My Report on Germany

By Gaurav Saini Mr. Curry’s Class c

* Germany

is a country with a lot of historic events * Germany is a very interesting place to visit

The People
• The population of Germany is 82,431,390 which is the eighth most populated country in the world.

The Cities of Germany • The nation of Germany has a rural percentage of 70% and 30% are urban. • The major cities are Frankfurt, Edmen, Riemens, Hannover, Rostock, Kiel and Hamburg.

The Culture of Germany • The main language is German. • The major ethnic groups are German, Turkish and other • The main religions of the country are German, Turkish and other.

Geography • Germany is located in the Eastern and northern hemispheres on the continent of Europe.

Geography 2 The major landforms are: • The sandy plains • The Bavarian Alps • The mountain rangers

• The main Natural Resources is oil. • The major crops are corn, potatoes, sugar and beets.

Economy 2 • The main products produced are automobiles and chocolates. • The main industries are tourism. • The GDP (per capita) is $20,000 which, compared to the US is less.

History The earliest known civilization in Germany is the Germanic tribe.

History 2 During the colonial era, Germany was a country which took over other countries.


1.Worldwide economic depression 2.Hitler moves to merge power 2.East Germany becomes German Democratic Republic 1.October 1929 2.January1933 5.October 1949 September 3.1930 April 4.1945 4.Nazis become a major party 5.Hitler commits suicide

Form of Government The government is a federal republic Leadership The Head of State is Johannes Rau The people elect There are courts which are similar to the US.

Conclusion • The country of Germany is a very interesting country.

Bibliography 03/bigpix/berlin/img_0121.jpg e_political_2001_enlarged.jpg

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