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Test Plan: It Is A Planning Document That Is Prepared At Very initial Stage Of The Test Process Implementation.

A Test Plan Defines The Scope For Testing, Objective, Resources Required, Timelines To be Followed Along With The Test Management Documentation. Test Plan Is Generally Prepared By The Experienced Person Or Team Like Test Lead, Analyst Or Test Manager. The Inputs Required For Test Plan Are Requirements And Project Plan. This Can Be Drafted In A Word Document Which Should Approved Prior To Implementation Of Any Test Activity In A Given Project. Contents of Test Plan: 1.0 Objective 2.0 Scope 2.1 In-Scope - Features To Be Tested 2.2 Out Scope - Features Not To Be Tested 3.0 Approach 3.1 Test Analysis Approach 3.2 Test Design Approach 3.3 Test Execution Approach 3.4 Test Management Approach 4.0 Resources 4.1 Hard Ware Resources 4.2 Software Resources 4.3 Human Resources Ex: Id 1 2 3 Resource Ramesh Suresh Kiran Role TM TL TE

------------- 7. 3) TC Prepared Should Be Review And Approved.1 Entry Criteria Ex ( Entry Criteria For System Testing ) 1) 100% Unit And Integration Testing Should Be Success Full 2) All Customer Requirements Should Be Based Line.0 Risks & Mitigation (Solution) Id 1 2 --Risk Resources May Take Off / Leave Organization Resource May Not Have Sufficient Knowledge On Project Domain ------------Mitigation Minimum 30% Bench Resources Should Be Available They Should Be Taken Training Sessions .0 Entry Criteria & Exit Criteria 7.5.0 Schedules Id 1 2 --Task Item TC Design For Login TC Execution For Login ------------Responsible Abc Xyz ------------Planned Hours ------------- 6. 2) All Test Cases Should Be Executed successful And Passed Note : a) b) Entry Criteria / Entry Check / Entry Condition A Set of Pre Conditions to Start an activity is called Entry Criteria Exit Criteria / Exit Check / Exit Condition A Set of Pre Conditions to Stop an activity is called Exit Criteria . 7.2 Exit Criteria Ex ( Exit Criteria For System Testing ) 1) All Major Defects Should be Fixed And Closed.

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