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‡CSR is generally considered conducting business activities in a responsible manner. ‡The main objectives is to support economics, social n political justice by companies where they do business , to support human rights and to encourage equal opportunity at all levels of employment. ‡CSR is a concept wherby companies integrate social n environment concerns in their business operations n its not or should not be separate from business strategy n operation; its about integrating social n environment concerns into business strategy n operation on a voluntary concept.

the companies started initiatives aimed at poverty alleviation they are making positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economics. .e CSR. ‡ Through CSR. companies pursue growth they have encountered new challenges that impose to their growth and potential profits. ‡ In all business ethics. social ethics is the leading one. educational and health.ITS ALL ABOUT ‡ Business n social development were earlier considered to be parallel lines which cannot meet but today corporate houses are expected to invest in Corporate Social Responsibility i. under which due to globalization.

it was established Jamsedpur in early 1990 s and since that period. Tata Steel. ‡ It believes that the loyality n commitement of its employee depend upon the quality of life they are provided with at work n at home. it has been prooving its contribution and support towards nation development n to its empplyee condition. .e.TATA STEEL ‡ Our Indian leading company i.

TATA S WORK ‡ 1894 Empress mill. Cottan Mill ‡ 1899 .Mining work for steel plantation at JAMSEDPUR ‡ 1990 TAJ MAHAL at5 MUMBAI for Indian ‡ Mumbai DAME n Electric supply to all area ‡ Tata Research Center at Bangalore ‡ 1932 Airlines for Airmail ‡ Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital in Mumbai ‡ Tata Institute Of Atomic Research ‡ Naino Gift for Middle class family .

‡Its also working for nature conservancy n its active in restoring. ‡GM considering a broad range of technology option to meet future transportation needs. community relation/philantrophy n suppliers relations. worker rights. business practise.General Motors ‡GM also in CSR n its focus areas are human rights. which protect this wild life habitat. Relation. environment. ethics . enhancing n preserving vital areas. . govt . low emission requriment n fuel efficiency goals.

5. The iron law of responsibility. 3. 6. 4. To establish a better public image. To fullfill long term self-interest. To avoid class-conflicts. To avoid govt. To avoid misuse of national resources and economic power. 2. . regulation or control.Need For Social Responsibility 1.

Responsibility Of Business Towards Society Owner of business Employees Consumers .

The Consumer Movement ‡ Right to Safety ‡ Right to be Informed ‡ Right to choose ‡ Right to be heard .

The Environmental Movement ‡ Dismal Scenario ‡ Air Pollutants ‡ Fouling the Water ‡ Noise Pollution ‡ Dumping Habits .

1986 ‡ Environment Audit Report .Preventive Measures ‡ Regulatory Action ‡ The Environment Protection Act.

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