SQL-Server Questions

1. Some values are there in your text file how are you going to import it to a database programmatically? 2. Types of cursors. 3. Types of triggers with examples. 4. Number is generated automatically and you delete a record. How will you generated the same number for another record. 5. Types of constraints. 6. What is the maximum number of stored procedures? 7. If a record identity column is deleted. I sit possible to add a in its place. 8. Dead locks. 9. Packages. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 6.5? 17. 18. 19. 20. What is DTS? Recovery process in SQL server? Database fine tuning, parameters. Inner joins, outer joins, left, right joins? What are a stored procedure and its advantage? What is encryption option in SQL? Locking mechanism. Disconnected record sets. Time-stamped data types in SQL Server. What is OLAP? How it works with SQL? Advantages of SQL Server 7.0 over SQL-Server

is it possible. How it can be done? controls? layer or SSL. 30. 28. 25. 23. 22. Correlated quires Dual interface How much amount of data of an SQL server table Difference between primary key and reference How do you design an optimum table? How to make an access on records in a restricted How SQL server authentication is more secure OLAP concepts-----where it makes on SQL Server We have a database of records 7 lacks or more. 24.21. If we want to insert 14 fields of information into How user interface is attached for the database How components can be accessed in a security How to connect remotely the SQL Server from How to generate sequences SQL Server. 33. 32. 27. 31. contains? key? Are they must or how much important they are? manner? than Windows NT? and SQL Server 2000? then we can display with optimum performance? 14-different tables. 34. 29. remote client? . 26.

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