm with a sensitive microphone that was sticking my neck, and could use
flight time to Caesar to find out some details of our expedition. According to the protocol strictly, I
was not notified of anything until then. First I learned that Aiden is an expert in fact a genius in
computers and especially the decryption. Pentagon employee was permanently and his life is
held solely between the walls and walls of various secret bases throughout the world, where
military and economic interests of U.S. demands. I was amazed that this human being could
withstand such a pace of life and especially in such conditions, but looking more closely-1 itself, I
realized that she lived like a separate universe, known only to them. Was sent to the Pentagon for
this mission, in which special measures have made some very sophisticated computer analysis,
we had persuaded Caesar. We were told that is the best person to do so. The other two are for
the best travel insurance and contingency conditions. - And what role I have here? I asked with a
certain legitimacy and at the same time quite surprised. - Officially, the file you are on travel
consultant position esoteric and it's not even far from the truth, taking into account your
contribution in contacting Dr. Xien. In fact we took advantage of the situation specifically designed
to require your presence in the team. I know it will help much in what you write and believe me
you'll be very impressed. After some hesitation 'government', I finally received approval from the
upper echelon. Finally, I said that in fact things are more complicated, but I will not go into details.
Precious memories of a good chunk of time I flew without us saying anything. Landscape with
hills and mountains, over which the speed we move at a relatively low height. I passed over any
city and I enjoyed it because I create a greater sense approach to nature and the place was going
to get. I saw houses scattered on the hills, pastures and forests which had already begun to
appear and I was wondering how these places really looked after thousands of years and who
then populate them. What concerns had led these people and how their life? The fragments of
holographic projection that
we watch in gigantic hall inside the mountain, I had the opportunity to see that our mountains
were the main settlement of ancient people in this territory, practically, was the space in which
she organized activity. Plain and lowland area was almost uninhabited. From what I could tell,
what followed was the presentation of an existing reality about 8-9000 years ago. In those
moments that we lived in Room projections, watching the amazing sequence of images that I was
portrayed in a holographic representation, I was shocked by many aspects and truths that were
hidden by good science throughout history and until now, without their knowledge to enable the
broad masses of people. Most of these issues have not been allowed to reveal them. Details of
our country have increased especially in the final presentation, which is included in the synthesis
of the last 10,000 years, after an approximate assessment. Because I received permission to
write about some of those images, I want to do this now, before continuing his account of events
that followed, completely astounding in their content. What surprised me was the result of
holographic images very small number of inhabitants. Practically speaking, collective settlements
and were not too much less cities and towns. People living near the mountains and ridges only,
as I asked, only natural products we get from sheep and bees. Ewes were higher than this
species, but humans were taller, I found their average height about two meters for males and
slightly less in women. Besides agriculture and sheep, anything they did not compare with our
present life. Almost always they were silent and solitary, preferring to remain with eyes closed in
a deep meditation. In one sequence we saw a man while stopping uttered a pail of river water. He
remained bent on coming, with eyes closed and while the tub and shower water was taken a few
meters downstream, toward the shore, the man did not move at all from the position in which it
was. Contemplation, especially the interior, seems to have been the only thing that interested
him. Women dealt with the preparation of sheep milk that was made. No cooking, because eating
only dairy and apiculture. Sometimes I saw Helots what today might be understood as a
correspondent for the sewing. In fact, women hatched with a simple wooden kind of white shirt,
long wool sheep which was however very soft and not too thick. All wore the same clothes, shirt
that reached to just above the knee and the chest was open. In the middle were tied with a
braided belt all wool. Their houses, as far I knew, was composed of one room, above which was
a very high roof, like a pyramid. Only material used was wood, the house go directly outside
through an opening high in the shape of semicircle. There were no doors or windows. Also, we
have not seen any other dogs and pets, or wildlife. Their livelihood was incredibly simple and
quiet, I would say even very austere, but nevertheless may notice well that those people were
well above our current condition. Nobility had perfected the move, their actions were very
accurate and never rushed, do little gestures, even when carried out the work everyday, however
their effectiveness was 34 extraordinary. Never hurry, leaving the impression that the world
always have and I must admit that I had this feeling myself that despite their apparent slow, yet
always able to do what they propose. I noticed that always ended what had already begun,
without exception. Time itself seems to be drained more slowly, it seemed a long day even for the
synthesis of projection that I looked. Often during the day, in the midst of activities they were
doing, men sat on the ground and suddenly, closing his eyes, this leaves a deep meditation,
sometimes even hours. Immediately afterwards continued their work in a point where had left. I
have noticed peculiar habits or rituals. Evening, however, women used to climb above the crest
and, focusing on facing the setting sun, hands raised obliquely, along the ears, as meeting the
same gesture of dedication and acceptance for everything that life offered. This was the only
event that could assimilate gesture, somehow, with a prayer, with an invocation or an
unconditional abandonment before Divinity. I say this, because I have not seen any
representation of any deity, no shrine of worship, no symbol to refer to a particular religious
practice. It seems that the universe was the source of their reporting as possible direct and simple
without the need for it to be anything intermediate. Their life was entirely dedicated to continuous
spiritual and meditation, either worked or that stay in place. Evening was when the couple are
reunited as husband was gone during the day in the mountains with the sheep. He walked slowly,
focused, always ahead of the flock, which I saw from him unabated. When you get into any place,
the man remained a long standing, eyes closed, slowly turning from time to time about the
direction of the four cardinal points. I estimated it could take the acceptance of current time in
about an hour and two hours. Then he sat on the grass and remains so still, with eyes closed for
hours. Nothing could disturb him, no sun, no wind and even rain. At one point, the image came to
the forefront of such a pastor who was in meditation, but without closing his eyes. "I came 'this
close to him, like I could stretch that hand to touch her face. I could not very well explain why, but
that picture impressed me to tears. Were primarily physiological characteristics, I could say that
almost did not understand some of them. His skin was whiter than our race and have a kind of
brilliance that could be perceived through the senses subtle. All men were bearded and both it
and the hair on the head had a blonde color, to white, but most impressed me that man facial
features, rather what they expressed. His nose was pretty straight and relatively wide, beautifully
proportioned mouth, lips, chin, expressing a complex personality, very easy to exit out cheeks
and forehead smooth and high. Long hair was straight and shoulders up, covering a portion of the
wool shirt that was dressed. His eyes, like an azure blue, seemed buried in forever, though his
face looked to the mountains, it seems completely broken by the physical reality to which they
were glued. whole being of man seem subtle resolve an ancestral practice, located far beyond
our capabilities of understanding. His facial expressions that also radiate a calm detachment and
sovereign, that when excited mother suddenly very hard to tears. Then holographic images
showing continued a cycle of days
activity. Pastor usually ended his meditation on the threshold set, stand up and proceeded
leisurely to the house. Sheep it would immediately close the order without them have their care.
When Goodbye, man and woman embraced tightly, thus remaining a while still. Then eat, always
outside, and when the night shadows fall in house appeared. From here I saw what I believe was
the main reason I was banned until now to describe these elements. He shook my whole being
and me and showed me that, unfortunately, mankind has come a downward slope until today and
no one rising, just as modern science accredited. Immediately after the couple entered the house,
the whole room was lit as if by magic and this has happened, obviously, without any source
material. Unearthly light that seemed to be, she was a white-yellow color and was bright, yet not
all eyes Rane. Its quality was exceptional that it makes things seem very clear inside, I mean that
was a stunning clarity and at the same time seemed to be part of the couple's life. Holographic
image came at a time until the right opening cut into the wood wall, but stopped in the doorway.
From there I could see perfectly inside the room, which I think was an area about three feet wide
by four feet long. the room was not only a sort of makeshift bed from a height of about half a
meter on the floor, which really just consisted of tree trunks round and join, but peeled. Eyed
astonishment we saw that after the man and woman were placed face up in bed, light intensity
was decreased to the level semiobscuritatii, and also changing color to a blue fairy. There is no
doubt that that phenomenon was caused by subtle will the two, in a naturally as possible and
without any effort. If they were able to determine such an effect by mere will, I wondered what
else could have more amazing to do, if they wished. Yet, just as I realized they were living in the
most perfect simplicity and humility towards nature and what it offers, without appeal to the huge
forces at work that they had no doubt. This assumption is based on the last set of holographic
projections in connection with those times and our country. In my estimation, is probably that I
depicted events took place somewhere in the Apuseni Mountains. Image suddenly changed to
show what I think was a spiritual gathering of a community that lived in that region. When I refer
to 'community' in those days, I understand that this was spread over at least 3-4 mountain
valleys. Settlements were extremely rare and very few people. Practically speaking, there was
much less villages and towns. Strangely, I have seen children, nor old. The average age seemed
comprised about 35 and 45, both men and women. Place stood the holographic projection was
wide right on a mountain ridge, allowing the vision of a landscape of almost unreal beauty, one
each side of the ridge. I counted nine people: five men and four women, placed in a perfect circle.
All were in deep meditation and have not noticed any other object, no artifice ritualistic. At one
time have stood up all at once, without any prior warning and were caught by hand. A few
seconds after that, I thought I see good in the middle of the circle which they formed it, suddenly
appeared a white column of light was so bright, so instinctively I put my hand to eye 36 to watch
Yet what happens. Column lost in sky, but the mountain area where there were nine, so she
created an intense feeling of sacredness, so that one could even feel myself, a kind of empathy
and spontaneous transmission of energy cargo subtle occurs when, at that time disappeared. I do
not know which was the purpose of the meetings and events, but it certainly is that it took quite
long because the image presented on a same circle of people time motionless, but when night
had already. The ensemble was truly unique transcendent beauty: the whole mountain was lit
grandiose column of light and glow that stretched even further to other mountain ridges and
valleys in the vicinity. Greatness image was indescribable and totally overwhelmed me. Then, at
some point, the column began to decrease in light intensity until it disappeared. but to spend it
before, space mountain ridge, which were gathered nine men, was lit at about the same way I
saw the light came into the house after the couple entered into the room. Siau nine detached
hands, they remained a while in the same position, and then began to move, discussing. This
however did not last more than two minutes because after that there was something that
perplexed me: one by one, people there have disappeared from sight, suddenly, every few
seconds. After his last dematerialized, the mountain remained in darkness. This portion of the
"film" that I've seen the projections Hall impressed me and I think I was strong emotion contained
was mainly due to the fact that I could consider those creatures as our ancient ancestors.
Holographic projection was very precise, defining a first area of the Carpathian-Danubian space
generally and then gradually focusing on the area of the southern boundary of the Apuseni
Mountains, with intrusions of images of other areas of the country. I wanted to relate all this first
because I was given permission and then only as they relate to the old territory of our country. Of
course the final issues that we have described their site by nefirescul but nonetheless they
represent a reality that I just watched it and I felt it through empathy, very intense. Moreover, I am
convinced that those who are able to access that information and its past time zones of mankind,
otherwise than by technology, can fully certify what I said above. A new 'visit' After an hour flight
away I recognized the first peaks of mountains, which reminded me of the secret location of
Bucegi. We landed safely at about fifty feet into the mountain. I could already notice changes
quite radically from the situation that was two years ago. I got off and looked around carefully.
First Army gone double line of protection, allowing the forest road remained only supply the
military base. Second, instead of outside storage space is furnished a heliport, where we landed.
They disappeared and hemispherical modular buildings and into the big hangar near the gallery
route was finished and sealed. Caesar explained that currently used as storage hangar,
laboratory inside or being terminated. All samples
The studies were now sent to a specialized institute in Bucharest, the U.S. military ultradotat
funds, which operate under cover. After a first analysis, the most important tests and results were
transferred to the U.S. for more detailed research. In general, the secret location of the Bucegi
been "simplified", meaning that it tends to confuse more and more with the surrounding
vegetation. Caesar informed me that this was only an apparent but, in reality, there had been
more fitted alarm and protection systems, redundant, highly sophisticated. I asked for further
clarification and no Caesar but was not quick to give me further explanations in this direction. We
were greeted by an American officer, who has welcomed a Caesar. I realized that he led
operations there, as the most important military representative of the American side. With the
exception of Caesar, I was checking all the other four team members after a data table that you
have American colonel. A patrol consisting of three Romanian soldiers and three U.S. has placed
us and led us to shed the left, while the colonel and Caesar stayed outside to talk. Seeing the
place again, remembering the few hours we spent there, two years ago, did my heart beat
strongly. We approached the giant hangar doors, concealed in wall mount smart. the period
elapsed since we had visited that place, had been installed at entrances giant hangar doors as
well as that of the mountain tunnel, and they were tight and I realized that the slide is moved
when needed. We entered through a side door all right, the size of a normal door. Hangar was
huge and luminous intensity. Were deposited in the left chest and logistics giant military and in
the back I saw two APCs parked facing the exit. On the right were aligned more electric vehicles
for easy movement inside the Great Hall Galleries and projections, and beyond them I saw a
huge tarpaulin which in my opinion, covering all some vehicles, but it seems to me much more
power than . A few meters from the entrance on the right side, were placed three long building
and saw it after two years in research laboratories which were improvised. I explained that in the
meantime they had been adapted to provide leisure and recreational activities for staff some stay
longer in that location, mostly of American origin. Romanian guards were changed daily by a
military truck, which came up at a certain distance from the base. A top-level military convention
was established as head of operations related to projections and room to be Caesar Brad
underground tunnels, and the head guard and complex to be Colonel U.S. administration which
saw the arrival lam, but whose name does not I know. I got all four of the first building, which I
found was divided carriage-style, with five rooms on the right side and a relatively wide corridor,
with cabinet. We have shown the first four cabinet and saw with astonishment that each have one
label on which was written by one name. My cabinet was third. I found the special equipment, all
U.S. production, which had to dress for an expedition. Also in May there was a special bag that
brought the backpack, just as she was holding back a wide belt which passes diagonally across
the chest. Was conceived ergonomics, a material which looked like vinyl, which folded after back
and spine position. Inside the bag I noticed a lot of products, divided 38 strictly from food
concentrates in complex first aid kit. The costume was similar to the divers, but a modern
material, although it looked like neoprene, however, was more flexible and also thinner. Standing
we have been given some truly revolutionary shoes: moccasins with soles were like thick, ankle-
high, which had some prominences on the outside sole. This side had a special construction and
complex, allowing further analysis of physiological parameters essential. I explained that this
assessment was made by two powerful chips inserted inside the sole, and the information was
conveyed through special sensors. Depending on the outcome of the review, adjust parameters
were continuously in a loop feedback by automatic action of fine bumps which created pressure
plate appropriate in certain areas of the sole of the foot. Thus, physical and mental endurance of
the body to certain demands were very high. I shy pair of shoes boots that I had been assigned
and found mocasinii simply amazed that were molded perfectly on my foot without my raise or
embarrass me. Nicoara lieutenant explained that the material used in their manufacture was one
so-called 'smart'. The previous expedition that took part, had this particular model swabs, but in
the meantime learned that Americans have designed this new boots, more efficient, and you test
it now. When I was ready to equip all I went outside. heliport area was not one, but after some
time I saw him coming out of tunnel and Caesar coming to us. He said that now everything was
arranged and we will go in minutes. Then came into the hangar, but went to the second inner
body structure. Very soon I saw him coming, ready equipped. I reached the full band into the big
tunnel, whose giant steel sliding door about a meter and a half to the right, leaving space to
penetrate inside. Caesar came first and got a set of papers from an American officer, Col. likely
deputy, which began to sign. Meanwhile, we waited near the entrance, and so we had little time
to observe in more detail the changes which were made in two years had passed since I had
been there. Besides closing the tunnel with steel door and sliding camouflaged interior was fitted
with much better lighting system, allowing observation of every detail. Thus, what immediately
caught my attention was that the first portion of about ten meters, then Cotea left and that was
practically drilled into the mountain rock was perfectly lined with absorbent material particular,
together with a foil thin silver metal. Later I had to find that it was the titanium and the wall
insulation was done by a modern American technology, and used in spacecraft. Now the whole
appear clean, bright and welcoming. Thick rubber mat was spread throughout the surface soil of
the tunnel and wall, approximately in the middle of their system was installed a red light beacons,
which are lighted successively we found that when a problem worse, a violation of the security
system or when marched through one of three tunnels Hall projections. At the entrance to the
tunnel, after metal door, sitting on the black rubber mat were four U.S. manufacturing electric
vehicles, with two
seats each. Were the same model and you saw two years ago, used to quickly move through the
gallery. After he signed those documents, Caesar was hailed by American officer, who retired in a
small stall to the right of entry, which also was a Romanian military. Then we headed towards
electric vehicles and we got three of them, the two Americans together, me and Caesar in
another vehicle and Lieutenant Nicoara himself in the third. I was impressed by the modern
construction of these vehicles very practical. Were discovered and had a form of ellipsis, half of
their length was affected compartment and two seats and rear half can be used for loading
various materials. Moreover, Caesar said that while where we've been in the hangar, equipment
and dressing us talking on the departure, a team of military logistics helicopters already moved in
Room projections using these vehicles. When we went directly into interior space, because the
vehicle had no door and no other moving parts, flash light board in a beautiful light blue, all
commands have been reset, the indicator showing the different sizes at startup. These machines
were ideal to be used effectively in such locations. Had a system so powerful steering with all four
wheels simultaneously, that could turn almost immediately. Because of this could slip even in tiny
spaces or economic. Once climbed behind the wheel, Caesar had not only to press a single
button on the dashboard and then start slowly, followed by two other vehicles. I noticed that they
were very quiet, although I saw ran nearly twenty miles per hour. I swerved left and then I went
right to enter the Grand Gallery. Huge stone gate was moved to the left, but before they were
complicated system laser sensor. Caesar stopped vehicle, got out and met the same formalities
of signing the documents. Then I was again carefully check after some data in a table by the
American officer at that post, which he was accompanied by a Romanian officer. Security system
remained the same, I saw Caesar as places the point of reading the iris, disabling the alarm
system, but only after resetting it fixes half a minute, give us the necessary time to move beyond
the gate . He then returned to the vehicle and went all through the Great Gallery. Aware that
intense emotion lived return to that very special place, Caesar ran low speed vehicle to allow me
time to accommodation, indeed, that tiny unmistakable feeling of intense mystery, the unknown,
which fascinated me and after the two years. High vault of the gallery and watched her perfect
walls that shone in those gorgeous shades so hard to define. Perfect silence was disturbed only
by the discreet noise that we move vehicles and their turnover. Nobody spoke. I went back for a
moment and I saw Aiden in the vehicle behind us and he stunned the gallery immensity. I noticed
that now when the same path but not below, the effect was different. Vehicle speed was greater
than normal walking on foot and it was enough to create a kind of hypnotic feeling, because the
game of nuances like "water" texture of which were covered walls. It was an extremely pleasant
and soothing sensation, the urge to dream and finally I have no doubt that it would be determined
and sleep. In fact, I think that was the main reason why Caesar chose a low speed, thus probably
experience him that the hypnotic effect was much lower 40. - It was a case in which an American
officer, who picked up a lot, almost immediately fell asleep at the wheel, Caesar explained with a
smile easily. Luck was that I was right and I could recoil of the vehicle immediately, but that was
an important experience to us more distinctly a mystery of highly advanced technology they had
available to manufacturers this underground complex. Sure, I understand only the effect, not
cause he laughed good-humored. We arrived in front of Hall's energy shield projected to light in a
beautiful shade of blue. Caesar's right off the mobile vehicle to other cars that have held back and
can download equipment. We stayed a few moments in an attitude of deep emotion and
reflection, I find it difficult to render in words the feeling of greatness and also the mystery that
was embedded there. Because May had been there before and knew what was Inside Hall, lived
more intense emotion that special. Then created a subtle kind of connection with members of
very ancient civilization that built that whole underground and, somewhat mysteriously, as if I felt
closer to them, was a subconscious flow which allowed me to wear almost no those ancient
times, the questions remained unanswered: Who were they and they look like, what was the
purpose of this construction, as they have done everything in terms of technology, the hidden
message they wanted to leave us ...? There there, undoubtedly, a specific physical footprint, a
kind of passage to a different understanding of reality. Grandeur and subtlety of that extraordinary
building inside the mountain almost without urge you want to keep quiet, to walk slowly, you start
to reflect on particular dimensions of the soul ... I knew these feelings even from previous visit,
but now we perceive with greater intensity and richness of mind. It was, however, need to come
back with "feet on the ground ', because I got all the energy wall, the giant room projections.
When I entered inside it, a delicate joy flooded my soul, creating the feeling that I have returned
'home'. At the same time, I felt a deep sense of gratitude that almost alike with piety, in perfect
silence of that place lost in time, I feel like I'm like a huge cathedral. Almost any steps not hear
me on the ground, being suppressed by the absorbent material. I watched the T tables, podium
transparent cylinder in the middle of the room, and away we saw huge mouths of the three
tunnels, of which irizatie razbatea a pale green. I felt my heart tighten a little at the thought that
you enter one of them, avântându unknown to me. But I encouraged them quickly, telling me that
the road has been traveled by Caesar and previous expedition members, so there's still an
informational base. Everything was almost like I knew two years ago. The only change you alert
facilities were installed by the team of American engineers, and additional security system based
on lasers, which are now guarded each tunnel. Surprisingly, the room was still a certain bustle,
there was no noise, but it was moving. I counted about eight soldiers that traveled fast and
precise movements against the three tunnels and especially through the tunnel towards the left,
seeming to know very well what they did. Some of them were carrying certain items, while others
took them and disappeared with them into that tunnel. Then go back and continue the process
with others. One of the soldiers are standing in law
console command of the first tunnel, in front of a hologram projected size was not too high, which
periodically changes its contents, but because of the distance I could see better what it
represented. I sat on a podium in the middle of the Hall steps projections, while Caesar went to
the tunnel, accompanied by two lieutenants. After a few moments Aiden sat next to me, scotându
his computer in a special box and turning his eyes lost in that huge space. I said that, although
much had been there once, was at least as impressive as his. Then I asked him what kind of
laptop has. He explained that his computer ever breaks up, which actually was kind of unique in
the field, achieved by detailed directions which he gave himself. Special concept of the computer
was ordered by the Pentagon of a famous American companies include technology research and
about twenty years ahead of the current. I looked more closely on Aiden, do not think I have more
than thirty years, but apparently it was one of the most brilliant genius on the planet. Had
removed the device from a box especially adapted to his form. I'd never seen anything like
before. Not cover up, as if a regular laptop, but with a simple slide forward thrust, and then
surface to light discreetly in many colors. What was amazing however, consisted of three-
dimensional projection of the menu and all operations performed. I saw Aiden "touching"
holographic projections fingers at certain points and the result appears almost instantaneously.
His dexterity was huge and very often I could see that he just move his hand towards the relief
and the effect is already. Amazed, Lam asked how such a thing was possible. - No I do not know
too well, I did nothing else in life so far, he confided to me while working in parallel to that
computer fabulous. This is my world, one that I feel somewhat safe. I have a special connection
with her sense circuit processes and really 'understand' telepathically with them, streams of
electrons. And it follows me, I would like intentions. "I see 'connections, barriers, encryption, see
everything at once and know where to act, and how to solve. But sometimes these features and
some "problems" as a sort of moody '. So it seems to me, so they feel. I looked to him as a man
from another world. I thought I'd seen many, but certainly we had some surprises. He explained
that that technology offers a huge data storage capacity, which is based on a crystal connection.
Computing power was colossal, but most important was that computer that have access to a
strangely high dimension of reality, immediately after the physical. I confess that I did not quite
understand this, but the words of Aiden, the scientific principle that makes it possible was a
complex combination of a new type of tension between mathematics and Hilbert spaces, plus a
design aspect that is not constructive I can share one being secret. Thanks to these amazing
features, that computer can be used successfully in solving the most difficult situations, making it
truly three-dimensional predictions. - This is the compact version of its used for such situations,
but the Pentagon and the headquarters of one of its secret bases there desktop version, which is
much stronger, I whispered to Aiden. I just began to explain one of his ideas on a new
technological step scale, involving more crystals when I was called by Lieutenant Nicoara entry
tunnel. Arrived when I was 42 for the first time I enter the zone which had been forbidden until
then. I went along with Aiden to the left of the tunnel mouth. As I approached the large square on
the surface gold dome which rises with aperture holographic projection of images of human
history, ever felt more like a lump in my throat with emotion. I tried to get possession,
îmbarbatându me that the thought that the expedition had to be always accompanied by Caesar,
who knew he had experience and wisdom needed to solve even the toughest situations.
However, the huge mouth of the tunnel, which was lit inside a discreet green light, power and left
me standing like me there is a strange feeling of weakness. Person in tunnel console command
right to transmit them to Caesar's, which is the entry into the vast underground cavern last
overseeing transport luggage, some technical data somewhat meaningless to me. But soon I
realized that American officer was talking about the intensity of a spatial-temporal deformation
field and it made me really think. I submitted to the edge of the tunnel entrance, the first time we
had free access here. Huge impression in the wall cavity mountain was great, I feel like dizzy, it
was as if a mysterious force emanating from huge tunnel. To further reduce this initial shock, I
looked back to the giant room, but my attention was attracted by a change in the holographic
image in front console that is the American officer. This depict the image within a gallery and I
realized immediately that it was the tunnel that was to travel. Inside the gallery may notice a kind
of "curtain" that vibrate semitransparent increasingly faster, having a funnel shape, its apex
direction parallel to the tunnel. Finally 'funnel' has stabilized, but her appearance generally
suggest rapid pulse. Then, suddenly, distortion and disappeared behind it appeared to extend the
tunnel. - And for us was a big surprise, he confirmed Caesar daze. Imagine what I was surprised
when, invade the tunnel for the first time I saw that after fifty feet he suddenly darkened, even
bright light 'area' black we gave any information. It was a kind of 'code' to penetrate further.
Moreover, he could not get any from her, because the energy barrier at a small distance in front. I
got a solution but quickly, enabling the console commands. Images showed us how to access the
parameters we set. Then scientific team quickly understood that it was an artificially generated
spatial distortion. Naturally, we all wondered why it was necessary so, if all we got up here. Only
after a while to realize that those who built this whole mountain inside a technique used to travel
through tunnels and we are now unknown. Behind is a geometric distortion of highly pure quartz
crystals embedded in insulating material of the tunnel. Come to show you. And they say, Caesar
before I start the tunnel. I am inspired and deeply and I stepped inside it. I carefully looked high
and vaulted walls, which were perfectly finished. I think the tunnel width was about seven meters
and the height of ten meters. Material hang with tapestry walls seemed similar to the Grand
Gallery, but I noticed it was smoother and its color was greenish glow. If you watched the live
material, almost like I could not notice the details, shone in a special way, making it
"Slip somehow look. Reluctant, I followed closely by Caesar. Beeline tunnel about seven-eight
feet, then follow a fairly tight curve to the left, then I saw him lying in front of another without any
deviation. Feeling that when I tried it moved me deeply. Tunnel giant gets a different color by
about eight-nine feet from the curve, becoming indigo-fluorescent. Then, much before, maybe
after a few hundred meters, he is gentle curve to the bottom, lowering the earth's crust until the
radius of curvature is too great and he could not follow the route. All create an intense feeling of
mystery also weird that almost no one spoke. Luggage last few were made and arranged in three
military vehicles with a special form, which immediately drew my attention. But even then, Caesar
began to explain to me, showing me the side of the tunnel: - spatial distortion occurs around this
place, he told me I show an imaginary line which saw the beginning, like trenches dug in
particular material, some geometric patterns diamond. The holes in question were some special
slots that were built several large crystals of different colors, but very clean. I noticed that their
arrangement on both ends of the tunnel, as well as geometric shapes that were built were
perfectly symmetrical. After my assessment, this arrangement is a length of about five feet and he
was exactly the right area of transition from pale green tunnel to the luminous indigo. I
approached the crystal and we watched carefully. Were equal in size and measure about half a
meter height and only about ten inches in width. At the top, they end in a form of tetrahedron and
were so pure that when the pale yellow that I could almost see through them. I counted twelve
crystals on each side and I noticed that above them, about half of each side wall of the tunnel,
there is a ditch with a width of about five or six inches, the length of the model crystals. - Clearly,
here was something, maybe an extra device, but we have no proof, no information about it,
Caesar continued to explain to me. It is obviously a critical area and probably was used to propel
it through the tunnel to beings who built all those. Aiden, who meanwhile approached us, said -
my crystal configuration evoke a special type of link atom. I think they used to travel other than
the classical method which we approach November. Caesar 1-approved:-It is true, and this result
indirectly from holographic projections that we Leaua made available, but no clear picture
showing how we spent it. Does not understand why I have so much obscured. However, spatial
distortion was a very important role in that process, but they have created for us physically tunnel.
Yeah, it's a huge technology, Aiden occurred while looking closely at crystals. Almost certainly
resorted to a kind of teleportation or at least plan to travel in parallel. Probably considered too
difficult to explain this through holographic projection or maybe just our psychophysical structure
is not yet adapted and suited for it. -And we have left in exchange physical projection of the
tunnel, I found myself. Aiden was a little skeptical. - If so then that would have been purpose
spatial distortion? TUNNEL STRUCTURE EFFECTIVE LN is 44 to Egypt obviously have
somewhere here, underground, a great source of energy. I believe that with the stabilization of
distortion, physical size of the tunnel is somewhat altered ', go through the tunnel here before, but
nevertheless we are in a way "besides matters'. Normally, at the other end should be a
"converter" analogous to that here, add it with a weaker voice. - That's right, Caesar said smiling.
Scientific team confirmed strangeness Indigo Tunnel in the sense that he has a physical
consistency, however not actually pass through the earth, is more a line 'virtual', but perfectly
feasible for travel. Not understand how that is possible, though we serve him. Are still many
mysteries that we can not solve. For example, this situation is valid only for this tunnel, resulting
in the Giza Plateau, near Cairo. The other two tunnels are actually dug through the earth to their
destinations. A Romanian officer then come near us and reported to Caesar that everything was
loaded into vehicles. Caesar told us to get ready for departure, while he went back to room to
give projections for the last provision. I approached
curious about the three cars, were higher than electric vehicles that people went through the
Great Gallery and had a different shape, very aerodynamic. Unlike the first, they were covered
inside and were placed in the rear baggage. Also worked on electric motors, but they were very
strong and powerful, assured us Aiden, who knew very well the technology involved in their
construction. The three vehicles were placed in the column before the crystal area, and
resembled race cars: their bot was sharp and very low, while the back was much higher, in
particular to allow storage of baggage. I explained that this type of vehicle was designed by
Americans, immediately after the discovery was made in Bucegi underground complex, to be
perfectly adapted to the conditions of travel through the tunnel. Electric car was already at that
time a first secret U.S. military technology being used for other purposes. But the adjustment has
been made, it is considered now the best performing noiseless and fastest means of travel
through underground tunnels that begin in the Bucegi underground location. The body was made
of carbon fiber and on the front there is a fairly wide slit with a box behind it, which is integral with
the body. - The laser guidance system, explained Lieutenant Trujo, intuiting my puzzlement.
Since the surface is very smooth and without bumps, movement can be largely automated,
allowing to rest. The machine is equipped with autopilot and has implemented a very strong
board computer, which performs calculations based on information received. At the top, middle,
were prepared by two light projectors, while offering his own light tunnel and although in most
vehicle running on autopilot, though I was told that the experience of the trip two years ago the
necessity of mounting white light that project. Meanwhile, Caesar had returned near us and it took
the fly discussion topic, I offer the following clarifications: - This is a very particular tunnel. Indigo
light while creating a mental state of halving, something like the transition from wakefulness to
sleep. Mental relaxation is too large and attention tends to be particularly receptive to the
essential aspects of existence. I think you realize that we could not allow the team to lose
vigilance. There were small incidents, it is true, minor, but it was clear that something must
change. Having said this, Caesar gave the starting signal. Distribution team in vehicles was the
same: me with Caesar in the vehicle in front, then after Trujo and Aiden and finally, Lieutenant
Nicoara. We took farewell to the audience projections and transmitted signal at the entrance of
the mountain leaving the gallery. Excited, went up the vehicle next to Caesar. Interior looks
almost like aboard a modern aircraft. There were many buttons, some small displays and a
central platform with a large and complex data structure and schemes that we present. No driver,
but he was replaced by a stick drive, so that the aircraft, just as it had implemented some buttons
on it for some commands. The atmosphere inside was very nice. Displays had a reddish-orange,
and in some places messages were yellow. In fact, the interior looked more of a cockpit, as the
vehicle access was through raising side of modular housing. M sat in comfortable ergonomic
chair, was surprised that we had generous space available inside .
46 47
External cabin it seemed much smaller. I looked forward through the glass tightly secured, the
opening of the tunnel mysterious gave me cold shivers down the spine. It was a unique moment
in my life who would give amazing start with their specific events. Caesar set audio and video link
with the other two vehicles. Then looked at me inquiringly. I am a deep breath and nodded his
head. Almost suddenly become carbon light inside and dark space in front ... CHAPTER 3 USAP.

I felt my heart is shaking in a relative sense of fear. After all, it was natural to react this way
because we go to an unknown target to me, which announces full of surprises. Although Caesar
had to actively previous experience of such trips, which took place after I understand the more
difficult conditions, though two years had passed since then and nobody knew what might occur
during this time. This long period of rest was necessary to design some important changes in
both technology travel logistics, as well as regarding other measuring and control devices,
specifically designed by the specific findings from the expedition. Caesar was highly retained in
the description of that expedition and what was seen at the other end of the tunnel, which was not
likely to reassure me. However, I soon realized that proceeds in this way for my surprise to be as
high. He admitted however that such an action item is unexpectedly high proportion and that
probabilities speaking, we could expect great events and discoveries. As was natural, before
leaving the secret Alpha signed a highly confidential data and also a contract to take risks. But
not so sure if I made it, provided it would not be met Caesar. before one year after returning from
expeditions made it through three tunnels, he told me the main issues on the findings, but some
things never confided it to me because in a special category classification secrets. Even in the
current situation in which I had access to secret protocol signed by tall, Caesar explained to me
that I can not give specific details about the other two tunnels expeditions that I had an officer
appointment in the Department, and those secrets were top military secrets. In addition, an
appendix of the contract that I signed my access to specify a category of secrets that only
perform the task. But Caesar told me it was very likely to participate in these expeditions,
because there were some high interest in this direction.


Technology exception but in those moments I was more concerned about what I felt and saw that
the journey had begun. By a strange kind of reflection, quite spacious cabin atmosphere where
we were like 'fill' with a light color indigo, was undoubtedly a general effect of the tunnel light but
very soothing and relaxing action on psyche. - If at some point it will feel light bothers you, we can
compensate by opacity limiters fitted to the vehicle, I said Caesar. Established during the
autopilot and let the back seat comfortable very comfortable. I looked sideways to better
appreciate the speed and found that it was pretty big. I looked at the pointer on the board, which
had notations such as in miles and kilometers per hour and I saw that speed was set at 125 km /
h. It seemed to go so fast that I felt a slight trace of panic, but immediately calm me Caesar. -
After the expedition returned two years ago, there were several months of feedback intensive
research and design laboratories working for the Pentagon. We recorded and transmit data has
not gone too well or at all, and they came with more solutions. Reached fairly quickly in the final
version, which adjusts the gaps and bad effects that we faced in the first movement. Among
others, the vehicle was redesigned for the most part and, technologically speaking, has been
greatly enriched. Have studied several variants of travel in terms of which we have described and
concluded that the size of this tunnel, the optimum cruise speed is 125km / h. But the car can go
200 km / h, is designed so that the smooth slopes of the valley or hill that you noticed that it has
tunnel, the cruise speed to remain constant. Basically, the vehicle is fully automated. I had to
admit that was a technical gem, which were used in the full knowledge and materials used in
space industry. I do not understand too much about these issues, but still be able to say with
certainty that ordinary people were not too soon to see such vehicles on the streets. Caesar
explained that I had not neglected any aspect: the air flow aerodynamic bodywork, laser guidance
systems redundant movement, air control systems parameters outside, cabin pressurization and
oxygen reserves and even a sophisticated Artificial maintenance of life for a while, in case of
serious accidents. On this occasion we found that safety systems in case of collision were also
very well-developed, the novelty lies in the fact that, apart from the inside airbags on the sides of
the car had been designed to open a set of 'bag' very strong, which is triggered automatically
when the imminent impact sensors are activated. Learning, however, I felt more confident and
even started thinking about the fact that this time they had to spend a relaxed along with Caesar,
the electric vehicle, can I use it constructively to find answers in May some questions and issues
that were I not too clear. Caesar said he immediately agreed. - The road will take something less
than two days, taking into account breaks for sleep and meals, he said to me. We have enough
time. I was very pleased and in a state of intense mood I contained 49 mind and body. Just
getting ready to tackle the first topic of discussion when the computer voice announced that our
board over five kilometers we reach "a stationary point." I forgot ask at Caesar. - The first
expedition I was more and transport were not performing, he began to explain my situation. In
addition, vehicle autonomy was more than four hundred kilometers. Sure, they were well-
equipped military machine design, but some are powered by batteries of special construction.
Therefore, we were compelled to select a number between them only to carry spare batteries. I
set some intermediate stations along the way, the conversion to leave batteries in return for food
and supplies. When we left we were a caravan projections Hall of seventeen cars, of which eight
were designed solely for that purpose, they went after us and supply stations were constructed,
after returning to the room on all projections. Finally the new vehicles remained the main
expedition. -Okay, I said surprised, but now are powered stations? Are there enough batteries?
-We no longer need them. This new type of vehicle is powered by atomic pile. Can you believe it?
Caesar smiled, waiting for my reaction. I was very surprised indeed, if Americans "dosisera 'such
technology, then what other surprises I could I expect? At the same time I think about what level
of return and misinformation is kept population being led to believe that oil continues to fuel the
energy solution ... Caesar's voice interrupted my thoughts but row:-And the process used is that
of cold nuclear fusion! We made big eyes of wonder. Like I came to visit another planet! -I know,
it's sad to see that the world is deliberately kept in a deep ignorance. Many of those who are
aware of handling aggressive people even consider it as a curse on this planet, yet are deeply
mistaken. Thinking thus severely limited not only themselves, but may even cause a chain spread
negative ideas, from which we have only lost. It's like a catastrophe, it's a capitulation. The fate of
this planet is different, and the transformations that will occur soon to clarify things. Caesar
stopped to explain the manual control switch. He explained that this operation was necessary
when passing the law a "stationary point" of food to be safer in case of necessity such a sudden
maneuvers. Storage bins with food and other necessities were things done by both sides of the
tunnel, narrowing the path less. Even if the lower speeds at those points, an extra caution was
still necessary. I saw that the boxes were arranged symmetrically on both sides of a tunnel, is
carefully arranged. I noticed immediately in their second intermittent signal beacons having
orange. I remembered when the spatial distortion and the fact that we apparently now the way I
went 'virtual'. I can not explain how it was possible for her to appear along with the changes that
were made, ie stationary points and beacons. As usual, Caesar immediately caught my mind. -
This is not the main problem. Naturally, if we go through the tunnel we are now physically
appears and disappears, it means he is still
"Memory" inherent and thus "remember" all the changes it made. I told you that still do not know
the process takes place and that makes it possible to show the strange, but researchers suspect
it is that binds In an special way of very special material lining its surface. Undoubtedly there is a
subtle kind of interaction that we do not perceive a mysterious phenomenon that is triggered by a
highly advanced technologies. Are many unknowns here. Destiny of mankind I passed first
stationary point and now tunnel stretched again, perfectly free in front of us and radiates that
mysterious light indigo. Caesar again activated the car's autopilot, who meanwhile had returned
to cruise speed. After verification made a video and audio with the other two vehicles behind us,
at a distance of one kilometer from each other, Caesar again let a casual position in ergonomic
chairs. I took the opportunity to clarify the subject already started - you refer to future catastrophic
events that are mentioned in Revelation? I have directed the discussion towards what worry me
more time. After the first expedition had returned, after a year, Caesar I destainuie certain
elements on the future of mankind, which amazed me deeply. Though his story has been great, I
felt that there are still many other aspects noted that he avoided me destainuie them. Even more
than that, then I was asked to not write and do not even talk about what I was told. I was so
interested to know how many in connection with this matter. -It is possible that the globe to
produce certain catastrophic events, just cataclysms that required to generate a transformation in
perception and mentality of the people, he answered me. We can expect this reality and I suspect
that they are scarcely likely to delight the wicked and perverted, the more so as time seems to
shrink. -Sure, I noticed that and I even read some remarks on this topic. I understand that this
phenomenon is closely related to the subjective nature of time. Apparently, I have less time now
for the same activities under the same conditions, which are made in a few years ago. But I could
clearly tell you why. Caesar tilt his head approvingly. - There are several reasons contributing to
this very important phenomenon which should not be neglected. Among other things, accelerate
the time you and this special period of 2000, which was mentalizata hundreds of millions of
people for tens and even hundreds of years as an apocalyptic end of time was. But spiritually
speaking, a possible apocalyptic event must be regarded as a moment of profound
transformation of human nature as a change from bad to good, so that planet have a net
beneficial guidance. For now, just as you can easily tell, there is mostly a pronounced tendency to
decline, the amplification of evil, the perversity. And if this situation dragged on until now, comes
the time for "maturity", the huge accumulation can lead to negative Karmic
51 52
"clearing" As people who made them. From this point of view I say they can even be downright
astounding and fearful for many. However, as you know well, not only to restore the original
balance, an absolutely necessary purification zone economy in the world where we are. I felt
chills as I go. Nobody would like to know the uncertainty and we all want to live as much as
possible to enjoy a wonderful life. Yet, in these times everything seems to become unstable,
uncertain, subject to transition and often even fail. Caesar knew that the most suitable attitude in
such a situation was the opposite to be pretty dark thoughts and feelings that I tried, in other
words to be optimistic, active, energetic and positive thinking in action. Now that he was near me,
I seemed to find sufficient resources could nevertheless. But then what will I do? Mom scolded
himself, realizing that just yet left an attitude on the right glide slope pessimism. I felt ever more
clearly the need to find refuge from thoughts to God, to trust me and I completely abandon him.
Even if you do not yet understand this seemingly unfathomable mystery of Creation, yet began to
intuiesc becoming more myself, just as I explained to Caesar, there is something beyond all that,
something I could rely entirely something that I appear as a solution to all problems and
uncertainties. It was just a distant breeze, however how much joy my cause! Was the only
certainty about beginning to know that will never go away. Thus encouraged them, I asked him
when he says that Caesar will begin to happen however, and if those events will be correlated
with the second coming of Jesus. His answer made me smile, because it was somehow a
confirmation of my own thoughts: - Is the problem that most worry them. Not sure about this since
only God knows the Father, as they say in sacred works, specifically in the Bible. On this basis,
we can say that when God deems it time, Jesus will reappear in glory. In fact, I knew from some
hints which I made a year ago that he knew very well how the events will take place relatively
near future. Perhaps from modesty or perhaps great caution not to upset me mentally, he
preferred not to mention anything about it. Caesar He paused, and I felt that something thinks,
choosing words that better express themselves. - Very soon I will tell you the specific occurrences
that are directly related to what we found at the other end of the tunnel. Will surprise you, but also
will delight you more. You live and you like them, but it depends on you the highest degree. Just
you have a little patience. My attention was strained to the limit. I asked quickly, not to lose touch
with the previous topic, hoping that as I gain more information:-What do you mean by "coming in
glory '? And as we will see where Jesus? -What you need to know is that this second coming of
Jesus will be achieved by materializing the physical plane and therefore it is not birth, as it was
two thousand years ago. This time is really a coming in glory, a manifestation. And that coming
will be done by
a planetary spiritual manifestation in divine glory. She will be leaving the Savior of the world
reverse. If the biblical text speaks of the ascension, now the second coming of Jesus will be
about a reappearance in the sky in glory and then getting off and staying for some time of the
planet. Make sure, however it would seem unrealistic given the atheists, superficial or casual, it
will be an epochal moment for the entire planet. But when the second coming remains a mystery
and is unknown even to Jesus, but will be decided only by God the Father. somehow, is that
when we prepare to welcome in our home a wonderful person, whose presence know in advance
that we will deeply emotional. And therefore needed to be prepared and purified, open soul, with
a sober mind, capable of receiving spiritual messages that we give them then that person. -And I
was repeatedly asked how it would be better to meet this second coming of Jesus, "I said.
Passing over the fact that if we will be alive at that time, he will be undoubtedly the most
important event of our existence, I think the question really is how we will be ready for this coming
November. - Indeed, in the end is the most important aspect, because man goes to the ability to
make a great leap of spiritual evolution. If he continues to remain secluded in his egoismele and if
you expect to receive everything from God and from Jesus, without making any effort, imagining
and the coming of Jesus will automatically trigger deification of salvation and then to know that is
profoundly mistaken. Many think this way, but they must become aware that, as people say a
word, God provides, but not put in bag. Here I spoke, making the following observation: - From
what I saw, most people just complain to cope with problems and troubles and soul together. How
can he understand her need for spiritual effort in such conditions? Caesar explained that in reality
people mistakenly identify their priorities in life and through this effort and energy they are also
involved incorrectly targeted. Mature life and solving problems - in some people, if you do not
have problems in life, their evolution would stagnate. You must understand that those who do not
want to follow a spiritual path, the existence of problems or existential crisis leads perforce to ask
questions, to mobilize, to leave the state of lethargy in which it was and thus progress. -Well, but
this means that it is necessary to always remain unresolved issues that could move? I asked
annoyed. Caesar smiled. - Of course not. Often they think that the difficult situation faced is
hopeless, but the appearance state of despair or despair when it is actually the biggest enemy.
Therefore you should always avoid such wording leave negative status. Do not have noticed that
the attitude or mental state that may choose to determine whether the help you needed? If
someone is confident attitude, and even 54 bracing optimistic, despite the apparent misfortune
that has befallen him, the assistance can be 'called' and the problem is solved. Unfortunately,
many do not find it necessary to power and abandoned the fight before it even begins. I reflected
a while in silence. -Might still be difficult, I said. How to keep this inner attitude? -The thoughts
and moods that they generate in each moment. Not so difficult, provided you pay attention and
perseverance in this practice. There should never despair. All those who believe that the problem
faced is not solved, seem to know a fundamental truth, that what they think, exactly why it occurs
in their lives. Thinking that no longer have any hope, they reteaza travelers any way to get the
different ways they could help was if he thought otherwise. It seems almost incredible, but to
know that an attitude which then attract the right energy can radically change a difficult situation
in life. But if people will think negatively, it will not solve the problem arise for those who are
themselves disabled. "But maybe it is destiny which is to have a bad situation in the life of a man,
I said. If he has to pay through that problem, I think it will come very hard to amend. -Before there
destiny or other issues that preclude a harmonious life, mostly people themselves who, by their
attitude, generates a negative state, so the situation becomes serious. Of course they could say
that after they had a problem and need to create a constructive attitude. But if you really want to
be helped to rely on divine forces, then the more it will have to generate the proper attitude. That
would entail the possibility that many times just to be helped In an entirely unexpected.
-Theoretically speaking, you're right, I appreciated it. But remember that those who have
problems and trouble are already very confused and confused. Often, they can not appreciate
any circumstances. -This was simply because they can not detach from the idea that they are
facing a big problem, he said Caesar. Difficult situation that anyone can face in life in that person
produces a certain voltage. In various situations, it can become creative tension and trigger,
apparently accidentally, an answer or a whole series of solutions that could provide the final
solution of the problem or existential crisis. I asked Caesar to be made to identify such a moment.
- It is essential to be very careful and can correctly interpret the signs to appear. For example,
words spoken by someone may have a very special significance, even one who speaks clearly
knows what is about. Those words fill or give a sense of the problem facing the person. He who
utters those words or reading a certain passage or sometimes even look a work of art inspired
spark can trigger an intuitive understanding of how that problem can be solved. All this is however
outside person faced with the difficult situation, they are outside. Instead, that person may
suddenly feel an emotion that is contained deep because they appear and arrange all the
a puzzle, providing what is needed to solve difficult problems. For those issues well understood, I
said: - In addition, I think it shows indirect evidence of the existence of God who is omnipresent
and omnipotent. An initial knows this is no longer surprised when faced with such evidence of
synchronicity. Caesar agreed with a bow. - I'm glad you understand these important issues. For
very synchronicity phenomena occurring in our existence and that most people consider them
mere coincidences or chance, clearly demonstrates that God is omnipotent. Although
synchronicity is, if we look at in terms of initiation, the proof that God can do anything, and
synchronicity phenomena are even words that omnipotent. If people were really paying attention,
they would often be amazed and overwhelmed by how those answers that they had urgent need
arise in an almost miraculous way. -Maybe, if these situations were common, people would
become aware of them, "I said thoughtfully. Wrong here, I said Caesar. Such aid is more common
than you imagine, especially when the problem is very difficult and no solution seems in a certain
stage. Many times you can be yourself also witnessed the "answers" that are actually addressed
the problems faced and are near you. Yeah, but they can not take the opportunity to focus "that
are all body-mind that you represent. And then, the field solutions they have available tapering.
-Problem is a little more delicate, Caesar said. Man is not just an assembly of body and mind.
There are other very important issues that define its existence and that we can not ignore. For
example, breath, and then his senses, his relationships and his way of living. All this work as a
unit. If one of these parties to change something, make sure that changes occur very quickly and
in others. However, it is still an essential element and, to be as clear as you, you will illustrate an
example of a story. I myself learned it from Dr. Xien, with many years ago, during my practice
based near B. .. Anxious to hear the story of Caesar I sat in the chair more comfortable
ergonomics. I looked through the glass windshield to strange luminescent effect, carbon black,
reflected the tunnel. For a moment I thought the situation where I was, unthinkable two or three
years ago: one traveling through secret underground tunnels and mysterious hidden by a target
on another continent, part of the obscured section Romanian secret services and talk to Caesar
about different aspects of initiation, spiritual, meeting vehicle as meeting the standards of the
most advanced technologies. But I felt very good and next to Caesar, which we consider a true
teacher and to whom we owe all that amazing in my life happened in recent years. After all, they
owe itself spiritual path of transformation and evolution that entered with hesitating steps. While
thus reflecting, fully relaxed and filled with a very pleasant, Caesar began to tell me: - In times
long ago lived a king whose life was threatened and did not know what would be better to do
protect itself from danger. He held a 56 dialogue with all his advisers, but none was able to give a
satisfactory solution. Hearing is talking about a wise old man, who was withdrawn In a monastery
in the mountains, the king decided to go out there for advice. The journey was long and
unpleasant for the king, whose mind was disturbed by the imminent danger which threatens life.
When finally reached the monastery, he has found a wise old man working in the garden.
Appeared, told why he came and commanded him to find a solution loud. However, the old man
continued to work silently, without even looking up. King was first filled with anger, but then began
to observe movements and regular calm wise old man. Finally, one asked if he wanted to give
him a helping hand and work in the garden. Wise has made a nod to take a nearby tool-and a
mimic. Thus worked together a long time in silence, side by side. Gradually, the king began to like
what he was doing there and the elderly silent company. Mind has become so calm and
untroubled, and his heart became light. Suddenly, however, a gunman jumped the garden wall,
but not sufficiently attentive, and fell very deep cut to his hand. Then, immediately drew king shirt,
tore it and made it a tourniquet. The man jumped to his feet, thanking her and begging her
forgiveness. Wondering, a king asked: "Why ask me to forgive you? Have not done anything
wrong. " Then the man replied: "Forgive me, because I had come to kill you." King returned
appalled by wise old man, who smiled and said: "As you see, it looks like you already found the
solution to serious problems that worry you." And therefore I tell you: do not ever abandon the
path to a viable solution, no matter how difficult the situation would be where you are. But as you
saw, it's necessary to have a inner transformation, a superior understanding of the problem to
occur and that such saving solution. Without this understanding superior minds forever and
always will revolve around the same desires and selfish impulses, and solving can not occur in
such conditions. The example I gave a Caesar seemed very telling, summarizing practical notions
that he had before. I thanked him with gratitude and then I asked my little detailed aspects of
mind, senses and breath, they mentioned above. I confess that although I had read something
about this subject, my things were still not too clear. We need a systematic, a touch, a unitary
concept, linking these concepts together. Caesar accepted with pleasure to develop the idea,
especially as he himself regarded this as very important for spiritual progress of human beings,
especially in its early stages. - You must first understand the mechanism. Breath, senses and
mind have a mutual influence. If certain actions affecting one area, the effect achieved will also
act, and on other areas. Of these three issues, it would seem that the mind has supremacy.
However, the mind can be influenced by a very simple amendment blast. -I mean breath, I said I,
to be absolutely sure. I read about the extraordinary results that can be achieved through yogic
practice of breath ritmarii. It looks like a real science. Yeah, keep breath life and at the same time
is very mysterious. This is not just air. And a corpse is surrounded by air, however one can not
use. I could tell a great story in about
breath, the senses and mind, which appears in the sacred texts of Hinduism. Have you read the
Upanishads? No, just some summaries of them, which we found in his library Elinor, iam replied.
-The story is eloquent. a metaphorical approach, the text says that at some point between mind,
senses and breath fierce dispute broke out because each wanted to know what it is the most
important place. Then asked the advice of a teacher and he said that the most important part is
that without which the whole can not survive. Therefore, they agreed that each in turn to leave the
body for a short time, so to see what will happen. First the body was left senses, but life
continued without them. Then head left and even if the issues were rather dull, life still continued.
but when he wanted to go breath, senses and mind and felt that as they were removed from the
body. So that was leaning against the evidence and thereby recognized the primacy of breath. I
smiled, thinking how simple and eloquent things in perspective could be given wisdom. Caesar
continued to explain to me, returning to the issue of breath. -It is very clear so that life is related to
breath and it affects us all activities. But to carry out different activities, you need to dispose of
energy and it is conveyed principally through blast. Do you now clear that by proper control of the
blast is aimed at actually getting an effect on energy flow between the subtle and tangible parts of
human beings. -I started to practice the five techniques of parchment secret Tibetan in Tibet, "I
said. Are attempts shy, but even so I figured what can trigger tremendous force through
controlled breathing. - This is very important to have a certain continuity, to be persistent. If it is
done correctly and consistently, and simple breath awareness can lead to some very interesting
changes in the structure of being. No need to create who knows what breathing exercises
complicated. Remember thinking involved in this process is essential. Mysteriously, in these
circumstances simply to breathe consciously establishes a sort of bridge with much higher areas
of perception and consciousness. We stayed a little thought. I did not understand what could
cause this change of consciousness. Caesar but I cleared immediately. - This reaction depends
very much on the mysterious way in which we focus on the breath. We can not say that the
balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is not important, but we expect to touch more than a
simple chemical exchange in the lungs. People are only interested in the so-called chemistry of
breathing, but it would be desirable to notice, too, and feelings arising from breath control, which
may provide him with an oxygen inaccessible dimension. Caesar's intervention stopped the voice
of Lieutenant Trujo explanations, which require certain technical details. I look forward sinuous
form of giant tunnel through which it seemed as before with a very high speed. Strange light
indigo color, light glow, was like a magic influence on me, making me take 'about' waking
consciousness somehow float 58 and parallel to a disturbing dimension. I saw something, but
instead felt a deep feeling of relief, freedom and inner peace, at the same time continue to be
aware, though in a more vague, the reality surrounding the passenger compartment where I was,
The mysterious tunnel where I go ... However, this reality is increasingly blurred over, giving way
to higher experiences that I wanted to plunge in quickly. Last thing I remember was that Caesar
alone, but he himself entered into a deep state of meditation, because I noticed the vertical
position of the seat back. I entered deep sleep and then slams into the world without me
remember something. I opened my eyes when Caesar halt the vehicle stopped near one of the
stationary points. - We will remain here for us to eat and rest, he said. I seem to sleep very little,
but I found that had passed, in fact, almost twelve hours after leaving the room Projection
generating. Do not remember anything I could dream, like I had been completely broken so that I
was in physical reality, as the subtle and dream. I walked out of the vehicle. When we touched
the ground, I found that I be moved, as I certainly support. entire surface of the tunnel was
covered with a material having a special texture, at the same time, there seems to surface a layer
of 'air' luminous color, indigo. I think the strange sensation that I felt it was due to just this strange
features of the tunnel, which create the perception of relative instability. The other two vehicles
had stopped and rear them. Lieutenant Nicoara and two Americans download luggage needed for
camping. I noticed a kind of relatively narrow magnetic mattress for one person, but quite thick. I
saw two devices, one of which appeared to be an oscilloscope, the other a trip that Aiden has
mounted a cylinder of which came out kind of antenna, on it were arranged in a certain distance
displays some images. The young open their computer and then started working on it, being very
focused and occasionally on the information screens cylinder. I was in charge of food for all, the
mission was simple, because all the food required was contained in a metal box, divided
judiciously, it is "meat space." Nicoara used to appoint Lieutenant Thus, referring to the fact that
we eat almost kind of feed they consume and their astronauts in space missions. Had been
previously instructed on the meaning of each 'dish', its content, the amount which was necessary
for a person and order these products to be consumed. In fact, it was kind of food bars, vitamins,
minerals and concentrates, which were not too tasty, but instead were extremely nutritious. Staff,
agreed stick which contained a concentrated green barley. Regarding liquids, had sufficient
supplies of mineral water and a tea as citrus and other vitamins, very pleasant to taste. After we
divided portions, the bars started to eat my place while inspecting the camp. The arrangement
was very simple to
sides of the tunnel were four medium sized boxes, which contained mainly other supplies, some
measurement devices and batteries left from the previous expedition. I asked Caesar if
maintenance is not difficult these intermediate stations and the logistics of that. - Paradoxically,
there are no problems, I answered him. There is something very strange about this tunnel. It
seems there, we move through it, is part of our physical reality but also can say that does not
exist. Order distortion is canceled when the room space projections, it disappears completely.
However, it was noted that after reactivation, the tunnel lies entirely with the last information it
contained, I mean, any change is made within it, in a further activation it appears exactly the
same condition as before deactivation. Soon people realized that such time is exceeded, space-
time continuum is "recomposed" in a mysterious way the shape memory and the latest
information on the exact condition that it continue. It's like a 'conservation' ideal. Although we are
still far from understanding this mystery, the situation suits us very much. Practically stationary
points are almost unalterable. Neither do I could tell it was possible for something, but it definitely
was a reality, because even when I was living. - But what is particularly the tunnel? I asked,
although the topic had been discussed in passing. What led the builders to take this variable? -
Nobody knows the cause. At one point, he hypothesized that it was actually made in the tunnel
last three to start the Hall projections and thus benefited from a superior technology, was built
long after the first two. But, of course, is only a mere supposition. I looked deep tunnel and we
start again felt dizzy, having the feeling that something shoot me 'out of the body. Indigo light,
easy to glow, a slow moving colors on the walls and complete quietness were all very strong
effect on the psyche. Passed psychological tests, some of them pretty tough, they have given to
the laboratories of the Alpha, but even so the effect of the tunnel complex were amazingly strong
for me to apply the full resources of self. I stopped in place, about ten meters from the stationary
point in the direction of travel. in that area, the tunnel was perfectly right and I appear to be huge
and the game's opening subtle indigo light often makes it seem unreal. I felt suddenly isolated
and a subtle sense of panic had already begun to infiltrate my mind. I feel like they are
suspended and they are outside the tangible reality, even if the others were just a few meters
behind me. That feeling of solitude and mystery was overwhelming, so I quickly turned into
"camp." Aiden just present holographic projection where we are considered in terms of the
geometry of the planet. I saw fascinated tortuous route of the tunnel that went before, under the
land surface, and I noticed that we are already in the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, they saw
represented a large cavity in the segment of the continental shelf which depict the projection.
American young man explained to us that that position was made possible through complex
interpolations using a kind of language "and shared between computer or cylinder-shaped device
that sits on a tripod, which, however, told us that may not give us any indication.

60 Because I was "fed up" after three dishes, Caesar's suggestion we spread each on his
mattress for a restful sleep. Even if I sleep for hours already in the vehicle, yet felt a great desire
to lie down and close my eyes, to plunge me into dreamland. Those conditions were very special
and I was well aware that they work in a special way on me. We argue that impression, as you
stay longer in that tunnel, my condition perceptive, both interior and exterior as is clearly change.
First was that feeling that I expand fulminating that are becoming bigger, although my body
correctly perceive, at the same time I feel that are more outside. Become much greater fluidity of
thought, I feel that I could understand things about which I knew nothing until then and all this
was going on a fund inner feeling of freedom, which is growing ever longer. It was like something
inside me held revolutionary and profoundly beneficial that fills my whole being of a happiness
inexplicable. I lay on the mat face up and I fell asleep in seconds, the grand ceiling of the tunnel
seems immaterial in light of a carbon-coated as discrete.

Mind meanders a few hours we woke up, we packed the few things and we resumed the journey
through the tunnel, I realized that a certain level, my mind seeking to get used to this action that
seemed somehow disconnected from physical reality, but still in a strange part of it. There was
conflicting information that is combined in a manner unforeseen in my subconscious and almost
all related to tunnel through which we move. First it was the origin of strange, it was basically a
reality 'format' of a spatial-temporal dimension, which have the ability to "preserve" then it
perfectly. I give the impression that the tunnel itself is placed at the boundary crossing between
two different planes of creation. During our Popasului, Aiden made some approximate
calculations and hypothesized that we could find at the intersection of two realities of phase, but
could not yet understand how it was possible to obtain tunnel stability in such conditions. I was
however something more practical and I'm glad that there is stability and that it creates problems
that we jeopardize our physical integrity. I was fascinated by the special physical state that
gradually encompassed me, as I spent more time in the tunnel. Intuit that it is no doubt about
special energy condition of the tunnel itself, with "material" which was made with the geometry of
impressive, though very simple, and some other particular conditions that contributed to overall
strangeness. For example, the temperature inside was always constant: 26 ° C, everything was
perfectly clean and I noticed no grain of sand on the entire journey, at last, and there was silence,
disturbed only by the soft hum of electric vehicles travel. But the strongest influence it seemed to
be the color of light carbon, which in a way cause I misunderstood the ancestral soul a feeling of
nostalgia, without me explain very well because of that perception. Sometimes, this condition
became so acute that almost made me lose touch with reality and get immersed in surrounding
myself to something light that I felt like points
as a powerful magnet. Caesar explained that the conditions were ideal for introspection and for
the most profound meditation, but that it was not suitable for the present situation in which it was
necessary to be vigilant and also to keep our active tone in terms of psycho-somatic . He
therefore adjust windscreen visibility so that the perception of light travel through the tunnel and
carbon black was not influenced so much anymore. Effects of the measures we have
experienced recently, again became curious and willing to learn new things. I even allowed to do
and an analytical observation, noting that those feelings may be, in fact, some mental reflections
and that, through firm control of the mind, they could be completely mastered. Smiling quietly,
Caesar developed the subject: - Generally speaking, the mind is a kind of master of time and
therefore not to do what he wants, it will be brought to a state of continuous attention. Most
people 'work' as its appropriation, and this is because brain development starts long before
people are aware of their ego. They suffered many genetic influences, cultural and had many
personal experiences that have shaped the way they think, react and feel what is happening
around them. I mean the mind is formed in a manner that is specific to each individual through
these factors that determine how he sees the world and those who compose it. Feeling inspired
me, I spoke quickly: - In this case, given that the mind is directly influenced by the issues which it
faces, it means you have to expose some positive aspects, so that was enriched. -Normal is a
great opportunity to dispose of this possibility, I approved Caesar. In fact, it is based and the
whole theory of positive thinking that is promoted in Western psychology practice. Unfortunately,
few people are willing to bend the mysteries which it involves and examine them carefully. Have
you seen many times, I think, very well intentioned people who just want to transform, to think
positive, but still seem to be taken to "wave", feeling lost and helpless. Yeah, I saw! I said then,
thinking that was a good example myself. But why it still happens? -Reason is the main
characteristic of mind, which is fluctuation, Caesar explained. If you have patience and curiosity
to get noticed and to be only tens of seconds, you'll see that your mind is subject to continuous
transformations. Nothing seems permanent status and must begin by accepting this reality. In
fact, if we make a synthesis, we can distinguish three main different states of mind that any being
passed at least once: a strong state of agitation or, on the contrary, extreme lethargy, an unstable
condition, which varies between attention and inattention, and a status beyond the attention, the
mind is quiet and absorbed. Have you noticed that here in the tunnel, you almost natural
tendency to approach it the third state of mind? I tilted his head approvingly. I asked him to
Caesar but little detail these issues regarding the state of mind, because I find it very important. I
thought, after all, they are the ones that give us every day and moment by moment satisfaction or
dissatisfaction that they have. Good mood and happiness had to be somehow a close connection
with states of mind, logically, to an agitated and nervous state of mind no idea how to be happy
and not full of good health 62. - All lies in the power of being able to observe your mind lucidly
states. However, there are some simple ways in which poor mental states can be transformed
into positive feelings. When the mind is agitated, strong emotions they feel when they tend to
overwhelm us. After that, most times there is a tendency to fall into depression. In such a case,
an effective method is simple breath awareness we talked about you. Few breaths, which will
focus on the breath, are usually enough to calm the mind greatly. If it is unstable, breathing
techniques have effect regardless of distraction. Their goal is to change the state of mind so that
attention to prevail and be durable. In general, people quickly jump to a clear and focused state of
mind at the carelessness and confusion that prevailed. Why do you repeat essential that attention
is turning towards, due attention is always arrive at a better capacity for observation. It's like when
cooking: if you fry onions in same skillet for years without May 1 wash from time to time, any
other food made in that pan will taste like onion. But if you will conscientiously washed after each
use, you will notice the true taste of any dish you prepare. I wanted to make such an analogy to
mind: if you will 'clean' mind regularly, you see things, situations and beings as they are, without
being affected by what you saw before. I congratulate you once again for that plan started to
practice techniques taught in Tibetan scroll which included breathing exercises. There were even
made direct reference to mind and now I remarked that Caesar spoke basically about the same
things. -A mind is like a confusing and cumbersome clogged vessel, he continued to explain to
me. Breathing techniques are some of the best "cleaning products" that people are always
available. It should however like to make a minimum effort and for it. -And if the mind is perfectly
quiet and calm? I asked, curious to see how psycho-mental condition is when a human being. -In
such a case, we can say that the mind has gone somewhat beyond the attention, being
completely calm and perfectly integrated object you see. This privileged status is marked by a
high serenity. A special relationship Caesar silent a good while none has spoken a word. We aim
to make order among those on recently. I realized that if I had not received the clarifications and
explanations that Caesar gave me along time probably would have spent many years in darkness
orbecaind ignorance. Alone, we are often helpless, even if our intentions are great and even
though our desire to learn more, to progress, is intense. Therefore we need a guide competence,
and I again felt my heart full of gratitude to Caesar, which I saw clearly how step by step guide
through the complicated labyrinth of spiritual knowledge. I thought then that, although
technological progress of humanity is obvious and science has made important steps forward, all
this knowledge and still might not prevent us to be often perplexed regarding understanding 63
simple things. For example, we really understand why certain events in life have such an impact
on our feelings or what is the meaning which we live? Often remains weak, despite technical
advances. Why an apparently trivial event reaches its full destabilize some people who until then
seemed powerful and influential? Why humans are so anxious, seeming at once to master them
both? The truth is that we can overcome these conditions was limited and we create a different
relationship with what surrounds us and life events. The difficulty lies precisely in its simplicity
retrievals. Should strive to get rid of what we confuse, but our tendency is rather the reverse. I
would say that we must be like a mirror, to receive what he gives her, without thereby to judge or
to have preconceived ideas. In my opinion, this is a fundamental aspect, which allows us to move
beyond cultural barriers. The more we think we know, the less we tend to listen. Often we
imagine that we know already know even better when we stop and be open, so often pass by
reality. We can say that in this case do not see the forest for the trees. We tend to perceive what
we are used to what we have in mind, what we think should exist and what does not truly exist.
From Caesar we learned the new skill is acquired slowly by a process which is based on two
elements: a one way mirror and looking to see. In one of his few references to this subject, told
me that a teacher is likely to reflect a true disciple mirror when meeting, on the other hand, a true
disciple is a disciple who wants to learn and he is always surrounded by genuine masters. Many
times I accused may questions and Caesar them and my curiosity to learn new things and to me
perfect in my way of thinking it is disturbed or irritated by simplicity and their insistence. His
answer full of kindness and love filled my heart but a delicate pleasure: - Two people were seated
at a table in front of each one empty cup. One is satisfied with the situation, other questions: "Do
whatever with this cup? What ought to be in it? " That person has one of the essential qualities to
be a good follower: the desire to develop and understand the correct meaning of things and
mysteries. That disciple will ask questions relevant and will end up serving the best teacher. The
latter can not do much but for those who are content to sit in front of his empty cup, because he
will not be ready to react appropriately in the face of life issues. The difficulties we face constrain
us to reconsider our actions and ask ourselves: "What action should give him my suffering? What
is the meaning of her deep need to understand that? " The disciple must practice and get to know
him as himself through spiritual teaching received, but it involves a long process, which
encompassed all aspects of being. Then I felt a wave of sadness and even discourage the soul
light. I thought I would be able to achieve progress and spiritual evolution that I wanted so much. I
shared my fears Caesar. - No need to worry about in this regard, I calm him. Patience is an
absolute necessity. Having patience means to follow your path, whether or not something is
happening yet. Evoking the relationship that existed between November 1964 and our teacher
gives us energy and patience to persevere. In the East they say that patience is often the only
criterion used by teacher to assess a true disciple. Too often the student, believing that he is
ready, he wants to achieve their immediate goal. Then a teacher needs to help you gradually
realize its possibilities and shortcomings. But you should know that patience is fundamental and
master, not only for the disciple. He should know to respect the followers and also knows to wait.
Things, in many cases, moving slowly. Respect the master or disciple and faith are essential
because they help him find his heart. This is just the mystery of the relationship between teacher
and disciple. Gradually, the divine aspect of the master will come to reveal the divine aspect of
the disciple. At the appropriate time between their hearts ineffable alchemy occurs, inexplicable,
not you two personalities so as to fairness. Establishing a relationship of respect and just be
allowed for faith. And see the Divine Master is, in fact, we found evidence that simultaneously
divine in ourselves. Government secrecy that discussion I remained deeply etched in my mind
because I felt involved in it with all existence. A great joy at the thought came over me as I felt in
my heart told exactly what Caesar and beneficial silence drown my soul at the thought that I was
guided on the path of spiritual knowledge of such a teacher. I felt near him in a perfectly safe and
also prepared for the challenges of life. With these wonderful thoughts in mind I left the new
wording of that ineffable feeling of relaxation and inner peace, slipping into a deep sleep and
restful. Perhaps I slept so many hours because I woke up when the vehicle stopped at Caesar
another stationary point. This time we all stayed about an hour, during which I ate. Aiden was
becoming more concerned with its calculations on the computer, I saw that Caesar then handed
off a hard drive as special construction, which we found that storing highly secret data about our
destination in Egypt. The young American genius suddenly widened and the calculations become
so focused, that seems completely broken by the reality around them. Even when I came near
him, to give food rations seemed he was not aware of my presence here. Something I had never
seen. Amazed, he watched as working with great dexterity. Absorption of mind was huge and
seemed like his mind was coupled to that device actually highly advanced computing. I've seen
before: his eyes were half closed, as in a trance state, the holographic projection fixed to the top
small computer interface, while his fingers were moving with great rapidity, reaching either of the
points hologram. I could see flashes and images in a constantly changing, building fragments,
corridors, all framed by two vertical columns that were running on different dates. At one point, I
noticed the appearance of the three main pyramids near Cairo and then the image focused on the
Great Pyramid. Image lowered into the ground under the bottom and dark, becoming Master of
light and color that tunnel through which we move. At that time I saw
Aiden on stopping suddenly and remaining completely motionless as on fixed, the hologram
practically not show anything. That was left paralyzed, but intuition told me that that was a very
delicate moment in which he "collaborate" with inside the computer. I could not help but wonder
what I do not mind this man was and how it was structured. How he perceived the outside world
and what it felt in those moments, in which virtually create a subtle connection with your
computer? Seeing as ring and middle fingers of right hand were moving slowly, however the
physical interface of the computer. It had almost nothing practical with a laptop keyboard layout
used, except a central area as a circle, inside which is the outline of a second concentric circle
first, the remaining surface was covered with a sort of vertical rectangles and horizontally, with
sizes and colors. Engraved on them were some signs that I no longer found in ordinary writing.
Apart from the figures that accompanied those signs, meaning all other representations I was
totally unknown. Where were achieved, rectangles is discreetly lit, but their edges were more
intense. I realized that Aiden focus on something important, which have a direct connection with
the location to which we are heading and who would arrive soon. I knew nothing about it, but I
suspected that there were discovered amazing things. Intuit that was extremely well kept secret
and was not difficult to figure out why. As usual, there is probably a very tense struggle within the
intelligence services, especially American, to reach that information. But I sure put some
representatives of the masonry above the world seeking to do everything possible for them to be
those who have control over those findings. Already had found that misunderstandings inside the
Pentagon had reached a critical point in this regard were the main cause high pressures coming
from an influential civil sector, reduced in number but nonetheless hold tremendous power, both
within policy and in the army. I dare to say these things and Caesar's to a wonder if they are
consistent with findings from the location of the end of the tunnel. - You can be very sure, I
answered him with a restrained voice. How it shows things in a fallen society, as the present, not
far from reflecting the truth. Are many forces that are fighting for the same prerogative: the
ultimate power. However, this "supreme power" is understood differently by representatives of
each of these factions, whether civil or military. Mostly limited to a specific area of expansion of
influence and control they have, considering for example that a country or continent would be
enough to satisfy their goal. However, this happens not because they would like more, but simply
because they themselves, in their strict hierarchy, are dominated by a formidable power, located
in the top scheme. I enlarged eyes in astonishment. I knew enough about Freemasonry and
about the horrors that are suitable, the case of senior Massini was enlightening. Caesar I
mentioned in passing about the organizational structure of Freemasonry worldwide, but insisted
on this subject and I found no bibliographic references which I build more. In the last two years
had been more concerned with esoteric study and my training on a purely spiritual, but now more
acute than ever before Freemason problem and determine their implications in human society it is
a very important 66. - With a little lucidity and putting together the information you have given
them some time ago, you understand that Masonry has 'built' a very complicated network of
interests, based in particular on banking loans, the blackmail and the people handling the media,
aimed primarily holding the most effective control of population. To be controlled means to not be
free, neither in deed nor in thought. This occurs both in our country, as well as the rest of the
world, especially in heavily industrialized areas. However, what I want to understand is that all
these actions and interests are subordinated to a kind of 'body' supreme Masonic world. When I
say this, I mean even if you will surprise a lot, a group of so-called shadow, almost like a secret
government, which owns the sub-order to practically all means of civil, political and military
known, has its own its air and sea forces to fight its own financial mechanisms for leakage of
funds fabulous, and the ability to plan and follow with perseverance designed * | '•' See the Future
volume with skull and crossbones - the power behind) (n . ed.) on behalf of a so-called national
interest, beyond any control, or impediments posed by any outside authority. From this point of
view, this group or world government, which always acts in the shade and is very obscured, is
outside any law, nor can they be achieved. His fiefdom is currently in the United States and there
he exerted pressure is considerable. But I want you to be clear that for this group anything
important happening in the world - and here I refer particularly to the conflict or printed company
trends through various means more or less obvious - not is a foreigner simply because these
events have their origin even in those plans designed by evil minds. Very rapid ascent of a
complex military and industrial circumstances that favored the crystallization of this world occult
government consisting solely of the members of Freemasonry. Things are even more
complicated than that, because they not only refer to realities that belong to our world, which
makes "fighting strength" more difficult. "Weapon" which they fear most is that the masses, the
people across the globe to be advised in this direction and become active, to eliminate their
adverse influence. Then they would die quickly because they are few in number, their power
actually lies in indirect mechanisms of manipulation and control. they always rely on others to
achieve their goals, but when they reach a critical moment when enough people realized this,
everything is turning against them. Stood both supported by one of the boxes left at that
intermediate station of the tunnel, talking while voice remains slow. Aiden was still very absorbed
in work or computer, while the other two lieutenants and they ate and talked near one of the
vehicles. - Means that everything you found so far, in the Bucegi and Egypt are the first in their
agenda of activities, I said, not some reason I felt very good and confident in their own forces. -
There are other points in their book, almost as important, but perhaps you will learn about them
later. Yes, what was found is a
technology that far surpasses current capabilities. I recently had a discussion with an important
official at the Pentagon, with whom I became good friends. He said that in fact the toughest war
does not go in the Middle East or elsewhere, but even there, in their institution. He confessed that
he personally does not know how long that rate will resist, because there are many contradictory
orders, huge responsibilities, all of which constituted a special awareness of the public. The office
you deal, this person has access to documents and information with the highest level of security
currently already knows very well-developed technology and technology antigravitatiei 'free
energy', which would immediately solve almost all the major problems facing the world. He saw
himself prototypes, because they are many and varied and extraordinary convinced of their
effectiveness. To be honest, and I wonder how he managed to get a job so important, without
being corrupted. Of amazement, not even eat. - Okay, then how is it possible to remain
somewhat primitive at that level of energy? Why not spread the new technology in the world?
Caesar bite stick, centered on his face. -Because if they do so, social, economic and political
world would change almost completely. Perhaps it would be the biggest change ever recorded in
human history. Paradoxically, this topic is not the biggest secret of humanity on the grounds that
it would be crazy or a fantastic invention, but the implications that may give rise are enormous,
deeply influencing the whole of humanity, at all levels. It is obvious that those who control such
projects do not like change. And in this case would constitute a fundamental change in economic,
technological, social and political, as he never ever recorded in human history. Therefore, the
Company seeks to maintain this deplorable state of deprivation and suffering, even if it proves a
great extent unconscious. State-Presidents have access to such information and projects? I
asked curiously. -Not even close. Therefore, such projects are called Black Projects, because
they are opaque and apply their knowledge by any official institution or person, except a very
small number of beings, and they have funded and supported. I mean the shadow world
government, composed of the highest representatives of the masonry. Being supervised by social
hierarchy, the supreme governing at this level can occur direct threats to global stability. If you
were careful, they have already experienced in recent years, becoming more prominent. - So who
has access to those projects, who made them, who does research work, who makes up your
database? I asked somewhat annoyed. I guess only the top elite Masonic their finances and
supervises them. But the staff? Who has access to this information? In front of my avalanche of
questions, Caesar smiled amused. - Here we talk mostly projects that are designed and takes
place in the United States of America. There are older and interests that influence the life world,
and most important official bodies and also the "head" moment of Masonic oligarchy. It is over 68
give any system of civil society and military structure, even the highest representatives of the CIA,
nor those of Congress, nor those of the Presidential Administration, nor those of the United
Nations nor the Secret Service who do not know these highly secret matters concerning the
future of humanity. But even if they would bring something to the attention would be so indignant
of 'stupid' idea, that would immediately end any discussion. And, of course, the person should
immediately be suspected of madness. Only a few officials from the Pentagon and National
Security Agency (NSA), very few, know the truth. The rest, as I said, live in great ignorance.
What's even worse is that they are convinced that their ignorance is pure reality. Let us not forget
that these people who occupy important official positions changed every two or four years. They
deal with a lot of national and international programs, considering regional and monetary policies,
but not have access to the files are really important to humanity. After all, these projects are not
officially recognized and because of this can be said that practically there. However, they are
known as the USAP project. USAP is an operation a secret and completely sealed official
recognition, which requires a very special right of access, even for those who normally have
access to the highest top-secret information. This implies that the USAP has access, even if
asked by his superiors or commanders, even if asked by the President, will respond that knows of
the existence of such a top-secret operations. He will do everything I can to that project and
misinform obscured population or officials who might be interested in that aspect. They are best
kept secret in the world. -You mean more important even than thermonuclear bomb secret? I
asked. Yeah, Caesar said with determination in his voice. Anyway, about the hydrogen bomb
razbatut have some information, but about USAP, although what is known about global concerns,
there was no official statement of position. I was quite puzzled. What could exceed the
importance of H-bomb secret? - Irony of fate is the most important secret of mankind already be
so slight and ridiculed by a clever manipulation of the Masonic world government, the
international media and consequently the population, that its importance has slipped somewhat
ridiculous. It is her present existence of extraterrestrial life and our planet. This includes also
flying alien ships and more. The problem has become so bushy while infringing, that men can not
competently discern between what is truth and what is a lie. For this reason, they rather tend to
believe that everything is a phantasmagoria, a hoax, a lie, probably because they act under the
instinct of conservation: to deny prefer to keep their relative safety, instead of adopting a unique
position, courageous, which in their view would complicate life. Caesar surprised me looks
towards the lieutenant Trujo. - Your suspicion is correct: USAP Trujo access. Obviously, you
could not otherwise be here. Lieutenant is generic and is just a cover. Saying this, he had given
the starting signal. in minutes already gone beyond the tunnel, underground to our destination in
Egypt, 69
Nicoara as lieutenant informed me, yet there still had traveled only two and a half hours. Eager to
find other details about the subject very interesting discussion that was interrupted addressed
immediately after I set off I asked my Caesar and other information revealed. - There is a certain
connection to this issue with our findings and also the mission that we have met. Just in case
things go beyond what even the most secret knowledge of the shadow government and Mason,
in fact it is the main reason they are so agitated. I think that most bothers our findings are not only
more technologically advanced than the realities in which they have access, but mostly because
they are essentially beneficial and involve a high degree of spirituality that could result in
accelerated evolution human. You will see in time what it is. Spiritual evolution of the population
means greater freedom and more freedom and harmony in thought and concepts mean the end
of the era of control and manipulation, practically mean the end of Freemasonry and its diabolical
plans. Now you have to explain their rage to full leadership of the shares of DM, in connection
with the location of Bucegi. What is there and that starts there any secret-classes and they
jeopardize their very reason to be and to act on this planet. You know have occurred even in a
brutally, I might say, in political terms, through the Masonic members of our society, very up-put
the country's political structure, even now there are some attempts, but things or bit cleared.
Great chance to us was that everyone is spiritually corrupt, and some were even very large
decision-making powers. However, pressures are felt and believe me sometimes are huge. We
need much skill, attention and patience to be able to avoid them. -From what I understand, acute
struggle between divergent interests, we have seen it. -Currently, we can speak of relative
stability on the discovery of Bucegi. Secret protocol three years ago, between Romania and the
United States can not be changed too easily, although it is aimed. Government projections Hall
placed occult world and everything there is derived first in the list of the USAP. There are a total
of only eight people in the world except those in Romania, which have access to this location,
rest, although provide various services in connection with that feature are completely
misinformed. By nature 'paternity' discovery, the Romanian has a greater degree of freedom. But
even so, there are plenty of problems. We acted on a question that I worry less recently: "I think
there was a beginning for this critical situation in which humanity is. Even the Freemasons was
probably a surprise contact with other civilizations in the universe. Probably only then took the
decision to intervene and did their perfidious calculations. -Indeed, things did not state so at the
outset. during the Truman and Eisenhower administrations, the issue was made secretly, but the
general perception is that this measure was somewhat based on good intention. somehow, it was
only a matter of procrastination. Considered it necessary to do so, because a fairly large number
of officials of the two presidential administrations were already aware of this issue and had even
been involved in the 70's deployment. National Security probably could not allow it. But then the
situation began to change and those who had access to highly classified information were distant
and were gradually denied access to them. I learned from my friend at the Pentagon that
Eisenhower was very upset that was not kept abreast of this issue, he already had seen alien
beings, and their vessels, but gradually felt left aside. Kennedy was probably the last of American
presidents who had a part in this great secret. In a discussion that took it to one senior U.S.
military officers in 1963, he acknowledged that he knew the reality of ships and extraterrestrial
civilizations that inter-operate with our planet, but said he had no control the file in its entirety and
could not understand why that paradoxical situations. It was U.S. President and also Chief of the
Armed Forces Commander, however not all have access to that folder and did not know why. It is
very possible that he discovered the real reason though somewhat later in the same year, before
being assassinated, and wanted to make public that terrible secret. Imagine what that would
mean a world to be heard by the governments of great powers that have already established ties
with some extraterrestrial civilizations that have been decided some cooperation agreements, but
that they were all kept in the Top Secret by a world occult government consisting solely of
members of the freemasons, who wants to have control of these operations and thus rule the
world. Moreover, I know, Kennedy was about the only American president who was not part of
the Masonic lodges. In this way, the murder occurs in a different light than that shared by the
public. - But if the U.S. government has no control over this problem, how do you explain that the
secret is still kept so well? - You'll be surprised, but you know these secrets are better kept for the
civil, informal, involving businesses, organizations and researchers, rather than the diplomatic
formally accredited. Most of these projects are carried out not by the government through state
institutions, but government, by private institutions. They keep a secret much better and are much
better prepared for a study. I spoke with a bitter irony, comes to mind secret formula for Coca-
Cola. Even now, after more than 100 years, no-one knows, apart from a few people at top
management megaconcernului. And to think what it means disaster for human health formula! -At
the same time, it's a result of consumer ignorance, which are superficial and, somehow, even
unconsciously, to fill Caesar. Possession is not an asset senses of modern man and many
problems arise here. Finally, what I tell you is that the formula for making such beverages is
extremely harmful so secret that even the U.S. president, you would like it, could not access it.
Then, after a pause of several seconds, he return to the main point - the top grading system of
"black projects" is based on a double action: the private property of those secrets and the ties
with the USAP. Generally speaking, the combination is almost insurmountable. If you want to
have access to such a project, through an intermediary in the private sector, it falls under the
privilege of private property, and if you want to access it through a mediator in the public sector,
namely through
governmental action, it is strictly guarded by the USAP, which transcends the power of
government. To conclude, all paths are blocked. I felt shattered inside, like I would not have had
any foothold. - Okay, but what is still possible? What is this group of beings, which breaks through
any kind of influence? What we definitely us ordinary people? Caesar answered me with a
serious voice, barely heard, but the special atmosphere of the cabin's words deeply impressed
me and I stayed well infix: - Is a group, organization or entity whatsoever that occult transcends
the U.S. government and any other government in the world. Is directly related to the USAP,
cvasiprivat, and operates internationally. Most projects are subcontracted to private companies
and involves the understanding and application of highly advanced alien technology. There are
some units that are also related to the USAP, whose job is disinformation and manipulation of
people, directing attention to peripheral issues, whose reality is forever delayed, such as the
appearance of UFOs, alien abductions by examples the mutilation of cattle and so forth. These
"taps" for channeling information wrongly is supported by the media, embarrassing the
involvement of the scientific community or even by certain factors responsible for the policy.
Mainly, the group consists of active agents USAP, which is part of the bosom of companies
studying a highly advanced technology or policy analysts international community or from some
religious groups or the scientific community or the media. The identity of most of these agents is
unknown, but must say that almost half of those who have power of decision in favor of
international government institutions reveal the public on this issue. This is somewhat
understandable because these are young people that are very little involved in past events. -
Still ... not understand how it is possible that those who work in these projects do not actually
know what it is, I spoke too. I do not think in these terms could be kept secret. After all, could be
thousands of workers, researchers, scientists and officials who should have access to such data.
There should be reports, conclusions, they must be written ... Who makes them? What kind of
person are they? How secret can be kept in such conditions? I was frankly amazed and
perplexed in that regard you do a lot to me to clarify. Explanations which we received from
Caesar, however, were so clear and to the point that I have removed all question marks. - Most of
the highly secret operations that are part of black asazisele Projects is designed and structured
so that people who work in them to can not tell they are related to alien technology. A clear
example is the strategic defense initiative, which the press called it 'Star Wars', which in reality is
primarily the detection and possibly destruction, if it is necessary, any alien ship approaching
Earth. Information we hold the Pentagon certifies that until now were so alien ship destroyed at
least three, armed with a experimental system in space. However, you should know that many
officials in May 1972 the U.S. policy, among which White House officials in charge of the
Pentagon military, members of Congress, UN, and other top politicians from around the world
receive very rare information on this topic. If they request such information are not transmitted
any data in connection with these operations and even more importantly, are not even confirm
whether these transactions really exist. Moreover, one of the functions of the USAP is to be
responsible so that the political world does not know whom even have to turn to get this
information. In this way, confusion is almost complete. There is international cooperation, but it is
also founded on the USAP action. It seems that a great power tends to develop some
independent programs that effect. - Who do you mean? I asked him curiously. Caesar answered
me immediately. - I mean China. Collaborate, but at the same time and follow their own path,
even in an accelerated way, I could tell. This relative independence of the Chinese in "black
projects" began after the discovery of giant pyramids, masked under the guise of hills, one from
the rural provinces of the country, which is less populated. Have done research and broke inside
but nobody knows what they found there. I'm so hermetics with this information, so even USAP
services failed to infiltrate and find out what it is. But have not yet created waves, because these
issues are not officially recognized. Internationally, it was actually the main idea of the
government secret: that it is as plausible denial, political leaders and rulers of the masses must
not know all the ins and outs of the business. thereby 'black projects' be able to develop without
problems, and top politicians were assured that they have control chief, what he was capable
amorteasca vigilance. - Obviously, I said. This is the cause for which the civil industry preferred
involvement in such projects. - Yes. Most scientific and technical operations which are related to
very advanced technologies are conducted by private research firms. In these cases the security
of the project is ensured also by specialized civilian firms. Often, in cases of breach of contract to
maintain the most perfect secret agents of these companies resort to crimes which are ordered.
At the same time provide for terms of contract awards over one hundred thousand dollars for
each person involved in developing these projects to ensure their cooperation so totally and
absolutely discreet. I say this because I myself received a copy of such a contract I was offered
by the U.S., in fact, I went to find out more about these operations, discussing with my colleague.
He was USAP intermediating agent collaboration, here you can not provide other details about
this subject, but I'll say I declined. Think, however, that in recent decades have been thousands of
people involved in Black Projects receiving these amounts. You can have such an idea massive
funds that are circulating at this level of information and action. Not to mention the amounts
needed to study and research this technology. We both silent minutes. monstrosity try to evaluate
those actions and especially the huge effort by a small group of beings that make up "secret
world government 'actually real world driving,
to control population across the globe and to keep it in a dark as ignorance, after all vital issues
were, of a great importance for our future and our aspirations in life. For those of Caesar told me
already formed an overview of this very secret, but still could not understand the main purpose of
maintaining secrecy world. It was a big question: why this terrible secret is still maintained,
extremely well guarded as not to arrive at knowledge society? - The implications are complex
answer to this question, I answered Caesar. At first glance, the subject matters targeting alien
civilizations, alien ships and cosmic connections that exist between some governments of the
world with representatives of these civilizations in outer space seems to be a total secret and
even a "sacred mystery" of the era in which live. The reality is more complicated. Psychology of
the masses is very well controlled and used by world freemasonry, and this amazing secret is
used as a weapon to create and manage redoubtable a certain mood among society. Must keep
in mind that such a secret that wants absolute power is always a social disease, because it
creates the premises of general fear, uncertainty and distrust between people. They are chaotic
mental state, allowing easy enough getting a total control and can lead to the imposition of
conditions of perfect obedience. This could happen in total control but only if the population is
convinced that driving factors hold military supremacy and that nothing can threaten the future. in
these conditions, how to explain to people that the air force the most powerful and complex in the
world are not yet able to give any reply to ships coming from unknown vastness of outer space?
How then to explain that Christian religious dogma is deeply wrong and that outside there are
other human beings much more intelligent and spiritually developed than people? What would
happen if the economic order, the political balance, with current technologies which largely
support our daily life? Undoubtedly due to relatively low levels of correct and lucid perception of
reality and especially because of religious indoctrination, a very large part of the world population
would panic. From this point of view, maintaining secrecy is predictable and even justified.
However, the situation is more applicable early period of official contact with extraterrestrial
civilizations, that one on the late '40s and early '50s, when the world had just ended by the
Second World War. But with drainage coming decades and especially after the cold war, fear not
succeed in explaining it alone, need to maintain this terrible secret. You know very well that in the
past 50 years the company has gone through many changes and had remarkable achievements,
I would even say it's a mature, if we look at things from a particular viewpoint. -And then? What is
the justification for maintaining the secrecy? I asked in surprise. -If at first avoid general panic and
chaos in all areas was the main reason to keep the biggest secret in collaboration with
extraterrestrial civilizations, it now took a different form and structure. Now the main reasons are
greed and the need to maintain control over the population, to a mainstream. Occult government
has already "74 key technology 'of the future. My colleague at the Pentagon told me that the
nonlinear and the technology of 'zero', ie free energy can be obtained from apparent vacuum can
be introduced "market" at any time. This highly advanced technology that comes directly from
extraterrestrial civilizations with which contact was made, would far exceed the combined
importance of internal combustion engine, electricity and its microprocessor. The economic
impact would be tremendous. But this technology very advanced masters feel that the
environment is not stable yet, somehow, they feel that the spread of this technology in the world
could create positive side effects that would not benefit at all morbid plans. Therefore prefer to
wait and go the old direction imposed by current technology. It is still productive and they provide
huge income. Here Caesar paused a moment, thought remaining. Then I saw him smiling slightly,
while I explain another aspect of the situation: - For some people exercise a special attraction the
secret power and can turn even a certain obsession, the fact that they know they own a big secret
make them feel important and full of value, so that they become virtually dependent on secrecy.
On the other hand, we can still speak of a sense of fear among people, especially if it refers to
something foreign and unknown to them. There are many individuals who, filled with great
anxiety, could be asked in a rather embarrassing: who are they and for what purpose humanoid
beings came to our planet? How have entered our air space without having a permit? It is almost
an innate fear of man to reject the unknown, to attack and remove what knows and understands.
-I asked myself this question. Subject is deliberately trying ridicule and misinformation that leads
to a scale that a company wants to give to understand that there is nothing concrete for her to
worry. -Right. Most intellectuals, people of good media prefer to follow all persons belief
"approved", which reject or minimize the sensitive issue of ships and extraterrestrial civilizations
and, in fact, the evidence is so close ... Even you, over very short time you will have the
opportunity to once again confronted with such extraordinary evidence. But unfortunately,
blocking information that does not tell you yet allows us to present world. Some things must be
made in stages as their correct absorption power of the population is still relatively low and then,
indeed, we do more harm than good. I remained deeply immersed in thought. I had learned
aspects of paramount importance for the future of humanity and even of each individual as a
separate individual. For if my problem was presented by Caesar comprehensive way, though I
could not deny that it affects their lives equally to every person on the planet in terms of its
concepts, how to perceive the surrounding reality, how acting, her desires and aspirations in life.
somehow, this information shall be in line with those which had received from Caesar long ago in
connection with Freemasonry, the senior Massini and Bilderberg group but now they were more
punctual, more focused and targeted a subject considered taboo. On the other hand, I was
amazed at the tremendous opportunity we had to know myself and many of these secrets to me
they actually face a disturbing sequence of events. Clearly, there was an accumulation of very
favorable factors were correlated and were "arranged" so as to create these wonderful
opportunities to
find things of paramount importance for humanity. This in my room projected that take part in this
expedition and uluitoarele secret things I discover them at the other end of the tunnel makes me
think that there is undoubtedly a very clear and precise sense, however. Personally, I see that
everything is together to be able to make other people aware Get interested and lucid enough
these important issues. Actually, I am sincerely convinced that in reality it was my true purpose in
these events and gear, with that thought, I felt a gentle heart full of joy and inner peace.

CHAPTER 4 ROOM Occult While

I was immersed in these thoughts I heard the voice of the electronic board announcing many ulti-
stationary point of our trip. - Get ready, because this point coincides with our final destination,
said Caesar. Here I left more complex equipment and also supplies. Arrive within minutes.
Indeed, over less than two minutes I started to notice that the tunnel light gradually change their
color, moving from Indigo by several shades, the green phosphorescent light, which I saw at the
other end, connected Hall projections. The tunnel was perfectly right and in the distance I could
already observe a much higher luminosity. I included a strong emotion at the thought that over
very short time I was a colossal mystery, which persist for thousands of years, linked to the
mysterious lives of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and the famous pyramids. I shared these thoughts
and Caesar, but he immediately corrected me: - What you see there has nothing to do with
ancient Egyptian civilization. Nor even the pyramids and Sphinx. It is perhaps the greatest
mystery we've faced so far, because it explains why this space was created at the end of the
tunnel that we find immediately. It is very old, preceding by more than thirty thousand years of
Egyptian civilization, yet is a further achievement of the projections Hall. Precisely why here and
why precisely in those times, we do not know. Here Caesar stopped explanations, seeming to be
thinking whether or not to give me more details. Assumed manual control of the vehicle and
rendering speed. Tunnel wall color became green, fluorescent, and light was more intense.
Computer announces us that there were eight hundred meters to the final destination. Caesar
vehicle speed slowed even more, I saw about 200 meters in front of me a kind of giant wall
completely obstruct the tunnel, appears to be made of stone. See also, by both sides access to
horses, many boxes stacked high and military equipment. finally, the vehicle stopped and I got off
of it. Than others and they have stayed behind us and started to download the new equipment
has been made. Reluctant, I went with small steps to giant wall of stone block tunnel, 76 meaning
the point of terminus. I've seen both sides of a lacasurile for twelve crystals, which were identical
to those in the top end of the tunnel. I suspected that there must be a certain symmetry of spatial-
tempo-ral distortion, so it remains stable.

Surprises and mysteries ... The green light that surrounded us, shining crystals was strange,
making me think I'm in another world. And, somehow, it was the truth. I was at a good distance
below the soil surface, on another continent, near Cairo in a tunnel created by a misunderstood
'trick' spatiotemporal. But most disturbing thing was that I was a few feet of a secret almost
entirely sealed, whose meaning no one knew anyone. I approached the imposing stone wall,
which was a strange light in color that something darker than sand. On the left we have
recognized the same square carved in stone, perfectly polished, which was carved the sign of a
triangle, like the gate that guarded the entrance of the Grand Gallery Bucegi. - Indeed, access is
identical to that of "the other side ', I hear talk behind my Caesar. I turned to him and asked him
what was behind this huge stone gates. - A place where he shows a strange feature, he said.
November Lam called occult room. It is simply a room 'planted' in the ground without any contact
with the surface. The only way to access it through the tunnel where we are, as you saw that is
itself an alteration spatiotemporala. Maybe that is because of this strange phenomenon that I
mentioned in connection with this room. Come with me. Having said this, Caesar was going to
Aiden, who was already working on the computer or holographic. I came in behind him and we
could see the space of the tunnel where we were, the gate of stone and space behind, which was
actually a square room, simple, in which he saw represented in objects like opaque rectangles. -
Well, you get a big surprise when we come into this room, Caesar said to me smiling. Then we
headed to the huge stone gateway, with the exception of Aiden who remained deeply absorbed in
his work computer that you connected to some special sensors mounted in the previous
expedition. We arrived in front of the gate and reached Caesar triangle, immediately began
sliding door to the left, almost no noise. I amazed. into a room my daughter was about two times
higher than that saw the holographic projection of the computer! I did not understand at all how it
was possible something and I looked astounded to Caesar, asking one of his eyes give me an
explanation. - Unfortunately, nobody has an answer yet to this enigma. External sensors record a
room not too big side about five feet and a height of three meters, but here that when the gate
opens, a space that gives us is more than double. Team American researchers concluded that
this is due to a strange intertwining of two distinct realities: the physical, specify new, and a
subtle, almost certainly astral home. Early measurements and calculations showed that among
this strange phenomenon and ambiguous nature of the tunnel are closely connected. Moreover, it
is the main reason for this in our team's Aiden, he can illuminate us from the scientific point of
view on some puzzles we face here. While these explanations I got all entered in that
underground room, which because of its size I am now almost like a hall. I appreciated the
surface geometry as a square of ten feet, maybe more, and a height of about seven meters. I
noticed both walls and floor and ceiling as they were composed solely of huge slabs of stone,
perfectly polished and joined together. Not see any hole, no opening, no aisle or empty space in
these walls. Besides that I was amazed at how that building could be done underground, which
seemed to be simply 'planted' in the ground, two things immediately intrigued me: first I found the
room was lit by her itself, without a visible power to it. The light was very nice, warm, enveloping,
making visible every detail of the room, until the smallest detail. If in connection with all the light
comes Bucegi knew, somehow, the material they were dressed semiorganic walls, here we
observed that this material, because the walls were carved in rock. The second aspect that
intrigued me very much was room air. Normally, given that there on some forty thousand years
and that it had absolutely no connection to the surface, no mouth ventilation, no option to renew
the interior atmosphere was expected in the its only good if we can breathe with the opening
gate. Surprise was complete but, because the air was very clean, very easy being ionized. The
only observation that could make was that he seems to be a little dry. My question signs were
quickly removed but Caesar, who explained that they were even considered when the first
elements entered the first time in this place, the previous expedition. Initially had goggles. Air
samples were taken and the rock walls and preliminary tests were conducted using a complex
equipment, fully computerized, which he had brought with them to leave, it was left outside the
gate, the tunnel at the point stationary final. Assuming that such an operation will be needed, they
came prepared. Was a facility for analyzing biological samples, but sources of amorphous
materials, which a U.S. Navy used some special missions. Room air analytical results were
positive, so he masks dropped immediately. Regarding the origin of light, Caesar asked me to
accompany a one-room walls. We went to the right, while lieutenants Nicoara Trujo and turned
immediately to the left wall, where there were some sort of shelf on which were placed many
pleasant identical in size. At least that was my first impression, but wanted to take things
methodically, examine them in turn. I hardly lifted his eyes which looked to the floor, to enjoy as
much intense emotion that I liked shivering produced an ancient breaking into that room full of
mysteries. I was still surprised that Lieutenant Trujo seemed very natural to move into that space,
knowing exactly what to do and where you have to look 78 79. - Do not be surprised. As one of
the leading agencies USAP, had full access to our expedition dossier, which included hundreds of
photographs, and drawings, descriptions and samples on this camera. He learned so well that
now behaves as if walking through his home. But you know I will personally explain what is found
here, although I still do not know the significance of objects and, frankly, does not really
understand the purpose and mission was such areas. We are near the right wall of Occult
Chamber. - Come closer, I called Caesar. Only now you notice the film that covers the stone. It is
very special and is also an organic nature, but is a totally unknown new life form. Slightly
radioactive, but a limit of perfectly reasonable, is based on yttrium. The other four components
are not on our planet and therefore we can not understand why there is no atomic bonds between
them. I approached the stone wall and I slightly touched with fingers. On reaching them I felt a
tingling kind of fine leather, which I'm very nice but. Paste the entire palm on the wall, I felt those
tingling manifested somewhat differently on its surface, acted as if in waves. I could almost say it
was a living community, a kind of organic connection that is created spontaneously, without
difficulty. - The film is somehow inserted into the surface of the rock, but it's amazing that it exists
and is manifested by such a huge period of time after construction Occult Chamber. Their
technology is astounding. At the time Caesar was called by Lieutenant Nicoara to be found in a
problem. as I watched, I was somewhat clarified in relation to those matters intrigasera me from
the beginning, so miami directed attention to all the rooms as a whole. I needed more self-
discipline and control, as were major surprises. Even if you do not have the imposing grandeur of
the Hall of projections and even within them were fewer objects that reference points, yet exudes
mystery occult separate room, an almost impenetrable enigma. I would be able to say very well
what lead me to have that feeling, maybe that was smaller and, by comparison with projections
that room to breathe 'more extensive, it was more' condensed ', perhaps because the specific
field emanating objects that lied there, maybe because of proximity to the Great Pyramid and the
Sphinx, about the same distance from both, as we saw in the computer's holographic projection
Aiden. Even though I was somewhat familiar with the mysteries and surprises of proportions
revealed that contrary to the known of our society and even the logic expressed by modern
science, though the room I felt occult 'pressed' for something indefinable and mysterious that I
create a pressure profound nostalgia and misunderstood soul. Condition was similar to that
experienced during that trip through the tunnel and hence we concluded that there probably is a
strong power, a subtle footprint very similar between the tunnel and the Chamber occult. Looked
thoughtfully throughout the entire room. Although there were many objects in it, somehow I'm still
room 'full'. Even the way I noticed a faithful copy, scale, located on the pedestal of the cylinder
room projections. The same type of speed, the same building half cylinder, about the same indoor
facility, a metal band that were applied which resemble
some special sensors most likely made of crystal, as far as I could tell from a distance. I climbed
the five steps of the pedestal and carefully watched Inside the vaults; have a support portion at
about seventy centimeters base obviously to sit on it. The whole device was designed to be easily
used by a human being of average height, but its usefulness remains a unknown for me. I got on
the pedestal and then I stopped opposite of what I still shocked when I entered the room, but over
which we have avoided me. reported immediately to give me just a moment of adjustment. At
about two meters from the center cylinder Occult Chamber, little in his right hand was floating in
the air, a deck of a yellow metal, which I assumed it was gold. The platform was too high, we
found that its surface was about two feet square, was more long than wide. Very well resemble a
surfboard. Its thickness was quite small, do not believe that exceeded three inches. He was so
well polished that in certain angles shining very hard. On the upper surface was etched in
rectangular form, which leaves a space of about ten centimeters to the side edges, and about fifty
centimeters to that which I interpreted as "front" platform. As part of the 'back', let the edge of the
rectangle, also a distance of about ten inches. The only accessory shelf was a dark blue crystal in
the form of pyramid, built symmetrically from the sides of the platform portion free for almost half
a meter, the area delimited by the rectangle and the front edge. We achieved that amazing
object, which I guess I could be in sustentation tens of thousands of years in the same position.
Has shifted very little, clearly opposing a resistance to push me. encouraged by the result, the
mother sat on a chair that object as its highest since rapture platform about a meter from the
stone floor. Even with all my weight, it remains exactly the same position, but immediately I felt a
dull vibration, very smooth, which appeared within it. I was so excited about my new discovery,
that I started to squeeze harder on the platform and let me back when, when in front, to see how
it reacts. I noticed that when I was present with all her weight, became very rigid platform
antigravitationala no longer bend at all. If, however, was pressure on small metal plate can have a
very small pitch. Finally, I got her standing on the room triumphant. Caesar had just concluded
the discussion with two lieutenants and headed laughing at me. -Let 's see, you know what uses?
he asked. , I think it is a means of traveling, I answered. Otherwise, do not see what purpose
would be. -Right. It's a simple vehicle, antigravitational. instead to travel by bicycle or on foot,
using it like gold. In fact, our analysis of the result that only a portion of the nearly four millimeters
thick is a special alloy of gold, then there is a layer of metal that no one know, about a millimeter
thick. The rest seems to be empty inside. And, of course, is that this crystal is the main piece of
the assembly. In principle, seeing that things are not too complicated. - Okay, and how it works? I
asked impatiently. Funny, Caesar explained that although the track was relatively simple in terms
of design, however for the modern man was quite complicated to use a 81. This was an issue that
we struggled for several hours in the last expedition. I originally thought missing something, there
should be a helpful factor. After a while I wondered if perhaps there should be a more subtle
connection between one who uses the platform and its vibration frequency, modulated crystal. I
remembered the remarkable builders who have completed all the technology they used to include
their extraordinary item easily human beings consciousness that the plan is mainly expressed by
the condition and mental activity. Therefore, we aimed to give me somehow to get in touch with
specific vibration of the crystal. It has taken me just focus less on his mind, as a platform to react
promptly, then it took a special vibration. Directed movement was then smoothly power of
thought, which still must be focused. But otherwise, what happened? I asked hesitating. Platform
collapses to the ground? No, no crashes, but then slows and stops in the air. Signal is the best
we have to divert your mind to continue movement. So the speed you get and want. It seems that
this crystal set was reconfigured and energy on certain frequency bands so as to greatly ease the
process of interaction with human beings mind and move to be made as easy. However, he is not
from this planet. I swallowed hard. Excited, I finally put the question that I thought for a long time,
but not one had had enough courage to speak up then, even if he had sufficient evidence to give
me one answer: - Tell me, who have made However ... else came from outer space? For a few
moments to asternu silence. Everything seemed petrified in the grip of time. Caesar then
answered me slowly, looking into my eyes fixed:-Can you say with pretty much certainty that it is
an amazingly advanced alien civilization, which seems to have wanted very much to help the
farmers. However, at that time immemorial populations on our planet were very different from
what exists now and even geological structure of the planet was different. Can hardly make any
comparison with modern times. By then, the issue is a completely different way. Came from a
solar system known? Am I the secret world government that is connected? I asked innocently.
No, not even close. The difference between them and alien civilization that Americans have
entered a kind of agreement like that between homo sapiens and homo erectus. Even more
disturbing is that not in our galaxy, but from a more distant galaxy. Certainly it appears in the
catalog of astronomers, but I could not identify a precise moment. -Wait, I stopped myself
precipitated. But where you have this data? I knew have left no evidence about their origin or
appearance. -It is true, but in the meantime I found this device, I said Caesar, pointing to the
pedestal on which stood semi-cylinder. I was amazed and not understand anything. -Okay, but ...
I realize it's a big cylinder replica of Room
Projections. Nothing about that do not know what use, suspecting it might be just a mental
booster. -Right. Two years ago did not know the destination device giant cylindrical room
projections. But here it is proportionate to our height. We are breathless to tell me which meant
that installation was quite complicated. - Is, as you call it so, a sort of time travel machine. " His
words caused a shiver my strong column. Already grasped the depths of my being, with
extraordinary rapidity, countless opportunities that arose to find the essential and historical truths,
why not even the future that awaits us. I became so overwrought, so my questions flux, each
wanting an immediate response. To this new revelation, all other objects in the room suddenly
palisera important in occult meaning. Amused by my childish behavior, Caesar barely reassure
me. -Let me tell you some time on the projections we have made with this device, which is very
technologically advanced. But first we must solve the tasks of mission and a need to assist Aiden.
In the meantime can you investigate to see what's left and then help them to what I do now, I told
him, pointing to the two lieutenants. Extremely pleased at the thought that I was certainly some
very important things, I went quickly to the left wall Occult Chamber, where Nicoara Trujo and
sharp work. Actually, that part of the space required from the beginning by an equally massive
bunk set, a library with many shelves, expandable wall on the left and on the back of the room.
Approaching me more I realized that the fact that the shelves were carved directly into the rock
wall, very well polished. The height of each shelf is not exceeded fifteen inches, but each shelf
extending along the entire length of the wall is divided into five distinct areas by a stone column
wider. What attracted attention was immediate but the content of those shelves. I saw there
thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of sheet metal, very orderly arranged at a distance not
exceeding one centimeter apart. The first impression was that of a vast library. But soon I noticed
that the plates actually had nothing printed on them, being so smooth, so almost a mirror image
reflected. Nicoara Lieutenant Trujo and upload these plates in some special boxes, which were
brought in vehicles that traveled through the tunnel. I came first set of shelves near the stone wall
and watched carefully, plates were perfectly aligned and orderly, being all identical in
appearance. As with all of the Bucegi mountains, here we have not seen any trace of dust or
other impurities. All park was aseptically perfectly clean and very specifically arranged. This
surprised me at first, but soon I realized that film was embedded in rock semiorganica the walls
did not allow no dust formation and no other micro or macroorganisme proliferation. Age of this
building and look amazing you have had a telling evidence in this direction. I tried to take the sign
located on a shelf in my right, but not even budge from the spot. Wondering, I repeated the
operation, but without success 83 84. I looked then at Trujo, which does the same, giving him
tablets on the shelves Lieutenant Nicoara, he arrange them in special slots overlap, which were
equipped with those boxes. I saw that, unlike me, the American officer pulled sheet metal in the
right direction towards the outside, making it so easy to travel. I did and I just broke away and
immediately enjoyable on the shelf. Looking more closely, I saw that each stone was marked on
the shelf surface darker, which you suspect have been specially treated or that certain magnetic
properties, preventing separation plate other than perpendicular directions. - Gradient force must
be applied in the same direction of travel of the plate mark, told me Trujo, little academic.
Otherwise, almost anything can not move from their place. Until now we could not figure out how
they achieved it. Sheet metal freaks from side to side, without being able to understand
something. More strikingly resembled a silver cigarette case, glossy, side having about twelve
inches and a thickness of about seven to eight millimeters. On the lower side, which slide on the
rock sanctuary were drawn two parallel thin slits, but that was the only hallmark of plates. I looked
lost in the huge number of such plates that were ordained in stone shelves. Which was in fact
their purpose? Seems to be a giant library, but how could that information access? I asked for
clarification in this regard Lieutenant Nicoara. - The last expedition we brought with us a few
dozen plates, to be studied. They are made of platinum, but zirconium and lantaniu component.
In addition, there may be an essential element as storage medium, but not found in table
elements on Earth. Basically they're very valuable stores of information, from different periods of
Earth history, but also the universe. Absolute secrecy is classified, and we now carry a large part
of them, strictly inventoried. However, even if you want to modify the shelf where you will not do
this, each has its fully recognizes its initial position. Curious, I tried to put a blank slate on another
shelf, but then she behaved as if two magnets are close to the same pole, place has dismissed
the board. I wanted then to put it in several mansions, but none was possible until I returned to
the place where I extracted it, it was built very quickly, is slabilizându immediately. - Okay, and
how to view information that they contain one? I asked him on Nicoara. - Initially we did not even
understand how something could be possible. Logically ought to have a device to 'read'
encrypted information but I found nothing. Until, by accident, a member of the expedition pressed
on one vertical metal tablets, then its opposite, the ground was suddenly projected a hologram
depicting a pretty high corner of outer space. This process was dynamic and rotation time a cloud
of stellar material. I do not know how they made it. It was like shooting a long slow process and
then run the image with a high speed, the overall understanding of the entire stock. We stayed
and watched it all about about two hours, but gave no signs hologram was nearing its end.
American has had more than a year to improvise an acceptable interface to release information
from a holographic board. We found

that it takes about two days, running continuously. It is something phenomenal. We should spend
hundreds and even thousands of years without a break by looking at all holograms depicting the
plate in this room to say that I finished watching everything. I understand that now is looking for a
way to "scroll" faster. If not possible, then the only chance is to watch them randomly. I looked
thoughtfully at the huge archive of data that exist there. I prefer room tables T projections, which
were easily accessible and, furthermore, there was interactive information. From what I could
intuiesc, occult room was built and equipped for another purpose, was as an 'Annex', but still very
important. What was her real purpose but, besides that of "universal archives'? What caused that
to achieve this alien civilization underground construction, a real store information and
technology, with more than thirty thousand years ago? Occult Chamber sense I thought was just
to preserve a huge amount of information to the universal and the idea that the contribution and
the corresponding tunnel was a strange nature, the "halfway" between the physical and subtle.
Maybe this version was chosen precisely to ensure better archive of room obscured the rigors of
time ... I asked the two lieutenants who was their opinion in this matter, but told me that no one
has yet a clear answer and that he expected more information on the metal tablets. I clicked
randomly on one plate, I felt a very fine dog, sheet metal and immediately became light glow
appeared behind me taller than me holographic image, projected onto a surface of about three
square meters. It was disturbing image of a galaxy, but was viewed from a reference plane above
them so the galaxy appears somewhat below holographic image to the left. There was a spiral
galaxy, but an irregular galaxy. Absolute black void of space around her shivering and I create an
empty feeling in stomach atotstapânitoare and this was like a terrible, which seems to cover
everything. Vaguely I felt the tension that existed in that great galaxy. When you observe
explosions and huge lamps that look like very strong in its various points, no doubt they were
supernovae, but their number seems to me too much, even through time and space in which you
suspect was 'developed' framework that space. Something was wrong there, guess it without fail.
He was very much light, with almost the same intensity across the galaxy. Nicoara Trujo and her
work is stopped and looked aghast and, Caesar discuss with Aiden in the tunnel, into the room
occult. I began to be increasingly clear that holographic images somehow brought with them a
kind of "cargo" subtle emotional events corresponding posed. For example, I create images that
somehow a feeling of panic, of suffering, inner flounder. Something happening in that galaxy
chaotic things seemed escaped out of control, but I imagine that must be still a clear connection
to that which was encrypted colossal event in the life of the universe. I guess I could assist in
some way, the 'death' of galaxies but this is obviously happening in a violent manner. Maybe
because I have been harmful to those processes triggered huge, no doubt spread over a period
of millions or tens of millions of years, but I preferred to close the 'transmission', clicking once
again on board. I felt I needed to calm down a bit.

86 Energy, intent, consequences when Caesar went just inside the room and turned to me. He
understood at a glance what was going on. - With time you will learn to protect yourself from
external inflows, either good or bad, I was sent with gentleness. This protection must be viable
and very effective, however. There will be enough just to believe that you have protected by a
certain technique. you must appear in a clear and well defined sense of a sort of "wall" invisible
energy, which rejects any "aggression" from the outside. This is especially necessary at the
beginning, after the vibrations of your energy structure grows enough, the protection comes
naturally, just as a result of selection and vibration departajarii lofty plans, compared to the
coarse. But this must be "clean" inner well being, "slag" should disappear. -I thought many times
at this point, I said, in a quieter mood. From reading so far I have concluded that a kind of
"immunization" occurs when monthly energy balance is achieved and the solar being. The doctor
I spoke Xien yin and yang, but adds that it is necessary to comply with certain rules and which
are fundamental in the whole universe, both moral and ethical as well. -Just like it is. A person
spiritually elevated and balanced energy can not be touched by any negative influence, the
spells, the spells or black magic. Moreover, it can help people get in such situations and to
counter such evil actions against them. The problem is so simple: if you are easily, if your aura is
an elevated frequency, if you are a person with a beneficial direction, if your whole nature is
balanced and there is harmony between yin and yang energies, where no magic, no magic and
no power evil may not have the plug on you. Much less external influence lower, which may arise
term. "But what is it? After all, who ensures that these elements oppose evil turned on us? I
asked, curious to know the explanation. -In terms of which we are exposed, is totally impossible
for an evil force to exercise the slightest influence on you. The reason is simple. Let's say your
aura's energy frequency corresponds, metaphorically speaking, frequency waves which were
average. If one who wants to assault an act of black magic power forward this long wave
frequency, which is below average waves, will be impossible to achieve, because the two
frequencies may not be granted. It's like trying to weld metal timber. Those negative forces when
they are channeled to a superior human being because the elevated frequency of the aura they
will rebound and will return immediately to the author of that action. Black is what magicians call
"shock in return '. Sure, they try to avoid possible this terrible shock, using various methods of
'rebound' of negative energy, something like a telephone call redirected, if you know what I tell
you. But eventually will face inexorable return to this effect, which then will become increasingly
powerful. When a scientist uses his black magic against the evil of being elevated, it subtly
geared evil energy as a bad power scope, reach-oriented person who is good, but bounces just
like a ball hitting a wall, returning is the point of origin, which is black sorcerer or wizard.

-But even so, I think he can get away pretty cheap, I noticed. How bad he wanted to do, as bad
gets back and be compensated. Caesar smiled leniently. -If it were that simple, black magicians
would sleep a little more quietly. But this is not so. Shock in return is one of the greatest dangers
that may face black magician or sorcerer, as such an expert. Emission energy is instantaneous,
but it engages in return they take similar energy in the process of returning to power, similar to
the avalanche phenomenon, to have a more concrete picture. If you get a snowball and throw it
down the hill he engages more and more snow, so get to the bottom to be tens or even hundreds
of times its initial size. The same phenomenon occurred with the return shock. Energy returning
to the black magician can be tens of times larger than it initially issued, and because of this from
'impact' it may just die instantly. In our database and we have some files in the archives
department of such phenomena, which I followed closely but without them we can give a real
solution to society's mentality. A judge can not give such arguments, because it is far from
understood. Thus these cases are classified. But in reality, things are you as we have described.
It's a terrible death, but the wizard that has made her own. For this reason many black magicians
'attack' persons of spiritually elevated die because of their own negative actions. -From what I
understand, the principle can be applied even if other bad actions, though not so drastic, I said.
-Sure. There are some people especially in rural areas, of which ordinary people are afraid,
generally speaking, they call those people: wizards. They made a whole series of evil actions
unconsciously, without knowing the law in return shock. When they emit energy towards being
pure evil and students, much amplified that energy returns and the stupidity that characterizes
them, then they may even believe that the person who sent to spell or curse, that evil power, they
and he said just 'attacked'. They imagine that the return shock is the answer from the person
attacked. It is however quite possible that that person was not elevated even know that was
aggressive energy. Instead, the energy return is just vile wizard energy plus the energies of the
same kind which are repeated magnetic return evil thought-form and this "burden" maybe even a
magician kill. I was shattered inward. I asked Caesar:-Good, but not so many human beings pure
and balanced way to reject these evil attacks. Most people have at least some "gaps" through
which the river could escape. And then, as I know they are 'attacked', for example, by spells of
black magic? Must be some symptoms, right? -Generally speaking, everything is strange and
shows a degree of regularity, that the repetition can make you intuits that is something foul in the
middle. For example, do you fall and break a leg, over three weeks and you still break your hand,
and yet more than two weeks acquire a major blow to the head from someone, intentionally or
not, which sends you to the hospital yet again you put some stitches. And all this within two or
three months. Then you seriously if you put an aggression problem of black magic. Sure, people's
ignorance 88 89 so great that it is not willing to recognize such signs would happen even if all in
one week. But the reality still exists and must cope, should be to find a viable explanation. I left
thinking. I knew many examples of this kind and, in discussions I had with some of my friends,
trying to figure out how much the "coincidences" like this deserve to be taken into account. Now
you got a confirmation and an explanation of Caesar and competencies is much clearer my
things. I wondered to what extent could such evil beings who are focused and want to practice
certain acts of black magic, to be directed on the right track. I asked Caesar's opinion in this
regard. -Unfortunately, the great majority of these people do not realize what they do, not actual
size intuiesc evil actions which they carry out. Therefore, their destiny is, so to speak, very 'hard'
and of course one will have to 'pay'. This means much suffering, but their return on the right track,
accompanied by sustained efforts in the spiritual and virtuous action, would shorten the long
ordeal that awaits him. -We can tell them where the mistakes, I can explain them in return shock
that I have spoken, we could show them many good things I said, eager to find opportunities for
those who do not realize deplorable condition they arrive in such bad actions targeted. - You
understand the basic principle, he said Caesar. In any case you can not unite what is wrong with
what is good. Is a universal law, and therefore it says "runs like hell incense ', what is evil will
always run what is good and then you can not realize the union of good and evil. A possible
transformation from those who are evil will arise primarily as an inner impulse in her shift as a
personal desire. Only then can you planted good seeds in them. Until then not much to do, that
the division or separation is maintained for those who keep the error. And such instances can to
meet not only among black magicians and wizards, but also among ordinary people and
intellectuals. Those who are like, add up. If for example two meet wiser, they understand and
recognize each other, but other common people understand not, nor can recognize wisdom. If a
human being has this state of wisdom and elevation, and hears of another human being and she
is about to become just a name on it and between the two beings will create a feeling of affinity
that will help the second state to reach and it wisdom. But if a person is heard by another error
which is on the right track, it will automatically feel the need to criticize and even that is regarded
as being on the path of truth in mind, such a bad person will think, actually that she is telling the
truth. For those who do not have the necessary training so as to be able to believe in themselves
a form of practice through direct experience according to their own inner level, it is very easy for
them to be misled and so is the state of division on to talk to you. - Means that they have acquired
knowledge correct. Or what? I asked puzzled. - There are several factors that contribute here:
misinformation, lack of authenticity of some aspects that are considered very important, pride and
lack of maturity in thought. Knowing the real need, somehow, you feel like 'I give my life'. Only so
can you become an active factor that contributes to spiritual growth and mobilization. For
instance, many know it's nice to be altruistic, but
very few people really live and feel altruism brings happiness in being a purely disinterested, for
good or help someone else. They are remarkable people who know things, but leave the question
very desirable practice. A new discovery just wanted to ask a Caesar about how to put into
practice some of the knowledge acquired when Aiden came into the hall and went to the back
wall, a prayer to a follow Caesar. I accompanied me until we arrived at about four meters away
from the stone wall. Then spent a disturbing phenomenon, which I pinned site. When Caesar
came to about three meters from the rear wall of the hall, in front of us was activated as
semitransparent film, bright light, which then suddenly disappeared, just as it appears, but also
revealing behind it a giant crystal with a height of almost two meters. Perfectly polished, sharp tip
was also top of a polygon with more sides, resembling a pyramid with several girls. I was
especially amazed by his purple color, such as a ruby, which seems to entice you to plunge into
some abysmal waters. Giant crystal was so pure, so close he may notice the stone blocks of the
back wall. I counted was then polished sides and found that the crystal section was actually a
dodecahedron. Haughty, lonely, more complicated than an obelisk, he guarded that room for
thousands of years, probably making about a mysterious energy. After I come back a little bit of
surprise, I forgot ask at Caesar, which he regarded me with a smile. - I purposely left after this
discovery, so you can absorb them properly on the other. But know that, initially, nor I knew of the
existence of crystal. Only after I connected to it ... 'Time machine', and this has enabled unique
spatial-temporal distortion. Rooms seem to "increased" suddenly, including crystal projection. It's
a natural projection, he added immediately, intuiting what one wanted to ask. I approached the
object and fascinating, as the distance between me and it is lower, I felt a strange current through
my body that I shudder. Touched him lightly with your fingers, it was cold, but energy force that
felt like a lot send me upset. Striking was the feeling of dizziness, so, I removed a distance of
about one meter. Room configuration has changed abruptly as the initiation of a program. I
noticed that only resets the crystal distortion that makes it possible for you. As calculated and
Aiden little earlier, it is a phase shift in our reality. Basically, the crystal is here all the time, but we
no one can see only under certain conditions. The explanation for this is but a mystery to us.
Maybe the old manufacturers wanted to have a minimum protection of his case. But almost
certainly know his main function is to support the effect of travel time with this device. Caesar
looked at him gravely. Although I had learned shortly before it was a sort of time travel machine ',
though I felt alive again overwhelmed with emotion. Like my mind refuses to believe that
something should be possible.

91 - I mean ... of time travel? I asked with broken voice. So this means that air ... I was
overwhelmed and my whole being to shudder at the thought of anticipating a journey in time
which may allow me to perform. - Yeah, as I said is a device that you can project the time in the
future or past. It was not easy but to understand how it works. In addition, there are some
"barriers" that are imposed by subtle notes of extremely advanced technology. However, it seems
clear that there is your thing, is a journey in real time, but the level of consciousness. It is not
moving in time with the physical body, the body remains here, but that consciousness lives
passage time as if you were there in body. The advantage is that in this case are in the position of
an observer from the outside, see and feel everything exactly as it happened, without being
conditioned by the limitations inherent in the body. The downside, if we talk about it, would be that
you can not act, that you can not fit in the time staff. It was like another world. in a moment had
come to talk about a subject that until then consider it a product of science fiction books. Though I
had lived in this thrilling experience Doctor Xien, however, that he referred only to the activation
of spatial discontinuities. And even if my wise old man explained that the same phenomenon can
be accessed in terms of time, yet in my prejudices were stronger, making me ignore that
possibility. Now I was more than two meters from a 'time machine', which functions as we learn
that human consciousness can design time. Upset, I asked again Caesar:-You've traveled in
time? You came to tell how the device works? Yeah, I made it. Are some conditions that hold in a
kind of personal endowment, something like the energy barrier of entry into United Galerie6. The
plant here is essentially a faithful replica of the Hall of projections, but human scale. It means that
they have made this mysterious underground room and tunnel to it with the clear purpose of
being discovered at a time for people to use what they learn here. But why were they chosen
precisely coordinated and is completely free of other 6 See the Future with skull and crossbones -
the corridors of power, Chapter 5 (the vision) derivatives or bonds, do not know yet. Maybe it was
a larger project, which they then abandoned some reason. Here things are really unclear. In my
mind has cornered a ray of hope. - Okay, but you could find it going up in those days with 'car', I
said quickly. Caesar smiled with understanding. - Obviously it was one of the first things I tried.
But as I said, the beings who created and left behind all they seem to want to stay very obscured.
Because they have mastered the mystery of time, can also intervene in the device bandwidth and
access time
why some information is "encoded" so that they simply can not be accessed with this device.
Perception consciousness when faced with a kind of blank and any attempt to pierce a proved
futile. Our opinion is that times have their time-coded key in a huge crystal size of occult power.
But not only information about this enigmatic civilization in space is inaccessible, but even others
who belong to the history of our planet. From what I could tell, it involves almost everything that
was related to intervention or action that the representatives of civilization over time. I do not
know too well how to interpret it. After all can be talked about a 'cosmic humility'. However, I
managed to find a single reference to a time very old cliche, in which another alien civilization that
has arrived on Earth several hundred years in Australia, has left a reference to this device while
traveling in a scheme approximate to it, and said that they have built beings are from another
galaxy. Indicated schematically galaxy, but astronomers have not yet managed to identify it
because of difficulties in understanding the sketch shaped stone, which was partly destroyed.
There is likely to be about the same civilization that built and all the Bucegi and the Chamber
occult. We occasionally notice the effects of these actions, but not those who have faptuit or other
items related to them. What remains is so vast and amazing, that information encoded fade in
importance. - Have you traveled in the future? I asked somewhat uncertain. - We this question,
said Caesar, laughing. Yes, I visited some areas of the future, but here things are more
complicated. Events seem to be safe, and sometimes simply dissipates. Finally, I will explain in
more detail, however, related to "time travel machine." But a little later, for now I need to consult
with Aiden in terms of appearance bizarre. Your computer has indicated a tunnel dug by Cheops
pyramid in this room. Lieutenant Trujo and I came all the secret tunnel near Aiden, who have
installed computer from a short distance from the wall of stone. - Here, the projection is clear and
shows an unfinished tunnel, dug from the Great Pyramid exactly our direction, he explained to us,
showing us that a holographic image depict computer. However, I see that at a time tunnel took
another sense, that is wrong. It would not be room enough to occult. I watched rendered
schematic representation of the computer. Gallery proceeded under the Pyramid of Khufu, and a
greater distance, refer directly to the camera occult. Then suddenly, about two thirds of the way,
he somehow Cotea to down to depth, but not before long, I think the new route not pass twenty or
thirty feet, after which all seemed to work was suddenly abandoned. Aiden worked feverishly on
the 'keypad' s ethereal. Expect any explanation, that meant none of us sense that tunnel. After
several minutes of silence, during which three-dimensional image has changed several times,
appearing in different angles, Aiden his first lessons we offer: - First, it is clear that the tunnel was
dug with the clear intention to reach 93 94 here. That means that in one way or another, have
found this Chamber occult and forced to her. question is how they could tell the existence of this
place? What means are used? I, for example, access to technology that we now can not discover
this subterranean cavern, if I'm at ground level. After all, we are close to two hundred sixty feet
underground, but do not say this would be the main problem, we can not find this building
because it is protected by a particular energy field. It's the first thing he showed me a computer,
but was possible only because we made contact with the tunnel camera that I came. in these
conditions, how did they know those who have dug a new tunnel that there is still room here,
underground, at this depth? Or perhaps the source of their information was much older, he adds
thoughtfully. - Even in this case, the trajectory of the tunnel is very accurate in the first half,
Caesar intervened. It seems that those who were digging too sure where this goes. This means
that measurements and adjustments were permanent, since the beginning followed direction.
Interesting to find out what have changed is the correct path of the tunnel. After several moments
of silence, Lieutenant Trujo utter a low voice:-It is possible that at some point to have triggered a
redundant protection system. Maybe some kind of noise. -I thought about it myself, Aiden
occurred. And I think it's the only explanation for what the computer shows. However, I think
things were more complicated. Said this, Aiden is focused on the keyboard again and etheric
holographic information displayed by the computer's strange laptop. Follow all the fast
movements of the fingers of silence, and three-dimensional images revolving fast. - Yeah, as I
suspect, probably have been fighting for interests between those who built the pyramid or had
access to it, said Aiden. In the first part of the tunnel, the right seems to have been a consensus
on action, on the diversion tunnel to see it done more casually, it seems that there is also some
relics. Recordings appear like remnants of objects, but can not clearly specify their nature. It
seems to me that there were misunderstandings, I think they had disputes. Keep the room quiet.
Follow all schematic structure of the tunnel before the Chamber by Cheops Pyramid occult. I saw
strange shapes of objects within the second portion of the tunnel, just before its end. created in
silence, his voice was heard again Trujo Lieutenant serious, carefully weigh the words: - Actually,
I was myself in that tunnel. It's a more complicated story, on which we agree to talk. Power
factors from which we received such orders should not be mentioned, but at the highest level. To
get an idea, all government institutions, including military and intelligence services are indirectly
subordinate to those they represent. Even the Pentagon. I remained perplexed wonder. I wanted
to understand why destainuirii Lieutenant Trujo, but could not-a intuiesc. This guy was relatively
young and well done, somehow, a surprise to me. Caesar destainuie that I was part of the USAP
agencies. In other words, was not paid by a national institution, but even the secret government.
His duties were I not at all clear, but obviously he was working with information at the highest
level of security. So
I said that was imposed on the Pentagon and the Pentagon sent a representative to the American
side. Somehow very insidiously, so Freemasonry worldwide had managed to send a reliable
person, who provide information. It is true that Trujo Lieutenant Mason was one staff member and
not active, but the degree of training and indoctrination is placed in the field of influence and
action of major occult Masonic organization. Probably, a total subordination, he had to offer them
then all the information we obtained and comments they have made. Only later I realized that
Trujo lieutenant himself was surprised by the fact that Aiden tunnel and discovered that I could
now realize the true goal toward which we all wanted to turn his builders. Because it was still a
man of integrity and can work due to certain considerations which give him Caesar, Trujo began
to talk about actions taken in another tunnel. However, I soon noticed that he was not present
only those elements and quite briefly, ignoring the really important issues that actually interested
us most. In addition, it is evident that the U.S. had given no proof of total transparency, as is
established by contract with our country on the great discovery of Bucegi. That action secret
tunnel from Giza Plateau, near Cairo, had been ignored in presenting the village, although it was
known that hidden camera placement was relatively close. Could there an error information in this
regard, but I personally doubt this. - The tunnel was discovered in 2001 by a team of U.S.
scientists and British Lieutenant Trujo continued story. Go over other details and get to the part
where I was directly involved. It was soon realized that the tunnel is not part of a "travel frame
'and that it was something special. We received orders to join a small team and research aimed
at mapping the tunnel at the time the information became a. maximum security. We entered the
tunnel and I can tell you that the first portion of it, which path is right, is fully lined with a hard
material, an alloy that was subsequently analyzed our laboratories. In fact, it proved to be a pretty
thin film, strange color, which vary between yellow and silver. As appears in the hologram, I was
surprised especially as the tunnel, which is a triangle pointing up. Have you found something
inside? I asked anxiously, but in Spanish. -Yes, there were several items, said Trujo quite elusive.
Towards the end I found a straight portion just like a laptop computer and, in fact was a "piece"
metal, surprisingly light, with a maximum thickness of three millimeters, which in the lower half
had some slightly raised surfaces of different colors and geometric shapes. Something we could
absorb a keypad. Here Lieutenant Trujo made a little break and look in earth gravity: unknown-
were many signs on that board, as a kind of writing. It was not earthly. the top half of the board
was like a mirror and I realized that that might be kind of small screen. - But that is precisely the
starting point of the tunnel of the Great Pyramid? 1 then asked Caesar. What route you used to
get there? You follow the main gallery? - This is a point of view, but there are others, I spoke too.
For example, what else have you found inside the tunnel? What were the conclusions reached
the final 96? And especially how you have obtained approval of the Egyptian government?
Lieutenant Trujo keep an impenetrable hand, delaying response. After a few seconds, easily
embarrassed, said: - Some issues can not reveal. I do not know if I did well talking about it now.
After all was a surprise for me to see that Aiden discovered tunnel and understand that was the
real target for which he was to proceed. Now things seem clear, but research in that time nobody
understood the real significance of the tunnel with broken steering, because there was no other
information. Seeing that tends to depart from the questions that have been addressed, a Caesar
has again asked us rekindle. - There was a secret agreement with the Egyptian government, but
that agreement was not bilateral Trujo explained. It was a somewhat private intervention which
led to collaboration Egyptian officials. Everything was held in a secret so big that even the curator
of the museum in Cairo, which has subordinated the whole architectural complex at Giza, has
received permission to enter the tunnel. 'M sorry, but several can not be confided. What can I say
but for sure is that those who built the Great Pyramid tunnel is a civilization other than the occult
or room made room projections. In this case we even have evidence. I looked at where all the
Trujo questioning. After a little hesitation, he said with soft voice: Yeah, are different, so new and
this mysterious civilization whose representatives seem to be huge. Those who had access to the
pyramid and made tunnel type are reptoid. We found the skeleton of one of them in the tunnel.
The room was a gloomy silence. - The implications are more complex, continued Trujo. There
was obviously a struggle at a time tunnel from one particular reason. One of the combatants was
killed and left there. The tunnel was sealed entry is hidden in a very complicated architecture of
the pyramid. Laboratory dating show, keeping a relatively low margin of error, between 8500-
9000 BC Aiden astounded even hear what the lieutenant told Trujo. May I tried to find other
information, but I met with a polite refusal. Ultimately, the man in some degree what is required by
his bosses. Further details and explanations which had to be offered were to constitute the most
secure another round of heated discussion between the Romanian and the U.S.. However, things
seemed to be more serious and more serious for Americans, because paradoxically, the
discovery of such a scale in Egypt, U.S. intelligence had not taken part, and the President had not
been announced. In such a situation will naturally ask the question who had the mandate to act
and under whose authority. Clearly, that would be a very delicate moment in U.S. diplomacy.
After this unexpected surprise we focused on inventory and loading the remaining tablets in
specially designed boxes, which have brought us. Even so I found that what we manage to
represent more than one fifth of the total that exist in the room. However, we were satisfied that
we fulfill all the task and felt the need for leisure days deserved.
Therefore, Caesar informed us that we have an eight-hour break for meals and sleep, then we'll
start right back through the tunnel by Hall Bucegi projections. Although I felt somewhat tired, I
was still filled with a wonderful feeling of delight and good humor. Me accustomed to that
mysterious place, which now gives me strangely high confidence and safety. But what really
made me anxious was not home when they return, but much anticipated revelation of Caesar on
the 'time machine' of occult room, where he had access. I promised that I will tell some of those
experiences and now found itself to have been the best moment. We divided portions and fast, to
be sure that we will not be bothered by anyone, I prepared myself for camping camp in the tunnel,
a few meters away from the entrance to the Chamber occult. We ate quickly and looking for
reasons to rush and the two lieutenants to do the same, because then you go to bed. Caesar
smiling and laughing seeing my interest and even rush me little banter, apparently seriously
wondering if it was better to rest and leave all the story later when we will be back to the Alpha. I
swallowed hard, puzzling, but he kindly laughed, assuring me it was just a joke and I will tell that
even when extraordinary things. Indeed, I must confess that his amazing story over me like a
spell, often creating the feeling that I myself live in another time and into another reality ...

CHAPTER 5 SECRET Revealed After I ate, Caesar and I have withdrawn discreetly in occult
room, sat us on the great pedestal installation cylinder which included travel time. We chose to go
behind the camera to keep a discreet as possible. I felt like giant ruby crystal that is right before
us at a little distance, enveloped me with his subtle and enigmatic energy coming from the depths
of the universe. Aiden retired major storage boxes near the stationary point, outside the room
enclosure and lieutenants Trujo Nicoara and were lying in special places to sleep. All conditions
met seemed to hear the amazing story of Caesar's probably the most important of which I shared
before. I felt as though my mind is still hinder the materialist prejudices, I wondered how it was
still possible for a trip. We thought my weakness, especially since I was there, having physical
evidence in my eyes, touching it even with my hands.

98 99 energy jams like Sensing my hesitation, Caesar began to talk to me full of understanding: -
Do you think that time travel is only a matter of science fiction? Well, you are wrong, or just for
myself that I lived so many experiences with this plant. Or maybe you think you lie? I look keen,
while I rosea until whites of the eyes, but still felt amazing strength deformed rational
understanding, offered by the educational system modern. First thought, on the other hand I bent.
Yet the aspiration toward unknown was so strong that I wanted any way to convince me of the
correctness of travel time. Caesar then I apply a "coup de grace ', a surprise of epic proportions:-
Well ... will have the opportunity to realize such a trip yourself time, right here, using this facility.
Of course, certain conditions are needed, but if they perform, then there will be problems. I
mused. Strong emotion that you feel has made my tongue for a few seconds perish. -And what
about these terms refer? I asked with difficulty. Firstly, they belong to a certain energy state is its
own being and the degree of purification of its body. You must understand that the movement
time require activation of high energies, even if they are subtle. You know very well that time itself
is a special energy, mysterious, but some may be involved with science. -And this 'car' helps
energy engagement time? Alone is not possible to accomplish this? In some cases, outside help
can be invaluable to facilitate access to a clear vision, especially when involving so-called cliches
Akasha. They represent a subtle way of recording everything that has happened or will happen in
the universe. Sure, in the future, matters are more nuanced. But the past is always clear,
because it involves a choice already made. Of course time travel is perfectly performed by own
forces, for it is but necessary that the structure of personal energy is pure and very active at some
level. I had read and properly documented in terms of subtle physiology of human beings. in
Elinor's vast library I found many esoteric works, system theory and practice yoga and other
spiritual systems of the East, which were described in detail the seven major power centers of
subtle human being, secondary centers of power, energy traiectele and subtle energy that flows
through their mutual interaction. Understood, for example, that there is a precise correspondence
between a subtle power center, which in Hindu terminology called chakras, and one or more
internal organs of human body. I knew that this exact correspondence is very complex and
extends equally and psychological level, and that of daily activity, and the mental and spiritual. I
was surprised and also glad that Caesar brought about these lesser-known subtle aspects that
define our existence but until smallest details. I remember that at the end with more time, I
explained to him that any action or physical result is actually a stock delivering a subtle level
higher. So you could easily draw the conclusion that our capabilities are themselves a reflection
direct energy condition centers subtle power of our structure. I quickly realized that to be able to
some effective action is necessary to power my auras are strong and purified. Caesar explained
that it is reduced, in essence, cleansing and activating the subtle power centers of my being. -The
role of knowledge and techniques is not practiced other than to remove that impede the free flow
of energy in our being beneficial. A highly active and well purified chakra gives you great inner
strength that can translate externally by a very strong and specific influence by some
superhuman powers. Sure, these powers vary from one chakra to another, but the principle of
obtaining them is the same: purification and activation of the powerful subtle force centers. If this
process is done with patience, perseverance and competence in, he is seen even in the spiritual
evolution of human beings, understanding and knowledge of the expan-sioneaza it very much.
-Just so I introduced Dr. Xien things, I said nervy. Five Tibetan techniques of secret parchment-1
are able to lead the one who consistently practice the great spiritual achievements, which include
psychic powers. But also told me that the five techniques should not be revealed only over two
years from receipt of parchment, and as time passed it, I think of them are already known. I
myself have started to practice more time, but I kept this secret, I wanted to be a pleasant
surprise for you. -It really is, I said smiling Caesar, but know that I already noticed changes in
your aura obvious energy. Nothing is casual, your destiny, the efforts in spiritual practice that you
deposit, your good intentions and actions are related commits it and finally have their cause in a
gradual evolution in the structure of your subtle energy, that the bodies subtle of your being. Glad
you praise a child receives at school. Caesar was pleased that I create myself a great delight and
gave me confidence in my actions. However, I was perfectly aware that I was not only at the
beginning and that I had more energy before reaching a level of consciousness and very lofty.
Lately, my concerns in particular tended to purify and was therefore being very interested in
explanations of Caesar. I thought the main agent in such a process could not be other than the
subtle energy that I had to grab a vehicle and consciously in my own subtle structure using very
fine energy channels, which are called specialty terminology Nadi. I asked my Caesar detail this
issue and also to make me understand about subtle issues that determine energy paranormal
powers to travel in time. outside the field of science fiction, which deals with only the literary point
of view, the few books we knew time travel depicted in science perspective, I was not accessible.
I wanted to know the hidden things that triggers the causal roots extraordinary psychic, obviously
I think that it is intimately related to a particular frequency of vibration of energy which involve one
or more of the subtle centers power. - You can relatively quickly get to the stage to feel the
energy moving through the body, like electricity flow in a home electrical wiring, said 101 Caesar.
but not when current passes through the wires, we have to intervene. The analogy I made a
subtle energy structure of man, this intervention may consist, for example, in conducting
awareness of breath in certain areas of the physical body with the mind, to remove energy
blockages so. Even if sometimes you can ignore because these blockages, preventive application
of appropriate techniques to ensure the purification process. We all energy imbalances that need
to realize in order to manage energy properly. It is important to understand that these imbalances,
which are actually energy impurities, is evidenced not only in the physical body but also the more
subtle levels, ie at the emotions and the intellectual. ultimately, as the body is fed with some
energy, and her mind is fed with specific energies. They have feelings, emotions, intentions,
thoughts, ideas, all subtle energy are modulated by different frequencies of vibration. Energy
bottlenecks mean that tell you virtually certain impurities subtle order that they signify a vibration
and energy, mentioning it is rough. When the energy channels appear to be "blocked" and not
pure free-flowing energy. If a blood vessel there is a clot that blocks, is clogged blood flow largely
negative side effect. As is and where subtle impurities which one you explain now, do not forget
that what you feel, think or act is a direct result of conditions more or less energy in your body
clean. When you become pregnant, subtle energy imbalances manifested in the physical body as
pain. I was amazed at the complexity of these interactions, but we grind ignorance and correct
understanding of things and our perceptions every moment. Lam asked if Caesar and the latter
may be influenced by energy imbalances. - Of course, the influence of bottlenecks include the
entire range of our activity as human beings, he said. They may be related to the senses or
impair the quality of our relationship with others or the environment. Some people, for example,
are troubled by low temperatures, some of those high, some are unable to express feelings,
others are aggressive, some are self-centered, others bear no spices, some joints rigid, others do
not hear well. You know, I think, as examples are endless. All this means certain types of energy
imbalance, the impurities in one area or another body. Ultimately, they have a direct link with the
cluster subtle power of the human being and a negative affect. In these circumstances, how do
you think man could withstand the strong inflows of energy that triggers expression of psychic
powers? Impurities accumulated in the body and the mind cause very unpleasant effects, which
have an impact on us and on other illness, failures, negative emotions, disturbed mind, body
tensions, irregular breathing. What I say is, whatever the manner in which these imbalances
occur, they are the result of past decisions. Certain facts, modes of action and thoughts have
been expressed long before naturally attracted certain types of energy, if those actions were evil,
their corresponding energies are also coarse and impure, more or causing jams less serious.
When everything is complicated and most people are in such a situation are not always able to
clearly assess the problem. Means of escape from a situation
uncomfortable, which inevitably is based on an energy blockage, are numerous. Everything
depends on what happens in us, around us and the clarity with which we perceive the situation.
Here include techniques and spiritual exercises? I asked curiously. -Of course, I do not mean just
the meditative process. External assistance may be invaluable to us easier access to a clear and
begin to eliminate bottlenecks that hinder the flow of energy in our being. Here include, of course,
different spiritual techniques or methods that a person has access, because they bring vital
energy and aura cleansing, which have an elevated frequency of vibration. Beneficial energy
always gives us a natural healing power. Usually, the body discards in a mysterious way of
impurities, when adequate energy is available, without having to consciously contribute to it, for
example, during sleep. It is but simple case where impurities are not major. Sometimes occur
some barriers that block energy, and when dirt accumulates. It's when it maturatorii strike and
there is someone to remove trash from the streets. Therefore, to remove barriers or impurities
that embarrass the smooth running of the natural cleansing process necessary to consciously
engage in certain actions, to locate and identify critical points toxins, so we gradually purify the
body, using energy beneficial that we can capture the different techniques and practical
exercises. I mean the subtle universal energy which is called prana. - I know, I understand that, I
said quickly. I note that in mind it is very important spiritual practice. Actually, I read that between
the mind and prana are closely connected. I think that if prana energy is endless and can control
minds, can we achieve virtually any effect, any paranormal powers, including travel time. Caesar
approve the words of my head. -Our state of mind is one of the key factors influencing the
intensity and conduct energy, ie the prana. The mind is quiet, the energy body is closer to the
physical body and will appear less energy loss. Ideally, energy should be centered in the spine,
however existing blacajelor because her body is often dispersed. -Yes, and here there are also a
whole series of problems: agitation, anxiety, depression or lethargy, I've completed. Fortunately,
as you know, we provide a set of five Tibetan practical exercises that I find very effective. But I
confess that do not yet understand the essence. In principle, each involving a different look and
feel however that there is still a connection between these fundamental subtle. Techniques and
exercises, which mostly belong to Eastern spirituality trends are based on simple elements such
as breath, subtle, delicate sounds and subtle inner fire. I noticed in my readings that the Tibetans
have put particular emphasis on dynamic in subtle inner fire. -Not only Tibetans, and Hindu yoga
techniques are very accurate in this direction. The major manifestation of subtle inner fire is the
abdominal area. It was found from time immemorial as the proper functioning of this part of the
body gives a large health indestructible psychic powers 103. But all these are very strong
connection with activation of inner fire. This was developed several ways, some very secret way,
for instance, is the third technique of groupage five of Tibetan scroll, which you told me. Taken
separately, the inner fire of useful elements digest food, eliminate those that they are
unnecessary and maintain constant body temperature. However, impurities in our being can not
be eliminated only through stronger means. It's like I want to rid the limestone to be deposited
within the water pipes in a house, using tap water. Must add to this water a chemical much
stronger than limestone, which acts on it and dissolve it. Similarly, to purify our body must use a
power able to remove impurities, and this force is primarily subtle inner fire. However, it must be
combined with the subtle breath that's effective strength and become extraordinary. This idea is
very old and based on natural observation of a link between inner fire and subtle breath, and
even more than that, it was observed that the use of thinking and give more power this
combination. For example, you can accompany inspiration with a mental visualization of breath
who come into contact with subtle fire and breath you can do this by viewing associated with fire
breath, moving in a certain part of the body. Then the pause that follows inspiration, you can
greatly increase the inner fire and blast his subtle touch. There's also some specific position of
the body which can fire even more dynamic and, in addition, they can turn in certain directions. -
You mean, if I sit in one of those positions, can drive where I want to fire subtle body? I asked
with amazement. Smiling, I cleared Caesar - No, it would be too easy and handy. Placing the
body in a certain position that is not enough fire power to reach into the inner subtly indicated, as
simple as shaving settlement of automatic fire or ignite. There needs to intervene thought and
attention must be directed so as to determine the desired transformations. See, so how important
is the action of purifying the physical structure and subtle. In the case of the travel time, it is even
necessary, primarily for vehicular capacity gives you the flesh of large energies, and secondly
because it helps to clearly perceive stereotypes Akasha. In fact, "time travel" is a universal
access cliches akashic level of consciousness. Akashi-clichés Know that not too clear to me that
gender aspects of "travel" with consciousness, I told him Caesar. You mean you must
accumulate a certain amount of energy in the body to move in for me? Rather, it is necessary to
tune a particular frequency of vibration energy to power its center located at the neck. Still need a
certain momentum and energy. Be as subtle power that center to be very active but this activation
must be harmonious. Caesar breaks moments explanations, because Aiden had risen and
to come into the room. Initially I thought the young man wants to tell us something, but I saw his
computer shut down very carefully and then stretching himself to sleep next to the other two
colleagues. I took a short break to sit better on my pedestal. Although I felt a little tired, I was very
lively interest to learn the mystery of time travel that Caesar had access. - The center of power is
particularly delicate, he explained further. If sufficiently activated, allows you to instantly access
information from the collective subconscious which normally do not have any knowledge.
Therefore subtle power center of the neck is associated with intuition, which is a special form of
knowledge, far beyond the usual rational way, by learning. Direct and intuitive knowledge is
multidimensional and is derived from supramental field, does not require the teaching of
successive stages of assimilation. - I'm afraid this does not really understand, "I said shyly. -I'll
give a very clear example: few people realize that each book is written and then published in a
subtle projection planes invisible. It is not necessary to go through by reading a book, but simply
to have access to its representation subtle telepathic and can thus accumulate almost instantly
the information that was in that book. -Okay, but it already seems to be a special paranormal
powers, I said. -That is, do not have to read a book from one end to another, but can directly
access information contained within its pages the telepathic, intuitive, subtle creation plans.
However, we can talk about anything other lower levels of activation of this subtle power center.
For example, those who have some accomplishments in this regard can open a book, in some
cases, the exact page that contains the most important information. This is not no accident, but is
correlated with certain inner synchronization systems, linking their consciousness and the
information contained in that paper. Furthermore, each center also reveal subtle power and
mystery human being can put in touch with tremendous energy in the universe. I remember
suddenly brought by Octavian, Caesar's colleague during its preparation to the secret of B. .. .
That guy was strange ability to predict the future in a margin that exceeded twenty hours.
-Indeed, Octavian is a good example to illustrate what the center means enabling powerful force
in the neck. This shows that he already had the ability to move in time consciousness. Sure, the
guy that might not mastered too well because not exhibit the same capacity and in terms of
background, in addition, margin was relatively low for the future. But it is a good example in this
context of discussion. Have you heard anything about him? I asked curiously. I imagine that such
a person could be used for purposes not too orthodox. Unfortunately, he died with more than ten
years ago. After I took charge of the Department Zero I read the archived file. They tried
everything possible to save one, but ultimately has a slew tuberculosis. We remained silent for
several moments. Then I asked Caesar:-Well, I do not have the ability to predict the future or the
will to travel in time? After all, we provide all universal prana. -True, but remember that energy
must be gathered first 105 properly be modulated by certain vibrations very elevated and only
then used to perform specific actions, including ones of paranormal nature. For example, if I want
to extend my subtle astral plane level, it must have the specific energy that my astral body, which
is captured through a particular power center. If that is not enough chakra more dynamic so that
would allow me to instantly realize this expansion, then I will try in vain to make, because I will not
manage anything, I'm not less than ten centimeters dilated. Same is true and if the mental.
Therefore I say that a man accustomed to such actions are not possible. Since it is the subtle
force centers energized enough, he thinks as he is, generally speaking that is painful, dramatic
and weak, so are everybody. But the reality is completely different and only the will and
perseverance to meet and evolve spiritually be able to modify the condition that he was without
even realizing it. I felt kind of weight that I hit shoulders. I thought I had a very long way to go
before you acquire a structure activate subtle energy, pure and effective. Action seven subtle
centers of power I now appear to be very complex and intertwined. Begin to understand the
technology to facilitate travel while practically put energy available specifies the necessary and
highly elevated frequency modulated on the temporal cliches, cliches so-called Akasha. But even
in this case it seemed that are required under certain conditions, without which the process could
take place. Intuitive understanding that there must be some interactions between the person is
involved in the process of time travel and subtle energy which he is connected via the respective
installation. Caesar explained that this interaction can be understood in terms of a particular type
of selection. - It's like a grant from the energy and consciousness of one who wants to move in
time to plant here, which actually is the highest esoteric, he said. It is not only extremely
advanced technology, but at the same time it represents an insight into the world of invisible
cosmic forces, which are huge. It showed us that civilization that is also a very elevated level of
knowledge and spiritual understanding, that manages to combine the individual conscience
happy and technical capabilities. So something is difficult. Still hoping to have a chance to check
myself efficient "time machine gone." Do you think that may arise for one who is not yet ready
and still be connected to this installation I asked hesitating. Could be such a problem, if energy is
not dosed proportionally. But now I know how to use this amazing device, because I made
dozens, perhaps hundreds of travel time with him. If the energy agreement is achieved, is primed
process but still not required to make the leap in time. I mean, it depends very much on the
mental ability to focus that experience, whether or not to be able to design consciousness where
desired, at the time cliches. Nothing is done automatically, it is a continuous connection between
consciousness and this car. For example, if the mind is confused and can not isolate strongly
time the jump time is to be achieved, then it occurs and whether it may appear unpleasant, for
example headaches or sore eyes large
in orbit. In some cases the person feels an acute sense of nausea or heart palpitations face. The
team conducted numerous scientific experiments and studied this process on several topics,
using the interface that was developed and coupled to the Hall device giant projections. So I
understand that requires a certain harmony of being, a certain inner balance and energy
procurement to support this process. - As far as I know, I think this energy source is cut, I said,
pointing to giant perfectly polished quartz. Caesar replied in the affirmative, stating that the links
are probably under the floor slabs of stone, especially since the crystal is inlaid into it. - We do not
know what powers the device from room projections. Most likely there is still a level below that in
which we arrived, but we were so far impossible to realize how to meditate on it. Perhaps that is
where I find one or more huge crystal or another energy source that is unknown to us. In fact,
technologically speaking, the device here merely to make the bridge between the energy at which
it operates, and crystal. But that this point is extremely difficult because it is a kind of bio-
technology, a complex combination between amorphous and live. We are so far from
understanding those connections that group of scientists who have studied this issue and interest
turned to other issues, abandoning the field. They said that the difference between what we know
and understand, on the one hand, and what ancient builders have made it so great, that moment
there was no viable starting point of research. They simply can not understand the nature of the
conception that "while moving cars', especially as there is nothing between those used to build
the main elements not found on Earth, except thaliului and strontium, identified in small
quantities. "But nevertheless," car "actually gives the ability to travel in time, huh? I asked
amazed. -Of course, you still have any doubt, I answered Caesar, laughing. As an archive of files
you access, based on an index, any file you want and-one can find it easily, so is the travel time
when using this device. Sure, only if you manage to accomplish the agreement state that you
talked about. I breathed deeply, and now I was clear most concepts related to this subject. But I
was very curious to know how someone feels the actual transfer time, which are sensation it is,
what can do in those moments. In other discussions it had with Caesar knew that movement
while simultaneously involve a faithful rendering of the five senses of perception, as if we live, we
move and we act during that time. - These issues are important and should be understood
correctly, Caesar began to explain to me. Because there was a noticeable difference between
travel time and performed with the physical body is made of consciousness. In the first case, the
energy to be geared to achieve the transfer is considerably higher and to manage it, along with
subtle power center of the neck, is engaged a second center of power, which is in the navel .
Even then, however, you need a certain type of energy engagement of our being, which is
colossal and perfectly correlated with the strong degree of awakening of our consciousness,
science is too far to meet these matters occult and 107 more than refer to or receive them.
Manifestation of this energy giant, which has its essence in our body basal area may be seen at
most indirectly, by certain external signs. However, just as I said, its action is infinite in our being
perceived in the wider consciousness, which the researchers are still quite uncertain object and
also working very special. This huge force, space is actually a key element in progress and our
spiritual evolution. Moreover, most paranormal powers are manifested as a result of awakening
them more or less pronounced in our body. The action of this energy is so huge complex that
includes all spheres of manifestation of human being, from the physical and up to the cosmic
consciousness and God the Father. But you must understand that it acts just like a sleeping man:
beginning, dreams and even he is unaware that he has a physical body, there is the plan, then
when it wakes, slowly half-open eyes, but vision it is clouded and confused perception, he slowly
begins to get used to the environment and his consciousness becomes more alert, begin to
stretch arms and legs, while the objects around it are becoming clearer, in the end He stand up,
fully awake and ready for action. Did I offer this example to understand analog even in a way
about how this colossal energy that exists within each of us tends to manifest. Now, assuming
you do projection temporal physical body, which are inherent limitations here, in this you live, and
are found in spatial-temporal reality of the past or future move. In some ways I can say is even
more difficult: there are certain actions that should not interfere, so that when continuity of past
reality is disturbed and then things get complicated, you have to keep incognito status and must
also to have the ability to return during their own. Usually, such temporal projections, which
involve the physical body, are made solely for the purpose of accurate spiritual mission, by being
spiritually evolved. However, physical access to past or future time periods is possible,
technologically speaking, and for others, but when barriers arise otherwise, over which I now
dwell. However, scientific speculation "competent" the possibility of time travel, meaning that it
can be done virtually, completely overcome by the apparent reality and shows only a theoretical
basis. So-called "paradoxes" and 'impossibilities "not constitute a major impediment in time for
the screening body. However, this is really the one so-called "spiritual sense", which implies that
certain universal laws, but they far exceed the scope and subtlety laws and because of this
physical plane can not be properly understood by scientists contemporaries. Time is an energy
that can be 'conquered', indeed, with great difficulty, yet it can be understood and assimilated in
order to have unimpeded access to its mysteries. Variant projection, then the time consciousness
is something easier and safer, I appreciated it. -Course, and I can say is even richer in perception
than first version. -How come? Wary I exclaimed. I thought this gives a more accurate physics
and anchoring the period investigated.


- Wrong, I contradict Caesar. The projection of consciousness in a certain historical period allows
you to have a more nuanced idea of the state of affairs in that temporal reality. Because Focus
precise thought and consistent with specific energy power center of the neck, the mind is
"transported" in a time sequence of past or future, which "feels" and an integrated just like you if
you live there and even part of that reality. -And all this happens instantly? I asked in surprise.
-Sometimes there are certain times of transition or blockage, but if the mind is ready, then the
movement is virtually instantaneous, you already know the power of thought, which is a great
power, can travel large distances however, the lightning. For human physical structure, these
distances seem impossible crossed, but his body mentally they can be easily overcome. For
example, you can visit the most distant galaxies of the cosmos in a few fractions of a second, but
it implies that you must have a full confidence in yourself and in your mental abilities, to know how
to act and then just to apply this knowledge. In this way you can go anywhere you want. "But why
should I say a big trust me so? I expressed my puzzlement. -Because, generally speaking, it is an
essential aspect of life which should become a regular every moment. In particular, man can
move his body instantly mentally, but it must have a full faith in the quality of the mind to be able
to move wherever a lightning mind directs. If your faith is complete, then the projection is
instantaneous. But some people are more 'sophisticated', based on faith and arguing and
imagining that this is an ancillary purpose. Actually, faith is part of the actual mental process of
projection and, in fact, any other process that exists in creation. Once focused mind power, for
example, the time period in history where you want to design, energy is modulated so as to gain
access to those blocks akashic exactly you are interested. -And then I feel like I have everything
there, like I live right then, during that time, I repeated what I had learned to better understand this
issue. In fact, Caesar wanted to give details of such information and especially to tell me while
some of trips they made. -Sure. In essence, they're cliches akashic 'Register' subtle on an
"underlying" sensitive to the oriental spirituality is called Akasha. This would translate as "light"
within the meaning of a subtle nature of space, forever. As it is "record" everything that is related
to the five levels of the universal event, the human being, these levels are perceptions through its
five senses: smell, taste, visual, tactile look and sound issue. Logically speaking, I understand
that if all aspects are "registered" in this subtle dimension Akasha, they can be raised and then
force through the center of the neck. If you want to see, feel or taste a part of now hundreds,
thousands or tens of thousands of years on this planet or a planet from another constellation,
then by activating this chakra you can have instant access those records will be subtle and you
realize what happened then. Initially, temporal projection may not be complete, so it is possible to
access only one or two of the five sensory aspects of recording 109 Akashi, but eventually can
acquire perfect control over five "bands" of perceptive information time cliches. While I heard
these explanations, we have linked with several situations in my life that I felt clear manifestation
of sensory perceptions related to ancient historical sites you visit, I really like these places, ruins,
archaeological sites and everything has great historical significance. I used to visit these places
when the opportunity came up to me and often levied a kind of energy that enveloped me from all
sides and create a feeling that I own. I shared these impressions Caesar and he has confirmed
that they are related to an early access to akashic cliches. -Special feelings that you had linked
akashic exact feelings of that place when he was 'active'. Depending on the degree of energizing
the subtle power center of the neck, you can relive more or less accurate at the time. If this
chakra is strongly activated, you can even to review those places, just as they were following
hundreds or thousands of years, working with people, streets, situations in ways of thinking. In
this case you have already made a real temporal translation. Here-and installation help achieve a
perfect projection in time, I asked, looking behind me to my cylinder already feeling the thrill and
eagerness to check it myself. -Not only is projected through her consciousness almost
immediately at any time wish, but it also allows "scanning" time zones, until you find or actually
know what you want. When you as a present moving in a temporal area, and perceptions are
very complex and intuitive. Are many information that you can have instant access and to make
are received simultaneously, in a multidimensional way, if you know what I mean. Do not really
understand, but I hope with all my heart soon clarify through personal experience. However, my
feelings were divided, I thought that stirred in me I could not concentrate enough to trigger the
process so that translations and, moreover, could not be sure that my physical and subtle
structure will withstand the influx of energy plant . On time but wanted to know the answer to a
question that is not bothering me - I think the volume 'Register' akashic tends to be infinite,
because the number of possible events and it is virtually infinite. That means that these
"recordings" can fit only in a universe which in turn should be infinity. I will not now appear
philosopher, but I find suitable time to understand this aspect intrigued me. Caesar tilt his head
approvingly and said: "In this respect things are not so complicated. Think that God is infinite and
if it's creation and it infinite, it would appear some paradoxes and inconveniences of conception.
Therefore, the correct answer is that universes created by God are finite, physical universe is
finite, the astral universe is finite - although he is extraordinarily high compared to the physical
universe and also causal world is also finite - although huge compared with the astral universe.
However, they are so huge that to our minds appear to be endless. For example, if you have one
drop of water in the Atlantic, you could say that, by comparison, the entire ocean that is billions of
times bigger than you is infinite, yet we know very well that 110
it is finite, is bounded. Based on this analogy, we can say that the three worlds of creation is
finished, even if the possibilities for our mental perception they appear as being infinite. The three
fundamental universes are included but the total area is only God the Father and this area is truly
infinite, absolute and unlimited. -In this case, I said, our universe appears as the lowest. It is
almost incredible, if you think that this 'smallness', according to scientists, extending beyond the
fifteen billion light years. - Yes, it is colossal, Caesar recognized, and yet, despite its size the new
appear to us the right giant oriental spirituality somewhat enjoyable physical universe with a
residue, it is so small and insignificant in relation to field the consciousness of God, that can be
treated with a speck of dust thrown somewhere in the atmosphere, this atmosphere corresponds
to the astral universe, and causal universe as the space that surrounds this planet. All these
universes are contained but the divine universe that is infinite. I felt my whole being is filled with
endless thrill of this grandeur. I said excited - I think that if an infinite sphere of divine
consciousness, there can be no question of travel time. Before I answer, Caesar took a short
break, and suddenly changing internal state. When I answered, his voice was low and the words
he spoke slowly: - In this case you can experience the revelation of eternity, that does not involve
time. Then overcome common temporal integration, in which we live today as when we relate to
past and go in the future. In this experience there is a very special feeling 'palsy', it seems that
time stops, in fact, in those moments truly experience the revelation of the divine dimension of
what is called eternity. And because it is beyond time, those who lived this divine feeling
understood, beyond words, that God is eternal and eternity is His essence. I could tell you that
this experience is sublime and divine living that you have then is quite exceptional. Can hardly
find the right words to describe this condition your, then expansion of consciousness is
unimaginably large and everywhere around you are surrounded by divine light. The revelation
followed a few moments where we both silent. Caesar's power of evocation of that reality was
impressive and I felt a sense of the sacred soul of purity and deeply touched me. This special
size, its highly spiritual experience was rarely present in the accounts of which I made, no doubt
that this is happening due to his being an extraordinary modesty. Finally I dared to return to the
original course of the discussion, a shyly asking: - What was the project during which impressed
you most? I saw him as he remained motionless, leaning slightly to the pedestal on which I was
sitting and having etched on the face an expression of sublime inner feelings.

111 - was even the first attempt to use "machine time travel 'in recent days that I spent the first
expedition. Only three were left, so we split into working groups and others had left back through
the tunnel in successive days. This method was the result of observations made during the trip, in
coming, we concluded that the most effective way was traveling in teams of four to five people.
Knew the details of previous accounts of which I had made in Caesar after more than a year,
about some elements of the expeditions they made. However, he does not speak only very little
about my experiences regarding the movement of time-related aspects of the immediate future of
mankind. -Most human beings are so disconnected from reality complex universe that fail to
accommodate a sensitive subject like this, the trip time. They imagine, because of false scientific
education who received it as a projection in time is impossible or, at best, is difficult. If we analyze
more closely the situation, understand this strange attitude to the subject real time travel is not
just a result of ignorance or lack of open mind, but also by reflex action and a defense against
what would discover the historical truth, and here you have to say that serious problems may
occur. Both large and virtually all fields of humanity, that they could Ravasi entire life on the
planet. They are incredibly many lies that have hidden the essential truths throughout history.
Some of them, very serious. I saw some issues such as holographic projections in Bucegi, I said,
being somewhat informed. -Some events that happened and I had the opportunity to observe
them and make them feel even more detail I'm so excited, that they then give birth to a deep
sense of sadness that were linked or mystified misunderstood over time to serve with all other
interests. For each trip while we made it there by a written report, which only have access to the
president, Gen. Obadiah, a highly-placed representative of the clergy and a special commission
consisting of four men of science are under strict control. The American, who built interface
adaptation and attachment to plant huge projections of Hall and her access to this information
and form their own subjects to make long journeys. -I guess is pretty busy schedule, I said quite
surprised. If correspondence is preserved temporal reality in which we live, then I do not think is
enough time to watch too many events, especially if it covers a longer period. -I realize that your
idea about how to place a temporal projection is somewhat mechanical. Do you repeat, then
perceptions are simultaneous, and knowledge of specific aspects of that period is intuitive overall.
In addition, I told you that there can 'sweeping' cliches Akasha. Here, using the installation is
essential, because it was designed so that it can be achieved easily, on condition to remain
focused on that period of time. Subtle energy required is thinking through the great crystal. Simply
drag or you want a return on that segment of time and this happens automatically, if the mind
remains focused. If I had to express myself freely, the process resembles a kind of
"Scroll" back and forth of cliches akashic a certain period of time was chosen, but of course
things just have this appearance, the reality is even easier. - But what impressed you so much
that first project during installation using here? I asked him curiously. Caesar made me come
near the cylinder volume. -Before I connect the sensors with crystals, was not at all sure what this
device serves. I decided to try it myself and I was hooked plant here in that way. Saying this, I
indicate Caesar upper cylinder, which is a broad band of metal that was embedded and there a
few crystals. The band then drop down another thin metal band of the same material, but wider
than that corresponding to the forehead area, it enters the stone floor of the room and throughout
its length was placed also small colored crystals regular intervals. Caesar explained that to
succeed while projection was necessary back and spine to be attached to that metal band. - It is
very flexible, but at the same time and firm when pressed. The installation seems very simple but
true technology consists of metal structure which is composed of specific frequency band and the
vibration of crystals. I'm absolutely sure but there are other aspects of fine which can not yet
understand nor see. Room facility projections is somewhat complicated, but now I know it serves
the same purpose. At the instigation of Caesar I sat on a small platform with emotion inside the
cylinder head until I fell under a broad band with crystals, I saw this arm can be tilted through a
semi-transparent material fixed in the cylinder . Undoubtedly, that metal had some extraordinary
properties, since it could be very flexible, but extremely rigid. Everything depended, as Caesar
informed me, the pressure on the hand. Metal-Is a "smart" and yet we are far to discover all
mysteries, he said. Interaction with human aura is great but. Indeed, although not crystal metal
band touched my forehead and not lipisem me back the other metal strip, felt a shudder though
clearly unreasonable and continuously in the body, from feet to crown. I ruled as I could but
emotion and I asked Caesar continue to tell me. -I realized pretty quickly that the logical
placement of crystals and operation of the 'machine' was not complicated once you connected to
it. Miami important point realized that force you to focus the mind. After I settled into position
where you are now You and I intuitively connected to the installation, I was a time in a state of
complete relaxation, to grasp the inner nature of energy activation. Then I realized that target
specific installation at the throat chakra and I started to feel strange the first pulse amending the
surrounding reality. It was like I tend to "slip" and then return to consciousness of my physical
position and integration in this underground room. I began to occur at random images of
childhood, the period during which I was based in B. .. I was somewhat surprised, but I realized
quickly that they were reflections of unconscious impulses, amplified by the state of deep physical
and mental relaxation which induced me one. However, what gave me the answer to that was
meant installation was that I was back there in those scenes of my life, and I saw 113 and act like
I was present with body and soul, until the smallest details. It was like I suddenly have entered
into a room in which to play that instrument life completely different from that which they currently
lived. When I expressed the wish, return to present time and again had a perfect consciousness
of my body in this room. Of course, I remain fully aware of my identity and mission and during the
projection time, I knew too well about the space-time integration here, but at the same time I felt
everything around and in that time in the past, as if one lived where even me. I was fascinated by
what I said. - Means that when you realize the true utility of 'car', huh? - Yes, I realize that is a
device that I can easily design time. Instantly, I knew I can access a huge amount of real
knowledge of history. Of course, I realized immediately and tremendous potential that could come
from sur-future scanning. This aspect of knowledge is however very sensitive and can trigger
serious problems if not maintained with the utmost discretion. I knew that part, perhaps most
significantly, that Caesar had confided to me one after the arrival of the first expedition. Then, as
now, he asked me not to reveal anything about what he saw in the future. He confirmed that
many projections made in this size, from relatively close to the very remote and the destiny of
mankind, especially during the next few years will be really disturbing. In particular, I told some of
the most important issues that will stake out future events, but insisted a lot to not reveal anything
in this regard. May still say that the dramatic events will combine in a stunning those who will
have a nature so surprising that many people will not be able to cope in an appropriate manner.
Caesar said that ban me to publish these issues is based primarily a psychological reason,
although most people tend to undermine the problem. He told me that at the subconscious level,
the human being is profoundly determined by certain information, especially if they have an
astounding nature, which may influence her free will. People's choices should derive naturally
from their own reporting and understanding of things, without influential so-called 'prophetic'
which in some cases may trigger even true mass psychosis. In addition, how perception differs
greatly from person to person, what an impressive one can shame is subject to another. Caesar
said to me then that, unfortunately, much of the next following mankind's destiny is determined by
the lack of unity of people and an incredible opacity of their perception of what is good, positive,
authentic and valuable. "Often, this approach degenerates into a boundless stupidity, then he told
me. Those who are in error, dogmatic and absurd in their views on taking the mock many aspects
of good sense or have a deep spiritual side that could make many things well, those do not even
acknowledge dialogue. Somehow, they imagine that they are only as they are the sole, as only
they can do something. In fact, I can not do anything in practical terms, yet they are the sole
owners of the claim that truth. Annoyed by this situation thickens Caesar asked him: "Well, then
why not unite all forces to change the balance of the river to
OK? '. "Do not forget that in no case can unite with good river. That has always been. Anyone
who is evil will flee what is good and because of this can be achieved by the union said. You can
only realize the union of good and good, because people who are oriented beneficial "speak the
same language '. Union can not be truly realized only between those who have affinities that are
close to mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There may, for example, to have a very bad friend if
you're good, because that friendship can not withstand. Where there affinities, it is impossible to
recover the unit, brotherhood or sympathy. " I thought with bitterness how many deeply wrong in
acting in our country, and not wanting to actually split connection. I shared my feelings and
Caesar. "Disunity is essential if we want this separation. Principle, divide and conquer 'is,
unfortunately, still popular in our country. Practice this system is a lot of disunity, of deception and
pacalelii. Almost none of the factors responsible have not, spine 'and therefore created a climate
of insecurity in the man rather than to think well, thinks about how to do evil. In doing so, he has
no way to unite with others, because the union involved a certain sympathy and openness in the
desire to do well together. Therefore I say that people need to understand themselves, based on
a deep and spiritual, extraordinary strength of the union and action positive. Then destiny can be
tilted to the benefit, otherwise it will involve a huge wheel of suffering. " After these explanations, I
realized that it understood why things must be said at the right time and others not at all. People
are very sensitive to certain thought-forms, especially in the current decandenta orientation so
that they could be interpreted in a more miserable and then expanded, creating more harm than
good. The first project - Unlike the future, the past is very clear and, with few exceptions,
unchangeable, Caesar went to talk to me. So after I understood the nature of the device and I
guess the principle of operation, in my mind came to me spontaneously eagerness design in the
past two thousand years ago, for close control of his life Jesus. It was a very strong inner
impulse, probably largely dictated by the subconscious influence of Christian groups, who
contributed greatly disturbing images that I've watched several times in room projections. I mean
those that had his crucifixion. I shudder at the thought that someone just saw the life of Jesus or
sequences thereof, not only played the holographic image, but even being part of those times
long gone environment. - It was so easy, continued Caesar, whose attitude while my story was
even worse than sad. Temporal area that is very special. I went over it several times within two
years, but the first project was great. Once my mind focused on that period, I felt a very strong
energy rush column and I realized that giant crystal are primed action. The passage has been
sharp and I noticed it first because vivacitatii colors and sounds that we perceive the landscape
that surrounded me 115. I was on a hillside, near a path to see that not much had been. Actually,
there were several such paths that cross but barely distinguishable in low vegetation and little
sunburnt. The soil was clay and somewhat reddish, with more gravel. There were no trees, just
clumps of trees here and there. It is interesting that such projections in time everything is charged
at somewhat high, as if you are on a high podium a few feet. Sometimes perception is closer to
earth and mostly I just happened to be among people, seeing him and hearing him talk like and
how it behaves. In general, however, are like an invisible and mysterious presence who "assist"
the events from a greater height, maybe three or four feet. Movement is done instantly, by simply
expressions of the will. On my left, something later, after a hill, I saw several people put on a
large piece of cloth and talking very concerned. And I wanted to be there and immediately I was
somehow above them. In other circumstances I noticed that I could move even more slowly
realize, like I have flown over the landscape. All about mental control and focusing power of
thought. If the stake was not intense, then there is a tendency that slip of Akashic cliché, like the
dark atmosphere, losing a lot of lighting and environment became somewhat diffuse, until it
disappears completely. When consciousness is present, but this recovery is more clearly felt, as
a kind of 'breaking' the temporal area in which you had access before. In general, the feeling is
back now that you are closer to yourself, but by this I mean mainly the objects around and the
memories of living which we live. I say all this because when I come near that group of people, I
had just this feeling of loss Focus. I recovered quickly but, before leaving that the temporal. You
have held that sensations are somewhat different than in everyday life, perceptions are more
extensive and simultaneous. For example, the early moments of projection felt 'atmosphere'
place, I knew very well where I am and what time and especially empathetic know some people
who were among those who saw them. Temporal projections are not random, but always lead
you in Nice spatiotemporala which is closest to your thought intention, this observation refers both
to people and places as well. When the track events, knowledge is a process that looks very
much like to be present even in those times and places, take part even in those actions and
happenings. Sensations are very bright and clear, but at the same time feel very good that you
are not involved in everything we perceive. To have an adequate picture of these things, I tell you
that they spend about the same way that you're in a theater and watch a movie that you like very
much. However, temporal projection is much more than that, then you feel much more than a
simple spectator feels, no matter how it may be attracted by that video. Can you grasp the
nuances of the human soul, their real intentions, you can see the results that they intrigue and
woven However, do you repeat in a sort of global perception that live moment by moment.
Certainly, this knowledge can sometimes be partially or very vague, you may not have visual
perception of cliches and not hear all sounds, you may not understand the source of certain
events or simply to face time with blockages in You can not access certain cliches aka-shice
knowledge. However, this
"Car travel time 'greatly help almost perfect reception akashic cliches. -Have you ever confronted
with such situations? I asked him then. -Sure, yes, several times. The first time I understood what
a time it was even blocking projects that tell you now. First feeling is that the cliche darkening
time, then suddenly everything disappears and remains just a perfectly black background. Then
when consciousness is present, whenever you try to access that temporal area, you'll hit the
same barrier that seems to be insurmountable. Data-something like the situation that you wanted
to get in touch with those who built the tunnel, I said. -Right. Their knowledge is so advanced that
they could block a mysterious way to access this information from akashic clichés. Even bigger
problem is however: why has tried to do this? It's an important point, which unfortunately
remained unclear until now. I felt as heat in the increasingly standing on the platform installation.
Even without being connected to it, like I was always surrounded by an unseen force, penetrating.
I feel like my throat is swollen, and my legs had appeared a strange weakness. I stood on that
spot and I sat directly on a pedestal, praying a Caesar relate to me on his amazing experience
while traveling. Lesson temporal - was a group of about fifteen people, discussing the signs of a
very important subject, however, one of them seemed to have an unquestionable authority, that
most often take the word and then everyone else is listening very concentrated. By a kind of
intuitive empathy, I knew then that that was Jesus. This knowledge arises spontaneously, as
natural. But what is even more amazing is that they understand what they spoke, spoken phrases
understand the idea, not necessarily words, as if it were a telepathic transmission. When I
realized I enjoyed it very much because we had direct access to Jesus' words, the actual
teachings that has addressed those who followed him. Many of those teachings have been
obscured over time or have been modified in accordance with certain interests, that had nothing
to do with spirituality. -I and I documented in this respect, because I was curious to know more
about some unorthodox opinions about those times, I said. Elinor's library I found some very
relevant works that rely solely on the parchment containing some Christian texts considered
apocryphal by the Church. Must say that despite my initial reservation, I had to note the
correctness of analysis and scientific observations that were made. We concluded that under no
circumstances can ignore some facts and evidence of time. And I can assure you, you are
perfectly right, because I watched a subtle witness several events since then, I said Caesar. Is
totally different than reading text describing the time and canonical Gospels cover only a small
percentage of what had happened. Feeling that Lam had been overwhelmingly and often
dramatically. I say with all honesty that I never felt 117 such emotional, all vibrate in the air, full of
feeling of happiness are completely different from worldly happiness. People living like a new
dimension of their existence, were in a kind of 'drunkenness' of moods. Many of those who
followed Him the Savior, now tell you in advance, were transformed and internalized so that he
often saw as lacrimeaza no apparent reason, but also a smile full of happiness. It was downright
amazing, that feeling is conveyed me and me and it is growing dramatically in the presence of
Jesus. Crowds of people were they were not large, because population was small but at least
when you listened, those human beings were completely transformed into a state of emotion and
love as I have rarely met. I myself feel that in those moments that the park was completely
purified and somewhat "high" in terms of subtle. It is very difficult to express in words, but the
general idea that there is something truly divine happening. And the men, though very modest in
terms of social conditions, lived truly sublime moments. I noticed many times that even they
themselves were amazed by the frenzy of their inner state and that they asked each other if they
feel the same. However, we saw people of higher social rank, in which material well-being can be
seen after the clothes they wore and by servants accompanying them. Usually, these people
remained little more withdrawn, but even they were covered by a deep piety, renouncing the pride
or contempt at those moments. Silent and internalized, they listened to Jesus with a look full of
nostalgia and even a kind of regret inside. Perhaps some of those people was a radical inner
transformation, spiritual, so to modify their lifeline to date. "But as Jesus spoke to people? I
asked, was also excited by what I heard. How does he behave? It was in their midst? I saw him
talking and the crowd, but usually prefer to be in front of people, to see them all, especially when
they were many. The impression was overwhelming, I have never seen anything like it. What
says the Bible is only a pale picture of how it occurs, as far as I know his attitude was not
rendered, nor phenomenal divine that spread radiation on humans. Of course, these are matters
of subtle nuance and clear to put more emphasis on succession Indeed, this even it in a synthetic
way. But I tell you that those moments were really impressive. As a person, Jesus was not high, I
think exceeded 1.70 m high, and therefore often not able to notice a lot right. Moreover, you had
yourself a chance to convince you that the recordings of holographic projections Hall. Like all
other people of modest condition, wear a shirt of very long, up to the ankles, a fairly coarse fabric,
was spread to his chest and sometimes it was tight around the waist with a cord from the same
material. The sleeves were very large and somewhat short wrists. Sometimes wear underneath
another shirt, more thin, white, but mostly skip it, he saw naked breasts and dark brown hair a-
flowing on his shoulders and his skin. I was surprised to see that, unlike most representations of
Christian iconography, the Savior wear beard. Moreover, almost all men of that time had a beard.
I noticed however, when other temporal projections that we made in the same period, the pilosity
of various sizes and I have understood that,
occasionally, he used to laugh. Yeah, I asked myself not too similar to eristic representations of
our churches, "I said, referring indirectly to holographic projections that seen two years earlier.
-There is virtually no similarity between the physiognomy of Christian statues or painting pictures
of Jesus, the one that was in reality. I have not managed to identify any, except that the body was
not very strong but rather weak. If I took as a single item iconographic images that you were, then
I would not know to identify one among other people, because his features were played other
than icons. For example, his nose was slightly larger, the nostrils. I note the high forehead and
opened immediately above a well-shaped eyebrows, but what impressed most were the eyes, I
can say that this was being's extraordinary magnet for anyone close to talk. Have a look so deep
and so vivid expression in his eyes, that almost without exception all who go in front of him to
speak, is emotionally very hard and often even began to weep, without apparent reason. I noticed
that in such cases often do not pick him down, where people let their tears flow on the cheek, but
waited patiently and very serious attempt to recover them. And when totaled, he radiated such
kindness, said something that only slightly, most went face etched with a happiness and a
contentment that far exceeded any other problems. He spoke rarely, but very condensed, full of
substance. Perceive his words understandable in an intuitive way, as if I were among others who
knew the language and indeed I heard some of the parables in the Gospels. But they were not
told the continuity that is presented in these texts, because often be questions even while talking
and in general was enough fuss about, people always came and went, there were many young
children , and pets were around, because many who accompany him for a longer period of time
they took with them goats or sheep. In the beginning was a certain vânzoleala, but we found as
we get time as those around him, which were close, began to organize a little better, it's true,
makes a somewhat crude but it was still some more orders. Among others, I witnessed the
parable of the sower, in fact, Jesus spoke more about it and even in two stages. Want to tell you
what the situation was inspired to submit? I tilted his head quickly, as all eyes and ears. - Come
to him a woman who allegedly also part of the nobility of it. I complained that some of her
children, benefiting from the status they had the king's court, did much evil and suffering because
of this poor woman all the time. Only her daughter was with him a help, but was not faithful.
Women do not understand what was wrong, because she regularly went to temple to offer
sacrifices and pray for her children, but they were still a very disorderly life. I saw Jesus on the
woman looked a long time in silence, then asked if he had come there with any of her children or
even her daughter. The woman had come there alone without anyone to announce about it. Then
Jesus began to give him some advice, telling her that her prayers were worth far more than they
had violent fights almost daily in the family and it was better to quit. One-woman looked
perplexed, because it does not say anything about it and then began to sob 119, understanding
that one of her face was far more than she thinks. Then he made a sign and a servant came
there, bringing a sack of flour and one for food, as a gift from her. That, I believe, was divinely
inspired moment that triggered the urge to tell Jesus parable of the sower. First I saw him looking
at the bag of flour and then the way he moved and ready to talk, I realized that thread already
knew that from analog to express in a story. He began to expose the parable, but soon there was
created a group of Roman soldiers on horses, I realized that Jesus knew their leader. They
withdrew from the edge to speak and I saw him show some novel written paper, with seal on
them. For already dusk, people began to disperse and never expected Jesus to return, to
continue the example. Only long after that, I think two or three weeks later and in a completely
different place, when there were only his loved ones and a few others, he was reminded about
that parable that began to tell and was asked to continue it. Jesus remarked that he knew very
well what he wanted to express in that parable, but that perhaps it was time for the many, but for
the few. He added that very fact that people were dispersed, without waiting to return May 1 to
find the continuation of the story, take the fruit of its secret private, precious gift, somehow,
stressed that what happened then was like what was going to say in his example. Nobody was
talking at that time, and this his feet were in was so majestic and dignified, so I saw all those
present had left heads down on the ground. Moreover, this extraordinary effect I've noticed many
times when Jesus spoke to people and, especially, memorable sermon in which he sustained a
huge temple stairs, after the so-called entry into Jerusalem. In fact, things were more
complicated, the city's entry was conducted over four days, because there have been many that
are not described in the Bible. However, I will not insist on this point. Some of those issues are
sensitive. What I say is that, at a time, to create good times and suddenly a herd of people have
asked to speak about what lies after death. At that time Jesus came down the stairs of the
temple, was accompanied by two young women and four of his major disciples. I saw stops and
turns his head slightly to the right, where there were few people, then have spent some very
strange things. Having said this, Caesar stopped scrolling remaining in thought and mind, no
doubt, that movie epoch-making events. Boiling with anticipation, so I dared to ask one what
happened, how things have evolved. - This section of events is not described, nor mentioned in
any text, he said. It seems like a strange "limbo" time to litter than those who were present then,
there. I did not have to know too much and this very strange reason, that one will tell you. As I
saw the scene, a bit of height, I was somewhat on the left side of Jesus. I noticed that suddenly
looks right, by a small group of people, very attentive and focused. Among those came a strange
person, a man who seemed pretty blonde and unkempt in appearance, gave the impression that
he was very nervous and unsure of himself. Wait a bent back and right hand under the long shirt,
under which I see feet. I remember that this was the first detail that caught my attention, because
everybody else had the port until the ankles. I noticed the man was always looked shaken and
sides. Jesus
taken steps to him and said some words that I have left me perplexed, told the man that "no
particular time for what he wanted to do" and that "those who sent him will understand the it '.
Then he said something amazing: he said he must return immediately to where it came from,
because there is a failure and that he was in great danger. The man has an eye contact a few
moments, then seemed to suddenly softened, and was seized by convulsions. Several
aftershocks have changed short low voice that I have not heard. Immediately afterward and then
retreated among men occurred simultaneously two things I can not explain even today: over all
settlements to hear a short whistle and threatening, very strong and almost immediately began to
gather many people in front of the temple at the foot of the stairs, insistently asking Jesus to
speak. I moved instantly, very curious to see who was the man who made the somewhat
discordant note among other people, who behave so strangely, and which Jesus grant him such
attention. Although normally the location of any point of space or anyone was instant when I
expressed the wish, though I never went anywhere, I was there, I did not like where I projects. I
'run' Akashic a little cliché, but I could not identify that person. Never before, then in May I was
not such a thing happened, it was as the man disappeared. You have no idea about what can
that mean? I asked curiously. -There are some assumptions, but still prefer to do not share. They
belong to a field that can be hard to understand people. However, I insisted and finally Caesar
told me what it was, not to mention write about it. Correlations and had done some research in
this direction, being almost sure of his conclusion. But it was so shocking, so I was perplexed, not
knowing what to say. I finally returned to his initial story - told me that I was the first "impact"
when you realize the initial project. You know, on that slope of the hill where Jesus spoke from
several of his disciples. - That's right, but I wanted you to meet first overall situation, sprinkled
with some facts. There are too many stories to you all and for this reason I will specify only
certain aspects. Even the reports that we prepared are presented in synthesis, because it is
practically impossible to highlight all the elements, colors and feelings that arise in the temporal
projections, by their very complex. Shortly after I made known the usefulness of this equipment
and technology after U.S. scientists began to 'adjust' to it, at the diplomatic level that the Vatican
has decided to be contacted to submit reports, only those concerning in the life of Jesus. I
thought it was kind of moving at the same time clever and surprising, especially because the
proposal came even urging Americans. I soon realized that it was not necessarily made for the
purpose of an act of Christian ethics and morals, but especially for bringing the papacy as a deaf
diplomatic pressure by some surprises scale which appeared in those reports. Some of them I will
share and you know, but others it is better to remain unknown for now. Sure, we questioned the
Vatican could have completely ignored this information because there are virtually no concrete
evidence, only some 121 written reports. The American said, however, that in such a case it
could still decide to allow the two to three cardinals and all the witnesses device underground in
Bucegi already knew about the Pope. From my knowledge, there were some delicate questions
and arguments on the true interests who are insistent on the basis of papal leadership to this
unknown aspect of Christianity, but this is already part of the diplomatic and political subtleties
that do not want to go now . Our surprise was that the Vatican has responded quickly by a special
courier, be aware that all these questions are still many years ago, I learned later that some
intelligence services of the United States and they knew the source of the disclosure but the
subject continued, it appears to remain relatively mystery shrouded In an over time, and although
there were some echoes in the press. Franchet Vatican managed to give a reply even slightly
ironic American attitude, even offering to provide synthesis recording of Jesus' life as a factor to
verify the reports submitted by me. Were sent several representatives to the Vatican for talks, he
was sent from us and one General Obadiah scientists that make up a special committee in
connection with all underground research in Bucegi. In return, the general told me he saw
amazed actually recording the most significant aspects of spiritual life and mission of Jesus and
that they were identical, the common instances posed with my reports. Of course, even those
records and no I could not contain their entire life to the Savior, for instance, I was focused on the
latter part, the actual spirit of his mission, but it lasted little more than three years, as stated in the
Christian writings. it actually took place over three years and a half, almost four years. Vatican but
had records of Jesus' life from childhood and even that of his youth and adolescence, that in
those years which apparently does not know anything about what he did. Finally, related issues
are still unwilling to enter now, the Vatican is common ground that he has a real mine of esoteric
information, which the obvious reasons not wish to make public. Here Caesar was interrupted
several times to bring our two drinks Tonic food reserve. I remained silent, reflecting the myriad
implications that might have actual knowledge of these issues in the modern world. I myself was
totally amazed by what my story and realize that Caesar, in fact, until then had lived in a web of
misinformation and alteration of the truth. , This is but a fraction of the total information we have
accumulated over time through my projections history of this planet. You'd be really shocked to
know the reality of transformations that have occurred over time. "But I watched a good portion of
these projections Hall two years ago, I said puzzled. -Well, you could have big surprises, I mean
a customization akashic cliches. Holographic images of the room shows our projections, as is
natural, a whole evolution of Earth and human history. You see, for example, geological
transformations that took place in the world and especially the source of us as intelligent human
beings. But I am far from precise historical period, the dramatic moments in human evolution, the
dynastic succession, the puzzles that have thrown in fog many historical realities.

Practically speaking, is an almost inexhaustible field. But this is not our goal now. To return to
what you say because we do not have too much time and you have to hit the road. I approved his
head inside my forum hoping that I will have the opportunity to hold myself at a time, that
knowledge of the mysterious past and the future of mankind. We hope to have such opportunity
and ability to achieve projections of that time with amazing facilities. - When we made the first
projection temporal and saw that group of people discussing, I moved them. Did I mention that I
knew precisely who among them was Jesus. What but I did not tell you was that among the men
there were also three women, one of them sitting right next savior and I will say that in that
moment I knew exactly who he was. I know that there is much controversy on this issue and that,
undoubtedly, the records that the Vatican owns, in conjunction with this time travel device that
we've used, would produce a large-scale earthquake in the Christian world. Things have been set
incorrectly deliberately since the beginning of Christianity, and written evidence were most
damaged, although some of the few left who were newly discovered. Historical truth is completely
different but, at least in this direction, unfortunately, is a fundamental direction that changed once
could not be changed without causing major shortcomings Christian church. I was curious myself
to check the crucial moment when things were decided in this way, I mean some essential truth of
Jesus' life, which few people I know and even fewer have hard evidence about it. The event took
place not long after the crucifixion of the Savior, that you could watch it and you the holographic
projections. I remembered those thrilling moments of shattering. Images were almost incredible
realism and harrowing must admit that they are almost unique, as far as I know, which are
presented in the text of authentic Christian in a fair, almost in their entirety. It is true that their
description is somewhat stoning, but in essence they respect the historical truth. I noticed some
inaccuracies and some failures, but believes they are relatively unimportant beside the main
element, which was Jesus' crucifixion. For example, he was helped to wear one piece of wood
back up on the elevation of land where many people were crucified. There was but one attempt in
this respect, a woman and a man who at one time wanted to help a Savior, even the slope, but
were brutally removed. Moreover, torture was not originally on the way many people, it is
however true that they tried to lynch the one Savior and there was salutary intervention of Roman
soldiers. However, human madness really began only when one of the soldiers was almost killed
by a stone one was struck in the head. Then there was a scuffle and halted. The situation
became very tense and suddenly, just as Caesar told me and described the moments when the
Temple in Jerusalem, I saw how, by both sides of the road, people gather quickly. In the melee a
few minutes to create a nameless, was very dusty and when pictures showed him the Savior
knees, head down, overwhelmed by the weight of wood on his shoulders. At that time many
soldiers arrived on horses, which somewhat restored order. It was an inexplicable wave of anger
that almost 123 contained the crowd. Those who were away across the road and threw rocks and
many other objects, as in Jesus, as well as soldiers. Many people were then beaten and
wounded. Only after actual crucifixion, which I have not seen it in pictures, things seemed to be a
little quiet. Holographic projection in the synthesis of this body only Savior, who was already
crucified, and then insisted especially on the range of about half an hour after that, maybe
something more, because I already noticed that night. This is a very obscured but those times,
because I know, there was no story, at least approximately, of those events that followed. In
general, the texts have described only factual elements, characters - that many do not coincide
exactly with those mentioned in the Gospels - but not the other extremely important events or
spent in that short time. Afterwards I came to one conclusion valid, namely that they were
removed from the accounts of collective memory and thus written, because something had no
correspondent known for have confused people so much that they preferred forget those stories
baffling. But I see clearly everything that happened then, holographic images of extraordinary
realism. And I must admit that the phenomena occurring in those moments were really scary
looking, that would be shaken to its foundations and concepts and knowledge society even today.
Initially, after I watched those pictures, I was forbidden to write about them. While projects are
run, Caesar specific point I must show what card and what not. Sensitive issues were at that time,
both political, as well as ideological, religious. Conditions were not conducive to certain
disclosures, because the situation as a whole proved to be unstable at the diplomatic level
between the United States and Romania. Now there are possible new premises but some
devoalari of so-called "secret fund." Even though for many people it may seem that borders on
the absurd, being perceived as unrealistic, though I personally had the opportunity to see those
amazing holographic images, which me and left me perplexed. The images had a special and
emotional, is also unclear, contributing to the drama of the situation and the ability to empathize
with it. Projections depicted incorporate time, shortly after Jesus was taken down from the cross.
Then something almost magical happened: I saw very dark clouds quickly gather and focus the
sky above the hill, down very low, only a few tens of meters over the heads of people who were
there. I saw also that lined lightning threatening those purple clouds, creating apocalyptic images,
and saw people screaming girls terrified of scary, but that still could not leave the crest of the hill,
though it desperately sought. Seemed to be spinning in circles, some among others, without
understanding what was happening. In other areas of the sky, although there were also
threatened by storm clouds, lined by lightning, yet they were at a greater height. Then I saw signs
of a terrible earthquake and I understand why those human beings fleeing without a specific
target and is actually comprised of a terrible panic. Some crosses have plummeted to earth, with
all those who were crucified on them, but opposite was a massive land slide which virtually broke
the little hill at third base, making thus becomes a as a wall. I saw some clips that I cut breath; in
obscurity emphasized that leave over city and in general disorientation
created by the earthquake, the sky appeared, coming slowly from purple clouds, which had two
large disks on the edges sort of signal lights flashing, orange and blue. These lights seemed to go
through those records gigantic girth. A few seconds after that, on the hill and then the nearby city
were designed, at intervals, some very intense light huge cones, which lit up the smallest details
in their area. One disc remained over the hill, while another slowly went to the city. Initially, I saw
that people remained paralyzed on up to two appearances. Then began to scream and, in their
facial expressions and the gestures he makes, his hands covering his ears, I concluded that the
two broadcast disks probably some terrible sounds that were simultaneous with giant cones of
light projection. Those were, indeed, images of nightmare and I have remained imprinted in my
mind very clearly. Speculation that may occur are many, but personally I think not and have
purpose. I saw things exactly as they happened and can not in any way be ignored. Later, talking
to Caesar on this subject, after our return from the expedition, he disclosed that he had the
opportunity several times to convince the time the projections they made, that such appearances
in the sky May especially in antiquity, were relatively frequent. It's just a question of mentality and,
after all, even the maturity structure of thinking and understanding of life in the universe, so we
can properly assimilate these historical events. I came quickly in mind and memories that I
inundasera I asked Caesar interesting to tell me that that item was very secret of Jesus' life,
which was presented by the Christian church. - I witnessed the official meeting which could mean,
then, the Christian church leadership training. Of everything that happened in that council, held
over several days, worth just say vote for restrictive view of women and even blaming them was
pretty closely with who wanted to preserve tradition. It was, as usual, a process of manipulation.
I've seen almost in detail important years of spiritual mission of Jesus and I can tell you that he
never preached about what woman says Christian church today. Contrary. I noticed that Caesar
was at once serious and very determined in what he says. - When I first saw Jesus among his
disciples on the hill, near he was one of three women who have a personality and a special glow
of being. She was the youngest, being the one with the finest features of them. Intuitively I knew
then that she is the one that appears in the Gospels as Mary Magdalene. And just then I realized,
by subtle threads of causal connections, as between itself and is a very powerful Savior. I
perceived also that some of his disciples were not fully agree with this link, because it felt
somehow left in the background. Only two of them did not share in that state, which undoubtedly
came from a proud perception of reality. In other projections or 'workflow' Akasha, I had the
opportunity to see that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were almost always together, just when the
Savior spoke crowds and talk to people privately, they were in the same place. But in the evening
I saw him often as withdrawing into solitude, only two of them. Usually, it was the first who
received initiation from him and saw with astonishment that both 125 followers, as well as many
of those who were, practicing certain methods of purifying and healing the body, especially rivers,
where water had available. I often saw even Mary Magdalene and guided the people in these
simple methods and many came to her to ask for help when Jesus was busy with others. I know,
there are aspects radical flagrantly contrary to the known and supported by the Christian church,
however they have bravely supported as it is pure historical truth. Although I was shocked
hearing the words of Caesar, though I'm glad they did not put me any rejection. Instead, I felt
really kind of unchaining, release the inner thought that this kind soul is reunified. On the other
hand, I was aware that the current era, the truth is unlikely to be accepted and understood
properly. Trenches were dug too deep threat, sanctions and damnarii in people's minds, in all this
long period. However, his choice is essential, so it is essential that all things are known. Fair trial,
common sense is spiritual and pure faith in my opinion some virtues that can greatly help modern
man to make relevant choices and not be left off the difficult obstacles of fanaticism or conceptual
obtuzitatii. - When I designed the addition to the group, Jesus lifted up slowly looking at me, to the
above, Caesar continued to tell me. Of course, it was only my conscience, but he feels my
presence, however subtle and react accordingly. While others continue to talk, yet simultaneously
I heard his voice in mind, very clearly telling me it's good that I was there and that my future
investigations will create a complex chain of successive causality that will help much on those
who will have the power to understand. Even for me, that was a great experience. The only time
we could not capture the temporal projections that we made in that period was that of
"Transfiguration." It was the same kind of blockage that time I could not overcome. Tacu Caesar
suddenly. I felt as though there were many things to tell, though he prefers not to tell me yet. I
knew it was always necessary to do some grading for proper assimilation possible story
elements, in addition, the departure time approached, and we still do not odihniseram us. I was
tired, but however much I wanted to try feel myself travel in time, I connect to the mysterious air. I
saw Caesar easy smile. - I said I was going to offer you this very special experience. However, in
your current condition, you may not succeed. Let's see, is up to you, he said, inviting me to sit on
the platform as the cylinder. Step time I stand up with emotion and I went to the cylinder.
Strangely, now I knew what was going to do my movements had become slower and my heart
was beating my chest break. I could not talk. I feel my teeth locked, and around his head like a
cloud hovering oppressive power. Mom sat down hard on narrow platform and Caesar come with
me to my 126
match the leading metal band encrusted with crystals. He did very well aware that I was really
excited and even a little scared, but said nothing. I seek to control and adjust my breathing,
concentrating on my breath and the expired and inspired me imagining it and then get out of the
column body with head. The room was a quiet grave and still hear only my breath, rather hectic
first, then increasingly quiet. I welcomed the thought that more time had begun practice
techniques of Tibetan scroll that has given me a goddess Machandi, in those moments and they
have abundantly proven its worth. Realizing that I became relaxed, slowly approached Caesar
thousand leading metal band, adjusting it to my head height. I just started thinking it was like a
diadem, when suddenly I felt clearly that my whole body was enveloped by a wave of energy very
pleasant, but intense. I had the feeling argue that light intensity decreases around and things get
somewhat misty outline. Middle of my forehead started to become hotter as my throat is swollen,
împiedicânduma breathe. I suddenly slipped and began to tremble from the effort you make to
resist. Caesar metal band out of my head. - Might as subtle energy influx is too strong for you to
justify it. Need to relax. I never said anything, but just before I head up the 'tiara' felt a kind of
relief, a more normal flow of energy. That was why I asked Caesar after several minutes, during
which I completely recovered, resumed experience. He sat me on the forehead band with crystals
and I felt again that the specific energy wave plate invadându my body, followed by shrinking
strange perception of brightness in the room, but this time I could breathe, a little too hard, yet I
could breathe. By contrast, in the middle of his forehead where skin touched one of my crystals, I
almost hot. But I decided to continue the support that pain experience. I almost could not think of
anything, because the sensation of discomfort in the throat and he felt heat on the forehead. In
addition, I began to feel concern as it appears and gradually increase a feeling of nausea which I
could not cope. One moment I was seized with panic, but I was able to check, thinking that
Caesar was near me and would be able to intervene whenever necessary. Just when I thought
that he put his head back around the plant. I looked somewhat amused, without me saying
anything. I described the symptoms and he appreciated that within the limits of natural, even if
they are unpleasant. - The only disadvantage is that maybe you will not experience projection
while now, he said. I have to admit that I was right. Suspecting that it could not be quite so
simple, but I am not bear to quit. This time I waited some more time to reassure me. After about a
quarter of an hour I decided on a new test. I walked the same steps and same feeling, only now
already breathe more freely, and had only vague nausea without becoming alarming. However, I
was unable to concentrate, being more concerned to maintain its 127 internal equilibrium, in the
hope that those unpleasant sensations will disappear. After several minutes of agitation but I took
his resolution to abandon my energy giant crystal injection, regardless of risk. I realized that if I
continued to resist in this way is that I probably would have got nowhere. Therefore, I closed my
eyes and I glued all the attention that was able to head. Then a strange phenomenon occurred:
suddenly, the environment has become black, but still bright. I do not know too well how to
describe that state, but was still a clear feeling that I had been in perfect darkness was also full of
light. I could tell she was clearly a kind of darkness. Then I immediately had the feeling that slides
on a slide but not down but up. Even before all these feelings, yet I knew that my thinking was
different, more complex, in several directions simultaneously. while I care about these
observations and feelings, hearing ever more clearly coming forward, a strange voice, feminine,
to me sounds very familiar. My heart started beating faster, as darkness slowly dissipate, leaving
to see inside the cave in Tibet, which had been the year before. I saw myself when I touched
Machandi neck and forehead and I felt stronger emotion and ineffable state of which was
included then. However, like my head was on fire, so my attention fell to the place focusing on
pain and when I first found a fluctuation in the picture as a kind of noise, followed by its complete
disappearance. I opened my eyes somewhat taken aback: I was still there in the room occult,
Caesar I looked around curiously in the light, which was weak in intensity. We aimed to gather
and give me a consistency of my first experiences while traveling. No doubt the installation of
over time and how the strongest impression in my subconscious, projecting me a year ago in that
location. Everything was so vivid and clear, even richer in experiences and perceptions than the
physical version! I closed my eyes again this time trying to get projects in a moment in time I will
own choice. Looking feverishly in mind such landmark, aiming to realize what might interest me
more. I noticed that when black eyes space 'shaking' or, rather, make waves, and in some parts
of his pictures appeared unintelligible fragments, which then disappeared in a split second. I
could feel the heat of rising again led increasingly so, in desperation, I chose the million ways to
get the secret tunnel construction project during the Great Pyramid to House occult. Temporal
projection was instantaneous, very hard, as a kind of "the violence". I saw some glare in a space
of triangular section, the same as the tunnel we saw in the holographic images of Aiden's
computer. There exists a complicated device that emits a laser beam or other, blue, who cut 'rock'
and soil strata with very high accuracy. around him were three beings but to me caused a feeling
of deep revulsion instantly, had apparently human, but nevertheless we were much different. I
was so surprised by their appearance and feel especially empathetic, deeply harmful, we felt it
around them, so I designed repulsion abruptly back to reality this. I
immediately opened my eyes and put tape on the head with a spasmodic gesture, no longer
resist the pressure in the forehead, which is extended to the eyes. I got the room and have taken
steps to reassure me. Seeing my excitement, I met Caesar silence. After all, I had enough time
available, the return journey, the stories in depth experience of them. I did however realize how
important it is that his mind is peaceful, stable and firmly oriented. Otherwise, the journey with
"time machine" would always be a pointless fuss and experience no end. I gathered together with
Caesar and the last things I packed everything in vehicles. I once watched a mysterious place
where amazing events I had learned and had lived within less than twenty-four hours. Iam then
woke his three colleagues, because we had to fit the schedule for shipment. After several tests,
Caesar occult sealed room, closing the huge stone door. I quietly climbed into the vehicle and I
thought that I would have liked to be so focused and determined that in those moments when I
connected to time travel facility. I could only hope that following this new course of my life as an
employee of the Department Zero will take me further opportunity to improve and achieve more
efficient temporal projections. Caesar check video and audio links between the three vehicles.
Then, as usual, I looked in my eyes wondering if everything is okay. I tilted his head affirmatively.
Speed vehicle plunged into the tunnel nebulous space bathed in light indigo, while I turned my
thoughts to the Chamber of occult mysterious ruby crystal. I felt like a not too distant future, I was
seeing a ... 129