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30662397 Interweave Fall 2010 Book Catalog[1]

30662397 Interweave Fall 2010 Book Catalog[1]

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Published by: Kathryn Kelly on Sep 04, 2010
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  • Stephanie van der Linden
  • Lynda Maynard
  • Fiona Bell
  • Abigail Patner Glassenberg
  • Yoshiko Jinzenji
  • Malka Dubrawsky
  • Judith MacKenzie McCuin
  • Cas Holmes
  • Gwen Hedley
  • Jodi Bombardier
  • Sharilyn Miller
  • Dale “Cougar” Armstrong
  • Mary Ann Scott
  • Color Style
  • Simple Style
  • Bag Style
  • Folk Style
  • Lace Style
  • Wrap Style
  • Scarf Style O
  • The Harmony Guides: Knit & Purl
  • The Harmony Guides: Lace & Eyelets O
  • The Harmony Guides: Cables & Arans
  • The Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Knit
  • The Harmony Guides: Colorwork Stitches
  • The Harmony Guides: Knit Edgings & Trims
  • The Harmony Guides: Crochet Edgings & Trims
  • The Art of Fair Isle Knitting
  • The Best of Interweave Knits O
  • Boutique Knits O
  • Classic Knits:
  • Dogs in Knits
  • Domino Knitting
  • Favorite Socks O
  • Fearless Knitting Workbook
  • French Girl Knits O
  • Feminine Knits
  • Funky Knits
  • Getting Started Knitting Socks O
  • Folk Vests
  • Folk Hats
  • Folk Shawls
  • Folk Mittens
  • Folk Socks
  • Folk Knitting in Estonia
  • Hip to Knit
  • The Gossamer Webs Design Collection
  • Gifted
  • Inspired to Knit O
  • Inca Knits
  • Interweave’s Compendium of Finishing Techniques
  • It Itches
  • Interweave Presents Knitted Gifts O
  • Knit Fix
  • Knit Kimono
  • Knit to be Square
  • Japanese Inspired Knits O
  • Knitted Babes
  • Knit So Fine
  • Knitted Jackets
  • Knitted Lace of Estonia O
  • The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns O
  • The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns
  • Knitting Little Luxuries
  • Knitting Green
  • Knitter’s Stash
  • Knitting on the Road
  • Knitting Out of Africa
  • Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn
  • Knitting Vintage Socks
  • Men in Knits
  • Natural Knits for Babies and Moms
  • Knitwear Design Workshop
  • New England Knits
  • The New Stranded Colorwork
  • Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments
  • No Sheep for You
  • Northern Knits
  • One Skein O
  • Poems of Color
  • Shadow Knitting
  • Sock Innovation O
  • Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls
  • The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters
  • Power Cables
  • Felted Knits
  • How We Felt
  • Simply Felt
  • Felt Frenzy
  • Felt Forward
  • Simply Needlefelt
  • Shibori Knitted Felt
  • Blueprint Crochet O
  • Couture Crochet
  • Workshop
  • Crochet in Color
  • Crochet Me O
  • Crochet So Fine
  • The Crocheter’s Companion
  • Double Stitch
  • The Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Crochet
  • The Harmony Guides: Basic Crochet Stitches O
  • The Harmony Guides: Crochet Stitch Motifs
  • Wrapped in Crochet O
  • Interweave Presents Crocheted Gifts O
  • Hip to Crochet
  • All New Homespun Handknit
  • Color in Spinning
  • Hands On Spinning
  • Get Spun
  • In Sheep’s Clothing
  • Respect the Spindle
  • Spin Control
  • Spin It
  • Spin to Knit
  • The Spinner’s Companion
  • Start Spinning O
  • The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook
  • Color Works
  • Yarns to Dye For
  • A Dyer’s Garden
  • Card Weaving
  • Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving
  • Learning to Weave O
  • Mastering Weave Structures
  • The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory O
  • Rag Rug Handbook
  • Time to Weave
  • The Weaver’s Companion
  • The Weaver’s Idea Book
  • The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave
  • Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands
  • The Weaver’s Studio: Woven Shibori
  • Woven Treasures
  • Creative Quilting O
  • Art + Quilt
  • Inspired to Quilt
  • Weaving Made Easy
  • The Quilting Arts Book
  • Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists
  • Bags with Paper and Stitch
  • Carry Me
  • Art Cloth
  • Color on Color
  • Customizing Cool Clothes
  • Fabricate
  • Free Expression
  • Freestyle Machine Embroidery
  • I Love Patchwork
  • Mixed Mania
  • Mixed-Media Self-Portraits
  • Mixed Media Explorations O
  • Printmaking + Mixed Media O
  • 49 Sensational Skirts
  • Sew Liberated
  • Sew Me, Love Me
  • Stitch Graffiti
  • Stitchy Kitty Fuzzy Puppy
  • Weldon’s Practical Needlework, Volume 12
  • Stitch Alchemy O
  • The Surface Designer’s Handbook O
  • 100 Beaded Jewelry Designs
  • All Wired Up O
  • Ancient Modern
  • The Bead Directory
  • Bead Romantique O
  • 101 Wire Earrings
  • Beaded Embellishment
  • The Beaded Garden
  • The Beader’s Companion
  • Beader’s Stash
  • Beading for the Soul
  • Beading in the Native American Tradition
  • Beading on Fabric
  • Beading with Peyote Stitch
  • Beads in Bloom
  • Bella Beaded Jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Beaded Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Beaded Bags
  • Beadwork Creates Jewelry
  • Crochet Jewelry
  • Crochet with Wire
  • Custom Cool Jewelry O
  • Create Jewelry: Glass
  • Create Jewelry: Pearls
  • Create Jewelry: Crystals
  • Create Jewelry: Stones
  • Chain Style
  • Elements of Style
  • Enchanted Adornments
  • The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Jewelry Making Techniques
  • Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads O
  • Designing Jewelry with Semiprecious Beads
  • Fabulous Fabric Beads
  • Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry
  • Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and More O
  • Getting Started Stringing Beads
  • Getting Started with Seed Beads
  • Hip to Bead
  • Hand Felted Jewelry and Beads
  • Jewelry Studio: Silver Wire Fusing O
  • Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping O
  • Making Colorful Wire & Beaded Jewelry
  • Making Connections
  • Knitting with Wire
  • Making Polymer Clay Beads
  • Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry O
  • Mastering Beadwork
  • Mixed Metals
  • Seed Bead Fusion O
  • Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry
  • Simply Modern Jewelry
  • Stamped Metal Jewelry
  • Step-by-Step Jewelry Workshop O
  • Stringing Style 2
  • Stringing Style O
  • Totally Twisted
  • Wire Style O
  • Woven Wire Jewelry
  • The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques
  • Zulu Inspired Beadwork

fall 2010

book catalog

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fall 2010 book catalog
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Fall 2010


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Knit Kimono Too
Vicki Square

Simple Designs to Mix, Match, and Layer
Paperback with DVD 8½ x 9 136 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-239-9 $26.95 December 2010

From the best-selling author of Knit Kimono comes new a speciality collection of kimono and Asian-inspired tops with simple shapes and unique details, accompanied by technique demonstrations on DVD. In Knit Kimono Too, best-selling author and knitwear designer Vicki Square returns to the simple, flattering shapes that made her work a hit with knitters. In more than 20 brand-new designs, Vicki collects kimonos and Asian-inspired designs and blends traditional inspiration with clothes that contemporary knitters can’t resist. She focuses on lighter weight knits for layering, plus unique stitch patterns, colorwork, and openwork designs. Beginning with an overview of design concepts and guidance for working with color, Knit Kimono Too offers garments that feature innovative shaping, interesting closures and edgings, and clever techniques. In addition to her signature kimono shape, the book includes Asianinspired tops, tunics, and vests; each with details that flatter all body types. To teach knitters the details and finishes, Knit Kimono Too includes clear photography and step-bystep instructions. On the included instructional DVD, Vicki demonstrates the special techniques and stitches that make her kimono-style garments so wearably elegant, including two-color slip stitch, surface embroidery, two-hand stranded knitting, garter-stitch short-rows, making bobbles in a contrasting color, attaching knitted cord, making origami folds, double knitting, and more. Projects include vests, coats, lightweight shells, short-sleeve tops, and a wide assortment of jackets featuring various weights of yarn. Knit Kimono Too features deceptively simple patterns that transform fabric with minimal shaping into stylish, polished-looking garments. Vicki Square is the author of Knit Kimono, Folk Bags, Folk Hats, and the best-selling The Knitter’s Companion. Vicki has taught knitting for more than ten years, as well as painting and drawing at Colorado State University. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A ls o AvA i l A b l e

Knit Kimono page 31

Japanese Inspired Knits page 31


Fall 2010


Vicki Square shares an abundance of detail on color knitting techniques. as well as detailed descriptions of each technique and photographs that show the finished look. seams. gauges. She lives in Fort Collins. bind off.n ew t i t l es The Knitter’s Companion Deluxe Edition with DVD Vicki Square Hardcover with concealed wire-o with DVD 7x5 140 pages an More th pies 0 co 250. Vicki also shares with you in an extended DVD every technique featured in the book for a truly hands-on experience.95 A ls o AvA i l A b l e Now with an instructional DVD. The Knitter’s Companion Deluxe Edition is every knitter’s perfect reference guide! Chock-full of techniques. All the information knitters need is right at their fingertips with The Knitter’s Companion Deluxe Edition with DVD—an indispensable addition to any knitter’s bag of tricks. and more. including additional ways to cast on. and buttonholes. and the best-selling The Knitter’s Companion.com . as well as painting and drawing at Colorado State University. fringe. plus favorite embellishments such as tassels. Colorado. Innovative methods are also explored in The Knitter’s Companion Deluxe Edition with DVD. Vicki Square is the author of Knit Kimono. and definitions. this resource has everything you need for knitting with confidence. Folk Hats. illustrations. borders. Inside you’ll find an overview of stitches. Folk Bags. and increase stitches. Vicki has taught knitting for more than ten years. Knit Kimono Too. Fearless Knitting Workbook page 28 Knit Fix page 31 2 Fall 2010 interweave. joins. knitting with beads.00 ! sold Previous ISBN: 978-1-59668-314-3 Available November 2010 ISBN 978-1-59668-314-3 $24.

Orenburg.new ti tl es Wrapped in Lace Knitted Heirloom Designs from Around the World Margaret Stove Paperback 8½ x 9 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-227-6 $26. Stove also teaches how to preserve. as well as more contemporary European work. patterns. Wrapped in Lace describes each set of lace techniques. Wrapped in Lace highlights a significant part of Stove’s personal knitting journey: working with the legendary “wedding ring shawl. but among lace aficionados. Knitted Lace of Estonia page 32 Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls page 36 interweave. Examples of her work are found in many galleries and private collections throughout the world. then gives an original pattern for a lace shawl.95 Available November 2010 A ls o AvA i l A b l e Designer Margaret Stove is best known as a spinner and creator of Artisan Lace Wool yarn. and identifying the characteristics of lace traditions from around the world. Shetland Islands. including designing patterns. spinning lace yarns. Estonia. With Wrapped in Lace. Stove shares her story as a lifelong student of knitted lace. The twelve original projects are characteristic of knitted lace from the Faroe Islands.com Fall 2010 3 . or even remake knitted lace heirlooms. She teaches lace knitting and spinning for lace internationally. and lace motifs of New Zealand. An expert on lace repair and conservation. A passion for knitting and later designing lace led Stove to explore techniques for spinning lace yarns. Margaret Stove is a leading expert of handknitted superfine lace. and traditions in depth. or scarf. Stove’s designs are the pinnacle of the craft.” a large knitted lace shawl so fine and delicate that it can be drawn through a wedding ring. restore. Framed by an engaging narrative of learning to create knitted lace from scratch. stole. and her line of New Zealand Merino lace yarn and patterns is distributed in the United States and throughout the world.

encouraging knitters to add their own personality by customizing projects. She has also worked as an in-house designer for Rowan Yarns and Jaeger Handknits. The additional design tips and ideas offered throughout the book provide fresh inspiration to create a unique piece of knitwear. Each of the four chapters in Knitting in the Details explores a different set of embellishment methods. or embellishment to demonstrate the range of looks possible. Many patterns also include variations using a different yarn. and Knitting Magazine.n ew t i t l es Knitting in the Details Louisa Harding Paperback 8½ x 9 136 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-256-6 $22. she launched a signature line of yarns and design collections in the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2005. Louisa’s approach highlights the boutique feel of each design. The 24 patterns in Knitting in the Details showcase small. Knitting Little Luxuries page 33 Feminine Knits page 28 4 Fall 2010 interweave. Filled with inspiring project photography from the coast of France. Vogue Knitting. Each technique is then showcased in Louisa’s romantic. and cherished signature style. from a beret with ribbon embroidery or a beaded scarf to a simple knitted vest with eyelets or tank top with appliqué hearts. Knitting in the Details evokes romantic femininity and showcases how a project can be totally transformed by creative and well-placed embellishment.95 Available January 2011 Charming Designs to Knit and Embellish A ls o AvA i l A b l e Continuing the best-selling success of Knitting Little Luxuries. edging. Her designs have appeared in Rowan Knitting Magazine. quick-to-knit projects focused on how the tiniest of elements can bring big appeal. Harding’s previous books include Knitting Little Luxuries and Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. acclaimed knitwear designer Louisa Harding shares even more unique and creative ways to add charming embellishments to knitted projects. Louisa Harding has been designing knitwear professionally for more than seventeen years. offering clear illustrations and step-by-step instruction. distributed by Knitting Fever.com . feminine.

including Estonian and Latvian braids. Stephanie takes knitters on a journey through world cultures by foot. Her designs have appeared on Socken-Kreativ-Liste (a German Yahoo group) and in Twist Collective and Anna Crafts magazines. To help knitters achieve the elegant finishes showcased here. and Austrian twisted-stitch designs. Germany. the thoughtful construction and attention to detail are signature elements of Stephanie’s work. These patterns draw inspiration from signature local textiles. Norwegian stranded knitting. and Scottish argyle tartan. knitting techniques and construction details. such as Turkish kilim carpets. A ls o AvA i l A b l e Sock Innovation page 36 Favorite Socks page 28 interweave. a detailed glossary and accompanying photographs demonstrate the special techniques.new ti tl es Around the World in Knitted Socks 26 Inspired Designs Stephanie van der Linden Paperback 8½ x 9 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-230-6 $24. She is the author of six knitting books in German. Japanese sashiko embroidery. this is the first book of her designs to be published in English. In Around the World in Knitted Socks. They also give a nod to traditional knitting techniques. the socks presented here blend regional knitting traditions with Stephanie’s unique design flair. her first book of sock designs. Though each pattern in Around the World in Knitted Socks draws on a different global inspiration. Using stitch motifs and colors.com Fall 2010 5 .95 Available September 2010 International sock knitting sensation Stephanie van der Linden shares an irresistible collection of twenty six original designs inspired by global knitting traditions. American quilts. Stephanie van der Linden is a knitwear designer based in Frankfurt. Belgian lace.

and Artful Yarns. Catwalk Crochet. Blueprint Crochet. SWTC. Robyn’s patterns have appeared in books. no scratchy yarns that make the baby red. including Interweave Crochet and Crochet Today! She has appeared on Knit and Crochet Today and as a guest on Knitting Daily TV. demonstrated on contemporary designs for women. The modern baby garment and accessory patterns in Baby Blueprint Crochet are designed to appeal to moms and kids as well as crocheters: no frilly stuff.95 Available December 2010 A ls o AvA i l A b l e Robyn Chachula’s first book. The twenty five projects include six girls’ garments. less daunting projects. She has also designed for yarn companies. Although written-out directions are more common to American readers. Instead. such as a jumper and tunic. and launder easily. She lives in Cincinnati. and Stitch & Bitch: Men. Not Your Mamma’s Crochet. fun. the diagrams are often easier to follow than written directions. Mission Falls. and no heirloom afghans to keep out of baby’s hands. Robyn offers the opportunity to practice these new skills and techniques on smaller. diagrams are the standard in international crochet patterns. She has been published in a number of magazines. Ohio. Now with Baby Blueprint Crochet. useful. including JCA Crafts. Blueprint Crochet page 38 Crochet So Fine page 38 6 Fall 2010 interweave. Once crocheters understand the symbols. including Interweave Presents Crochet Gifts. six boys’ garments. Robyn Chachula is the author of Blueprint Crochet and Mission Falls Goes Crochet. Crochet Me. six accessories from hats to slippers and even diaper covers. including a jacket and a vests. the projects are contemporary and bright. introduced American readers to crochet stitch diagrams used by crocheters throughout the world. Vogue on the Go: Crocheted Shawls.n ew t i t l es Baby Blueprint Crochet 25 Irresistible Projects for Little Ones Robyn Chachula Paperback with flaps 8½ x 9 136 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-201-6 $21. fashionable. Sensual Crochet.com . and seven home items including blankets and toys.

applied color. which are often harmful in themselves and in the processes used for their manufacture.new ti tl es Eco Colour India Flint Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles Hardcover with belly band 87⁄8 x 105⁄8 240 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-330-3 $40. and methodologies for applying plant dyes. from whole-dyed cloth. India Flint is a designer. Latvia. writer. Recipes include a number of entirely new processes developed by India as well as guidelines for plant collection. In India Flint’s Eco Colour. an ecologically sustainable plant-based printing process giving brilliant color to cloth. and sheep farmer. An artistic dyer and colorist. artist.00 Available September 2010 Dyeing with plants is a kind of botanical alchemy. a process that gives beautiful and sometimes surprising results. India describes only ecologically sustainable plant-dye methods using renewable resources and takes the path of doing the least possible harm to the dyer. and interesting effects from plant prints to layered dye techniques. Flint has been working with plant dyes for more than twenty years. It is also a gentle and ecologically sustainable alternative to synthetic dyes. She is known for the development of the highly distinctive eco-print. the end user of the object. and she has artwork in a myriad of collections and museums in Australia. directions for the distillation of nontoxic mordants. She currently lives in South Australia. Various techniques for coloring cloth are discussed in Eco Colour. and the environment. Her work has been greatly influenced by her extensive travels—from Melbourne to rural Austria to Montreal. A ls o AvA i l A b l e Art Cloth page 46 The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing page 42 interweave. and Germany.com Fall 2010 7 . she explores this fascinating and infinitely variable world of plant color. Eco Colour inspires both the novice home dyer and textile professional seeking to extend their skills using India’s successful methods for achieving stunning color.

95 Available September 2010 Essential Step-by-Step Techniques for Professional Results A ls o AvA i l A b l e Packed with professional techniques and tips.A. Plus. she teaches how to master finishing touches from textured stitches to couching and appliqué.n ew t i t l es The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques Lynda Maynard Paperback 81⁄2 x 10 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-247-4 $26. The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques takes the mystery out of the sewing and finishing techniques that many dressmakers assume are either extremely difficult or are only for professional fashion designers. Lynda Maynard has been designing and sewing clothes much of her life. She has a B.com . armholes. simpler construction methods. She is known in the industry as a fit specialist and is the author of the audio book DeMystifying Fit. Fashion designer and expert sewist Lynda Maynard tackles each professional technique with clear instructions in simple step-by-step stages. The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques unlocks the door to stunning results with better shaping.” from making bindings and finishing for hems. and necklines to underpinnings and structuring techniques. Once these skills are understood. A complete guide to the fabrics suited to each technique and inspirational fashion photography are also included. sewists will embrace their dressmaking projects with more confidence and the ability to create chic. refined looks. She also has a private clientele challenging her to develop innovative techniques to create a superior product. in textiles and clothing from San Jose State University and is an adjunct professor in the fashion design departments of two community colleges and a private design school in the San Francisco Bay area. Sew Liberated page 48 49 Sensational Skirts page 48 8 Fall 2010 interweave. and professional finishing touches. Lynda also explains several seemingly difficult “secrets.

and Avoca. Fiona’s couture sewing expertise and eye for fashion have allowed her to bring her range of gorgeous clothes to online retailers and in various stores and boutiques around the world. Love Me page 48 I Love Patchwork page 47 interweave. Bell’s designs at Their Nibs are well-known for their contemporary retro styles and prints with a distinct influence from the 1950s. For Sewn with Love. and tips for mixing vintage pieces with new clothes. She lives in London. Pirate. Bell’s beautiful. Fiona opened Their Nibs. A ls o AvA i l A b l e Sew Me. especially when made up in Their Nibs’s delightful distinctive prints. Butterflies and Carriages.K. The twenty five patterns in Sewn with Love will take sewists back to an era when mothers painstakingly made clothes and keepsakes for their children. John Lewis.com Fall 2010 9 . and bedtime). the founder of Their Nibs. Fiona Bell is a former junior buyer at Topman and several major international department stores. Harrods. whimsical designs appeal to children and adults alike. In addition to the projects are ideas for vintage games and toys. accessories. including Mothercare. Mermaid. In 2003. including Laura Ashley. a children’s shop and label with clothes. and Retro Cars. Russian Doll. with full-size patterns on a CD-ROM. including Wild West. from a boy’s classic shirt and playtime dungarees to a girl’s pretty party dress and sweet summer pajamas. 1960s. playtime. Bon Marche. Fiona selected some of her favorite and best-selling pieces. and homeware.-based children’s clothing shop and label. and 1970s.95 Available October 2010 An eclectic and unique collection of patterns and designs. England. Vintage Fairy. parties. Sewn with Love showcases the work of Fiona Bell. Retro Planes.new ti tl es Sewn with Love Fiona Bell Classic Patterns for Children’s Clothes and Accessories Paperback with flaps and CD 91⁄4 x 93⁄4 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-349-5 $26. the U. the sewing patterns each have easy-to-follow instructions. styling ideas for children’s rooms. Divided into four sections (babies. all produced in the distinctive signature prints and vintage style.

embroidery.and hand sewing. appealing creatures. Sew Me. quirky. and online. personality-filled birds. Bird projects in The Artful Bird range from dignified owls to friendly wrens. including Cloth. one-of-a-kind fabric bird sculptures with basic machine.com . artists and crafters will not only learn to make these fun projects. Massachusetts. from an elegant flamingo to a swooping crow in flight. but also discover how to draft their own pattern for almost any bird—real or imagined. Abigail offers an array of creative ideas to give each bird individual character and personality and an amazingly life like yet handcrafted appearance. sewing. selling them in galleries. celebrated for her charming. and collage elements give crafters even more tools for bird-making magic. Scissors. Love Me page 48 Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists page 46 10 Fall 2010 interweave. She lives in Boston. and soft-sculpture books. Artist Abigail Patner Glassenberg. Paper. and stuffing process for each of the bird bodies is similar. boutiques. Her work also been featured in magazines.n ew t i t l es The Artful Bird Abigail Patner Glassenberg Paperback 81⁄2 x 9 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-238-2 $24. Abigail Patner Glassenberg has been making award-winning soft toys and soft sculptures since 2005. She has made more than 100 birds of every variety. and mixed-media craft techniques. glitter. Careful instructions and how-to photographs for the entire process will help beginners and more advanced crafters build successful. and in sewing. craft shows. While the structure. craft. presents nineteen incredibly creative projects. Through a set of step-by-step basic bird-making techniques and tips. as well as a gallery of birds from other noted fabric bird makers. beautifully detailed. Ideas for inspired use of paint.95 Available January 2011 Fanciful Feathered Friends to Make + Sew A ls o AvA i l A b l e Create your own aviary of charming.

New England Quilt Museum. contemporary vision to the scene. innovative uses of appliqué and reverse appliqué. quilters will learn to create innovative pieces while exploring new and traditional techniques. and handstitching. fabric artist. and the Spencer Museum of Art at The University of Kansas. During her thirty years of artisanal quiltmaking. teacher. Although the artistry and philosophy are evident in the project designs of Quilting Line and Color. with pieces in the permanent collection of the Museum of Art and Design. Yoshiko Jinzenji has been quilting for more than three decades and teaching for two. and her work has been exhibited around the world. dyer.new ti tl es Quilting Line and Color Yoshiko Jinzenji Techniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts Paperback 81⁄2 x 101⁄4 192 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-333-4 $28. layered transparent fabrics. and stitch a variety of designs that include simple patchwork. and quilter Yoshiko Jinzenji explores color. Quilting Line and Color brings a fresh. In nearly fifty quilt patterns. piece. shape. From large bedsize quilts to smaller bags and pillows. and fabric. Art + Quilt page 45 Inspired to Quilt page 45 interweave. Quilters will learn to cut. stitching. In Quilting Line and Color.95 Available February 2011 A ls o AvA i l A b l e Combining crafters’ enthusiasm for Japanese design with the modern quilt movement. painterly feel. she has synthesized a wide range of cultural styles. the emphasis is on teaching techniques through the projects. and teaches quilting and fabric dyeing in Japan and in Bali. set off to striking effect with white fabric and stitching.com Fall 2010 11 . Her asymmetrical and graphic use of color takes on a fresh. The Victoria and Albert Museum. Quilting Line and Color stands out as a contemporary and uncomplicated approach to making artistic quilts. Yoshiko has authored multiple books. including Quilt Artistry. Yoshiko explores the interplay of shape and fabric. internationally known weaver. accompanied by precise instructions and detailed illustrations.

and Quilting Arts magazines. and functional. and Inspiration Malka Dubrawsky Paperback with flaps 8½ x 10¼ 160 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-235-1 $26. Malka Dubrawsky is a fiber artist whose work has been shown in juried exhibitions including Quilt National and Visions. In addition to a successful Etsy shop and popular A Stitch in Dye blog. and playful irresistibility into each project. Throughout Fresh Quilting. Texas. Free Expression page 47 12 Fall 2010 interweave. and stitchers are eagerly searching for projects that fit today’s DIY lifestyle. Fresh Quilting presents twenty one projects that are fun. Fresh Quilting includes a detailed section of techniques. Baby!. Malka contributes to Stitch. These beautiful and lively projects include modern quilts of baby-.95 Available December 2010 A ls o AvA i l A b l e I Love Patchwork page 47 For a generation of modern quilters. She infuses a brilliant. cutting. from basic piecing. She is the author of Color Your Cloth.n ew t i t l es Fresh Quilting Fearless Color. and her work has also appeared in books. flirty bags and cool coasters. In addition to clear directions and step-by-step illustrations for machine-sewn patchwork and quilted projects. Sew Hip. all using author and quilt artist Malka Dubrawsky’s signature intoxicating colors and unexpected palettes. crisp. or bed-size. including Fiberarts: Design Book. wall-. Malka is based in Austin. Quilts. and even a truly adorable fabric baby alphabet book that can also unfold into a crib bumper. an abundance of fun pillows and scarves. and measuring methods to more advanced techniques such as inserting zippers into pillow backs and using bias binding to finish a quilt. inspiring others to create their own designs as well. and Pretty Little Mini Quilts. Design. Sweater Surgery. contemporary.com . Pretty Little Pillows. sewing is a way to reconnect with the joy of crafting. Malka shares how to adventurously and confidently mix colors and prints.

including Handwoven. Interweave Knits. • Practical Uses: Learn how to make yarns that precisely match your needs with decision making and planning to create the exact project you want from the beginning. The projects explain how to choose material. Blending technical expertise and fascinating lore.com Fall 2010 13 . The Intentional Spinner with DVD is a compendium of spinning wisdom.95 Previous ISBN: 978-1-59668-080-7 Available September 2010 A ls o AvA i l A b l e If you are interested in exploring the infinite possibilities of making your own yarns. plying. novelty yarn structures. techniques. She is the author of Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning and has contributed to a variety of industry publications. from sturdy plied yarns to playful novelty yarns. Respect the Spindle page 40 Spin Control page 41 interweave. understanding. and invaluable information about your craft in The Intentional Spinner with DVD. Judith MacKenzie McCuin is a textile artist with more than twenty years of experience. • Managing Yarn Structure: Step-by-step instructions and photographs demonstrate the range of possibilities in yarn. and finishing. Washington.new ti tl es The Intentional Spinner with DVD A Holistic Approach to Making Yarn Judith MacKenzie McCuin Paperback with DVD 8½ x 9 152 Pages ISBN 978-1-59668-360-0 $29. history. and Spin-Off. She lives in Forks. and finish the processes. The enclosed DVD features detailed information on yarn diameter. with a fun blend of technical knowledge. and gently opinionated narrative. Yarn making is approached in three fundamental areas: • Understanding Fibers: Compare the rich historic traditions of plant and animal fibers with the fascinating scientific advances in synthesizing fibers. The Intentional Spinner with DVD includes four projects that demonstrate how handspun can be used in weaving and knitting. The Intentional Spinner with DVD is a must-have reference for every spinner. PieceWork. tips. veteran spinner and teacher Judith MacKenzie McCuin offers insight.

Cas lives in Maidstone. In The Found Object in Textile Art. and how to conceive and build a piece around the found object. She has written for magazines including The Quilter and has contributed to Workshop on the Web. Kent. atmospheric pieces have been shown around the world.com . both for decoration and to imbue their work with meaning. how it differs from recycling. The Found Object in Textile Art contains a wealth of techniques and inspiration for incorporating found objects into textile work. She discusses the range of found objects—from natural materials like driftwood to manufactured pieces of machinery and even mundane objects like a CD case—and how they can be used to create stunning pieces and lend deep meaning to a work.n ew t i t l es The Found Object in Textile Art Cas Holmes Paperback 8½ x 10 7⁄8 128 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-332-7 $26. Cas explores this practice. Textile artist Cas Holmes is renowned for her use of “the found” and her many-layered. It also showcases how to combine mixed-media and fiber art techniques to create art with meaningful narrative qualities. She exhibits widely and runs courses at West Dean College. The Surface Designer’s Handbook page 49 14 Fall 2010 interweave.95 Available September 2010 A ls o AvA i l A b l e Textile artists have always used found objects. and recently the practice has become even more popular. PHOTO BY CHRIS SMART Art Cloth page 46 Cas Holmes is one of the United Kingdom’s most renowned textile artists.

new ti tl es

Drawn to Stitch
Gwen Hedley

Line, Drawing, and Mark-Making in Textile Art

Paperback 8½ x 10 7⁄8 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-233-7 $29.95 Available September 2010

Line is an essential component of all textile art and surface embellishment. When used effectively line and mark making convey texture, tone, form, movement, and mood. Artist-teacher Gwen Hedley’s Drawn to Stitch is a practical guide to the uses of line in embroidery and textile art, presented as a series of exercises designed to explore line’s potential and develop an artist’s creativity. This helpful resource covers line- and mark making tools, materials, and processes, including printing and mixed-media techniques. Hedley then moves into stitch, explaining how to interpret different line qualities from crisp and sharp to soft and diffused, from raised and overlaid to recessed and inlaid. Full of inspiring ideas, Drawn to Stitch is illustrated with stunning examples and a gallery of stitched-textile work from leading artists. Gwen Hedley is an author, teacher, and embroiderer who exhibits widely. She is a member of the Society of Designer-Craftsmen and the Practical Study Group. She is the author of the best-selling book Surfaces for Stitch. Gwen lives in Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire.

A ls o AvA i l A b l e

Stitch Alchemy page 49

Stitch, Dissolve, Distort with Machine Embroidery page 49


Fall 2010


n ew t i t l es

The Jewelry Architect
Kate McKinnon
Paperback with DVD 8½ x 9 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-176-7 $26.95 Available November 2010

Techniques and Projects for Mixed-Media Jewelry

A ls o AvA i l A b l e

Beautiful color photographs and clearly written instructions give jewelry artists the building blocks to combine wirework, metal clay, beadwork, and traditional metalsmithing to create one-of-a-kind art pieces to wear in The Jewelry Architect. Innovative artist Kate McKinnon takes you on a creative journey of techniques and projects as she uses a variety of materials and tools to create art galleryquality bracelets, necklaces, and rings. In The Jewelry Architect, you will learn how to merge techniques to form sixteen uniquely designed projects. In addition, Kate shows in The Jewelry Architect how to manufacture a variety of components such as clasps, hooks, earring findings, and ring bases that can be used in any number of jewelry designs. Plus, an instructional DVD demystifies key techniques and offers extra design inspiration. The Jewelry Architect is imbued with Kate’s signature style, an earthy mélange of metal, beads, and fibers. She also shares tips on the best ways reinforce beadwork, bind edges, string components, form metal clay ring bands, fuse rings, create head pins, and so much more. With The Jewelry Architect, jewelry artists will get a flavor for how mixed techniques and media can combine beautifully into one-of-a-kind personal embellishments. Kate McKinnon is a mixed-media jewelry artist whose work focuses on the engineering of how elements work together, connect, and grow into finished pieces of jewelry. She won the prestigious Rio Grande Saul Bell award in 2003 for her innovative design with the product and has taught and lectured internationally. Kate lives and works in Tucson, Arizona.

Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry page 58

Custom Cool Jewelry page 54


Fall 2010


new ti tl es

Weave, Wrap, Coil
Creating Artisan Wire Jewelry
Jodi Bombardier
Paperback 8½ x 9 128 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-200-9 $22.95 Available December 2010

Wire jewelry enthusiasts are always looking for innovative ways to manipulate wire. Weave, Wrap, Coil showcases a variety of techniques including weaving, coiling, wrapping, texturing, forging, and filing and offers way to create truly amazing combinations. Emphasizing wire weaving as the signature technique and using both silver and copper wire, Weave, Wrap, Coil also offers contemporary projects that will appeal to new and experienced wireworkers alike. In Weave, Wrap, Coil, jewelry artists will first learn basic techniques as well as beginning cold metalwork tips, including an overview of the properties and gauges of sterling silver and copper wires. Featured next are 25 projects in step-by-step photography and illustrations. Ranging from bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cuffs and rings, the projects use a variety of materials, including beads, wire and stones. Each project is also grouped by level of difficulty, with each level utilizing three to four of the important techniques. Jodi Bombardier is a self-taught jewelry designer who discovered wire wrapping in 2005. She is a regular contributor to Step by Step Wire Jewelry, and she sells her jewelry in boutiques throughout Arizona and Utah. Bombardier is a small business owner of Jewels By Jules, a unique handcrafted jewelry line. Both her website, Jewels-By-Jules.com, and her blog, Online-Wire-Wrapping-Instructions.com, offer tutorials. Jodi lives in Tucson, Arizona.

A ls o AvA i l A b l e

Mixed Metals page 58

Wire Style page 59


Fall 2010 17

cold joins. California.95 Previous ISBN: 978-1-59668-143-9 Available October 2010 A ls o AvA i l A b l e Copper jewelry offers jewelry makers an inexpensive yet stylish alternative to silver. and very accessible. including Rachel Nelson-Smith. The Stamp Artist’s Project Book and the best-selling Bead on a Wire and has been published in many jewelry magazines. you can learn how to create beautifully designed and affordable pieces. Mixed Metals page 58 Chain Style page 54 18 Fall 2010 interweave.n ew t i t l es Contemporary Copper Jewelry with DVD Step-by-Step Techniques and Projects Sharilyn Miller Paperback with DVD 8½ x 10¼ 128 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-289-4 $26. With this handy resource. The material is attractive. Then. it features seventeen projects in step-by-step photography from a collection of top jewelry artists. the author of the best-selling Bead on a Wire. Sharilyn Miller has published four books including Stamp. and Richard Salley.com . you’ll discover the exquisiteness of copper and how to create one-of-a-kind designs with this exciting material. She was the editor of Somerset Studio and the launch editor for Belle Armoire and Art Doll Quarterly. Eugenia Chan. easy to work with. An enclosed DVD with Sharilyn covers all the basic wireworking techniques to offer a solid foundation for creating the projects in Contemporary Copper Jewelry with DVD. Sharilyn lives in the mountains of Idyllwild. simple metalwork. and creating unique wire components. With Sharilyn Miller. Contemporary Copper Jewelry with DVD features an extensive technique section that includes distressing copper. from bracelets and necklaces to earrings and pins. Dale “Cougar” Armstrong.

95 Previous ISBN: 978-1-59668-088-3 Available November 2010 A ls o AvA i l A b l e Wirework with DVD is a step-by-step guide for the intermediate artist seeking new design possibilities combined with solid technique instruction. pendants. giving you a solid base for creating the projects in the book. The Crafts Report. Dale “Cougar” Armstrong showcases her classic jewelry style and shows how to create beautiful custom bracelets.com Fall 2010 19 . and a former metalworker who has been published in Art Jewelry. Dale lives in Riceville. earrings. how to create pendants with any size or shape of faceted stone. and rings. you’ll discover how to work with half-hard wire. you’ll get comprehensive instructions about: • using geometry in wire-jewelry formulations • making the correct right angles • shaping with and without mandrels • using found items for shaping • when and how to use snap-set components • choosing the right cabochons and gemstones You’ll find all the basic techniques discussed in Wirework with DVD on an included DVD. Bead Unique. how to use several methods for working with and setting faceted stones. Fire Mountain Gems. Plus. In the eighteen projects included. as well as Dale’s favorite tools and proper tool usage. plus mixing wire gauges and tempers to create stable yet creative pieces. Totally Twisted page 59 Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping page 57 interweave. and Wire Artist Jeweler. necklaces. Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Tennessee.new ti tl es Wirework with DVD Dale “Cougar” Armstrong An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Wire Wrapping Paperback with DVD 8½ x 9 128 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-290-0 $26. when to use other tempers and why. a workshop teacher. Jewelry artists will learn how to wire-wrap using faceted stones. Step by Step Wire. Dale “Cougar” Armstrong is a wire jewelry maker.

ripe and juicy fruit and vegetables. In 2006. She is author of The Art of Botanical Painting and The Botanical Palette. president of the Society of Botanical Artists.95 September 2010 Botanical Sketchbook is the story of one woman’s journey from enthusiastic amateur painter to supremely accomplished botanical artist. Mary Ann Scott received a Diploma with Distinction on the Distance Learning Course run by the Society of Botanical Artists and became a full member in 2009.n ew t i t l es Botanical Sketchbook Mary Ann Scott with Margaret Stevens Hardcover 8 1⁄2 x 10 7⁄8 126 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-232-0 $24. Margaret Stevens is the president of the Society of Botanical Artists and course director of the Distance Learning Diploma course. and other tutors. including delicate floral compositions. As the months went on it became apparent that her talent was exceptional. told through the outstanding sketchbooks and paintings she produced for the Distance Learning Diploma Course run by the Society of Botanical Artists.com . Mary Ann Scott joined the newly created course and began painting in her home in northern Italy. including the Gold and Siler-gilt Linley for work of educational interest. from her first faltering attempts at drawing a tulip to the triumphant paintings she made for her diploma portfolio. In addition to showcasing Mary Ann’s work. 24 Fall 2010 interweave. She holds thirteen RHS medals. and intricate botanical studies. It contains work from every assignment she undertook. Botanical Sketchbook is beautifully illustrated with exquisite examples of the artist’s work. this remarkable book is a guide and inspiration to anyone wanting to pick up a paintbrush and embark on life as a botanical artist. this spectacular title includes first hand accounts of the joys and challenges she faced as she progressed through the course. Packed with practical advice on all aspects of botanical painting in watercolor. regularly sending her work to the United Kingdom to be assessed by Margaret Stevens.

30 color illustrations. 21 Inspired Designs to Knit Pam Allen and Ann Budd Whether you’re an experienced knitter looking for inspiration or a beginner trying lace knitting for the first time. Hats. Gloves. 31 Inspirational Styles to Knit and Crochet Pam Allen Expand what your idea of a scarf can be! Designs include a timeless scarf that uses cables and stitch patterns. 144 pages 100 photographs. 128 pages 100 photographs. Scarves. Including Sweaters.95 Lace Style O Traditional to Innovative. From simple stripes to Fair Isle. knit simple. 30 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-020-3 $24. 30 charts.95 Innovative to Traditional. and More Mags Kandis This pattern collection is steeped in fabulous ethnic influence. 24 diagrams ISBN 978-1-931499-91-0 $21. Lace Style has everything you need to knit lace with confidence. 25 illustrations. beautiful designs with interesting details and silhouettes with Simple Style. a collection of nineteen contemporary garments by top knitwear designers that celebrate stunning results without the intricate techniques. and Capelets to Knit and Crochet Pam Allen and Ann Budd Wrap Style is an inspired collection of classic and contemporary wraps in a host of different techniques from eighteen famous knitwear designers. Paperback.95 Color Style Innovative to Traditional. 160 pages 120 color photographs. Paperback.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 25 . 160 pages 100 photographs.95 Scarf Style O Simple Style 19 Innovative to Traditional Designs with Simple Knitting Techniques Ann Budd Take a break from knitting fussy garments with complicated techniques. 17 Inspired Designs to Knit Pam Allen and Ann Budd Achieve colorful effects in your knitting. Instead. 8½ x 9.95 Folk Style Innovative Designs to Knit. there’s a designer’s notebook section included to help you create your own wrap. sweaters. and Carry-alls to Knit and Crochet Pam Allen and Ann Budd These selected signature bag designs by top knitwear designers are sure to be a hit with beginner and experienced knitters alike. 30 illustrations. 8½ x 9. 8½ x 9.95 interweave.95 Wrap Style Innovative to Traditional. Totes. 30 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-090-6 $24. 10 charts ISBN 978-1-931499-54-5 $21. Paperback. a delicate triangular shawl based on traditional Estonian lace patterns. and a deconstructed striped scarf held together with brightly colored bobbles. 8½ x 9. 22 Inspirational Handbags. Patterns from accomplished designers range from scarves. Paperback. dresses. 30 illustrations. hats. and more. Paperback. 160 pages 100 photographs. 8½ x 9. 152 pages 50 color photographs. Each design is a reinterpretation of ethnic and global influences as seen by the designer and approached with a fresh style. Ponchos. 50 illustrations. Paperback. shawls. 30 illustrations. 25 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-028-9 $24. Color Style features classic and innovative use of traditional color techniques by top knitwear designers. 24 Inspirational Shawls. 136 pages 100 photographs. Paperback. 10 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-043-2 $21.k ni tti ng bac k l i st Style Series Bag Style Innovative to Traditional. 28 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-062-3 $24. 8½ x 9. Plus. 8½ x 9.

276 pages 250 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-147-7 $22. 81⁄2 x 81⁄2.95 The Harmony Guides: Crochet Stitch Motifs page 39 26 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. Or. and Cables & Arans—and makes organization a breeze. Each card features a stitch design on the front side and concise easyto-follow instructions on the back. Finish your log cabin afghan with a modern textured edging. including some never-before-seen edgings new to the updated Harmony Guides. 272 pages 272 photographs. 81⁄2 x 81⁄2.95 ISBN 978-1-59668-173-6 $19. Flexibound. Flexibound. Whether you’re looking for a highly textured lace edge or to revamp a basic sweater silhouette with a unique edging. 101 cards with 8-page booklet 101 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-100-2 $19.com . Pick a lace edging for a feminine cardigan. With Knit Edgings and Trims. and motifs to keep knitters constantly inspired. 101 Stitches to Knit is the perfect portable one-stop source for stitch inspiration. plus design tips featured throughout. and the handy size is excellent for the knitter’s tote.95 The Harmony Guides: Knit & Purl O 250 Stitches to Knit Edited by Erika Knight This collection of classic and contemporary stitch patterns will elevate your knitted projects to new heights. 81⁄2 x 81⁄2. Flexibound. 81⁄2 x 81⁄2. Flexibound. design your own scarf with a unique stitch edging for original style. 276 pages 272 photographs. 8 ⁄2 x 8 ⁄2. This all-inone stitch guide will give you hundreds of ideas to choose from. Knit Edgings and Trims is the perfect portable one-stop source for stitch inspiration. 144 pages The Harmony Guides: Crochet Edgings & Trims Edited by Kate Haxell Crochet Edgings and Trims is the go-to resource for all crocheters to add a personal touch to their designs.95 A ls o AvA i l A b l e The Harmony Guides: Knit Edgings & Trims Edited by Kate Haxell One of the greatest challenges a knitter can face is finding the perfect edging or finishing for a project.95 The Harmony Guides: Lace & Eyelets O 250 Stitches to Knit Edited by Erika Knight Lace & Eyelets can lend a hint of sophistication to any knitted project. 50 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-056-2 $22. texture plays a vital role in the interest of a design. 144 pages The Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Knit The Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Crochet page 39 Whether creating a highly textured lace scarf or revamping a basic sweater silhouette with a new stitch pattern. Lace & Eyelets. 50 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-057-9 $22. 51⁄4 x 61⁄2.95 The Harmony Guides: Basic Crochet Stitches page 39 ISBN 978-1-59668-172-9 $19. Flexibound. knitters have an abundance of edgings to choose from. A color-coded system divides the cards into themes—Knit & Purl.95 1 1 The Harmony Guides: Colorwork Stitches 250 Designs to Knit Edited by Sharon Brant Colorwork Stitches showcases a jam-packed collection of 250 classic and contemporary colorwork stitch patterns. you’ll find all the inspiration you need.k n i t t i n g backlis t Harmony Guides The Harmony Guides: Cables & Arans 250 Stitches to Knit Edited by Erika Knight Along with color and silhouette. Flexibound. designs. 81⁄2 x 81⁄2. Box with flash cards. From a basic seed stitch to a fanciful ladder pattern. 50 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-058-6 $22. regardless of skill level. Cables & Arans offers endless inspiration. design tips. 276 pages 272 photographs.

3 charts ISBN 978-1-931499-11-8 $16.95 Dogs in Knits 17 Projects for Our Best Friends Judith L. 184 pages 60 photographs. charts. a clever use of stitch pattern. or an unusual form of construction. plus great articles to refer to again and again. Paperback.95 The Best of Interweave Knits Our Favorite Designs from the First Ten Years Ann Budd. Paperback. foreword by Pam Allen O Boutique Knits O 20+ Must-Have Accessories Laura Irwin Make knockout. Paperback. Called “domino knitting” because of its modular nature. each with a distinctive design element.95 These favorite projects represent the creative work of more than twenty notable designers from the first decade of Interweave Knits.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 27 . and projects of all kinds. Paperback. Technique. 20 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-073-9 $21.” Paperback. 8½ x 9. 30 illustrations. 30 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-033-3 $24. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. trendsetting accessories that stand out from the crowd with Boutique Knits: the “it” handbag. this inventive method provides color and pattern intrigue for sweaters. 96 pages 17 color photographs. Color & Patterns Ann Feitelson An art historian and practicing fiber artist. 6 x 7½. the incredible scarf. This collection of modern. Paperback.95 Domino Knitting Vivian Høxbro It’s deceptively simple and simply dynamic. and illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-05-7 $18.95 Classic Knits: Marianne Isager Collection Marianne Isager Classic Knits features twenty five traditional. Swartz Dogs in Knits features sweaters and blankets for our faithful friends by expert designer Judith Swartz. be it an interesting combination of yarns. 96 pages 48 color photographs. 8½ x 9. 144 pages 70 photographs. 184 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-138-5 $24. appealing projects worked in basic knit and purl stitch patterns.k ni tti ng bac k l i st The Art of Fair Isle Knitting History. author Ann Feitelson has visited the Shetland Islands often and brings Fair Isle knitting to life. who brilliantly combines ethnic knitting traditions and a clean. 49 line drawings. 8½ x 11. modern sensibility to create sweaters that dogs can “wear with dignity. 60 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-115-6 $24. the hat that makes heads turn. afghans. 160 pages 100 photographs. 8½ x 9. stylish patterns combines knitting and non-knitting techniques to transform craft into couture.95 interweave.

40 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-029-6 $18. turning the heel. Hardcover with concealed wire-o.95 O Funky Knits Knitting Know-How for Hip Young Things Carol Meldrum and Julie Marchington This book offers a collection of fresh.95 Getting Started Knitting Socks O Ann Budd This primer on sock knitting covers casting on stitches. and designs. and Feminine Designs Kristeen Griffin-Grimes Bring out your inner French girl with this inspiring book of romantic knitted garments. 30 illustrations. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-003-6 $19. and working Kitchener stitch at the toe. 160 pages. 75 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-149-1 $24. 8½ x 9. Seiffert Fearless Knitting Workbook will develop knitters’ skills and understanding of how yarn becomes fabric. Influenced by classic fairy tales and French vintage fashion. 200 illustrations. Paperback. traditions. Seattle designer Kristeen Griffin-Grimes presents ethereal garments that flatter the feminine form.95 28 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. teens. innovative projects for guys. 8½ x 9.95 Feminine Knits 22 Timeless Designs Lene Holme Samsøe Blend captivating designs with flattering. 9 x 9. 128 pages.com . 7 1⁄2 x 9 3⁄4. feminine silhouettes. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. 100 photographs.95 The Step-by-Step Guide to Knitting Confidence Jennifer E. Paperback with flaps. 160 pages 150 photographs. and any knitting newbie with attitude. Basic instructions for sixteen sock patterns are included. 80 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-140-8 $22. 65 illustrations. Feminine Knits showcases texture. tweens. each sock in five different gauges and for five sizes.k n i t t i n g backlis t Favorite Socks O Fearless Knitting Workbook 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave Edited by Ann Budd and Anne Merrow Interweave offers these twenty five sock patterns for every occasion in a range of techniques. 8 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-032-6 $22. Romantic Details. 8 x 8.95 French Girl Knits Innovative Techniques. all accomplished with seamless patterns and custom fit. 128 pages 100 color photographs. skill level. 20 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-069-2 $24. 128 pages 50 color photographs. Paperback. 7 x 91⁄4. gals. This book leads knitters of all levels over common obstacles through targeted exercises and explanations. easy-to-understand knitterly tone. lace. 136 pages 130 photographs. Hardcover. time commitment. and unusual pattern construction inspired by current and vintage fashion for every season. and occasion. all in a friendly.

Paperback. and illustrations. 8 1⁄2 x 9. warm. 8 1⁄2 x 9. lacy stockings. these shawls are for today. lively Birkenstock socks.95 Folk Vests 25 Knitting Patterns & Tales from Around the World Cheryl Oberle This elegantly designed collection by Cheryl Oberle is festive. 120 pages color photographs. 8 1⁄2 x 9. and various luxurious blends. Paperback. mittens.95 Folk Knitting in Estonia A Garland of Symbolism. 8 1⁄2 x 9. and socks. and patterns ISBN 978-1-883010-34-8 $21. Knitted in wool. easy to fit—just the thing for contemporary knitters. cotton.com Fall 2010 29 . 8 1⁄2 x 9. traditions. 25 illustrations. presented with full-color charts and photographs. and techniques unique to the knitting from this region and instructions for twenty five lovely gloves. 18 charts ISBN 978-1-931499-14-9 $21.95 interweave. 144 pages 25 color photographs. this eclectic collection of hats is a versatile and imaginative adventure. Paperback. each one more wearable than the last.95 Folk Shawls 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World Cheryl Oberle A superb collection of 25 fun-to-knit shawls. Tradition and Technique Nancy Bush Includes cultural history. Paperback. 8 1⁄2 x 9. Paperback.Folk Series k ni tti ng bac k l i st Folk Hats 32 Knitting Patterns & Tales from Around the World Vicki Square A tour de force of knitted headgear.95 Folk Mittens Techniques and Patterns for Handknitted Mittens Marcia Lewandowski Thirty-eight mitten patterns from around the world. cashmere. 144 pages color photographs and charts ISBN 978-1-883010-59-1 $21. 120 pages color and black-and-white photographs ISBN 978-1-883010-43-0 $24. knitters will delight in these twenty five traditional and innovative patterns collected with stories and history from around the world. charts. 144 pages 75 color photographs. kilt hose.95 Folk Socks The History & Techniques of Handknitted Footwear Nancy Bush Includes sturdy boot socks. 120 pages color and black-and-white photographs and charts ISBN 978-0-934026-97-0 $21. charts. From the African-inspired Kasai to the Japanese Sakori. and clocked socks—all with careful directions. Paperback. 75 pattern illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-63-7 $21. white Greek socks with colored heels and toes.

including pillows. 50 illustrations. halter top. including a chunky scarf. a big-needle sweater coat. and laptop sleeves.95 The Gossamer Webs Design Collection Three Orenburg Shawls to Knit Design interpretation by Galina Khmeleva The author worked with talented craftspeople from the Orenburg region of Russia to bring these three Orenburg-style patterns in written form for the first time. charts ISBN 978-1-931499-21-7 $18. 150 pages 130 color photographs. concealed wire-o. Inspired by the art of South America. scarves. 71⁄2 x 9.k n i t t i n g backlis t Gifted Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet Mags Kandis This book features twenty designs. needle case. 96 pages 18 color photographs. Knitting. Paperback.95 Hip to Knit 18 Contemporary Projects for Today’s Knitter Judith L. Marianne’s collection brings ancient Incan textiles to the twenty-first century. these twenty five garments combine knit and purl techniques that add texture to stunning colorwork. a tea cozy. 30 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-116-3 $24. Weaving Naomi McEneely An abundance of fabric finishing methods are included. from wearable accessories such as hats. This collection offers projects for knitters and crocheters with any level of experience and time. Knotting. 8½ x 9. Paperback. tote bags. Paperback. 250 color illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-19-4 $29. Features four mini workshops with twenty one patterns arranged by season. 8½ x 9. Each technique is presented with step-by-step instructions and photographs of real examples. a boyfriend sweater. cords and braids.95 Inspired to Knit O Creating Exquisite Handknits Michele Rose Orne Get inside the artistic mind of talented knitwear designer Michele Rose Orne and discover her secrets to creating beautiful handknits for any season of the year. Hardcover. Embroidery. 160 pages 120 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-041-8 $24. embroidery finishings. knots.com . mittens. 160 pages 60 photographs. such as making edges. and more.95 30 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave.95 Inca Knits Designs Inspired by South American Folk Traditions Marianne Isager Inca Knits includes twenty five South American inspired knit designs in the author’s signature style. mix-and-match striped socks. 56 pages color photographs and charts ISBN 978-1-883010-87-4 $12. pincushion. socks. seams and joins. 8½ x 9. Mini-lessons build basic skills as one project advances to the next. and wraps to home décor. line drawings. Paperback with flaps. 8½ x 9. 9 x 9.95 Interweave’s Compendium of Finishing Techniques Crochet. 128 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-178-1 $24. Swartz An irresistible fashion parade of fun things to make. Paperback.

7 x 91⁄4. gorgeous projects are produced.and three-dimensional projects. Paperback. 112 pages 75 illustrations.ititchesbook. 10 essays ISBN 978-1-59668-093-7 $12. 36 illustrations.95 It Itches A Stash of Knitting Cartoons Franklin Habit It Itches is an affectionate.95 Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters Lisa Kartus Knit Fix is the essential repair manual for all knitters—from the basics of what a stitch looks like to techniques for solving the toughest knitting problems.95 interweave. 81⁄2 x 9. 8½ x 9.95 Knit to be Square Domino Designs to Knit and Felt Vivian Høxbro Vivian Høxbro introduces another form of addictive knitting with Knit to Be Square. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. 36 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-114-9 $22.95 Japanese Inspired Knits Marianne Isager Collection O Marianne Isager Inspired by the traditions of Japan. 30 charts ISBN 978-1-931499-89-7 $24.95 Knit Kimono 18 Designs with Simple Shapes Vicki Square Ideal for beginner and advanced knitters alike. 110 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-011-1 $19. Marianne Isager blends traditional Scandinavian knitting with a distinctive Japanese influence in Japanese Inspired Knits. These squares combine to create geometric openwork patterns. Projects range from easy-to-knit to more involved—an ideal book for knitters of all skill levels. 144 pages 100 photographs. humorous celebration of every aspect of the craft and is the first of its kind to mix cartoon humor with short essays on knitting. 8½ x 9. These unique designs each illustrate a knitted interpretation of a style or feature of a traditional kimono. Paperback. 60 illustrations. Paperback. 6 x 6. these casual to formal projects are based on the classic boxy shape recognized worldwide as an icon of the Japanese lifestyle. Paperback. 128 pages 80 photographs. 144 pages 75 photographs.com Hardcover. 144 pages 60 photographs. 40 photographs. and when combined with felting. 112 pages. Designs include unusual and inspired garments and accessories for the entire family as well as gifts for four-legged friends and the home. which combines modular squares into blocks of varying sizes that become the base for a variety of eye-catching two. Explore beautiful design elements steeped in folk customs with these patterns created especially for women. 50 illustrations.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 31 . 10 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-091-3 $21. 8½ x 9. 20 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-089-0 $24.k ni tti ng bac k l i st Interweave Presents Knitted Gifts O Irresistible Projects to Make and Give Ann Budd Knitted Gifts offers more than thirty projects for every gift-giving occasion. See more at www.

6 knitting charts ISBN 978-1-59668-000-5 $19. are great for layering.95 Knitted Jackets 20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary Cheryl Oberle This folk-inspired compilation of fun-to-knit. 60 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-053-1 $24. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. with fourteen heirloom-quality scarves and shawls to knit. Includes twenty stylish and contemporary projects.95 The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes and Gauges Ann Budd More than 1.com . and much more.95 32 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. Paperback. 144 pages 150 photographs. Paperback.95 Knitted Lace of Estonia O Techniques. 128 pages 130 photographs. 8½ x 9. this book includes standard sweater patterns in multiple sizes and gauges with charted instructions. Patterns.95 The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns O Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges Ann Budd More than 350 basic pattern options for caps. 160 pages 100 photographs. 7 x 9 1⁄4. 40 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-052-4 $24. easily wearable and modern jacket designs inspired by textiles and cultures from around the globe highlights a range of techniques. are more flattering to the figure.95 Knitted Babes Five Dolls & their Wardrobes to Knit and Stitch Claire Garland Welcome to Babes’ World! Knitters won’t be able to resist these knitted “retro rag dolls” or making them and all their easy fashionable accessories. charts ISBN 978-1-931499-04-0 $24. and offer more versatility for fashion elements. and gloves in multiple gauges to accommodate all weights of yarn. diagrams. diagrams. sweaters. 8 x 10. 50 patterns. scarves. 112 pages color photographs. Learn about traditional lace-knitting techniques and lily of the valley patterns and their variations. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. and Carol Sulcoski See how garments knitted with thin yarns fit more precisely. 7 x 9 1⁄4. 224 pages color photographs. 8½ x 9. 24 illustrations. mittens. vests. diagrams. Myers. 35 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-026-5 $22. Laura Grutzeck.500 options for knitting sweaters in any size or gauge.k n i t t i n g backlis t Knit So Fine Designs with Skinny Yarn Lisa R. 81⁄2 x 9. and Traditions Nancy Bush Deepen your knowledge of knitting in Estonia. Paperback. charts ISBN 978-1-931499-43-9 $26. feel better against the skin. 144 pages 100 photographs. Paperback.

80 charts ISBN 978-1-931499-98-9 $24. this book gives knitters exactly what they’re looking for: eighteen fun and easy sock patterns in a highly portable format. use small amounts of yarn. and can be created by even the novice knitter. and home furnishings. color photographs and illustrations ISBN 978-1-883010-91-1 $18. Paperback with flaps. gifts. Knitter’s Stash is full of personal stories. Paperback with flaps.95 Knitting Green Ann Budd Knitting Little Luxuries Beautiful Accessories to Knit Louisa Harding These quick-and-easy projects are stylish. all designed to use earth-friendly yarns or to serve an earth-friendly purpose.95 Conversations and Planet Friendly Projects Knitting Green includes twenty contemporary projects from top designers for garments. Paperback.k ni tti ng bac k l i st Knitter’s Stash Favorite Patterns from America’s Yarn Shops Edited by Barbara Albright Foreword by Melanie Falick This book includes thirty three patterns chosen from yarn shops across the country. 10 charts ISBN 978-1-931499-66-8 $19. 180 pages 130 color photographs. 128 pages 60 photographs.com Fall 2010 33 . 8 1⁄2 x 9. 83⁄4 x 111⁄4. 144 pages 50 color photographs.95 Knitting on the Road Socks Patterns for the Traveling Knitter Nancy Bush With its long. 160 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-166-8 $24. slender format and spiral binding. luxurious. accessories. 6 1⁄2 x 11 1⁄4. 10 x 10. 40 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-054-8 $21. 30 color illustrations.95 Knitting Out of Africa Inspired Sweater Designs Marianne Isager African textiles come to life in this inspired collection of eighteen sweater designs. 8 1⁄2 x 9. 96 pages. and favorite tips from the people who have helped fuel today’s knitting revolution. Paperback.95 interweave. 40 line drawings. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. knitting wisdom.

95 New England Knits Timeless Knitwear with a Modern Twist Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre Inspired by the seasons of New England.95 Knitwear Design Workshop A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits Shirley Paden Learn to design knitwear with a perfect individual fit. Shirley Paden guides knitters through the knitwear design process and gives knitters the foundation to take their own knitwear designs to the next level with confidence.00 Men in Knits Sweaters to Knit that He WILL Wear Tara Jon Manning Discover the secrets to knitting your favorite guy a sweater that he’ll want to wear. 25 charts. 8½ x 10¼. the book is divided into three themes: Walk in the Woods. Around the Town. From the initial spark of inspiration to sewing the last seam. wearable sweaters and accessories (including hats. 40 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-23-1 $28. mittens. Paperback. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. 136 pages 50 color photographs.95 Knitting Vintage Socks New Twists on Classic Patterns Nancy Bush Searching for new sock patterns? Try some old ones! Knitting Vintage Socks adapts sock patterns from the Weldon’s Practical Needlework book series. 9 x 10. 75 photographs. 250 illustrations. and shawls). 128 pages 50 photographs. 81⁄2 x 9. Author Carol Sulcoski explains how to make the best of these much-loved yarns and twenty new patterns by top sock designers show off handpainted yarns at their best. 10 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-098-2 $19. 30+ illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-65-1 $21.95 Natural Knits for Babies and Moms Beautiful Designs Using Organic Yarns Louisa Harding Renowned British knitwear designer Louisa Harding offers an inspired collection of patterns for mother and baby’s first eighteen months together.k n i t t i n g backlis t Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn Carol Sulcoski Handpainted sock yarns have captured the hearts of countless knitters. 7 x 9 1⁄4. 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-180-4 $24. 8½ x 9. 8 1⁄2 x 9. bags. and Along the Coast. 25 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-010-4 $21. scarves. Within each section readers will find a variety of flattering. Then choose the perfect sweater from this collection of more than twenty original designs. Paperback. 128 pages 30+ color photographs. 128 pages 40 photographs. 344 pages. created with organically grown and naturally produced yarns. a compilation of newsletters published more than 100 years ago.95 34 Fall 2010 interweave. 200 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-086-9 $40.com . Paperback. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. Paperback with flaps.

8½ x 9. 8½ x 9. 8½ x 9. and More! Nicky Epstein Hundreds of ideas and instructions for creating knitted appliqués. arm warmers. tassels. 10 charts.95 30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet Leigh Radford These classy patterns—from bags. 160 pages 50 photographs. Featured techniques include knitting in the round and steeking. Fair Isle. 50 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-111-8 $24. sweaters. Silk. A special section features projects designed to devour the knitter’s yarn stash. and more—each use just a single skein of yarn. and bags—all created with fibers that never had four legs. 144 pages 60 photographs. 120 color photographs. Paperback. Paperback. 8 x 8 3⁄4. cables. embroidery. cords. 272 pages color photographs throughout ISBN 978-1-883010-39-3 $31. 30 illustrations. Linen.95 Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments 350 Appliqués. Iceland. Paperback. shawls. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-012-8 $22. Hemp. bathroom décor. and enhancements such as fringes. baby sweaters. 50 color illustrations. Singer The editor of Knitty online magazine shares her secrets to knitting with nonwool fibers with twenty one knockout patterns for socks. and ties. 160 pages. vests. lace. Paperback.95 interweave.95 No Sheep for You Knit Happy with Cotton. scarves.95 Northern Knits Designs Inspired by the Knitting Traditions of Scandinavia. Paperback with flaps. and embroidery. borders. hats. the knitter is guided through all strandedcolorwork techniques and given a host of contemporary and innovative designs along the way. 8½ x 10¼. and the Shetland Isles Lucinda Guy The collection of twenty women’s garments and accessories uses traditional knitting techniques and folk motifs to showcase these classic wool yarns.com Fall 2010 35 . 8 1⁄2 x 9. 144 pages color photographs.95 One Skein O Poems of Color Knitting in the Bohus Tradition Wendy Keele Instructions for seven different garments are featured. twined knitting. Borders. Cords. ISBN 978-1-59668-171-2 $24.k ni tti ng bac k l i st The New Stranded Colorwork Techniques & Patterns for Vibrant Knitwear Mary Scott Huff From casting on and managing two balls of yarn to adding steeks and finishing cut edges. pillows. plus step-by-step instructions for forty six design/garment combinations and the social history of the Bohus tradition. Paperback. 17 schematics ISBN 978-1-931499-74-3 $19. Bamboo & Other Delights Amy R. black-and-white historical photographs ISBN 978-1-883010-12-6 $27. 128 pages.

and lace edgings to combine. Cookie A. twists on the heel. pioneer of the unconventional sock—think traveling stitches. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-41-5 $21. 8 1⁄2 x 9. 8½ x 9.95 The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters A Knit-to-Fit Workshop Lynne Vogel This step-by-step workshop teaches any knitter to easily adapt sweater patterns to his or her own measurements and chosen yarn. Paperback. Paperback.95 36 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. textured stitches. vest. 144 pages 30 color photographs. mirrored pairs.95 Sock Innovation O Knitting Techniques & Patterns for One-of-a-Kind Socks Cookie A. 10 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-109-5 $22. and more. 30 charts. cables and lace—shares her secrets for making rulebreaking socks with 15 original sock designs. 128 pages 50 color photographs. 8½ x 9. 30 charts ISBN 978-1-931499-69-9 $24. 112 pages charts and duotone photographs ISBN 978-1-883010-48-5 $21. 60 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-33-0 $21.95 Shadow Knitting Vivian Høxbro Create a knitted optical illusion! This form of knitting uses a simple technique of alternating rows of light and dark yarn to produce a subtle patterning that appears and disappears depending on the angle from which it’s viewed. circles. 100 photographs. Paperback. sweaters. Includes sections on embellishing felting and needlefelting. Paperback. squares. 144 pages 80 photographs. Projects include winged shawls. Perfect for using handspun in commercial knitting patterns or learning to resize or alter a knitting pattern. 144 pages. 176 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-167-5 $24. Even knitters who haven’t been bitten by the sock bug will find fascinating technique information. a matching cap and scarf.com . Paperback with flaps. color..k n i t t i n g/fe lting backlis t Power Cables The Ultimate Guide to Knitting Inventive Cables Lily Chin This book takes the reader from the most basic twisted stitches through complex and imaginative interpretations of cables that add texture. Japanese-style kimonos. Paperback. 8 1⁄2 x 9. 50 illustrations. 8 1⁄2 x 9. 8 1⁄2 x 9. and even nontraditional explorations. and half-circles.95 Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls Revised Edition Martha Waterman Timeless and beautiful. with openwork. these shawls include triangles.95 Felted Knits The Art of Shrinking Your Knitting Beverly Galeskas Fiber Trends owner Bev Galeskas shares her secrets for felting success along with thirty six original projects.

90 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-70-5 $24. and one-of-a-kind quality in each and every project. Paperback.95 How We Felt Designs + Techniques from Contemporary Felt Artists Carol Huber Cypher Signature works from twenty admired fiber artists are explored. needlefelting.95 20 Easy and Elegant Designs Jayne Emerson Create twenty beautiful felted projects using easy needlefelting techniques. 8½ x 9. extra dimension. Paperback. beginning needlefelters and fiber artists. Projects include hats. 144 pages 75 photographs. 8½ x 101⁄4. 3 charts. and beautiful projects make this a must-have felting book. caps.95 Simply Needlefelt Shibori Knitted Felt 20 Plus Designs to Knit. Paperback. Paperback. and mixed-media artists of all skill levels with an interest in needlefelt will delight in Simply Needlefelt. Innovative felting techniques. from making flat felt to the more advanced processes of inlaying fibers. and much more. slippers. 8 1⁄2 x 9.95 Simply Felt 20 Easy and Elegant Designs in Wool Margaret Docherty and Jayne Emerson All the information needed to make beautiful garments and home décor items from natural woolen fibers. 10 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-108-8 $24.95 interweave. jewelry. 128 pages 60 photographs.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 37 . an elegant color palette. rugs. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-085-2 $24. pillows. 81⁄2 x 9. contemporary projects will find everyday use for the most modern crafter. 128 pages 60 photographs. 112 pages 200 photographs. and “recycled felting”— turning salvaged wool sweaters into useful felt pieces—plus ways to combine techniques for creative and unique results. and Felt Alison Crowther-Smith Take felt to the next level with shibori— achieve unusual textural and color effects. Paperback. 8½ x 9. 112 pages 60 photographs.fel ti ng bac k l i st Felt Forward Modern Designs in Knitted Felt Maggie Pace These twenty stylish. 81⁄2 x 9.95 Felt Frenzy 26 Projects for All Forms of Felting Heather Brack and Shannon Okey Felt Frenzy explores all the major techniques of feltmaking. 50 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-031-9 $24. with step-bystep information on how to achieve their unique effects. from knit-and-shrink to wet felting. From threedimensional effects and appliqué to weaves and braids to combining multiple techniques in one project. dresses. 10 schematics ISBN 978-1-59668-009-8 $21. 128 pages 50 color photographs. Paperback. using just hands and water. The felting fundamentals are clearly presented. bags. Bead. 15 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-039-5 $21. art quilters.

95 Crochet So Fine Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns Kristin Omdahl Kristin Omdahl’s Crochet So Fine takes crocheted clothing from fussy to fashionable. 152 pages 70 photographs. 81⁄2 x 9. Paperback. Paperback. By working with thinner yarns and more flexible stitches. All stitch motifs include charts. sexy. 30 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-044-9 $21. abbreviations. and unique detailing.95 Blueprint Crochet O Crochet in Color Kathy Merrick Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter Robyn Chachula Learn the universal symbol language of crochet and create gorgeous patterns using a graphical interpretation of contemporary designs made just for the visual crafter. retro bags. stranding techniques. and each pattern is designed so that finished blocks are all the same size when they’re worked in yarn of the same weight.com . 112 pages 200 line drawings ISBN 978-1-931499-13-2 $19. as well as patterns for edgings and instructions on making fringe to finish off afghans in style. 160 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-063-0 ISBN 978-1-59668-198-9 $21. Paperback.95 38 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. Projects include thigh-high stockings.c r o c h et backlis t 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets. stitch instructions. and Finesse Lily M. Throws.95 $22. this portable reference provides the essential information that crocheters need to have at their fingertips. Chin From the Doyenne of Crochet Lily Chin comes a modern. form-fitting designs.95 Techniques and Designs for Playing with Color Crochet in Color encourages knitters to shake their fears of experimenting with color. even home décor items. 25 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-112-5 $22. camis. 83⁄4 x 83⁄4.95 Couture Crochet Workshop Mastering Fit. and modern crochet patterns for the fashion diva. and how to work over yarn tails. Projects use simple crochet techniques mixed with innovative construction. 40 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-008-1 $21. 9 1⁄2 x 10. 144 pages 100 photographs. and the specialized techniques include how-to sections. design outside the color wheel. Double Stitch Designs for the Crochet Fashionista Erika and Monika Simmons Make a fashion statement with this collection of twenty five stylish. 81⁄2 x 9. Spiral-bound. 128 pages 200 color photographs ISBN 978-1-931499-68-2 $24. 81⁄2 x 9. ultrafashionable approach to crochet focused on stylish. sweaters. and Afghans Crochet Squares to Mix and Match Jan Eaton This directory of blocks describes techniques and degree of difficulty. Merrick also explains how to change colors in crochet. and make unique color combinations work.95 O Nancy Brown As the enthusiasm for crochet grows. A useful refresher course on crochet is included. Thread and hook charts. with beautiful photos. playful color combinations. Paperback.95 The Crocheter’s Companion Crochet Me Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution Kim Werker Make crochet your own with these eighteen fashion-forward designs that give an entertaining and inspiring insight into the next generation of crocheters. 128 pages. elegant clothing that fits well. 81⁄2 x 9. 118 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-072-2 $22. shrugs. 128 pages 70 photographs. Fashion. crocheters can produce garments that are stylish and comfortable—figure-flattering without being form-fitting and great for layering. 100 photographs. and step-by-step instructions. and lots of helpful hints demystify this art. 50 illustrations Paperback. 7 x 5. 25 charts. scarves. Paperback. Paperback. 8½ x 10½. 160 pages 80 photographs.

there are hundreds of stitch ideas to choose from. and laptop sleeves. From a simple lace triangle to a delicate popcorn trefoil to an intricate French square. a tea cozy. 10 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-076-0 $22. and a variety of techniques and embellishment ideas. It includes many options to choose from. Crocheted Gifts is the ultimate gift-giving guide resource for crocheters. this book is full of perfect projects for every occasion. and author Swartz transforms this traditional handcraft with twenty three fashion-savvy garments and home accessories in a color palette that is cosmopolitan chic. 8½ x 9. Also features a section on free-form techniques. Paperback. socks. Wrapped in Crochet includes techniques for every skill level and projects to fit every budget and time commitment. 50 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-083-8 $22.95 The Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Crochet 101 Stitches to Crochet is the perfect portable one-stop source for stitch inspiration. needle case.95 The Harmony Guides: Basic Crochet Stitches O 250 Stitches to Crochet Edited by Erika Knight This essential reference guide and source for creativity brims with new and old stitches to delight crocheters of all skill levels. 272 pages 300 photographs.95 Wrapped in Crochet Scarves. teacher. Paperback. Crochet is the new knitting. 50 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-081-4 $22. 8½ x 8½. A color-coded system divides the cards into themes and makes organization a breeze. Each card features a stitch design on the front side and concise easy-to-follow instructions on the back. Paperback. Paperback. From single cluster crochet stitch to trinity stitch. regardless of skill level. Swartz Knitwear designer. 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-172-9 $19. wraps. 50 illustrations. from wearable accessories such as hats. each motif features a full-color photograph in contemporary yarns and clear and concise instructions for creating each design.c r oc het bac k l i st Gifted Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet Mags Kandis This book features twenty designs. pincushion. 128 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-178-1 $24. 128 pages 75 photographs. and wraps to home décor. including pillows.95 The Harmony Guides: Crochet Stitch Motifs 250 Stitches to Crochet Edited by Erika Knight Choose from hundreds of crochet motifs to inspire beginner and seasoned crocheters. Paperback. From baby gifts to mittens for the whole family to home décor and fancy lace. 75 photographs. 81⁄2 x 81⁄2. 8½ x 10½ .95 1 1 The Harmony Guides: Crochet Edgings & Trims Edited by Kate Haxell Crochet Edgings & Trims in the go-to resource for all crocheters to add a personal touch to their designs. scarves.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 39 . 8½ x 9. 272 pages 300 photographs. mittens.95 interweave. Wraps & Shawls O Kristin Omdahl Create stunning crocheted scarves. and shawls using clever stitch motifs. with a collection of projects from today’s most popular designers.95 Hip to Crochet 23 Contemporary Projects for Today’s Crocheter Judith L. 5¼ x 6½ with 8-page booklet 101 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-101-9 $19. 8 ⁄2 x 8 ⁄2. This collection offers projects for knitters and crocheters with any level of experience and time. 128 pages ISBN 978-1-931499-52-1 $19. 8½ x 10¼. 25 illustrations. 10 illustrations. innovative and traditional shaping. Paperback. 15 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-107-1 $21. 120 pages. and this book will get you hooked. 50 illustrations.95 Interweave Presents Crocheted Gifts O Irresistible Projects to Make and Give Edited by Kim Werker The first small project book to focus exclusively on crochet. Paperback. including neverbefore-seen edgings! Paperback.

Paperback. Paperback.sp i n n i n g backlis t The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning Being a Compendium of Information.95 Get Spun The Step-by-Step Guide to Spinning Art Yarns Symeon North This book ranges from the spinning fundamentals to techniques for spinning wool and silk to spinning with nontraditional materials (fabric. Paperback. twisting. Advice. building a simple spindle. 8½ x 9. 15 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-144-6 $22. color and black-and-white photographs and illustrations ISBN 978-0-934026-27-7 $21. and plying are explored in fully illustrated detail. 480 pages 400 line illustrations ISBN 978-1-883010-88-1 $39.95 25 Small Projects to Knit with Handspun Yarn Amy Clarke Moore All New Homespun Handknit is the new classic featuring small projects designed for manageable amounts of handspun yarn. This definitive work presents more than forty years of experience making and handling yarn. 5 illustrations. 8½ x 9. 120 pages. Paperback. and spinning and plying multicolored preparations. preparing fibers. Similar to the original Homespun Handknit. 8½ x 103⁄4. 144 pages 50 photographs.95 Respect the Spindle Spin Infinite Yarns with One Amazing Tool Abby Franquemont Veteran spinner and spindle aficionado Abby Franquemont teaches spinners old and new how to create incredible yarn with this amazing yet simple tool. 8½ x 9. and best end use.95 Hands On Spinning Lee Raven Understanding how spinning works. choosing a wheel. etc. with special attention to their fleece characteristics. Everything from baby-soft Merino to silky Lincoln and sturdy Karakul—the full range of nature’s miracle fiber is represented. 7 1⁄4 x 10 1⁄4. 120 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-064-7 $22.95 In Sheep’s Clothing A Handspinner’s Guide to Wool Nola Fournier and Jane Fournier A look at a hundred breeds of sheep. spinning on a flyer wheel. painting rovings. and Opinion on the Noble Art & Craft Alden Amos This is truly a BIG book with every aspect of handspinning explored by a legendary mentor to the growing handcraft community of spinning. Paperback. 2 tables ISBN 978-1-59668-155-2 $22. methods of preparation and spinning. 224 pages black-and-white photographs ISBN 978-1-931499-38-5 $24. carding.com . 10 illustrations. 128 pages 75 photographs. Hardcover.95 All New Homespun Handknit Color in Spinning Deb Menz A paperbound edition of Deb Menz’s classic guide to color written expressly for the handspinner seeking new adventures in color. this book offers a variety of projects for advanced beginning knitters and spinners. locks. 8½ x 11. introducing add-ins (beads. 55 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-82-8 $26. This comprehensive manual presents in-depth discussion and photographed demonstration of immersion dyeing.95 40 Fall 2010 interweave. from the basics to more specialized techniques. 7 x 9. Respect the Spindle combines step-by-step photography with detailed illustrations. blending colors and fibers.) and creating exciting plying effects. silk cocoons). Paperback. 240 pages More than 300 color and blackand-white photographs.

Painting. Paperback. 32 pages 20 color photographs. shape. Paperback. From soft. appealing projects. bulky singles to durable cabled yarns with terrific stitch definition and from tweedy yarns with rich texture and color to serviceable 3-ply that holds up to heavy use. giving. 5 tables ISBN 978-1-59668-105-7 $22. 81⁄2 x 9. sharing. This handy spiral-bound offering is an authoritative tool that spinners will want to keep beside their wheel or with their handspindle at all times. patterns. 81⁄2 x 9.95 Start Spinning Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn Maggie Casey Go from novice to competent spinner in this guide to turning fiber to yarn with an introduction to the various types of fibers available.95 interweave. crafting. Learn how to choose and prepare fiber with detailed instructions for both spinning on a spindle and spinning on a wheel. and invaluable tips—for creating authentic. 40 color illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-36-1 $11. 120 pages 125 photographs. 8 1⁄2 x 9. It’s also about spinning yarn and making glorious. and color. Spiral-bound. perfect. Complete instructions for making five simple. 35 line drawings. 5 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-065-4 $21. 10 illustrations. and learn how to process fiber and spin yarn. 6 charts ISBN 978-1-931499-16-3 $18.95 Spin It Making Yarn from Scratch Lee Raven Edited by Traci Bunkers This primer shares all the secrets to making perfect homemade yarn with handspindles of every size. the sky is the limit with this thorough resource. wildly colorful socks. made-to-order footwear. Paperback. 120 pages 80 photographs. Paperback. find out how to maintain their wheels. 25 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-007-4 $21.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 41 .95 Spin to Knit The Knitter’s Guide to Making Yarn Shannon Okey Take knitting to a new level with the addition of handmade yarn! Spin to Knit has everything needed to create fun one-of-akind designer yarn. The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook techniques. laughing. 8½ x 9. 7 x 5. 128 pages 150 photographs. zany. Designing. Spinning. 112 pages black-and-white illustrations ISBN 978-1-883010-79-9 $19.spi nni ng bac k l i st Spin Control Techniques for Spinning the Yarns You Want Amy King Spin Control teaches spinners to make handspun yarns that may include the best traits of commercial yarns but always have their own personal touches.95 O The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook Dyeing. Knitting Lynne Vogel This book is about sisterhood. 8 3⁄8 x 10 7⁄8. Paperback. 96 pages 101 color photographs.95 The Spinner’s Companion Bobbie Irwin Both beginning and experienced spinners will use this quick reference to look up common spinning terms.

6 x 7 1⁄4. 8 1⁄2 x 10 1⁄2. and zigzag patterns. quilting. Deb Menz brings principles of color theory down to a practical level and applies them to knitting. one of the premier garden writers and spinning teachers of our time walks readers through planting. and charts ISBN 978-0-934026-25-3 $18. wall art.com . 120 pages color photographs. beadwork. Instructions are included to make wonderful projects with plain-weave variations.95 Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving Betty Linn Davenport This easy-to-use guide covers choosing. 144 pages color and black-and-white photographs and illustrations ISBN 978-0-934026-61-1 $24. 144 pages 400 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668 $24. you can produce exquisitely patterned belts and straps. 60 color photographs. 20 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-81-1 $21. 8 1⁄4 x 10 7⁄8. Appealing to beginning and experienced weavers who value its thriftiness and versatility. and Fiber Eva Lambert and Tracy Kendall Jam-packed with natural—and foolproof— dyeing techniques. Fair Isle. and brewing up a full spectrum of vivid dyes for natural fibers. and weaving on a rigid-heddle loom.95 The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing Fabric. Paperback. 8½ x 10. Paperback. even hefty rugs and mats. 8 1⁄2 x 9. silk trims and ties.d y e i n g / w e aving backlis t Color Works The Crafter’s Guide to Color Deb Menz Explore color with a new confidence using this essential tool. hand and machine embroidery. setting up. and Fiber is the perfect dyeing source for an abundance of fiber artists wanting to dye the natural way.95 Card Weaving Candace Crockett With nothing more than colored yarn and simple cardboard squares. Paperback. spinning. 2 color wheels ISBN 978-1-931499-47-7 $24. illustrations.95 42 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave.95 Yarns to Dye For Creating Self-Patterning Yarns for Knitting Kathleen Taylor Use dyes for natural fibers that are available at most grocery stores and craft shops to create your own self-patterning yarns—those that magically knit up into stripes. 112 pages color photographs ISBN 978-1-883010-07-2 $12. weaving. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. Paperback. 152 pages. graduating bands of color. color strips. 55 color photographs. Yarn. The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing Fabric. Paperback. Yarn. 104 pages. surface design. Color Works includes a pull-out color wheel and removable hue cards. and paper collage. 7 x 91⁄4.95 A Dyer’s Garden From Plant to Pot: Growing Dyes for Natural Fibers Rita Buchanan Natural dyes are so much more than tans and browns! In this handy little volume. harvesting.

650 photographs. herringbone. and dyeing.95 Time to Weave Simply Elegant Projects to Make in Almost No Time Jane Patrick Learn the fundamentals of weaving and create beautiful textural objects.95 Learning to Weave Revised Edition O Mastering Weave Structures Transforming Ideas into Great Cloth Sharon Alderman Clear explanations.000 weavers have used this unparalleled study guide to learn from scratch or hone their skills. Paperback.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 43 . Paperback. block drafts. distortions of the grid. out-of-print books on Navajo rug-weaving traditions. and photographs of stunning fabrics introduce you to the fundamental principles of weave structure. 8 1⁄2 x 9. diamond. Paperback. satin. 232 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-139-2 $24. and understanding weave structures. 30 illustrations. three-element weaves. 290 drafts ISBN 978-1-959668-137-8 $29. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. and more. 9 x 10.95 Rag Rug Handbook Revised Edition Janet Meany and Paula Pfaff Everything a weaver needs to know about weaving rag rugs. 7 x 91⁄4. All the basics are covered: understanding the tools of weaving.95 interweave. zigzag. waffle weaves. Each structure includes a color photo.95 Navajo Weaving Way The Path from Fleece to Rug Noël Bennett and Tiana Bighorse Navajo Weaving Way presents this Native American rug-making process and includes all-new chapters on spinning. loom-controlled doubleweave.95 Deborah Chandler More than 100. Paperback. making a good warp three ways. Some material is drawn from Noël Bennett’s earlier. 8 x 10. 260 pages 60 photographs. threading and treadling sequence. plus specialized techniques. from basic information to drafts for twenty traditional 2 and 4shaft patterns. examples. Included are plain weave. 8 1⁄2 x 11. twills.weavi ng bac k l i st The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory O Over 600 Weaves for 4-Shaft Looms Anne Dixon This full-color practical guide features hundreds of weave structures for 4-shaft looms: twill. 128 pages 70 photographs ISBN 978-1-931499-59-0 $21. 132 pages color photographs and black-and-white illustrations and drafts ISBN 978-1-883010-28-7 $21. 8½ x 11. reading and designing drafts. 256 pages. 160 pages duotone photographs and line drawings ISBN 978-1-883010-30-0 $21. and degree of difficulty. Paperback. carding. 650 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-040-1 $34.

7 x 5. which embodies the living history and culture of the Peruvian Highlands. then move to a variety of doubleweave specialty techniques through detailed process photography and a wealth of swatches demonstrating different effects. one above the other on the loom. Let this small. 256 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-175-0 $29.95 Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands Dreaming Patterns. 160 color photographs. fiber factoids. 8½ x 9. formulas for calculating warp and weft.95 44 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. 13 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-67-5 $24. 8½ x 9. design shortcuts. accompanied by step-by-step photography. Learn all the tips and tricks to setting up the warp. Paperback. and embroidery on fabric. sturdy spiral-bound volume keep track of the details. Paperback with flaps. accompanied by harness drafts for multishaft looms. It’s all here: sett and sleying charts. a must-have gray scale. Each chapter contains weaving patterns along with swatches illustrating the techniques.95 A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns From the Friends of Handwoven Edited by Carol Strickler This must-have draft book contains almost 1.w ea v i n g backlis t The Weaver’s Companion Presented by Handwoven magazine Save your brain for being creative. finishing techniques.95 The Weaver’s Studio: Woven Shibori Catherine Ellis Catherine Ellis’s breakthrough technique of woven shibori embraces new approaches to the art of weaving and dyeing. Paperback.95 The Weaver’s Idea Book Creative Cloth on a Rigid-Heddle Loom Jane Patrick This book presents a wide variety of patterns for the simple rigid-heddle loom. line drawings ISBN 978-1-883010-81-2 $19. 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-179-8 $26. and much more. 240 pages black-and-white photographs ISBN 978-0-934026-67-3 $39.95 The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave Jennifer Moore Doubleweave is the art of weaving two layers of cloth at the same time. 8 3⁄4 x 11 1⁄4. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. 81⁄2 x 9. 112 pages. Weaving Memories Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez This richly photographed look at Andean weaving. Introductory chapters provide a thorough understanding of how each structure works. 136 pages. fiber identification tests. is a guide that catalogs the many intricate patterns found in traditional Peruvian textiles. The techniques include leno. Spiral-bound.000 different patterns on more than twenty five weave structures. 47 drafts. Brooks bouquet. 96 pages 200 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-055-5 $19. 8½ x 9. Paperback. basic weave drafts. creating beautiful cloth that is reversible yet unique on each side.com . soumak.

95 interweave. clear step-by-step photographs. articles.000 QuiltPages made by artists who participated in The Journal Quilt Project. technique experiments. construction. 128 pages 100 photographs. Projects range from scarves and tops to bags and belts. fiber-art.95 Art + Quilt Lyric Kinard Design Principles and Creativity Exercises Master quilter Lyric Kinard shares her secrets of success through a variety of techniques. and insider tips to get novice quilters and experienced textile artists inspired to make art. 8½ x 9.95 Woven Treasures One-of-a-Kind Bags with Folk Weaving Techniques Sara Lamb From inspiration and project planning to her signature hand-manipulated techniques. Paperback.99 Creative Experiments in Art Quilt Imagery Melanie Testa Explore the art-quilt design process through journaling. Paperback. from pillows and placemats to rugs and blankets. Each quilt represents a page in a quilter’s life story.95 The Quilting Arts Book O Techniques and Inspiration for Creating One-of-a-Kind Quilts Patricia Bolton This is Art Quilting 101 in a book! Find the most popular topics. and making small projects using a variety of mixed-media. 200 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-106-4 $26. 8½ x 9. 136 pages. Sara Lamb leads weavers through the steps of making exquisite bags using folk weaving techniques that evoke modern ideas in brilliant colors and textures. 144 pages 250 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-099-9 $24.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 45 . 8 1⁄2 x 11. 128 pages 150 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-075-3 $24. mundane moments. and embellishment make this the ultimate idea book for the would-be weaver. tragedy.weavi ng/qui l ti ng bac k l i st Weaving Made Easy 17 Projects Using a Simple Loom Liz Gipson Weaving Made Easy includes seventeen simple projects made on a simple rigid-heddle loom.95 Creative Quilting O Inspired to Quilt The Journal Quilt Project Karey Patterson Bresenhan This compendium of more than 400 quilts was culled from the nearly 6. and artists from past issues of Quilting Arts Magazine— plus innovative new techniques offered by today’s most respected contemporary quilt artists. 8½ x 10¼. 10 illustrations. 5 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-102-6 $24. inspiration. and surface-design techniques. 200 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-096-8 s24. Complete instructions. chronicling joy. Paperback. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. Paperback. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. 272 pages ISBN 978-0-97669-283-6 $34. Paperback. 128 pages. design. and abundant tips and techniques for color. exercises. 8½ x 10¼. and artistic epiphany. frustration.

Paperback. 110 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-087-6 $28. and handpainting. totes.q u i l t i n g /mix e d-me dia/s e wing b ac k l i st 200 Braids to Twist. furnishings. 128 pages. or Weave Jacqui Carey Create a personalized braided trim to complete any project. linen. plus instruction on needle-sculpting and using thread embroidery. exquisite natural fibers. stamping. 5 3⁄4 x 7 3⁄4. 38 color photographs. merino. A range of textile techniques is represented. Following Jane’s techniques with step-by-step photography.95 Art Cloth A Guide to Surface Design for Fabric Jane Dunnewold Create stunning cloth. and tips for personalizing. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. Knot. jewelry. gift wrap.95 Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists Ray Slater Learn the basic principles and techniques of doll making. including cocoon strippings. 443 photographs. 168 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-85-9 $21.com . 112 pages. 160 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-195-8 $26. from clothing. Paperback. 81⁄2 x 10 7⁄8. paints. 8 3⁄8 x 10. paper clay. 128 pages 100 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-051-7 $24.95 Color on Color Elegant Designs to Stitch Janet Haigh This book offers first-time stitchers and experienced embroiderers alike a handson guide for embellishing garments and accessories with a marvelous palette of colors. 8½ x 10¼.95 46 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. 256 pages.95 Bags with Paper and Stitch Innovative Surface Techniques for Embellishing Bags Isobel Hall Learn to create bags from various types of papers and materials. Using simple but beautiful materials and basic sewing skills. Loop.95 Carry Me 20 Boutique Bags to Sew Yuka Koshizen Create sophisticated handbags with this step-by-step guide featuring unique design sensibility and clever projects. 81⁄2 x 103⁄4. greeting cards. and more. color-removing agents. 7½ x 9½. floral arrangements. Hardcover. from the simplest stump doll to the more complicated jointed doll. Combine handworked embroidery. flax. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-018-0 $27. crafters can create twenty stunning bags. beautiful photos. and Translucent Liquid Sculpey. 112 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-184-2 $19. and foils—combined through processes that include silk-screen printing. Paperback. stenciling. readers will learn to create art cloth using dyes. and several cross-craft techniques to create twelve striking projects for wear or for home décor. Paperback with flaps. 11 charts. Included are stepby-step instructions.

Learn to transform an inexpensive. including surface designs and innovative fabric construction. This full-color book includes many of Robbi’s quilts and patterns. 176 pages 250 photographs. 128 pages 150 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-084-5 $22.95 Free Expression The Art and Confessions of a Contemporary Quilter Robbie Joy Eklow Artist Robbi Joy Eklow shares her secrets for designing. 8 1⁄4 x 10 1⁄2. fusing. Paperback. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. 8½ x 10¼. 20 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-042-5 $29. Paperback. Paperback with flaps. 128 pages.95 Fabricate 17 Innovative Sewing Projects that Make Fabric the Star Susan Wasinger This innovative how-to book uses classic and modern techniques to create interesting custom fabrics for more than seventeen fun and useful projects.95 Mixed Mania Recipes for Delicious Mixed-Media Creations Debbi Crane and Cheryl Prater Mixed Mania features more than twenty smart and sassy mixed-media projects divided like a cookbook into appetizers.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 47 . 8½ x 9. 50 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-094-4 $22. mass-produced garment into a designer original using simple materials and tools.95 interweave.95 Freestyle Machine Embroidery Techniques and Inspiration for Fiber Art Carol Shinn Explore the possibilities of freestyle machine embroidery.qui l ti ng/mi xed-medi a/sewi ng bac k l i st Customizing Cool Clothes From Dull to Divine in 30 Projects Kate Haxell Personalize your favorite fashions. and sweet treats for a fresh perspective on the craft. and finishing quilts so quilters can learn her nontraditional techniques. Paperback. 128 pages 300 photographs. 240 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-015-9 $21. and an inspiration guide for all skill levels. 150 illustrations. 81⁄2 x 9. 150 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-142-2 $24. its application for quilting and fiber art with this technique.95 I Love Patchwork 25 Irresistible Zakka Projects to Sew Rashida Coleman-Hale This modern approach to sewing showcases sophisticated patchwork projects in the popular Japanese zakka style—the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane—by combining linen and print fabrics using simple quilting techniques. Paperback. main courses. 8 1⁄4 x 10 1⁄4. Paperback. 144 pages. 116 pages ISBN 978-0976692805 $26.

81⁄2 x 10¼.com . buttons.95 48 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. 81⁄2 x 111⁄2.95 Printmaking + Mixed Media Blending Paper. 128 pages 100 photographs ISBN 978-159668-082-1 $22.95 Sew Liberated 20 Stylish Projects for the Modern Sewist Meg McElwee Meg McElwee. Paperback with 4-page pattern insert. complete with accessories. 71⁄2 x 93⁄4.95 49 Sensational Skirts Creative Embellishment Ideas for Oneof-a Kind Designs Alison Willoughby Make head-turning. and gallery art. beadwork. 144 pages. a twist on traditional methods. Readers will find inspiration plus mixed-media. ribbons. essays. Paperback. stitch. collage. 120 pages 250 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-095-1 $22. Contains a handy bound-in pattern template. Fabric and Embellishment to Create Inspired Designs Beryl Taylor Renowned mixed-media artist Beryl Taylor shows how surprisingly easy and fun it can be to turn fabric. 120 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-161-3 $24. and embellishment into unique pieces of artwork. show-stopping skirts (plus a cheeky mini-skirt!) using simple sewing techniques and inexpensive. 144 pages 120 photographs with bound-in pattern templates ISBN 978-1-59668-182-8 $19. author of the popular Sew Liberated blog and boutique sewing pattern line. Paperback. Love Me Best Stuffed Friends to Make Hsiu-Lan Kuei Make twelve endearing fabric “stuffies” perfect for gifting or keeping. and more. 160 illustrations. Paperback. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. and fiber-arts techniques.99 Simple Techniques for Paper and Fabric O Dorit Elisha Learn simple printmaking techniques and how to incorporate printed images into mixedmedia artwork on paper and fabric. 8½ x 10¼.95 Sew Me.q u i l t i n g /mix e d-me dia/s e wing bac k l i st Mixed Media Explorations O Mixed-Media Self-Portraits Inspiration & Techniques Cate Coulacos Prato Explore creative self-portraits through exercises. 112 pages ISBN 978-0-9766928-2-9 $27. readily available materials. 128 pages 700 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-061-6 $24. paper. teaches how to transform sewing by adding personal touches with appliqué details combined with embroidery. Paperback. 8 x 10. Paperback.

the company inaugurated a series of books titled Weldon’s Practical Needlework. 144 pages 240 photographs and 5 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-90-3 $29. 136 pages. Dissolve. beautiful white-on-white Mountmellick embroidery. Paperback. a company in England called Weldon’s offered monthly newsletters that featured needlework patterns and instructions for projects. Volume 12 is chock-full of knitted and crocheted garments.qu i l ti ng/mi xed-medi a/sewi ng bac k l i st Stitch Alchemy Combining Fabric and Paper for Mixed-Media Art Kelli Perkins Combine two hot trends for a mixed-media sensation! Blend the versatility of paper with the dimensional qualities of cloth with “paper-cloth” that can be easily transformed into collaged quilts. The books open a window to another time and place. dissolving fabrics.” and “stuff” for a playful and lighthearted approach to the craft. with black-and-white illustrations $30. 128 pages 100 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-050-0 $27. Paperback. and brief histories of needlework. 152 pages.95 In the late 1800s. and distorting fabrics using innovative materials on the market. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. insertions. information on little-known techniques. Every book is filled with hundreds of vintage projects. Paperback.00 The story behind Weldon’s The Surface Designer’s Handbook O Dyeing. doilies. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-045-6 $21. Printing. drawn-thread work. and smocking are also included. Volume 12 From PieceWork magazine.95 O Stitch. Paperback. toys. 8¼ x 10¼. Painting. interweave. 120 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-183-5 $19. Perfect for collecting. Distort with Machine Embroidery Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey Explore intriguing options in mixed media with new ideas for stitch techniques. 81⁄2 x 11. fashion as it was at the turn of the twentieth century.00 each volume Volume 2 ISBN 978-1-883010-82-9 Volume 4 ISBN 978-1-883010-94-2 Volume 5 ISBN 978-1-883010-95-9 Volume 6 ISBN 978-1-883010-96-6 Volume 7 ISBN 978-1-931499-18-7 Volume 8 ISBN 978-1-931499-29-3 Volume 9 ISBN 978-1-931499-30-9 Volume 10 ISBN 978-1-931499-48-4 Volume 11 ISBN 978-1-931499-49-1 *Note: Volumes 1 & 3 are no longer available. 30 charts.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 49 .” “tattoos. All volumes are hardbound. 200 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-113-2 $22. One entire section is devoted to what Victorians called waistcoats. and Creating Resists on Fabric Holly Brackmann A wealth of information of dyeing and surface design not found in any other book currently in print. To add some spice. 8½ x 10¼. and household items.95 Weldon’s Practical Needlework.95 Stitchy Kitty Fuzzy Puppy 60 Motifs to Stitch Everywhere Ayako Otsuka Add adorable cat and dog motifs to just about anything with this step-by-step embroidery guide. including socks. Later. illustrations. ISBN 978-1-931499-78-1 $30. 81⁄2 x 103⁄4. each volume consisting of twelve issues of newsletters bound with a cloth cover. 9 x 12. which we refer to as vests.95 Stitch Graffiti Unexpected Cross-Stitch Heather Holland-Daly The next generation of stitching has arrived with this playful collection of twenty six crossstitch designs divided into “graffiti. 112 pages 60 photographs.

and contemporary wire earrings. Brooches. Paperback. Paperback.95 101 Wire Earrings Step-by-Step Projects & Techniques Denise Peck 101 Wire Earrings gives wireworkers at all levels the information and inspiration to make innovative. 256 pages 600 photographs and illustrations full color throughout ISBN 978-1-59668-002-9 $24. ear wires.b ea d i n g & je we lr y backlis t 100 Beaded Jewelry Designs Easy-to-Bead Necklaces. Paperback. 8½ x 10¼. 136 pages 300 photographs. wide-spread techniques section.95 Bead Romantique O Elegant Beadweaving Designs Lisa Kan Create elegant.95 50 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. 8 1⁄2 x 9. Paperback. 144 pages 90 photographs. The projects are inexpensive and require minimal tools. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-141-5 $19. 271 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-046-3 $24. Here is the definitive guide to beads you’ve been looking for! Hardcover with concealed wire-o 5 3⁄4 x 7 3⁄4. from jewelry designers to crafters to novices. clasps. 128 pages 110 photographs. and wirework and emphasize a mix of vintage and modern components.95 Ancient Modern P0lymer Clay + Wire Jewelry Ronna Sarvas Weltman Make truly unforgettable jewelry! Learn to create organic. Paperback. 81⁄2 x 9. step-by-step instructions in this best-selling book. stringing. feminine. 144 pages More than 250 photographs and illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-99-6 $21. sophisticated. and distinctly contemporary jewelry by artistically combining polymer clay and wire.com . and romantic heirloom-quality jewelry with this unique collection of romantic yet modern beadwork. 8½ x 9. and More Stephanie Burnham Adorn your wardrobe with this extravagant collection of elegant beaded designs to make. 20 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-097-5 $22. Bracelets. Also included is a large. and cages using the detailed. stylish. 128 pages color photographs and illustrations ISBN 978-1-883010-73-7 $21.95 The Bead Directory The Complete Guide to Choosing and Using More than 600 Beautiful Beads Elise Mann This book is an exceptional resource for anyone who uses beads. 8 3⁄4 x 8 3⁄4 . These seventeen projects incorporate off-loom seed-bead weaving.95 All Wired Up O Wire Techniques for the Beadworker and Jewelry Maker Mark Lareau Create findings.

128 pages 160 photographs. an inside look at the finest bead shops in the United States and Canada. 81⁄2 x 11. and Updated Judith Durant and Jean Campbell For years. 10 x 10. with more than 100. Hardcover with semi-concealed wire-o binding. 7 x 5. or just create a smashing necklace or bracelet for yourself. and even more content. and insects using a variety of beading techniques. and novelty— using four simple foundation stitches and their variations.95 The Beaded Garden Creating Flowers with Beads and Thread Diane Fitzgerald Grow a gorgeous garden with off-loom beaded flowers. 32 pages color photographs and illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-01-9 $9. Get a peek inside the thriving world of the bead shop and learn countless ways to conquer your bead stash! Paperback. 125 illustrations full color throughout ISBN 978-1-931499-92-7 $19. 180 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-80-4 $21. accessories.000 sold. art. beaded samples. 206 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-55-2 $21. Straps & Fringe Jean Campbell If you’ve ever wondered how to use beads to make fringe. Chains. Clarke and Robin Atkins Learn how to embellish cloth with all kinds of beads—seed. it’s sure to be indispensable. Paperback. Expanded. leaves. Paperback. 144 pages 60 photographs.95 Beaded Embellishment Techniques & Designs for Embroidering on Cloth Amy C. 8 1⁄2 x 9. create a strap for a velvet purse. look no further: it’s all here! Paperback. which includes color photographs. 128 pages ISBN 978-1-931499-12-5 $21. Paperback. The Beader’s Companion has been an essential tool in every beader’s toolbox. 8 1⁄2 x 9.95 interweave.95 The Beader’s Companion New.beadi ng & j ewel r y bac k l i st Beaded Cords.95 Beader’s Stash Designs from America’s Favorite Bead Shops Laura Levaas Take a beading journey with Beader’s Stash.95 Beading for the Soul Inspired Designs from 23 Contemporary Artists Deborah Cannarella Beading is relaxing. Now with this expanded and updated edition. 8 1⁄2 x 9. bugle. and more. This collection of more than thirty nine projects showcases jewelry. 160 pages 80 color photographs 100 color illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-46-0 $21. meditative. and even healing for many people. home décor items. Beading for the Soul takes these aspects of the craft to a deeper level with twenty six amazing projects.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 51 . 128 pages 75 photographs. decorate a Victorian lampshade.

incorporating your own ideas. 128 pages color photographs and illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-06-4 $21. 112 pages color photographs and illustrations ISBN 978-1-883010-71-3 $21. and more. Beading on Fabric will help you add sparkle. Paperback. Cord & Ribbon Arlene Baker Make spectacular French beaded flowers and greenery using only wire and beads. and more. pansy. 9 x 10. warping. 8 1⁄2 x 9. peyote flowers. Paperback.95 Beading with Peyote Stitch Jeannette Cook and Vicki Star Everything you need to know to use peyote stitch for flat and three-dimensional pieces. charts. Paperback.95 Beads in Bloom Bella Beaded Jewelry Donatella Ciotti The elegance of gallery jewelry is at your fingertips with Bella Beaded Jewelry. sunflower. and sheer invention—is the subject of David Dean’s comprehensive book. Projects include beaded beads.com . and illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-03-3 $24. beaded jewelry. 8 1⁄2 x 9. 75 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-004-3 $21. Hardcover with concealed wire-o 7 x 9 1⁄4. Paperback 8 1⁄2 x 9. wearable art. and dimension to your work. weaving triangles. Projects include a clover. color. 160 pages color photographs.95 Beading on a Loom Don Pierce This essential guide to loomwork covers loom construction. texture. mystery. 96 pages 135 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-017-2 $21.95 52 Fall 2010 interweave. a free-form bowl. a project book that combines modern and vintage styles for a unique mix of wearable art. rose. graphing designs. a patchwork collage cuff. and chrysanthemum with lacy fern jewelry pins.b e a d i n g & je we lr y backlis t Beading in the Native American Tradition David Dean The panorama of Native American beadwork—its magic. 112 pages color photographs ISBN 978-1-883010-63-8 $21. or woven or felted material. increasing and decreasing. using basic techniques and tools. finishing and correcting mistakes. Paperback. 120 pages 70 photographs.95 Beading on Fabric Encyclopedia of Bead Stitch Techniques Larkin Jean Van Horn Whether your medium is quilts. 8 1⁄2 x 9. Projects are accessible to the beginner. Thread. basic weaving. complexity.95 The Art of Making French Beaded Flowers Artful Italian Designs with Wire.

47 charts 74 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-037-1 $18. and whimsical projects from well-known designers in each collection. bead crochet. 4 1⁄4 x 10. color photographs. right-angle weave. 4 1⁄4 x 10. 8 1⁄2 x 10 1⁄4. 112 pages. color photographs and line drawings ISBN 978-1-931499-27-9 $16. Paperback. and line drawings ISBN 978-1-931499-22-4 $16. and materials handpicked from the popular Beadwork Creates series. and necklaces from top-notch bead designers featuring peyote stitch. 64 color illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-26-2 $16. brick stitch. 112 pages 30 color photographs. each book has varied techniques for all skill levels. Beaded Bags Paperback with lay-flat binding.beadi ng & j ewel r y bac k l i st Beadwork Creates Series Edited by Jean Campbell Create stunning accessories using various beading techniques with the Beadwork Creates Series. and wirework.com Fall 2010 53 . 4 1⁄4 x 10. rings.95 Beadwork Creates Jewelry 40 Beaded Designs Jean Campbell This dazzling collection of designs covers a range of techniques. 4 1⁄4 x 10. stringing. 136 pages.95 Necklaces Paperback with lay-flat binding.95 Earrings Paperback with lay-flat binding. From charmingly simple stringing projects to elaborate netting designs. classic. bracelets. 120 pages 30 color photographs 65 color illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-61-3 $16.95 interweave. Find dozens of projects for earrings. styles.95 Beaded Rings Paperback with lay-flat binding. Editor Jean Campbell compiles unique. 128 pages 79 photographs. sophisticated. bead embroidery.

120 pages 110 photographs. necklace.95 Presents twenty three projects ranging in difficulty from easy stringing pieces to beadweaving designs. wearable designs from a variety of pearls. From sassy.95 54 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. 30 illustrations 5 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-022-7 $22. All projects are glamorous and timeless and represent unique ways to use stones in jewelry designs for necklaces. Crochet with Wire includes chapters on crochet basics.95 Create Jewelry: Pearls Luxurious Designs to Make and Wear Marlene Blessing and Jamie Hogsett Learn intriguing tidbits and anecdotes about this irresistible gem as you create twenty stunning.95 Custom Cool Jewelry O Create 200+ Personalized Pendants. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-068-5 $22. The projects are suitable for jewelry makers of all skill levels. Paperback. the tools required. 150 photographs 43 illustrations. and earring designs use stringing and off-loom seed-bead-weaving techniques. Paperback. 120 pages 100 photographs. and Clasps Melinda Barta Learn clever ideas for creating boutique-style projects with a personal twist in Custom Cool Jewelry. Charms. Paperback. Chain Style features fifty fabulous projects showing the wide variety of design styles that are possible using chain and a few special beads. and more. fashionable designs represent a rich variety of ways to use the gemlike beads.b e a d i n g & je we lr y backlis t Chain Style 50 Contemporary Jewelry Designs Jane Dickerson Using basic wirework and stringing techniques. techniques.com . elegant.95 Crochet with Wire Nancie M. Paperback. 6 x 7 1⁄2. Projects range from easy stringing pieces to more challenging seedbead-weaving designs. 88 pages 35 color photographs. Along the way learn entertaining tidbits about this specialty bead. 128 pages. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. and earrings. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. 175 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-035-7 $24. 45 color illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-77-4 $14. 2 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-074-6 $22. and how to choose the wire gauge to suit the projects. All it takes is basic jewelry-making skills and using common crafting materials in uncommon ways. 10 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-150-7 $19. Wiseman Crocheters. bracelets. bracelets. dressy. Create Jewelry: Glass presents twenty one stunning projects made with glass beads. earrings. 128 pages 100 photographs. and wireworkers alike will relish this innovative approach to creating necklaces. 70 photographs. or flirty. Paperback. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4.95 Create Jewelry: Glass Brilliant Designs to Make and Wear Marlene Blessing and Jamie Hogsett Glass beads can add a subtle shine to a jewelry design or take center stage. 15 illustrations 5 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-023-4 $22. 8½ x 10¼. plus easyto-find tools and materials. 8½ x 10¼. 120 pages 100 photographs. Paperback. which crochet hooks to use. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4 144 pages.95 Create Jewelry: Crystals Dazzling Designs to Make and Wear Marlene Blessing and Jamie Hogsett These glamorous. 8 3⁄4 x 8 3⁄4 128 pages.95 Create Jewelry: Stones Stunning Designs to Make and Wear Marlene Blessing and Jamie Hogsett Crochet Jewelry 40 Beautiful and Unique Designs Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher Learn to create the intriguing crochet accessories reappearing in the fashion world—with your own personalized twist. beaders. 30 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-067-8 $22. Bracelet. Paperback. Paperback.

Wire.beadi ng & j ewel r y bac k l i st Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads O Stephanie Sersich Twenty dazzling step-by-step projects incorporating a variety of beading techniques show you how to make the most of glass beads in your jewelry designs. and semiprecious stones with this all-in-one bead directory and design guide. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4 128 pages. resin. Explore creativity with a section on design principles. Resin & More Cynthia Thornton brings the magic of her design process with mixed-media jewelry techniques and projects. Paperback. 8¾ x 8¾. pearls. 128 pages 60 photographs. Paperback.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 55 . Included are techniques and processes for working with plastics. Also included is a primer on glass beads. 8½ x 10¼. Fiber. and fiber jewelry designs using knit. 50 photographs 80 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-047-0 $22. and mixed media to create lightweight beads made of silk embellished with stamps. Featuring more than seventy five projects teaching foolproof rules for design success. and much more Kim Gover Learn how to string beautiful jewelry using glass beads. 100 Illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-157-6 $24. and felting techniques will appeal to jewelry makers of all levels. These twenty five modern wire. Clay. Paperback.95 Fabulous Fabric Beads Create Custom Beads and Art Jewelry Kristal Wick Combine techniques from beading. 128 pages 250 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-104-0 $24. ceramics. Paperback.95 Enchanted Adornments Cynthia Thornton Creating Mixed-Media Jewelry with Metal. 160 pages 200 photographs. Paperback. 112 pages 150 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-077-7 $22. fiber arts. and other materials. Includes ideas to achieve unique effects and make simply beautiful jewelry. crochet. Paperback. Felt + Beads Rosemary Hill Make wearable pieces of art with easy-to-find materials. bead. quilting. 160 pages 400 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-146-0 $26. glass. scrapbooking.95 The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Jewelry Making Techniques A Comprehensive Guide for Jewelers and Metalsmiths Vannetta Seecharran A guide for jewelers who want to create modern one-of -a-kind jewelry. clever techniques. 25 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-079-1 $22. paint. 8¾ x 8¾. 8½ x 10¼.95 Designing Jewelry with Semiprecious Beads Elements of Style Knit + Crochet Jewelry with Wire.95 interweave. Create more than twenty projects ranging from the simple to the ornate. bracelets. precious and nonprecious metals. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. and the unique design ideas in Elements of Style.95 Stringing instructions and techniques for necklaces. rubber.

The techniques are simple. 96 pages 120 color photographs. 35 color illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-79-8 $16. 15 charts 150 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-016-6 $18. 8 1⁄2 x 9. Getting Started Stringing Beads will guide you through every aspect of stringing jewelry.95 56 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave.com . This must-have resource includes all the basics in a warm. Hardcover.95 Hip to Bead 32 Contemporary Projects for Today’s Beader Katie Hacker Boutique-style beaded jewelry is hotter than ever. 128 pages 120 photographs. 96 pages 60 color photographs. you’ll learn every aspect of working with this popular and enduring craft. 8 x 8. encouraging tone.95 Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and More O Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey A guide for the true beginner. 96 pages. 75 color illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-87-3 $16.95 Getting Started with Seed Beads Dustin Wedekind First-time beaders will learn everything they need from shopping to storing and from stringing to stitching a successful beginning project. 8 x 8. 100 color photographs.b ea d i n g & je we lr y backlis t Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry Mark Lareau Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry is the ideal introduction to metal making. Hardcover. and the space requirement small. 40 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-95-8 $19.95 Getting Started Stringing Beads Jean Campbell From going to the bead shop and selecting the beads to what to do with them when you get home. 8 x 8. 112 pages 120 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-025-8 $19. now it’s easier than ever to make! Paperback. Hardcover. Hardcover. 8 x 8. and with Hip to Bead. the tools affordable.

and wire-wrapped pendants plus the highly sought-after wire-wrapped cabochon. Paperback. combined with beads. pins. 81⁄2 x 9. Metalworkers and mixed-media artists will find this a great handbook to spark creativity and inspiration. Hardcover. bracelets. Paperback. then takes it a step beyond with beaded embellishment. necklaces. is one of today’s most eye-catching jewelry trends.95 Jewelry Studio: Silver Wire Fusing O Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping O Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey Take the mystery out of wire wrapping with insider secrets to the craft plus progressive skill-building projects that teach a range of wrapping techniques. Viking knit (without needles). Create rings.95 Making Connections A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-Media Artists Susan Lenart Kazmer Kazmer introduces a variety of cold-join techniques from the common and frequently used to new techniques that she has invented. 8½ x 9. 96 pages color photographs ISBN 978-1-931499-31-6 $16.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 57 . Projects include earrings.beadi ng & j ewel r y bac k l i st Hand Felted Jewelry and Beads 25 Artful Designs Carol Huber Cypher This book offers a contemporary and artistic approach to felt jewelry. you can even incorporate stones and cubic zirconia for extra dazzle. 8 1⁄2 x 10 1⁄4.95 Liz Jones This workshop in a book teaches all the skills needed for this no-muss. 8 ⁄2 x 9. glass. no-fuss version of silversmithing: fusing silver without solder to create beautiful jewelry. it can be made by almost anyone using only a few inexpensive.00 interweave. earrings. or crystals. Paperback. Paperback. Paperback. 128 pages 115 color photographs 40 illustrations.95 1 Knitting with Wire Nancie M. 6 x 7 1⁄2. 120 pages 100 photographs. 10 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-066-1 $22.95 Making Colorful Wire & Beaded Jewelry 35 Fabulous Designs Linda Jones Wire jewelry. full color throughout ISBN 978-1-59668-005-0 $21. Luckily. and pins. 8 1⁄8 x 107⁄8. easyto-find tools and spools of wire. semiprecious stones. 128 pages 400 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-059-3 $22. 128 pages 80 photographs ISBN 978-0-9798407-0-8 $48. Wiseman Covers the basics of wire knitting including the tools and techniques for creating thirty innovative projects to handknit. 128 pages 200 color photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-014-2 $19. and machine knit.

and more as you progressively strengthen your skills. charms. Learn to produce fabulous faux effects. and assemble them into beautiful jewelry. Paperback.b ea d i n g & je we lr y backlis t Making Polymer Clay Beads O Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry O The Complete Guide to Turning Your Passion into Profit Viki Lareau Provides the practical advice and encouragement to sell your beadwork right and to do it with flair.95 O Simply Modern Jewelry Designs from the editor of Stringing magazine Danielle Fox Learn to create simple yet unforgettable accessories for the modern crafter. 120 pages. 3-D forms. and 40 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-024-1 $21. including silver. gold. 6 x 9. Paperback with DVD. equipment. 136 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-177-4 $24. Full of detailed techniques for creating a variety of components. and textured effects. Copper.95 18 Projects to Stitch. 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-174-3 $26. inspiration. Hardcover with concealed wire-o. 150 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-048-7 $21. 200+ illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-013-5 $24. 8½ x 9. Wire. Paperback. 8½ x 9. merge. earrings. 240 pages. 81⁄2 x 101⁄4. and More Danielle Fox and Melinda Barta Create thirty unique projects featuring a variety of metal beads. 8½ x 9. wire wrapping. make eye-catching beads. chains and findings. 25 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-156-9 $24. using simple techniques such as stringing.95 Creating Contemporary Jewelry with Silver. settings. which creates eye-catching seedbead jewelry. 144 pages 200 photographs. colors. 83⁄4 x 83⁄4 128 pages 500 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-019-7 $24. Seed Bead Fusion is all about the inventive fusion of materials. Paperback. and design ideas with a contemporary edge. findings. tools. and creative designs. beaded beads. and inspiration. 7 x 91⁄4. 8½ x 9. necklaces. textures. and earrings that express personal style.95 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry Seed Bead Fusion Techniques + Explorations Kate McKinnon Learn the art of metal clay from master teacher and jewelry artist. This is the quick and easy guide to making fashionable necklaces. techniques. Kate McKinnon.com . Paperback with flaps + DVD. and String Rachel Nelson-Smith This fresh design approach to seed-bead jewelry teaches readers how to fuse. Paperback. Twelve projects plus instructional DVD. bracelets. and knotting for knockout results. rings. and base metals. attachments.95 Mastering Beadwork A Comprehensive Guide to Off-Loom Techniques Carol Huber Cypher This ultimate beading resource is a workshop in a book! Covering sixteen basic off-loom beading techniques. and techniques for creating fabulous beads in polymer clay. Brass. 96 pages 40 photographs. findings. 112 pages 110 photographs. closures.95 Stamped Metal Jewelry Creative Techniques & Designs for Making Custom Jewelry Lisa Niven Kelly Nineteen projects cover a variety of techniques and designs for personalizing your metal jewelry designs with words. techniques. 65 color photographs 5 charts. you’ll learn to create practical beaded projects such as bracelets. and mix materials. This book offers jewelry artists both the techniques and design inspiration needed to create gallery-level jewelry that is truly art to wear. 20 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-092-0 $22. Gold.95 58 Fall 2010 O =bestseller in category interweave. Paperback.95 Mixed Metals Step-by-Step Techniques for Creating Beautiful Ornamental Beads Carol Blackburn This beginner’s guide introduces materials.

Netted diamond earrings. and earrings from Stringing in this stunning collection for any beader or jewelry maker. and you don’t have to hunt all over for inspiring designs.95 Woven Wire Jewelry Contemporary Designs and Creative Techniques Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey Learn to weave silver or gold wire using these exciting techniques to create designer-quality bracelets and chokers. 128 pages 100 photographs.95 Stringing Style O Stringing Style 2 50 More Designs for Beaded Jewelry Jean Campbell Following in the footsteps of Stringing Style.95 Totally Twisted 50+ Fresh Bead Designs for Jewelry Jamie Hogsett You don’t have to be a designer to make beautiful jewelry. plus Stringing 101. 96 pages 60 photographs. Project instructions are shown with stepby-step photographs and range from difficult to easy.com O =bestseller in category Fall 2010 59 .95 Zulu Inspired Beadwork Weaving Techniques and Projects Diane Fitzgerald These twenty five stunning projects are inspired by the author’s trips to South Africa.beadi ng & j ewel r y bac k l i st Step-by-Step Jewelry Workshop O Simple Techniques for Soldering. forging. and pendants handpicked from a collection of top jewelry designers. 1 chart. bracelets. a netted triangle and swag bracelet. 144 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-168-2 $22. Paperback. we’ve gathered proven designs for one-ofa-kind bracelets. soldering. 8½ x 11.95 Wire Style O 50 Unique Jewelry Designs Denise Peck From the editor of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine comes a collection of fifty contemporary. 8 1⁄2 x 10 1⁄4.95 Innovative Wirework + Art Glass Jewelry Kerry Bogert Wire and lampwork artist Kerry Bogert creates her signature colorful wire jewelry by combining sterling silver and colored wire with glass beads to add a pop of color in designs from elegant to whimsical. Paperback. providing an essential look-it-up resource for both students and professionals. piercing. necklaces. 128 pages. 96 pages 60 photographs. Paperback. We’ve collected the most gorgeous ideas for you from Stringing magazine and compiled them in Stringing Style. and necklaces. 20 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-034-0 $24. as well as how to use wire and make stone settings. 8½ x 9. pickling. plus step-bystep instructions. 350 photographs ISBN 978-1-59668-060-9 $24. Paperback. filing. Paperback. 144 pages 410 color photographs ISBN 978-1-931499-57-6 $21. 8½ x 9. Paperback.95 The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques Anastasia Young This comprehensive workshop reference for jewelers brings together a vast range of skills.95 interweave. 8½ x 10. Paperback. a complete refresher course on stringing. and Metal Jewelry Nicola Hurst This multi-technique guide for the novice jewelry maker covers a range of all the basics needed to get started creating great designs: transferring designs to metal. earrings. 12 illustrations ISBN 978-1-59668-036-4 $18. 8½ x 10 1⁄4. 120 pages 150 photographs. 320 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-169-9 $34. stylish. 8½ x 10 1⁄4. Totally Twisted includes wirework tips and tricks to make wirework easier and more successful. sawing. Hardcover. All of the techniques demonstrated are illustrated with photographs of remarkable cutting-edge jewelry pieces by jewelry designers and makers from around the world. 8½ x 9. 3 charts ISBN 978-1-59668-070-8 $19. and a Zulu wedding necklace are accompanied by photos of the object that inspired the piece. and technical data in one volume. 40 illustrations ISBN 978-1-931499-96-5 $16. and absolutely wearable designs for bracelets. plus cleaning your jewelry for that finishing touch. Accompanying the twenty designs for earrings. You’ll find twelve never-before-seen projects. techniques. most can be completed without soldering. Wirework. necklaces.

Kristal Willoughby. Viki Levaas. Melanie Feitelson. Dissolve. India Fournier. Jean Campbell-Harding. 39 48 54 59 60 Fall 2010 interweave. North Taylor. Rachel Oberle. Melissa Lamb. Donatella Clarke. 39 30 49 37 34 43. Jane Fournier. 53. 34 51. Denise Perkins. Sharon Bresenhan. Carol Blessing. Monika Singer. Coleman-Hale. Slater. Sharon Allen. Lisa Kandis. Kathleen Testa. Volume 6 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. Eva Lareau. Mark Lareau. Nancy Buchanan. Diane Flint. Gwen Hill. Pam Alvarez. 59 49 43 52 47 48 54 35 40. Tiana Blackburn. Marianne Jinzenji. Volume 8 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. Anne Docherty. 39 46 48 34 45 42 50 58 51 29 34 50 34 28 8 13 48 30 16. 31 52 24 3 44 32. Kim Grey. Judith MacKenzie McElwee. Lene Holme Scott. 31. 59 49 51 46 41 6. Fiona Bennett. 27. Kate Hedley. Robyn Chandler. Kristin Orne. Dorit Ellis. Debbi Crockett. Isobel Handwoven Harding. Stephanie Shinn. 59 49 14 31. Maggie Paden. 39 31 35 58 42 30 54 45 41 26. Jodi Brack. Vicki Star. Volume 4 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. Heather Brackmann. Alden Armstrong. Nelson-Smith. Rashida Cook. Nicky Falick. 41 38. 47 15 55 54. 33 11 Kan. Love Me Sewn with Love Shadow Knitting Shibori Knitted Felt Simple Style Simply Felt Simply Modern Jewelry Simply Needlefelt Sock Innovation Spin Control Spin to Knit The Spinner’s Companion Spin It Stamped Metal Jewelry Start Spinning Step-by-Step Jewelry Workshop Stitch Alchemy Stitch Graffiti Stitch.Fall 2010 Catalog Index by Title 100 Beaded Jewelry Designs 101 Wire Earrings 200 Braids to Twist. 33. Betty Linn Dean. Shannon Omdahl. Knot. Karey Patterson Brown. Stephanie Bush. Cecily Glowik Mann. Kerry Bolton. Susan Waterman. Martha Weltman. Carol Simmons. Distort with Machine Embroidery Stitchy Kitty Fuzzy Puppy Stringing Style 2 Stringing Style The Surface Designer’s Handbook Time to Weave Totally Twisted Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook Weave. Jane Durant. 33 50 29. Heather Holmes. Volume 12 Wire Style Wirework with DVD The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques Woven Treasures Woven Wire Jewelry Wrap Style Wrapped in Crochet Wrapped in Lace Yarns to Dye For Zulu Inspired Beadwork 40 25 58 58 48 48 9 36 37 25 37 58 37 36 41 41 41 41 58 41 59 49 49 49 49 59 59 49 43 59 36 36 41 17 44 44 44 44 44 44 45 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 59 19 59 45 59 25 39 3 42 59 Fall 2010 Catalog Index by Author Albright. Nicola Irwin. Tracy Khmeleva. 23 40 19 51 52 54. 22. Jennifer Myers. Carol Huber Davenport. 32. Volume 2 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. Nola Fox. 30. David 33 43 25. 39. Alison Wiseman. Crane. 29. Jane Epstein. Carol Menz. Lee Ritchey. Cas Høxbro. 39 26 26. 58 43 28 40. Yuka Kuei. Ronna Sarvas Werker. Arlene Barta. 34 26. Beryl Taylor. Kelli Pfaff. Carol Swartz. Anastasia 50. Cheryl Okey. Louisa Haxell. Laura Isager. 38 52 51 47 52 36 47 42 37 37. Hsiu-Lan LaBarre. Christine Samsøe. Tara Jon Marchington. Ayako Pace. Linda Chin. Laura Lewandowski. 36 35 59 41 27 20. Kate Meany. Erika Koshizen.39 40 48 42 45 55 5 52 27 36. Alison Cypher. Ann Burnham. Nancy Campbell. 33. Volume 11 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. Cate Coulacos Pulvermakher. Yoshiko 54 43 37 12 46 51 38 47 48 44 37 35 33 27 51. Ann Fitzgerald. Candace Crowther-Smith. Elise Manning. 38 43 59 36. 31. Vannetta Seiffert. Nancie M. Lisa Keele. Bobbie Irwin. 27 44 21. Vivian Huff. Amy Clarke Moore. Dale “Cougar” Atkins. Lynne Wasinger. 41 59 28 24 55 28 55 47 38 38 35 46 1. Franklin Haigh. 42 38 28 18 40 44 32 58 29. Larkin Jean Vivian Hoxbro Vogel. Marcia MacDonald. Naomi McKinnon. Margaret Strickler. Anne Miller. Deborah Carey. Don Prater. Anna Radford. Young. Shirley Patrick. Amy R. Leigh Raven. Abby Galeskas. Vicki Stevens. Janet Hall. Galina Kim. Lynda McCuin. Catherine Emerson. Maggie Chachula. Cheryl Prato. Volume 10 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. and Afghans 49 Sensational Skirts Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning All New Homespun Handknit All Wired Up American Artist Guide to Acrylic Painting American Artist Guide to Drawing American Artist Guide to Oil Painting American Artist Guide to Watercolor Painting Ancient Modern Around the World in Knitted Socks Art + Quilt Art Cloth The Art of Fair Isle Knitting The Artful Bird Baby Blueprint Crochet Bag Style Bags with Paper and Stitch The Bead Directory Bead Romantique Beaded Cords. Jacqui Casey. Nilda Callañaupa American Artist Amos. Throws. Kristeen Grutzeck. Jeannette Cookie A. 39 26 26 26. Lyric King. Judith L. Waejong Kindard. Paula Pierce. Loop or Weave 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets. 58 42 52 Dickerson. Lisa Niven Kendall. Jane 50 25. Melinda Bell. Margaret Stove. 2. Lily Ciotti. Jan Eklow. Meg McEneely. 32 37. Holly Brant. Maggie Griffin-Grimes.58 9 43 43 58 54 59 45 17 37 49 26 45 38 42 25. Malka Dunnewold. Lucinda Habit. 32. Straps & Fringe Beaded Embellishment Beaded Garden. Marlene Bogert. Laura Guy. Chains. Wendy Kelly. Janet Meldrum. Jennifer E. Erika Simmons. 41 47 36 50 38. Deb Merrick.com . 39 26 26 26 56 39 Hip to Knit How We Felt I Love Patchwork In Sheep’s Clothing Inca Knits Inspired to Knit Inspired to Quilt The Intentional Spinner with DVD Interweave Presents Crocheted Gifts Interweave Presents Knitted Gifts Interweave’s Compendium of Finishing Techniques It Itches Japanese Inspired Knits The Jewelry Architect Jewelry Studio: Silver Wire Fusing Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping Knit Fix Knit Kimono Knit Kimono Too Knit So Fine Knit to Be Square Knitted Babes Knitted Jackets Knitted Lace of Estonia The Knitter’s Companion Deluxe Edition with DVD The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns Knitter’s Stash Knitting Green Knitting Little Luxuries Knitting in the Details Knitting on the Road Knitting Out of Africa Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn Knitting Vintage Socks Knitting with Wire Knitwear Design Workshop Lace Style Learning to Weave Making Colorful Wire & Beaded Jewelry Making Connections Making Polymer Clay Beads Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry Mastering Beadwork Mastering Weave Structures Men in Knits Mixed Mania Mixed Media Explorations Mixed Metals Mixed-Media Self-Portraits Natural Knits for Babies and Moms Navajo Weaving Way New England Knits The New Stranded Colorwork Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments No Sheep for You Northern Knits One Skein Poems of Color Power Cables Printmaking + Mixed Media The Quilting Arts Book Quilting Line and Color Rag Rug Handbook 30 37 47 40 30 30 45 13 39 31 30 31 31 16 57 57 31 31 1 32 31 32 32 32 2 32 32 33 33 33 4 33 33 34 34 57 34 25 43 57 57 58 58 58 43 34 47 48 58 48 34 43 34 35 35 35 35 35 35 36 48 45 11 43 Respect the Spindle Scarf Style Sculptural Metal Clay Seed Bead Fusion Sew Liberated Sew Me. Patricia Bombardier. Sara Lambert. Sersich. 30. Amy Knight. Michele Rose Otsuka. Cynthia van der Linden. Jane Dixon. Carol Sulcoski. Margaret Dubrawsky. Valerie Cannarella. Amy C. The The Beader’s Companion Beader’s Stash Beading for the Soul Beading in the Native American Tradition Beading on a Loom Beading on Fabric Beading with Peyote Stitch Beads in Bloom Beadwork Creates Jewelry Beadwork Creates Series: Beaded Bags Beadwork Creates Series: Beaded Rings Beadwork Creates Series: Earrings Beadwork Creates Series: Necklaces Bella Beaded Jewelry The Best of Interweave Knits Blueprint Crochet Botanical Sketchbook Boutique Knits Card Weaving Carry Me Chain Style Classic Knits Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists Color in Spinning Color on Color Color Style Color Works Contemporary Copper Jewelry with DVD Couture Crochet Create Jewelry: Crystals Create Jewelry: Glass Create Jewelry: Pearls Create Jewelry: Stones Creative Quilting Crochet in Color Crochet Jewelry Crochet Me 50 50 46 38 48 40 40 50 22 21 23 23 50 5 45 46 27 10 6 25 46 50 50 51 51 51 51 51 51 52 52 52 52 52 53 53 53 53 53 52 27 38 24 27 42 46 54 27 46 40 46 25 42 18 38 54 54 54 54 45 38 54 38 Crochet So Fine Crochet with Wire The Crocheter’s Companion Custom Cool Jewelry Customizing Cool Clothes Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads Designing Jewelry with Semiprecious Beads Dogs in Knits Domino Knitting Double Stitch Drawn to Stitch The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques A Dyer’s Garden Eco Colour Elements of Style Enchanted Adornments Encyclopedia of Contemporary Jewelry Making Techniques Fabricate Fabulous Fabric Beads Favorite Socks Fearless Knitting Workbook Felt Forward Felt Frenzy Felted Knits Feminine Knits Folk Hats Folk Knitting in Estonia Folk Mittens Folk Style Folk Vests Folk Shawls Folk Socks The Found Object in Textile Art Free Expression Freestyle Machine Embroidery French Girl Knits Fresh Quilting Funky Knits Getting Started Knitting Socks Get Spun Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and More Getting Started Stringing Beads Getting Started with Seed Beads Gifted The Gossamer Webs Design Collection Hand Felted Jewelry and Beads Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving Hands on Spinning Handweaver’s Pattern Directory The Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Crochet The Harmony Guides: 101 Stitches to Knit The Harmony Guides: Basic Crochet Stitches The Harmony Guides: Cables & Arans The Harmony Guides: Colorwork Stitches The Harmony Guides: Crochet Edgings & Trims The Harmony Guides: Crochet Stitch Motifs The Harmony Guides: Knit & Purl The Harmony Guides: Knit Edgings & Trims The Harmony Guides: Lace & Eyelets Hip to Bead Hip to Crochet 38 54 38 54 47 55 55 27 27 38 15 8 42 7 55 55 55 47 55 28 28 37 37 36 28 29 29 29 25 29 29 29 14 47 47 28 12 28 28 40 56 56 56 56 30. Abigail Patner Gover. Stephanie Van Horn. Melanie Thornton. Mags Kartus. 34 27. Noël Bighorse. Julie Maynard. Sharilyn Moore. Mary Scott Hurst. Kim Wick. Danielle Franquemont. Coil A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns The Weaver’s Companion The Weaver’s Idea Book The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave The Weaver’s Studio: Woven Shibori Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands Weaving Made Easy Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. Liz Glassenberg.59 7 40 40 58 40 36 32 45 10 55 49 28 32 35 31 46 46 44 4. Claire Gipson. Rosemary Hogsett. 44 Peck. Robin Baker. Robbie Joy Elisha. 28. Symeon. Jamie Holland-Daly. Kathy Merrow. 39 30 57 42 40 43 26. Lisa R. Barbara Alderman. Beverly Garland. Wrap. 39 26. Ray Square. Volume 7 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. 27. Judith Eaton. Volume 9 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook. Mary Ann Seecharran. Deborah Chandler. Rita Budd. Volume 5 Weldon’s Practical Needlebook.

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