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Career-Finding a Job

Career-Finding a Job

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Yes, I want to donate this book to everyone who wants to live to work!

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Published by: huytrankiem on Sep 04, 2010
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Joseph R. Hammill

Manager—Corporate Talent Acquisition
Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY

When we approached Xerox to interview one of its top human
resources executives, we had no idea that we would have the privi-
lege of interviewing Joe Hammill, who manages Corporate Talent
Acquisition Initiatives. It was an engaging and thoughtful interview
with insights from an organization that has been well known and
well respected for generations.

Our interview with Joe focused on the five career-planning tools he
believes are invaluable in identifying your right career path and
finding satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Job Fit and Organizational Fit

The balance between job fit and organizational fit is most important
when determining what types of positions you are most qualified
for. You need to be clear about your skill sets and motivating fac-
tors in order to find a company whose culture, people, and values
are most closely aligned with yours. If this fit can be optimized, you
will find yourself in a truly great career position.

Workplace Adaptation

Workplace adaptation, successful orientation to the new organiza-
tion, has also emerged as a critical facet of effective corporate
hiring. In years past, a recruiter’s job was to find a candidate and
simply facilitate a successful hire. With the new emphasis on adap-
tation, recruiting organizations now are challenged to help facilitate
each new employee’s success within the organization. Often referred
to as “on-boarding,” it’s big stakes these days whenever you’re hir-
ing, and particularly when you’re hiring for a top-level management
or executive position.

Corporate Web Sites

More and more companies are investing in their corporate Web
sites. As a result, they can provide a wealth of critical information
to any job seeker. You can read about products, services, financial
and stock performance, the executive team, business operations,
and so much more. This information will give you an excellent
perspective of the company and what they need/want in their
employees. Then use that information to evaluate how your skills,
experience, and background complement their organization. You
can also register, and apply for, positions through a corporate Web
site and exercise various options on building a relationship with a
prospective employer or employee.

Company Web sites are no longer static; they are moving and living
entities able to communicate a wealth of valuable information and
establish candidate/employer relationships.

Intra-Organizational Networking

For candidates looking to work for a specific company, the single
best approach is to network and talk to people within the company
of interest. Building a meaningful network of people who have an
understanding of the organizational culture and of your character
can be invaluable in opening doors and getting interviews far ahead

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of others who might be applying by sending resumes online or
through the mail. What’s more, those contacts can often give you
valuable information about the company and its objectives, values,
hiring requirements, and more.

Work/Life Balance

Xerox is well respected for its dedication to work/life balance and
well known for its unique policies to uphold its commitment. These
flexible policies have created a wonderful attitude and culture
throughout the company. Whenever you are looking for a new posi-
tion, you must consider the impact it will have on your own
work/life balance. The level of commitment varies greatly from one
company to another, and you must work to find an organization
that matches your own particular needs. Some companies offer flex-
ible schedules, innovative working arrangements, and other incen-
tives that encourage work/life balance. Other companies might
want their employees to work 10, 12, or more hours a day, yet com-
pensate them extremely well. All successful companies look for
strong and dedicated contributors. You need to find the balance
that is just right for you and your family.


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