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Integrated Management

Integrated Management

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Published by: Nauman Khalid on Sep 04, 2010
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Federal, state, local and foreign governments are major regulators,

subsidizers, employers and customers of organizations.

Political, governmental and legal factors can represent key

opportunities or threats for both small and large organizations.

Companies have to pay heavy penalty in shape of expensive severance

packages, (Golden hand shake) under Govt. rules for laying off


Strategic Management Process

Political forecast is vital part of external audit for industries/ firms

depending on Govt. contracts, subsidies.

Political forecasts is critical for multinational firms that depend on

foreign countries for natural resources, facilities, or markets for their


Changes in tax rates, import duty on raw materials, special tariffs can

affect firms significantly.

Mass communication and high technology is creating similar patterns

of consumption in diverse cultures world wide; companies relying only

on domestic market may find it difficult to survive.

Strategic Management Process

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