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SCHOLARLY PAPER Composed for Completing The Final Task for Science Program

Ninik Yuningsih 070810334 XII Science 7

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL OF 1 SUMEDANG Jalan Prabu Geusan Ulun 39 Sumedang 2009/2010


First Adviser

Second Adviser

Yeni Yuniarti, S. Pd NIP. 132089158

Lya Tresna Mulia, S. Pd NIP. 130896749

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Head of SMAN 1 Sumedang


Drs. H. Masduki Heryana, M.M NIP. 130685996

Lya Tresna Mulia, S. Pd NIP. 130896749

Thanks for the greatest times. Mrs. Thanks for giving me some advice when I have a problem.I Dedicated This Scholarly Paper Special For : My teacher as my beloved 2nd Mom. Thanks for giving me motivations when I fell down because of something. Yeni Yuniarti. Thanks for completing attention when I called. Thanks for being a good secret keeper for me. Thanks for giving me hope and helping to build my dreams. . Thanks for making me smile and laugh when I felt sad and disappointed. Thank you because you have been a good listener when I needed someone for sharing everything.

Masduki Heryana. 5. S.Preface Assalamualaikum Wr. And hopefully can always be sent the best regard to our beloved prophet. Nabi Muhammad SAW. Wb. . let’s thank to God. Drs.M as the headmaster of Senior High School 1 Sumedang. All of my friends in Classis (XII Science 7/SI 1). Mr. Pd as the technical adviser of chemistry paper and also as homeroom of XII Science 7. Pd as geography teacher. because of God’s blessing this scholarly paper can be finished on time. Creating this scholarly paper is for giving some information about the using of mineral from the eruption of volcano so we can get some advantages of it. S. Mrs. Senior High School of 1 Sumedang held study tour to Dieng Plateau and Yogyakarta. On 19th June until 22nd June 2009. they are : 1. M. 4. 2. S. Mrs. Dayat Sudrajat. The writer wants to say thank to all people who have helped morally and materially in writing this scholarly paper. who have given support during writing this paper. Pd as the material adviser of chemistry paper. Mr. First of all. 3. Yeni Yuniarti. 6. Lya Tresna Mulia. My beloved parents who always motivates me to do the best.

Sumedang. Wassalamualaikum Wr.The writer realize that this scholarly paper has many flaws. Wb. August 2009 Writer . so the writer hopes all of readers will suggest for the betterment of this scholarly paper.

the line of volcano appeared because of magma activity in the long of meeting between crumpling of Indo Australia Ocean and crumpling of Eurasia. the eruption of volcano produced the mineral stones and one of them is zeolyte. The characteristics of it when the volcano is starting.1 Problem Formulation Indonesia is included the part of volcano line which round the pacific ocean.CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. Many of them are active volcanoes. The ash from eruption contains the chemical substance. volcanic and tectonic activities. Beside the volcanic ash.1 Background Lithosphere crushed and magma in the bowels of the earth crushed and also urged the surface of the earth.2 Problem Formulation and Problem Limitation 1. magma. the increasing of crater temperature. The eruption . In Indonesia. the increasing of magnetic and electricity wave.1. The earth’s dynamics in it’s a long time is interrelated and it can cause geological. Volcano eruption will produce many minerals. lava and also volcanic ash. some of them are the increasing of volcano earthquake. The solid of ash can make the soil fertile. Volcano in Indonesia is identical with the active status. 1.

the writer divided this paper into : . To know what zeolyte is. How zeolyte influence the soil fertility at Dieng Plateau? 3.4 Method of Research 1. 1.6 Systematic of Writing In creating this scholarly paper which has the title “The Influence of Zeolyte as The Volcanic Ash on The Soil Fertility at Dieng Plateau. lava and also volcanic ash. 1.1. 1. 2. 3. To know about the influence of zeolyte on the soil fertility at Dieng plateau. magma.3 Purposes 1. What are the advantages of zeolyte? 1. Studying literature by reading many sources which has a relationship with the problem. That materials can make the soil fertile. 1.5 Time and Place We observed Dieng Plateau and Yogyakarta on 19th until 22nd 2009. To know the advantages of zeolyte for human life. Visiting Dieng plateau directly 2. What is zeolyte? 2.2 Problem Limitation 1.of volcano produced many mineral stones.

Chapter I is introduction which contains background. problem formulation. method of research. Chapter IV is closing of this scholarly paper which contains conclusion and suggestion. Chapter II is about the basic of theory which contains the meaning of mount. problem limitation. time and place and also systematic of writing. volcano and Dieng Plateau. purposes. . Chapter III is about the explanation of zeolyte and the influence of it on the soil fertile.

2 Volcano Volcano is a mount which is formed if magma in the bowels of earth up to the surface. When the volcano erupted. The eruption of volcano c.1 Definition of Mount Mount is a form of the ground’s surface which is higher than the other form. volcanic ash. volcano boom. Beside lava. hot gas and steam. If the volcano erupted. Lava b. magma which is contained in the room of magma will erupt and come out as lava. Volcanic ash e. Earthquake . 2. the destruction of volcano can be caused : a.CHAPTER II THE BASIC THEORY 2. it produced lava. Poison gas f. Mudflow d. The mount has a steep slope and also it can be rounded by some peaks or mountain range.

000 m above sea level. This situation is very dangerous for all people who are around that. Dieng is one of the active volcanoes and it is called as a giant mountain. there are some volcanic lakes and water is yellow and green because of sulfur. flood and landslide. and many kinds of volcanic materials. Not only the poisonous gas. It is about 2. Central of Java.3 Dieng Plateau Dieng is a plateau in Banjarnegara and Wonosobo regency. Besides the crater. like Yellowstone or Tengger Plateau. Dieng Plateau is a plateau with the volcanic activity under its surface.2. volcanic activity at Dieng Plateau is interesting because it is found the thermofilic bactery and it can be used to know the first life on the earth. According to biology. steam. but also the earthquake. . mudflow. There are many craters as the place to go off the gas. it was proved when the sinila crater erupted at 1979. The temperature at Dieng Plateau is cool and it is about 15˚-20˚C at the day and 10˚C at the night.

chabazite.49 13.CHAPTER III ZEOLYTE 3. In general. pore size. clipnotilotite and sometimes the cluster of them. potassium. same with the structure and composition of Si and Al. In general.1.1 Composition of Zeolyte In general. zeolyte is called as a crystal of aluminum silica which has 3 dimensions. zeolyte contains clipnotilotite.1 Definition of Zeolyte Zeolyte is from Greece. Zeolyte is a chemical compound of aluminum silica hydrate with the sodium. by means of heating cause the water molecule ease to apart so it becomes zeolyte as an adsorbent. 3. and erionite. It is called zeolyte because the characteristics of zeolyte is boiling and producing the steam if it is heated. and barium cationic. The natural zeolyte which influence in crystallization. it is formed from the tetrahedral of aluminum silica with the holes and containing metals ion. and catalyst. Composition SiO2 Al2O3 Content (%) 66. ion exchange. The crystal is formed from hydrothermal process which involve the reaction between salt solution or with the lava flow.44 . zeo is boiling and lithos is stone. modernite. its usual alkaline or alkaline earth metals and water molecule which can move freely. the structure of pore zeolyte with the water molecule on it. zeolyte contains kinds of modernite.

and Ca).87 Table 1. In 1967.67 2. In general.75 1. Na. Si and O atoms don’t have a charge while Al atom has a negative charge so the bound structure of aluminum silica will be neutralized by cationic (for example : K. Composition of Zeolyte Zeolyte is aluminum silica crystal which contains alkaline and alkaline earth metals cationic on the structure of 3 dimensions. In structure of zeolyte. Meier classified and illustrated the zeolyte structure based on the builder structure. It is the empirical formula : Mx/n[{AlO2}x{SiO2}y].2 : : : : Cationic of IA and IIA groups on periodic system Alkaline metals valence The certain of alumina number from 2-10 The certain of silica number from 2-7 Amount of water molecule The Structure of Zeolyte The structure of zeolyte can be drawn as a bee nest with the drain and hole which is the clumsy connection of tetrahedral.07 0. The crystal structure from zolyte is included aluminum silica class. zeolyte is arranged by primer establishment unit and it is SiO4 and AlO4 tetrahedral unit.Fe2o3 K2O2 TiO2 MgO CaO NaO 1.18 1.zH2O Mx/n : n x y z 3.1.40 1. and they are : .

27H2O (Na2Mg2)(Al6Si30O72). 24H2O Ca(Al8Si16O48).a) The builder primer unit. 5.1. 16H2O (Na2. The Examples of Zeolyte 3. 6 and 8 of tetrahedral.Ca)6 (Al12Si24O72). it forms a ring or maybe fold ring with 4. so in this decade. 4H2O Ca(Al2Si4O12).K)10(Al10Si22O64). Zeolyte crystal is a combination of 3 dimensions of that tarsier unit. 16H2O Na8(Al8Si40O96).Ca5K) (Al9Si27O72). The . c) The builder tarsier or the space structure formed from the bunch of the builder secondary unit with the others and with many combinations. 20H2O Na4(Al4Si6O20). b) The builder secondary is formed from the structure of builder primer unit with every oxygen atoms as a two tetrahedral corner. the scientist becomes zeolyte as a multifunction mineral. it is tetrahedral of SiO 4 and AlO4 which is the smallest unit.3 The Uniqueness of Zeolyte Because of the unique physics and chemical characteristics of zeolyte. These are some examples of zeolyte with the chemical formula : Names of Mineral Analsym Cabasyte Clipnoptolotite Erionite Furrieries Heulandites Laumonites Mordenite Filipsite Natronite Wairacyte Formulas Na16(Al16Si32O96). 40H2O (Na4K4)(Al8Si40O96). 24H2O (Na. 18H2O Ca4(Al8Si28O72). 12H2O Table 2. 24H2O (Na.

The active centre is formed because there are the function groups of Bronsted and Lewis Acid. Zeolyte characteristic as an adsorbent and molecule filter. In this situation. zeolyte crystal which has been dehydrated is a selective adsorbent and has the high affectivities adsorption. The comparison of that acids are depended on the process of zeolyte activation and reaction condition. The active centre which has the sour characteristic can tie up the base molecules chemically. That cationic can move freely on the hole and it can be exchanged with the other metals cationic with the same concentration. Zeolyte has the dehydration characteristic (discharge H2O) if it is heated. anion or the molecule which has the smaller size or same with the hole can enter and trapped. the source of supporter mineral on the fertilizer and soil. the effective controller on the acquittal of Agriculture .unique characteristics are dehydration. increasing the soil aeration. the structure of zeolyte will decrease. While the zeolyte characteristic as an ion exchange because there are alkaline and alkaline earth metals cationic. Beside that. In general. it is because zeolyte has the hole structure. 3.4 Sector Zeolyte Application Application The neutralizer of acidity.1. The ability of zeolyte as catalyst has a relationship with the availability of the active centre in drain between zeolyte. the molecule of H2O as if it has a specific position and can be gone off with reversible. Because the zeolyte structure has the hole. adsorbent. catalyst and ion exchange. so zeolyte can adsorb amount of molecules which has a smaller size than the hole size. molecule filter. But the basic structure does not have a real change.

One of them. heating gas and steam. it can decrease the nitrogen degree in the pond. nitrogen. it also caused the advantages for people. volcanic boom. the material to make the ceramic. Zeolyte Application 3.ammonium ion. concrete. the adsorbent in textile industry and palm oil. Zeolyte is needed for soil fertile and repairing the unused soil. volcanic ash. and iron. One of the product of volcano is volcanic ash. plywood.2 The Influence of Zeolyte on The Soil Fertility As we know that the volcanoes at Dieng plateau which has erupted besides causing the disaster. it can make the soil fertile around the eruption area. Energy As a catalyst on the cracking petroleum hydrocarbon process. Industry The filler in the paper industry. Animal husbandry Increasing the efficiency value of nitrogen. As it has been explained previously. as a panel on the sun energy development. Fisheries Cleaning the pond water which has the system of circulation water. and potassium fertilizer. the volcano produced lava. Table 3. Zeolyte contains silica or the high charge of aluminum silica and it . the controller humidity of animal manure and the contain ammonium of animal manure. cement. as the adsorbent of Freon gas. It contains some minerals and one of them is zeolyte.

2) Having the high charge of Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC) which can help to relate ammonia ions to be adsorbed by the plant. N.6) becomes the step of soil fertile pH (pH 7. Ca.0 – 5. 7) Increasing the organic efficiency as the server of K.0 – 8. Mg and K in the soil.2. 5) Increasing the ability of plant to keep the growth and it can decrease the plant diseases. N unsure. leaves. Zeolyte also contains the basis of steel unsure (macronutrient and micronutrient) for the main fertile. The other function of zeolyte is keeping the soil where the volcanic steel repairs the step of the acid soil pH (pH 3. 8) Increasing the adsorbent of water 9) Managing the poison from Aluminum unsure.0). 6) Increasing pH. The volcano steel is an organic product which do not cause the financial loss for people and poisoned metals in the blood.can increase the using of soil because it contains the iron and nutrition which is needed by the plant. 3.1 Excess of Zeolyte 1) Containing the high charge of potassium. 4) Zeolyte can be used for every plants. increasing the growth of root and for the fertilizing of flower and fruit. Honeycomb structure is formed in this iron can consider the airing and the soil watering. . doing together with nitrogen and the main mineral unsure which is needed to guarantee the oil fertility. 3) Keeping the acid soil by changing the soil structure and can stabilize pH of soil for the best growth of plant.

2 Suggestion Based on the explanation and the result of it the writer gives the suggestions : 1. Learning the knowledge about volcano so it can minimalize the victim because of the eruption 2. One of them is fertiling the soil around that area.CHAPTER IV CLOSING 4. in the future it can use for the infertile soil. volcanic ash. Zeolyte is arranged by SiO4 and AlO4. zeolyte contains the basis steel unsure (macronutrient and micronutrient). heating gas and steam. The volcano which has erupted producing lava. .1 Conclusion The volcano which has been at Dieng plateau and having erupted besides causing the disaster. One of the mineral can fertile the soil is volcanic ash and it contains volcanic ash. volcanic boom. Besides that. 4. Learning about the volcano materials which can make the soil fertile around the area. increasing the growth of root and for the fertilizing of flower and fruit. it also brought the advantages. the function is for fertilizing the main leaves. Zeolyte is the boiling stone and it is produced by the eruption of volcano.

Kimia Katalis. Pusat Pengembangan Teknologi Mineral.google. 1997. Bandar Lampung. Bandung. Situmeang.REFERENCES Rifan. Bandar Lampung.org .com www. 2006. Sekilas Tentang Zeolit. 2005. Majalah ACID Edisi III/Tahun V/Mei 2005.chem-is-try. Rudi. Sujarwadi.org www. Diktat Kuliah. Kristal ajaib Pegunungan Berapi.wikipedia. www. Muhammad. Zeolit.

I do like book which are written by Dan Brown. Cibeureum. . I’m the third grade’s students of International Standard Class 1 in Senior High School of 1 Sumedang. on 17th February 1992. My friends usually call me ‘niek’.Cimalaka. I have one only sister. Now. My hobby is reading. I live at Batukarut 07. I was born.BIOGRAPHY My name is Ninik Yuningsih. My favorite subject is chemistry and I really hope that I will be a professional chemist. she studies at elementary school. I’m the first daughter in my family. Now.

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