Marketing to the poor«««.

‡Found in 1958 by Samuel Klein. ‡2002² 16.HISTORY Total dedication to you. .800 employees in 310 stores across Brazil. ‡1st store operated clothing and furniture.

Serving the Urban Poor««.Realization of Potential Market. ‡Two sources for the credit. ‡Five economic groups. ‡Low income consumer with Casas Bahia. .. ‡Low income groups put together form enormous purchasing power.

‡Credit Analyst. ‡SPC Credit check system. . ‡Installments from 1-15 months (grace period).The Business Model ‡Credit Sales² 90% of total sales. ‡Yellow card for punctual customers. ‡Rejected customers were accepted here in terms of credit worthiness.

‡Repeat sell(letters). ‡Wisely chosen segment . ‡Cross-selling.V. Ads with endorsement. . ‡T.Strategies ‡Wisely chosen areas of operations.

. ‡It·s the customer·s choice to buy what we have to offer. ‡The economic cycle. win-win situation in developing countries.For Critics ‡It is the company taking up the risk to sell to a vulnerable segment.

Customer oriented and customized solutions. ‡Critics are weak. . it is the consumer·s choice and the company is serving them. targeting 84% BOP. ‡BOP marketing strategy(Smart).Q &A ‡Flexible business model.

Present scenario. . ‡22000. ‡Went online in 2009. employees. ‡500 store across country. ‡Profits in 2004 $2 billion. ‡35 million transactions in one hour.

Thank You Anamika Tarafdar Ankit Sharma Bhupinder Singh Jyoti Dhiman .

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