The Bible in a Year

Old Testament

Read this coming week:

Job 41 to Proverbs 14

Sep 5 Job 41‐42, Ps 62, John 2 Sep 6 Prov 1‐2, Ps 63, John 3 Sep 7 Prov 3‐ 4, Ps 64, John 4 Sep 8 Prov 5‐6, Ps 65, John 5 Sep 9 Prov 7‐8, Ps 66, John 6 Sep 10 Prov 9‐ 10, Ps 67, John 7 Sep 11 Prov 11‐12, Ps 68:1‐18, John 8 Sep 12 Prov 13‐14, Ps 68:19‐36, John 9

Reading Questions
For next week you’re reading Job 27 to 42. Answer the following: • How does the story of Job end? (42) • What appears to be the purpose of Proverbs from the first 2 chapters? • Define the attributes of “wisdom” as Proverbs seems to describe it. (3-4) • What lesson does it appear the ant has to teach? (6) • Wisdom is personified in Chapter 8, how does she compare with the adulteress in 7?

• • •

The Book of Proverbs and Worldview

How does Folly compare with the adulteress and wisdom? (9) Pick one of the short proverbs in 11 or 12 that especially pops out to you. What is the relationship between king and people found in 14 and does it only blame the ruler?

The Book of Proverbs is an often times overlooked book. Its short, pithy sayings and lofty philosophical treatises are sometimes hard to digest quickly. Because of that, we often turn away from the treasures that this book has to offer – especially in regards to the way in which we view the world. Most likely this compilation of different writers on the subject of life was put together in order to give Israel an understanding of what a God-fearing worldview was like. The wisdom of the Holy Spirit is communicated through these words, especially in regards to how someone who claims a relationship with God should see his or her relationship with the world. Some clear worldview maxims appear as general ideas in Proverbs: • • • • There is both good and evil/wisdom and folly in the world. Human beings have the freedom to reject wisdom and choose folly, but those decisions have clear consequences. The enemies of wisdom will always seem more enticing, but wisdom will always be better in the end. Human relationships have rules, and those rules have been established by God.

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