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JPEF Data and Policy Director Job Description

JPEF Data and Policy Director Job Description

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Published by: Jacksonville Public Education Fund on Sep 03, 2010
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    Data  &  Policy  Director     Position  Summary   The  Jacksonville  Public  Education  Fund  is  an  independent  nonprofit  organization

  that  works  as  a  "critical  friend"  of  the  Duval  County  Public  Schools  and  others  to   support  long-­‐term,  systemic  improvement  in  Jacksonville  Public  Schools.  Its  work  is   focused  primarily  in  two  areas:  increasing  the  number  of  students  who  graduate   from  public  schools  college  and  career  ready  and  increasing  community  engagement   in  the  public  education  system.     Through  our  relationships  with  district  and  community  partners,  JPEF  seeks  to   introduce  district  leaders  to  best  practices  in  support  of  student  achievement,   demonstrate  the  effectiveness  of  those  interventions  in  the  Duval  County  context,   and  advocate  for  their  broader  implementation  across  the  170+  public  schools  in   Jacksonville.  We  also  seek  to  provide  expert  policy  guidance  to  district  personnel   and  school  board  members  as  they  consider  implementing  changes  at  the  school   and  district  level.     JPEF  is  seeking  an  innovative,  visionary  and  passionate  candidate  to  fill  a  role  as   Director  of  Data  and  Policy.  The  position  is  a  new  role  at  JPEF  and  is  evidence  of  the   organization’s  strong  belief  in  using  analysis  to  form  the  bedrock  from  which  its   community  engagement  and  advocacy  work  grows.     To  this  end,  JPEF  envisions  a  portfolio  of  data  analysis  activities  for  which  the   director  will  be  responsible:   • Crafting  a  series  of  quarterly  policy  briefs  around  critical  areas  of  interest,   • Creating  of  an  annual  “report  card”  of  indicators  that  will  help  inform  the   public  about  the  system’s  progress  at  the  district  and  school  levels,  and   • Setting  a  vision  for  the  development  of  web-­‐based  tools  for  educators,   district  leadership  and  community  stakeholders  related  to  career  and  college   readiness,  and  working  with  external  contractors  to  execute  that  vision.       Furthermore,  the  Director  will  be  responsible  for  setting  and  executing  on  an   innovative  and  developed  vision  for  the  role  data  and  policy  analysis  should  play  in   the  organization  in  the  coming  years.  Already,  JPEF  has  a  number  of  active  grant   applications  that  seek  to  add  personnel  and  capacity  to  the  data  analysis  team.     The  Director  will  report  to  the  Vice  President  for  Program  and  Strategic   Partnerships,  and  will  have  regular  interaction  with  the  organization  president,   particularly  during  the  development  of  a  data  and  policy  vision.  
245 RIVERSIDE AVENUE · SUITE 310 · JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 32202 904.356.7757 · FAX 904.394.2005 · WWW.JAXPEF.ORG



  Responsibilities     Data  and  Policy  Analysis  (60%)   • Contribute  to  JPEF’s  efforts  to  report  on  the  quality  of  public  education  in   Jacksonville  through  data  compilation,  synthesis  (quantitative  and   qualitative),  evaluation  and  partnerships  with  Duval  County  Public  Schools,   local  institutions  of  higher  education  and  community  based  organizations;   • Complete  2-­‐4  high  impact  analyses  per  year  using  a  combination  of  primary   and  secondary  data  from  DCPS  and  other  sources;   • Produce  policy  briefs,  blog  posts,  newsletter  articles  and  reports  to   disseminate  research  findings;   • Develop  a  series  of  long-­‐term  indicators  of  educational  success  and  report  on   them  annually  at  the  district  and  school  levels;   • Develop  and  execute  interviews,  surveys,  observation  protocols  and  other   instruments  for  data  collection,  as  necessary;   • Provide  data  and  light  analysis  from  DCPS  and  other  sources  for  JPEF   programs  and  initiatives;   • Collaborate  with  external  contractor(s)  and  district  personnel  on  the   development  of  web-­‐based  data  tools.     Data  Access  &  Management  (20%)   • Develop  deep  partnerships  with  the  Instructional  Research  and   Accountability  staff  at  Duval  County  Public  Schools;   • With  the  organization  president,  develop  and  execute  broad  data  sharing   agreements  with  the  school  district  and  local  institutions  of  higher  education;   • Create  and  manage  policies  for  data  storage,  security  and  destruction;   • Actively  seek  strategic  partnerships  with  additional  data  sources,  including   the  State  of  Florida’s  Education  Data  Warehouse,  National  Student   Clearinghouse,  Florida  Department  of  Employment  and  Labor,  and  others.     Department  Development,  Learning  and  Knowledge  Sharing  (20%)   • Craft  a  strong  vision  for  a  vibrant  data  analysis  team  at  JPEF  and  a  strategy   for  growth  of  such  a  team;   • Over  time,  hire  and  manage  additional  data  and  policy  associates  to  support   JPEF’s  priorities;   • Contribute  to  the  growth,  expertise  and  institutional  knowledge  of  JPEF  and   its  staff;   • Contribute  to  the  national  dialogue  on  urban  school  system  reform  through   attendance  at  national  research  conferences  and  work  with  other  data   directors  in  the  Public  Education  Network.  

Qualifications     • Master’s  degree  in  education,  sociology,  psychology  or  related  field;  PhD,  EdD   or  degree  candidate  preferred   • Extensive  skills  in  quantitative  and  qualitative  educational  research   methodology   • Demonstrated  experience  in  the  design  and  implementation  of  ongoing   quantitative  and  qualitative  research  projects   • Experience  drawing  from  data  and  prior  knowledge  to  develop  insightful   conclusions  and  strategic  solutions   • Significant  knowledge  of  K-­‐12  education  policy  and  data  systems   • Very  strong  written  communication  and  public  presentation  skills,  including   the  ability  to  provide  compelling,  detailed,  data-­‐driven  answers  to  questions   about  education  policies   • Comfortable  building  and  analyzing  complex  statistical  models  using   statistics  software  packages   • Commitment  to  the  importance  of  providing  a  high-­‐quality  public  education   for  all  students  in  Jacksonville,  particularly  low-­‐income  students  and   students  at  low-­‐performing  schools   • Ability  to  thrive  in  entrepreneurial,  start-­‐up  environments   • Excellent  organization  skills  and  attention  to  detail   • Ability  to  work  effectively  in  a  fast-­‐paced,  deadline-­‐driven  environment,  and   to  juggle  several  projects  at  once  with  a  spirit  of  flexibility  and  positive   outlook   • Strong  tech  skills  are  preferred   • Excitement  and  openness  to  continued  learning  and  development   • Knowledge  of  Florida’s  education  data  system  is  preferred,  but  not  required     Salary  and  Benefits   Salary  for  this  position  is  $60,000-­‐$80,000  and  depends  on  prior  experience.  In   addition,  a  comprehensive  benefits  package  including  employer-­‐paid  health,  dental,   vision  and  life  insurance  is  included,  along  with  a  matched  401(k)  retirement  plan.     Commitment  to  Diversity   The  Jacksonville  Public  Education  Fund  encourages  individuals  of  all  ethnic  and   racial  backgrounds  to  apply  for  this  position.  We  are  committed  to  maximizing  the   diversity  of  our  organization,  as  we  want  to  engage  all  those  who  can  contribute  to   this  effort.     How  to  Apply   Please  submit  a  cover  letter  and  résumé  (or  CV)  in  PDF  format  to  jobs@jaxpef.org.   Applications  will  be  reviewed  on  a  rolling  basis.  

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