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English Grammar

English Grammar

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Definition and examples.

134. The DISTRIBUTIVE PRONOUNS are those which stand for the names of persons or
things considered singly.


Some of these are simple pronouns; for example,²

They stood, or sat, or reclined, as seemed good to each.

As two yoke devils sworn to other's purpose.

Their minds accorded into one strain, and made delightful music which neither could have
claimed as all his own.


Two are compound pronouns,²each other, one another. They may be separated into two
adjective pronouns; as,

We violated our reverence each for the other's soul. ²HAWTHORNE.

More frequently they are considered as one pronoun.

They led one another, as it were, into a high pavilion of their thoughts.²HAWTHORNE.

Men take each other's measure when they react.²EMERSON.

Exercise.²Find sentences containing three distributive pronouns.

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