Unemployment is the number of people of working age who are without work, but who are available for work at current wage rates. If the figure is to be expressed as a percentage, then it is a percentage of the total labour force.


The essential of the topic:
Unemployment is one of the major concerns of today's economies. Governments are always trying to reduce the level of unemployment by macroeconomic policy. - Unemployment is a problem for the economy because: Output and incomes are lost. Human capital depreciates. Crime may increase. Human dignity suffers. -


Research Situation M i ph n này t search tài li u r i mà ko có :(, có nh t thi t ph i có ph n tình hình nghiên c u ko :-? Ch th y có th c tr ng là chính thôi, ch còn tình hình nghiên c u thì n c nào ch ng quan tâm nghiên c u v n này.


1. Types and causes of unemployment: There are 4 types of unemployment: Frictional unemployment, structuaral unemployment, demand- deficient unemployment and classical unemployment. And there are causes corresponding to each type. (Có khi chúng ta tìm cách di n clip theo t ng lo i th t nghi p này nh :D) 2. Information and statistics of unemployment in some countries: Vietnam, Japan, US (M i t h i nh , m làm ch là th t nghi p chung chung hay t p trung vào 1 qgia c th nào ó: VD th t nghi p t i VN ch ng h n :-? )


Evaluation and Solutions:
1. Evaluation: M i ph n ánh giá này n u nói v m t n c c th thì m i ánh giá c ch nh , m i n c m t khác mà :-? N u nói v th t nghi p nói chung thì hay là ph n này vi t v cách ánh giá, ki u ³Computing unemployment rate´ ý. 2. Soludtions: Government policies to reduce unemployment must be based upon the types and causes of unemployment that are prevalent.

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