Group 3

Ramesh Kumar Mohd.Asyraf Mohd.Izram Hakim Nor Amalina Syazrin Munirah

low-level software that supports a computer·s basic functions. Parent software that installed in a computer memory(RAM) Controls and scans hard disk Manages system operations Runs application and softwares .

Processor management/Power Management Memory management Device management Storage management Application interface User interface .

Unix Operating System SCO UNIX.0.4 (Tiger) . GNU/Hurd. Windows 2000. 98.x.x-versi 3. Macintosh OS MAC OS X version 10. GNU/Linux. Windows 7. Windows NT 4. Windows Server 2003. BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution). Windows XP.Microsoft Window Based Windows Desktop Environment (version1.x). dan Windows NT (Windows NT 3. Windows Vista. dan Windows ME). Windows 9x (Windows 95.

Features Windows OS Macintosh OS Linux OS Spell Check Available Available Not Available Handwriting Recognition Available Available Not Available Create HD ovies Available Available Available Voice Recognition Available Not Available Not Available .

Windows Aero Windows Easy Transfer Parental Controls Backup and Restore Center Windows Meeting Space Windows Media Center Window sidebar .

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