PART A Q1: Various sequences of signals that occur on the address bus, control bus, and the data bus when a simple microcomputer fetches an instruction. Q2: a) If the code segments for an 8086 program start at address 70400H, what number will be in the CS Register? b) Assuming the same code segment base what physical address will a code byte be fetched from if the instruction pointer contains 539CH? Q3: Assembly language in what sense is advantageous as compare to machine language.

PART B Q4: If the Data segment register contain 7000H, write the instruction that will copy the contents of DL to address 74B2CH. Q5: Describe how an assembly language program is developed and debugged using system tools such as editors, assemblers, linkers, locators, emulators, and debuggers. Q6: Predict the state of the six 8086 conditional flags after each of the following instructions executes a. MOV AL,AH b. ADD BL,CL c. ADD CL,DH d. OR CX,BX The register contents are CS=2000 DS=3000 SS=4000 ES=3000 SP=FFFF BP=0009 SI=4200 DI=4300 AX=A407 BX=24B3 CX=0002 DX=FFFA

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