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The Future of Database Technology
Mark Townsend Vice President, Database Product Management

The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.

• • • • • Database Update Information Appliance Initiative Information Lifecycle Management Security and Compliance What’s Next – Change Assurance

Uptake (TAR Analysis)
Oracle Database 10g 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Mar-01 Jun-01 Sep-01 Dec-01 Mar-02 Jun-02 Sep-02 Dec-02 Mar-03 Jun-03 Sep-03 Dec-03 Mar-04 Jun-04 Sep-04 Dec-04 Mar-05 Jun-05 Sep-05 Dec-05 Mar-06 Jun-06 Sep-06 Oracle9i Oracle8i Oracle8 and Earlier

7% 44%


Source: TAR Analysis (October 2006)

Lower Cost .Oracle’s 10g Grid Strategy • Enable Grid Computing • Using Low Cost Servers and Storage • With Intelligent Software • Database Servers and Fusion Middleware • And Automated Management Tools • Reducing Errors and Lowering Costs • To Modernize I/T Infrastructure • Highest QoS and Flexibility.

Oracle 10g Grid Application Server Clusters Real Application Clusters Grid Control Automatic Storage Management .

Data access and publishing 16nodes x 4CPUs 65 TB QUERY Extract Servers ETL Manager 2nd pair of identical RAC clusters means ‘no need for backup’ for active online data . and denormalize 8 nodes x 4CPUs 12 TB+ STAGE 3. 1. Integrate. Extract from source systems 2. Query and analyze 4. transform.Amazon Data Warehouse Modular Architecture using Oracle Database 10g RAC and ASM on Linux Amazon’s RAC is so cost-effective they run 2 concurrently and still save money.

Emerging Trends for DW • Data warehouses have become ubiquitous parts of the IT infrastructure • Problem: Data warehouse system configurations are easy to get wrong • Goal: Make it easy to deliver • • • • A scalable system With reduced implementation times Eliminated deployment risks Lower cost .

DW Configuration Problem: I/O An unbalanced configuration 100% Possible Efficiency Database CPUs Memory Actuators LUNs Disks Raid < 50% Achieved Efficiency A balanced configuration 100% Possible Efficiency Database CPUs Memory Actuators LUNs Disks Raid 100% Achieved Efficiency .

and EMC • Available today with Panta Systems • Further announcements in coming months .Oracle Information Appliance Initiative • Appliance Foundations • Information Appliances • Documented best-practice configurations for data warehousing • For customers requiring flexibility and choice • Benefits: • High performance • Simple to scale: modular building blocks • Built on Oracle database and standard hardware • Scalable systems pre-installed and pre-configured: ready to run out-ofthe-box • For customers looking for the simplest. fastest solutions • Benefits: • • • • High performance Simple to buy Fast to implement Built on Oracle database and standard hardware • Available today with HP. IBM.

2Ghz dual core processors per blade • 8 GB memory per processor • Total of 64 cores and 256 GB memory • 96 TB database storage • 532 disk drives • 250GB SATA 7200 RPM / drive • 2 Silverstorm 9024 Infiniband Switches • Up to 12 GB / sec I/O throughput observed in database processing • Oracle Database 10g with RAC and Partitioning • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4 Update 3 .Information Appliance – An Example Panta 2700 Data Warehouse Appliance • 8 Blade RAC cluster • 4 AMD 2.

tpc. www.9QphH@1000GB. $24.9 QphH@1000GB $24. Source: Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC).94/QphH@1000GB. 2006: PANTA Systems PANTAmatrix.353.Information Appliance: New 1TB TPC-H Announced • The system: • Oracle Database 10g Release 2 with Real Application Clusters and Partitioning • 8-node PANTAmatrix (aka Panta 2700 Data Warehouse Appliance) • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4 Update 3 • The results: • Performance: • Price-performance: 59.353. available 4/15/07. 59.org .94 $/QphH@1000GB • Compelling combination of performance and priceperformance: • #2 in absolute performance • #2 in price-performance As of October 23.

000 • High performance out-of-thebox • Re-usable. 2006 Whitepaper “How the Simplicity of the NPS Data Warehouse Appliance Lowers TCO” .560.402.429 $1.000 $2. general-purpose software and hardware • Leading support for the full breadth of applications • Enterprise-level security and availability • Leverages existing resources and expertise • Lower costs 1) Netezza.019.152.569 2 224 spindles (150GB each) $1.140 $2.000 $842.Information Appliance: Significant Cost Savings • An Oracle-based appliance delivers: PANTA 2700 8250z 1) # Racks Disks HW/SW Costs 3 Yr Maintenance Total 3YR Cost of Ownership 3 532 spindles (250GB each) $1.171.

Business Requirement – ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) • Reduce cost to retain data • Vast amounts of data are retained by enterprises for business and regulatory reasons • Need to optimize the cost of retaining data in the database to avoid skyrocketing costs Active Data Less Active Data Historical Data .

Typical Database Implementation without ILM Active Data Lifecycle Less Historical Active Archive DIGITAL DATA STORAGE High Performance Storage Tier Tape Archive .

00 $5.90 max$/GB $34.80 $8.50 $29.40 $8. <6TB HP XP128 73GB.90 $28. <4TB min $/GB $26. < 6TB IBM DS8300 73GB. <4TB IBM DS4300 146GB.90 $22.90 $7.20 $7.80 $10.90 $18.00 • Prices in high end range typically represent a system configured for performance • Prices in the low end range typically represent a system configured for capacity . <6TB Low End EMC CX500 146GB.00 $7.Storage Sample Device Costs Storage Tier Vendor High End EMC DMX 1000 73GB. <4TB HP EVA 3000 146GB.10 $23.

Solution: Match Storage to Lifecycle Optimize Cost Active Data Lifecycle Less Historical Active Offline Archive DIGITAL DATA STORAGE High Performance Storage Tier Low Cost Storage Tier Online Archive Storage Tier Offline Archive .

The Oracle Database with Partitioning is Ideal for implementing ILM • • • • • • • Understands Business Data Hardware Independent Application Transparent Fine Grained – Partitioning Customizable Central Point of Control Low Cost – Use ASM to manage multiple storage tiers Database + Partitioning Less Active Active Historical Storage .

ILM Assistant .

Ref and Virtual Column Partitioning • New Composite Partitioning • Range Range. Table Level Compression • Range. LOB Compression • New Interval. List and Hash Partitioning • Composite Partitioning • Range List. List Hash . List List. List Range. Partition. Range Hash Oracle Database 11g adds • Enhanced Table.Database Features for ILM Oracle Database 10g • Partition.

NET Oracle Content Database Oracle Records Database Oracle Database Vault .What a year it has been – New Product Releases • Jan’06: • Feb’06: • Mar’06: • • • • Apr’06: May’06 Jul’06 Aug’06 Oracle Application Express Oracle Database Express Edition Oracle SQL Developer Secure Enterprise Search Oracle Secure Backup Oracle Warehouse Builder Oracle Developer Tools for .

HIPAA. Privacy laws • Adequate IT controls • Separation of Duty • Proof of compliance • Risk assessment and monitoring Insider Threats and Theft • 80% of threats come from insiders • 65% of internal threats are undetected • 50% customers looking at monitoring insider/DBA threats . Basel II. J-SOX.Drivers for Compliance & Security Regulatory Compliance • SOX. GLB.

Database Security and Compliance Products Label Security Advanced Security Data Classification Encrypted Data .

Database Security and Compliance Products Audit Vault Database Vault Label Security Advanced Security Secure Backup Secure Search Monitor. Multi-factor Data Consolidate DBA Controls Classification Encrypted Data Encrypted Data on Tape Authorized Search Beta . Alert.

Database Vault and Audit Vault Demonstration .

What is the next big challenge ? .

” .<Insert Picture Here> Alfred North Whitehead: Principia Mathematica “The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.

Oracle Database 11g will focus on helping you preserve order amid change .

New Change Assurance Capabilities in Oracle Database 11g Set Up Test Environments Detect & Tune Performance Changes Capture & Replay Workload Package Incidents for Support Online Hot Patching .

Workload Capture and Replay Database Replay • Database Capture • Records DB production workload including critical concurrency characteristics Rec Beta • Database Replay • Replays workload with actual timing Record & Replay • Analysis & Reporting • • • • Error reporting Data divergence Performance divergence ADDM for further performance analysis Analysis & Reporting .

Workload Capture and Replay – SQL Replay • Focus on impacts on SQL query workload • Fine-grain performance analysis on individual SQL Beta • Captures SQL Workload in Production • Captures SQL text. use SQL Tuning Advisor (10g) to tune • Produces analysis & reports . execution statistics • Over specified period • Can capture Oracle Database 10g Release 2 SQL workload • Replays SQL Workload in Test • Test executes SQL on test system • Identifies SQL with different plans and SQL with slower performance • For regressed SQL. plans. bind variables.

Works with Standby Databases Beta CAPTURE Re c REPLAY Test Database Production Database Redo Shipment and Apply Oracle Confidential .

Snapshot Standby Perform Testing • • Preserves zero data loss Can Replay Workload against . Discard testing writes and catch-up to primary by applying logs • ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO PHYSICAL STANDBY.Set up Test Environments using Snapshot Standbys • Beta Physical Standby Apply Logs Open Database Back out • Changes Convert Physical Standby to Snapshot Standby and open for writes by testing applications • ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO SNAPSHOT STANDBY.

Rolling Database Upgrades Using Transient Logical Standby Physical Logical Upgrade Physical Also possible in 10.2 with more manual steps • Logical standby allows rolling upgrades but has data type restrictions • Temporarily convert physical standby to logical to perform a rolling upgrade • Data type restrictions are limited to short upgrade window • No need for separate logical standby for upgrade .

SQL Replay Evaluate Impact of Database Change on SQL Performance Make Change Tune SQL Pre-Change Environment Post-Change Environment Tuned Environment Replay Production SQL and Gather Stats Replay SQL SQL Tuning Advisor Replay SQL Compare Performance .

SQL Replay Demonstration Beta .

table type.Online Table & Index Redefinition • All index changes can be done online • Create new index. move index. partitioning • Contents can be transformed as they are copied • Can change columns. sizes . defragment index • Tables can be Reorganized & Redefined online • Table contents are copied to a new table • Defragments and allows changing location.specified using SQL “Select” Source Table Copy Table Transform Result Table Store Updates Continuous Queries & Updates Update Tracking Transform Updates GUI interface to make it Simple . types.

mission critical applications are often unavailable for tens of hours while an upgrade is installed Beta • Oracle Database 11g introduces revolutionary new capabilities that allow online application upgrade with continuous availability of the application • The pre-upgrade application and the post-upgrade application can be used at the same time • Each end-user session is rolled over on its own schedule .Online Application Upgrade • Large.

Online Application Upgrade Demo .

• Data changes are made safely by writing only to new columns or new tables not seen by the old Edition • An Editioning View exposes a different projection of a table into each edition to allow each to see just its own columns • A CrossEdition trigger propagates data changes made by the old edition into the new edition’s columns. the Editioning View. or (in hotrollover) vice-versa .How do we do it? • Oracle Database 11g brings the Edition. and the CrossEdition Trigger • Code changes are installed in the privacy of a new edition.

3. …. The customer :XYZ : has uploaded the following file via MetaLink: …. 2. Hanganalyze trace and system state dump from the instance that is running ….lck. Any trace file created on the background_dump_dest since the time of the problem. Upload trace files from both nodes. The customer : XYZ : has uploaded the following file via MetaLink: …. pmon etc. . …. Please upload the lmon. …. …. The customer :XYZ : has uploaded the following file via MetaLink: …. ACTION PLAN ============ 1. The customer : XYZ : has uploaded the following file via MetaLink: …. The customer : XYZ : has uploaded the following file via MetaLink: ….Sometimes you still need to log a TAR ### This is a critical production system ### = YES ACTION PLAN ============ 1.lmd traces for RAC and all trace files for all bg process 2. Please upoload any trace file created on the background directory from any of the nodes today. I could not find between the trace files lmon trace.lms. smon. Please upload OS logs and sun Cluster dlm logs The customer :XYZ : has uploaded the following file via MetaLink: …. ACTION PLAN ============ 1.

Automatic Diagnostic Workflow Reduce Time to Problem Resolution Critical Error 1 Incident Packaging Service First-failure Capture 2 Alert DBA Targeted assessments Assisted SR Filing 3 Auto Bug Matching (post 11gR1) Automatic Diagnostic Repository Beta CCR Collector No Duplicate Bug? 4 Yes EM Support Workbench: Apply Patch or Workaround Guided Repair 5 EM Support Workbench: Package Incident information including CCR info Guided Repair Oracle Confidential .

Support for Online Hot Patching • Oracle already supports rolling patches between nodes in a cluster • The next major release adds online patching of a running Oracle executable (single instance or cluster) with no downtime • Integrated with OPatch • Many one-off patches can be hot patched • Great for diagnostic patches Beta .

Other Oracle Database 11g Highlights • High Availability • Flashback Archive • Flashback Transaction • Manageability and Diagnosability • • • • Support Workbench SQL Test Case Builder ADDM for RAC Automatic Health Monitoring • Performance and Scalability • • • • RAC Scalability Enhancements Query Result Cache Partition Advisor I/O Resource Management • Content Management Infrastructure • • • • Binary XML storage Enhanced XML indexing LOB’s as fast as filesystems DICOM Medical Imaging Support • Storage & Query of Semantic Content • Security • Tablespace and LOB Encryption • Business Intelligence • Next generation OLAP • Supermodels for Data Mining .

Discussion Points • XML Publisher • Fusion Security • R2 focus – Plug and Play Clustering .

and may not be incorporated into any contract.The preceding is intended to outline our general product direction. It is not a commitment to deliver any material. release. . The development. code. It is intended for information purposes only. and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. or functionality. and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.

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