Using Gerunds as Subject and Predicate Noun Gerunds ± verbs that end in ±ing Gerund Phrase ± gerund and the words that go with it. Examples: Eating salty foods is bad for your health. Gerund Phrase Gio and Gia are eating fruits and vegetables. Gerund Phrase Uses of Gerunds 1. As a subject ± when the gerund is the one being talked about in the sentence. -found at the beginning of the sentence before the linking verb or action word. Examples: GerundPredicate a. Sewing keeps Nathalie busy on Saturdays.

Gerund Predicate b. Reading story books is my favorite hobby.

2. As a predicate± when the gerund describes the subject. -found after the linking verb or action word. Subject Gerund a. Nathalie is sewing clothes every Saturday.

Subject Gerund b. I love reading story books.

A. Box the gerund in the sentence. Write S on the blank if the gerund is used as a subject and P if the gerund is used as a predicate. ______1. Putting up the curtains isn¶t easy. ______2. The children are clapping their hands when they are happy. ______3. I am singing the national anthem every flag ceremony. ______4. Making wooden swords is fun. ______5. My little brother likes lying on the bench. B. On your notebook, answer Exercise 4 on page 133 of English for All Times ± Language. (1-10, Answers only)

Use the following gerunds in sentences as a subject and as a predicate. a. climbing b. playing c. writing As a subject As a predicate Example:Singing the high notes is easy Lilia is singing inspirational songs. for Lilia. 1. 2. 3.

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