DIANA MARSHALL (In the Bowels of Corruption) A horrid secret she had inside, to condone corruption , was hard to are

!"ceptin# $one% as a ri e, at ni#ht she drea$ed of people who stared As court cler&, she doc&ed defense attorne%'s case, with (ud#e he ri ed )he defense attorne%'s reputation #rew renouned, his wins a source of pride She &new she should of reported hi$, ut she worried she lose her (o And she &new % condonin#, she let her reputation e ro ed She, in the shadow of the corrupt, is drenched in her own conte$pt She finds it hard to focus, the stress is lea*in# her od% and $ind spent She's has dis#ust, ut the attorne% and (ud#e carr% on li&e northin#'s wron# She lies her head on her des& and cries, when e*er% od% is #one )he lon#er she does it, the easier it #ets and she &nows efore lon# I'll settle, then it will e nothin# at all, li&e in a (u&e o" (ust another son# I re$e$ er when I was a child, when I #rew up I'd do the est I could And I #ot a little older, learned how to settle, then alwa%s wished I would I*'e now reached a point, where I ha*e #i*en into corruption and lies All I e*er wanted was to e an honora le wo$an, at the ti$e of $% de$ise Author+ )i$oth% B, )ha%er -./-0/1-2-

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