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English Dialogues

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Singapore Branch. Singapore 3 . Verlag KG.. 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co..Table of Contents Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9 Lesson 10 What Are We Going to Give Him as a Present? The Birthday Party At the Dentist’s Office The San Fermín Celebrations The Interview In the Men’s Department I Would Do the Same for You Adventures of a Pilgrim How Did You Make Out? But You Said.

There are four of us and we’re missing two people. Verlag KG. too. Singapore Branch.. That’s true. What do you guys think? Nicolás: Marta: Celia: Marta: Celia: Marta: Nicolás: Celia: Nicolás: Marta: Nicolás: Celia: Marta: Nicolás: Celia: Marta: Nicolás: I think that’s great! But. This is going to be the most exiting Ludo game of our lives! Oh my. Just a moment. Heads or tails doesn’t help. Shall we give him that? OK. And his two children.. That’s the three of us and Manu. Why don’t we give him something together. for sure! Absolutely! And who’s going to go with Manu in the balloon basket? Me! Me. but divided among the three of us. One of us has to remain on the ground.. And I’m going to turn off my cell phone and the house phone. The loser stays on the ground. don’t you think? Yes. departing at 4:30 in the morning? Good heavens! It’s a little expensive. We already have seven candidates... Shall we play heads or tails? But there are three of us. And I’m going to sleep a little bit–to be refreshed and in shape... too! And me. I have an idea: let’s play Ludo*.. no.. he’s going to love this. His wife.. I’ll make some coffee. unfortunately. It has to be a special present. Six people. He loves adventures. Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. Here it is: hot-air balloon rides. how exciting! Just a moment.Lesson 1 Nicolás: Marta: Celia: What Are We Going to Give Him as a Present? Do you already know what you’re going to give Manu? Have you thought of something? Well. Singapore 4 . right? Then I have an idea for something that he won’t easily forget.. from the three of us? Good idea..

Singapore Branch..Marta: Nicolás: Celia: Aha. You never had octopus? Then you have to try it. Lesson 2 The Birthday Party It’s Manu’s birthday party. For me. Nati: Marta: Nati: Celia: Nati: Nicolás: Celia: Nati: Marta: Nati: Celia: Nati: Nicolás: Nati: Marta: Manu: Hi! Hi! Where’s the birthday boy? We’d like to give him his present. I’ve never eaten it. Marta. this week. there’s an orchestra! Yes. Celia. He’s in the yard helping the musicians. Manu arrives. I don’t know if I like octopus. Shall I bring you a portion? Yes.. then we can prepare the big party without a big hurry. It’s very good! Oh. in which the players (2-4) race their four tokens from start to finish... sure! There’ll be a dance today and free food and drinks for all. I’m off to bed. The three friends approach the bar and greet Manu’s wife. that’s what you do in Guinea before an important event. OK. fine! Hi! The three musketeers! You like the octopus? 5 While they’re trying the exquisite octopus Galician style. OK and for you. What would you like to drink? For me a small beer. OK? *Ludo is a board game including dice. The bar is full. Oh. Nicolás and Celia enter the bar and greet all the guests: there are many regulars. Singapore . Marta? What can I get you? An orange juice. Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. But no tricks! No. no. You’ll see. neighbors.. See you at 5:30 in the kitchen. Manu’s family. just female intuition. Bye. too.. please. Verlag KG. You’ll like it. I recommend the octopus. What tapas would you like? What do they have? Well.

Yes... Good afternoon. But Manu. I. I don’t know if I can do that. What’s the matter? You don’t like it? You’re always such an adventurer.. You’ll see.. Have a seat in the waiting room and fill out this form with your Manu: Manu: Manu: Doctor: Manu: OK. 6 Young woman: Mr.. ha. Singapore ... please? Young woman: With a “J”? Young woman: This is your first time here. Singapore Branch..Marta: Manu: Celia: Manu: Marta: Manu: Celia: Our best wishes! Manu. Jiménez. thank you. yes. I’m a little scared. Young woman: Your name. Yes.. Yes. Please sit down! Thank you. please! Young woman: Please go to room two. Doctor Merano will need about 20 minutes before he can see you. Manuel Jiménez. Cheer up! And we’ll hold you. Here it is.... A hot-air balloon ride? But.. At the Dentist’s Office Good afternoon. I can’t believe that! I’m scared of heights. I have an appointment for 5:15. guys. you have to overcome your fear. personal information. Have you finished filling out the form? Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. ha. correct. Yes. Can I open it? Let’s see. right? Young woman: OK. we have a special gift for you. hot-air balloon rides are the best therapy against fear of heights.. OK? Manu: Lesson 3 Manu: Manu: Manu: Manu: Ahh! I’m feeling badly already.. ahem. Here! Thanks. You are scared? Ha. Verlag KG..

. In a balloon? How horrible! I have a terrible fear of heights. it’s. Let’s see.. And come back next week if you’re still in pain. and.. get better soon! And tell me all about it! The San Fermín Celebrations It’s lunchtime. Last year there were many accidents. too… Could it be that you’re under a little bit of stress? Do you have any worries or problems? No. which I don’t think. take these tablets every six hours. You’re very nervous.. no. Also. Open your mouth a little bit more.. Singapore Branch. Manu brings him a beer and a few olives.. Me too! But it’s my birthday present... I’m hurting a lot.. eh? I’m only examining you. but not strong ones... But I know the song “1st of January. my head hurts and here. Manu: Nicolás: Manu: Nicolás: What does the newspaper say. Singapore 7 ..... Relax. I can’t. 2nd of February.. and talk a lot. please.Doctor: Manu: Doctor: Tell me.. several days already. Thank you! Goodbye! Bye. 4th of April. well. Cheer up! Always look forward. one of my molars hurts a lot. Nicolás sits outside in front of the bar “Manu” reading a newspaper. without any fatalities.” What about you? Have you been there? Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co.. it’s only that I’m going on a hot-air balloon ride tomorrow... I’ve never been to Pamplona. Manu: Doctor: Manu: Doctor: Manu: Doctor: That can’t be.... Hmm.. They are tranquilizers.. any good news? It says that the San Fermín celebrations ended yesterday. Manu: Doctor: Lesson 4 And if I’m still alive. what’s wrong? Well. hold on to the basket. Thank goodness. sir. Verlag KG.. Have you ever been there? No. you understand? Look. not downward. 3rd of March. There’s nothing wrong.

The Interview Currently. a white shirt and a red handkerchief. Yeah. I don’t think so. You know. Nicolás: Manu: And you were at the running of the bulls? You also ran in front of the bulls? Sure! That was very exciting. put on white pants. Nicolás: Manu: Nicolás: Manu: Nicolás: Manu: Nicolás: Manu: Lesson 5 I don’t quite understand this. three people died. and she has to interview Don Atanasio. and his daughter Doña Teresa.. That year.. Verlag KG. you know what? What? I’m more scared of women than bulls.. It was great! I closed up the bar... In Guinea. but I’ll never. Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. But. Which of the three do you like best? Don Atanasio: Well. you have already lived in three centuries. it’s not logical at all. Oh.. Singapore 8 . I was there for the whole festival week. in the 19th century I was only a child. in the 21st century. who is 86 years old.. sure.. ever do that again. we men have to prove how brave we are. I’m an old man. and I had no problems at all. Singapore Branch. So the century I know best is the 20th century. but that was ten years ago already. the women don’t run with the bulls. the man who has lived through three centuries. yes.. and boarded the first train to Pamplona and. don’t you think? That’s right! And besides. I think it’s just to show bravery. Celia: Don Atanasio. I was lucky. no one plays with dangerous animals. Celia works for a newspaper. It is too dangerous of a game.Manu: Me. I don’t know any. women are prettier. And now.. But I like all three. Aha! But it’s better to run behind the women than in front of the bulls.

you know? And here. Don Atanasio. and I have drunk Don Atanasio: Well. Today I help him around the house. I don’t know. very much! There was no telephone. We ate fish every day. I have one now. Don Atanasio: Oh. yes. Celia: Finally. I don’t know. on the island. too. only boats. I have always eaten everything. That’s why I’d like to ask you: has your life changed much from your childhood until today? Don Atanasio: What’s that? Celia (louder): I’m asking. She was a very pretty girl and she sang and danced very well. my daughter. I don’t remember very well. when my children were little and also the time when I was Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. right dad? Don Atanasio: Yes. Singapore 9 . yes. When I was a young man. you know? This is my daughter Teresa. She had a very nice voice. but I don’t like it because my hearing is bad. My father has a better memory than I. but he is in very good health. But there were a lot of fish. and a lot more than just a little. My wife and I were engaged for 15 years before we got married. right. but everything in moderation and with joy. we didn’t have a school in my village. I learned to write at the age of 30. As a child she wanted to be an artist. I always hurt here and there. he cooked by himself and cleaned up. what’s the secret of your longevity? everything. if your life has changed much since your childhood. nothing... I even smoked and drank wine. Doña Teresa: And a little luck. there were no cars or airplanes. Dad. Don Atanasio. Singapore Branch. Teresa? Doña Teresa: Well. Celia: What is or has been the best time of your life? engaged. Imagine. Before.Celia: You have seen so many things in daily life that have disappeared or have changed. She was just like my wife. Don Atanasio: Well. the oldest one. Verlag KG.

Singapore Branch. This one I like. Very good.. Wool? Manu. It’s the most expensive one and also the nicest one.. we’d like a gray suit for him. no. sure. What do you think? Marta: Manu: Nicolás: Manu: Nicolás: You look very handsome! It fits you very well. Verlag KG.. I like it better than the other one. Let’s see. Thank you. You see.... we have all of these in gray. I like it.. Please come with me. Look.. try on all the ones you’d like. I'm going to go to the cash register and I’ll be back right away. no. No. the same title of the book. looking for an appropriate suit. I’ll try it on. it’s August! Well. And it’s 100 percent wool.. size 48*! Right! I’m five sizes smaller. but it’s striped. There’s only one thing missing for you to look like Rolando in person. It is a nicer shade of gray. (points to Nicolás) What size does he wear? Well. Oh. that’s for older people. They are looking for the perfect man to play the part of soccer player Rolando in the film With My Feet on the Ground. how sad! Look.. All right. What? Two feet. 48 usually. you shouldn’t wear that. the other one is better. This one. you look very elegant. the sleeves are a little short for you. What can I do? 10 Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. Which one do you like then? Hmm. Shop assistant: Manu: Shop assistant: Nicolás: Shop assistant: Nicolás: Shop assistant: Nicolás: Marta: Manu: Marta: Manu: Marta: Nicolás: Are you being helped? No.. Singapore . Yes. and the color goes very well with the yellow shirt. That’s why he is in the men’s department of a department store with his friends Manu and Marta. for example. Aha.Lesson 6 In the Men’s Department Nicolás is going to a casting call for actors. Can I try one on? Sure. sometimes 50.

then they’ll give me the role of the Yeti and not that of Rolando. and you know what? A few young people came and asked me if the two chairs at my table were free. I think they didn’t eat much.Marta: Nicolás: Perhaps with six pairs of woolen socks.. Well.. next to me.” Where were they from? From everywhere: Germans. please? And could you give me the bag of potato chips that’s on the table? Diego: Anything else? Marta is at her friend Diego’s house.. They told me that they liked the Spanish custom of getting free bread with every tapas and every meal. Singapore Branch. I explained it to them and they imitated me.. And how was it? We laughed a lot because they didn’t know how to eat shrimp or crab. And they also found it strange to see that we use the bread like a tool for eating. But no. they sat down right there. Well. Singapore 11 . Well. yes. they ate a lot of bread. Where is the sock department? Let’s go! * Shoe size 48 European = Shoe size 17 US Lesson 7 Diego: Marta: Diego: Marta: Diego: I Would Do the Same for You Today. they wanted to eat the tortilla with a knife and fork! And the fried sardines as well. That’s normal there.... Speaking of which.. could you bring me a cold beer from the fridge.. Diego: Marta: Really? Then you can’t talk about personal things any more. Poles. Russians. I’d been eating with a few foreign colleagues at the “El Portón. Diego. Verlag KG. I don’t know. Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. But that’s not a bad idea. Marta: How funny! I was in Germany once. Maybe they don’t talk so much about those things while they eat..... they ate. Brits. by my table. with the left hand. I went to a bar. sure. But in the end. and a glass. I told them that they were free. Imagine. I thought they’d take the chairs.

Aren’t you afraid that they will attack you? I think it’s unlikely that a bear will appear on my way. I don’t want anyone calling me during these three weeks. if I can. I don’t think I’ll have serious problems. Tomorrow is the European Soccer Cup and some of my friends will come over.. Marta: Lesson 8 Oh.. That will be great. But I heard that in northern Spain there are wolves and bears. could you stop talking because it has already started? Ah. Singapore 12 . for help if we need any. I’d do the same for you. and besides. James by himself. hmmm! Well. Nicolás: Manu: Marta: Manu: Will you write us a postcard or a letter? Well. because you’re asking me so nicely. ugly guy like me. I won’t take this damn phone with me. could you look for the remote control for the TV? And could you give me a massage? I’d like to watch my favorite TV series.. then it is better you don’t take the cell phone with you. Well. I don’t think he’d like to eat an old and tough. Diego: Marta: Diego: OK. from the sofa. Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co.. nor customers. And now. I will write you and tell you about my pilgrim adventures. please. His friends say goodbye to him at the bar. First.. I’ll ask for help directly. But why don’t you take your cell phone? This way.. not friends nor family. if you have a problem. I can’t say no. She’ll kiss me and she’ll make me ham croquettes.. And secondly. This way she’ll even be happier when I return. and if I have them.Marta: Hmm. Singapore Branch. Verlag KG. Marta: Manu: Marta: Nicolás: Manu: But your wife is worried that you’ll go alone and no one will know anything about you for all those days. no! Adventures of a Pilgrim Manu has decided to take some vacation time and walk part of the Route of St. and I feel comfortable here on the sofa... nor banks.. really.. and so I’ll ask you. you could call and ask for help. all right. No..

.. Well. ha. But this is my home and I’m staying here. Singapore 13 . my friends...Marta: Manu: Marta: Nicolás: Manu: Lesson 9 at home. I don’t want to go.. How Did You Make Out? This morning. it didn’t go badly... I don’t know what we would do without you! Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co.. only low-paying jobs. Thanks! Don’t get angry. She’s back How was the interview? How did you do? Well.. but I would only change residencies for the required time and after that I would come back. ha. Verlag KG. you know? I already left my country to come here and that’s enough. I don’t want to start again from scratch. The more handsome! Thank you.. Nicolás: Celia: Nicolás: I understand. I just got here! But if they offered you a great role in a fantastic movie with a famous director. but this job doesn’t interest me. alone. Celia has had a job interview at the company Simons Ibérica... I wouldn’t want to move to another city again today.. And also.. Nicolás: Celia: Nicolás: Celia: That’s true. thank you very much. they asked me whether I would move to another city if necessary for the job. no of course not. I don’t have a good job. that depends. I feel comfortable here.. Singapore Branch. Why? It is a full-time job and I would have to stop studying.. Celia: Ha. and I said no. it’s true. Now I have friends in Madrid and. I can’t leave you and Marta. As you know– man and bear: the uglier. you understand.

Aha.. But then we will visit you. You leave us alone. And now he needs me. I was the choreographer. fine. that you had friends here and your studies.Lesson 10 Nicolás: Celia: Nicolás: Celia: Nicolás: Celia: Nicolás: But You Said. fine.. You’re nosy! OK. he says that he wants to get the group going again. But imagine. And what does your Argentinean friend write in his letter? What’s with the happy face? It’s as if it were a love letter. as if we weren’t the good friends we always have been. you make me feel terrible. right? Nicolás: Celia: Ahem. I told him that he should call me if he ever needed me. it’s a letter from my former boss. you forget us. Singapore 14 . OK? Sure! Whenever you want and as long as you want! With pleasure! Berlitz Advanced Spanish © 2008 Berlitz Publishing/APA Publications GmbH & Co. And? Well. Verlag KG. he is offering me an indefinite contract and five weeks of vacation. you would go. that’s true. you know? Nicolás: Aha! You go then and leave us for a well-paying job and for a handsome boss. don’t be like that. Yes. Let’s drop the subject. and that you wouldn’t change your residency for a better job offer. The truth is that when I left. If they wrote to you from Equatorial Guinea with such an offer.. man. Singapore Branch. I worked in his dance group.. That’s a little unusual in my profession and in my country. too. And he says you should go back. Celia: Nicolasito. do you remember? Celia: Yes. OK? You can go away. But you said that this was your home. come on.