This logo was designed for a construction company.

This design was made to reflect stability and long lasting. Image incorporated in the design shows a building architecture to indicate the business of company
Logo I designed for a company in Crete, Greece. They already made olive oil and now they are making food suplements from the olive peel after they used it for the oil. Lefka means white mountain and O´Life means ´Oh life is beautifull´ and olive. This is exactly what the logo radiates O'Neil Relocation, headquartered in Garden Grove, California, is an agent of United Van Lines. They specialize in providing professional and quality relocation services. Seeking to capture the progressive nature of the company as well as tie in the nature of their business, this mark, developed for David Riley+Associates, incorporates in the oval shape, a stylization of the "O" in O'Neil. The striped roadway in the mark, was a natural fit for a company whose most visible assets are travelling down it everyday.

. The blue part looks like Hiragana ri which is the first word of rigakubu . Blue & gold were used as they are the colors of the logo of the University of Tokyo. meaning School of Science in Japanese. We hope the logo will be used for many years to come.he University of Tokyo has been selected among 84 works (50 applicants). The gold part looks like s from Science.

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