Services Marketing

What is a Service Blue print? .

Developing a Blue print Front stage ‡ Line of interaction Back stage ‡ Line of visibility ‡ Line of internal physical interaction .

Blue print Act-I .

Physical Evidence Packaging Receipt Sound and Tone of voice Computer Appearance of the Employee Documents Forms Uniform .

Time & Place of delivery Handing over receipt to the customer ---------------Line of Internal--------------------------------------------------------------------Physical Interaction Maintaining records Sending the parcel to the back office Dispatching the parcel to the central hub .F R O N T S T A G E Customers Calls ---------------Line of Interaction----------------------------------------------------------------Contact Person (Visible action) Greet the customer Line of Visibility Contact Person (Invisible action) Accept the details of the parcel Check the parcel B A C K S T A G E Packing the parcel Customers Call centre Weighting the parcel Confirm Date.

Blue print Act-II .

the station hubs Documentation process Sealing & Bar coding of the parcel Rail Road Air Sea .Receiving parcel from the regional hub Checking the details of the parcel Again Checking the weight of the parcel Dispatching the parcel to the point of destination i.e..


Blue print Act-III .

Receiving of parcel by the selected mode of transport to regional hub at the point of destination Sorting of the parcel istributing the parcel to the station hub Physical Evidence Confirmation receipt Delivery Van Uniform Van elivery to CUSTOMER .

Identifying the fail points .