.Michael Eisner as CEO. 18.Mickey Mouse. ‡1971.Walt Disney land in Florida. ‡1955. ‡1950. ‡1933. ‡Nov. ‡1984. 1928.Formal beginning of Walt Disney Co.Walt arrived in California.Disney-History ‡1923. 1923.Initiated a Disney channel.Three Little Pigs.3 Achievements.Opening of an Amusement park. an immediate sensation. ‡October 16. ‡1983.Touchstone Pictures. .

Renaissance.Painful experience. Amusement Parks. 1996. Full length featured film. 1995. 1989.Acquisition of Capital Cities / ABC.Strategic Inflection Points Oswald the lucky rabbit.A Shining Star. Mickey Mouse. .Snow white and the seven dwarfs.Partnership with Pixar. Merchandising goods.

Strategies THREE PILLARS: Invest in quality . .  International opportunities.  New technology.

Branding Strategy .

What do I really want in an ideal world?  Realist.What will I do to make these plans a reality?  Critic.What could go wrong? .Creativity Strategy  Dreamer.

Expansion Strategy Disney.INDIA Calls .

 Control brand contacts with ruthless attention. .  Integrated approach.Management  Understand the power of their brand.  Work within the parameters of their brand¶s identity.

Brand licensing .

$30 billion* in 2008.Current Events  Disney.  Hannah Montana.  Disney merchandising.Wal Mart.Lifestyle brand. .

Decision Default Tokyo Disney land Euro Disney .

Disney.Essence Vision of making people happy .


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