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Published by: shivnit on Sep 04, 2010
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a.High frequency transmitters and signal boosters
can be installed in important highways(NH-24,
NH-87 which connects Udham Singh Nagar to
Delhi) and in areas of high network congestion.
This wil help in improving the network availability
while traveling and also reduce network
b.According to the Telecom regulatory Authority of
India (TRAI) the 3G license will only be provided
to 5 telecom operators in a particular circle out of
which 3 will be private players. 3G license is not
yet out for private players. BSNL has already
started its operations in India. Vodafone’s 3G is in
testing phaseright now. Vodafone can be the first
private telecom operator in India to grab this
license. This will certainly give them an edge over
the competitors. Vodafone should also come up
with economical 3G supported handsets for the
customers. This will also help in keeping the
customers tied up with Vodafone.
c.Most of the towns don’t have a Vodafone
store/mini store. As a result more of the
customers are totally dependent upon dealers.
Opening up of Vodafone stores in these towns will
not only allow the postpaid users to pay their bills
conveniently but will also lead to direct interaction
between the customers & Vodafone executives.


d.Other than providing information about latest
schemes, Vodafone’s website should be used as a
medium where users can register their complaints
and get response within 24 hours of their
registration. The website also needs to be updated
very frequently to keep the user informed of the
latest offerings.
e.Hidden Charges are mainly involved in using VAS
and Vodafone live services (GPRS). These charges
should be properly stated through a confirmation
message before activation of any service.
f.Facilities of free calls/SMS after using special add-
on tariffs are sometimes not valid on festive days.
In such a case prior information should be
provided to the users through SMS.


Thanks for sharing your valuable experience, I assure you
that your given information will be confidential and will not
be shared with anyone and will not be used for any other
purpose except my research work.

1. Name _________________________________________

2. Sex: (a) Male (b) Female

3. Age: (a) 15-25 (b) 25-35

(c)35-45 (d) Above 45

4. Education: (a) Matriculate (b) Intermediate


(C)Graduation (d) Postgraduate

5. Who is your current service provider?

a) Airtel b) Vodafone c) Any other

6) For how long you are using this mobile connection?

a)Less than 6 months.
b)6 to 12 months.
c)Above 12 months.

7.What were the reasons for choosing this mobile

a)Recommended by friends or relatives.
b)Recommended by retailers.
c)Brand image

8. While purchasing a connection advertising plays any role?

a) Yes b) No

9. From where you watch the advertisement most?

10. Which telecommunication have good advertising?

a) Air Tel
b) Vodafone
c) Any other


11. How well did advertisement of the AirTel catch your
a) Very well
b) Somewhat well
c) Undecided
d) Not at all.

12.How well did the advertisement of the Vodafone catch
your attention?
a) Very well
b) somewhat well
c) undecided
d) Not at all

13. Do you think that advertisement made by company
informs you about there products?
.a) Yes
b) No
c) Undecided
14) Based on advertisements made by company , would
you like to go for more connection for you or your family in
a) Yes.
b) No.
c) Not decided.






Phone no.
_________________________________“Thanks for your
valuable time and co-operation”


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