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Bible in a Year 43 PS Psalm 62 to 68

Bible in a Year 43 PS Psalm 62 to 68

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Published by Jay Winters
Bible in a Year for week 43 in the Psalms
Bible in a Year for week 43 in the Psalms

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Published by: Jay Winters on Sep 05, 2010
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The Bible in a Year


Psalm 62 to 68
Read this coming week:
Sep 5 Job 41‐42, Ps 62, John 2 Sep 6 Prov 1‐2, Ps 63, John 3 Sep 7 Prov 3‐ 4, Ps 64, John 4 Sep 8 Prov 5‐6, Ps 65, John 5 Sep 9 Prov 7‐8, Ps 66, John 6 Sep 10 Prov 9‐ 10, Ps 67, John 7 Sep 11 Prov 11‐12, Ps 68:1‐18, John 8 Sep 12 Prov 13‐14, Ps 68:19‐36, John 9

Reading Questions

For next week you’re reading Psalm 62 to 68. Answer the following: • What is the similarity of those of low and high estates in 62? • What do you think David may have been longing for in his time in the wilderness in 63? • What do the people do after God shoots his arrows in 64?

• • • •

Lament Psalms

Psalm 65 mentions “vows”. What are “vows” having read Leviticus 26? How are people supposed to talk of God in 66? “Nations” normally mean “Gentiles”. Knowing this, what are the Gentiles to know about God in 67? Which countries are mentioned in 68?

A “lament” psalm is a psalm in which the psalmist brings his complaint or cry to help to God in the form of a song. The source of the lament normally comes from one of three possible sources: a.) The “enemy”, normally unnamed which provides for longevity of the psalms use by individuals for their own laments b.) Self as enemy. In these psalms, the psalmist bemoans the consequences that he has called upon himself. c.) God’s seeming forsaking of the psalmist. In these psalms the psalmist cries out to heaven asking why he is not experiencing God’s grace any longer. These three sources of the lament make up the basic cast of characters in a lament psalm. You can find examples of lament psalms in psalm 22, 57, 70, and 102.

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