Vastu for Bathroom

The east portion of the house is best for constructing a bathroom. The morning rays of the Sun are believed to be Extremely beneficial for health, hence proper windows (of course with due provision for privacy) should be provided in the bathroom. The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north and east so water drains to the North-east side of the bathroom.

A geyser can be installed in south-east of the bathroom. Taps and shower can be in north so the water drains to the North-east. Bath tub can be on the west side with head-side in south. Avoid a door on the south-west of bathroom. A washing machine can be placed in the northwest or southeast portion of the bathroom.

Vastu for Bedroom
The master bedroom should be in the south-west area of the building. This room can be used by father or the eldest son in the family. The central south portion is also recommended for the eldest son. Beds should be placed so as the head of the person should be in south or west direction. The bedroom should not be constructed above porch, car parks and kitchen. The bedroom should never be constructed on four pillars with no construction under the bedroom. The room should not be in the central portion of the building or in the basement; as it may lead to mental instability in person using such bedrooms.

as it works as a mirror and keeping a mirror in front of bed generates negative energy. which contain valuable documents. If any cabinets of almirahs are constructed/placed in the bedroom. jewelry etc. furniture etc. This room should never be used as a bedroom of young children. An attached bathroom to the room can be to the north-west or south-east of the room. According to Vastu. The southwest side of the house and all the rooms inside the house should always be heavier than the east and northeast side. or unnecessary quarrels are likely to occur in the house. in this portion in every room as a general rule of Vastu. . always keep heavy things. If there is more than one floor. If a TV is kept. Entrance door to the bedroom may have a window opposite to it. it should never be in front of bed.When it comes to the placement of beds. The beds should always be kept away from the walls.. the head of the family (elder person) should have a bedroom on the upper floor and in the south-west corner. Avoid keeping a TV in the bedroom. the beds should never be placed under the joint in roof or under a beam. Southwest corner of the bedroom should never be left empty. Keeping an up-lighter in the south-east is good. Vastu lays clear rules for the placement of bed in the room. it should be in the south-west of the room opening towards north. cash. Maximum open space should be left in the northeast side of the rooms and house.

disturbed sleep and violent nature. blue. green. All the material related to pujaroom should be kept in the southeast of the room. It also leads to increment in wealth and prosperity. Vastu for Puja Room The Puja room the building should be in the east. The Puja room should never be in the bedroom. illness. idols of god etc. the west or the north. All the almirahs and cabinets in the room should never be more in height in comparison to the placement of idols. Never place any photographs to dead people in the Puja room. The faces of god should not be covered with anything including garlands and flowers. Ensure that the toilet is not adjoining the Puja room. West: Sleeping with one's head in the west causes bad dreams. gray.The dressing-table in the bedroom should be kept north direction. Sleeping with head in the east improves health. The idols should be kept in the north-east portion of the pujaroom. The door of the bedroom should be in the east. The kind of paintings etc. Having windows in the east and north and smaller windows in west is beneficial. removed from pujaroom for any reason should not be kept elsewhere in the house. and not even above or below the prayer room. Sleeping with one's head in the south brings happiness and sound sleep. The color of walls in the bedroom should be light rose. etc for they encourage intelligent thinking. Reading and writing activities can be carried out in the west or east of the bedroom. Sleeping sleeplessness major South: South is the best direction for sleeping. As a general rule in Vastu light colors in house are always better than dark shades. head in the Children north should causes always fear and sleep with head and in the east. north or north-east corner. and should be properly viserjit in a river. Any item. showpiece. Puja room should always be on the ground floor and never in the basement. illness. One should never use pujaroom for any other purpose like store. The colors you see when you wake up define you day. in the house also effects the thinking of the inmates. Sleeping Direction Vastu allows sleeping with head in any direction except north. it should always be in front of the god. increases knowledge and increases North: a liking with for spiritualism. Color of Walls What we see affects our mind. . both in good ways and bad. The detail of the direction of head while sleeping and its effects is as under: East: East is the direction of knowledge.. Yellow and white colored marble stones should not be used in the bedroom. If a lamp is placed in the pujaroom.

The beds in the children's room can be in the southwest portion with heads in the east or south direction. . But as people generally insist on keeping a TV in bedroom. Never have the prayer area in the bedroom. A television screen is also considered as mirror. facing west. however light weight figures and pictures can be placed instead. No bell should be hung in the pujaroom. north or east of the building. An eastern bedroom can also be used for unmarried children or guests. The color of the walls can be white.Avoid keeping the heavy figures/idols of Lord Ganesha in the Puja room. Keep the Puja room absolutely clean. If it is a very big plot the prayer room can be constructed in the center of the plot or center of the building. there must not be any mirror opposite to the bed a bedroom. A west side bedroom is best for children. Idols should not be kept facing each other. If you are forced to have your prayer in the kitchen. Vastu for Children's Bedroom Children's rooms can be in the west. The lamp-stand or up lighter can be in the south-east corner of the prayer room. One can use false ceiling for the same. if major renovation not possible. have your deity in the North-east of the kitchen. It is beneficial to build a threshold at the entrance of the Puja room. Broken idols and torn pictures should not be kept in the prayer room. As a general rule of Vastu. The roof of the prayer room should be lower in comparison to the other rooms on the same floor. A spring or door-closer should not be fixed on this door. the top of the same should never be pointed/sharp. The doors of the prayer room should not close or open automatically. And if a mandir is built of wood steel etc. when turned off. but it should be lower than idols. Only white and soft blue color should be used to paint the walls in the Puja room. it can be kept to the right or left of the bed at angle for a comfortable view from bed. An almirahs or show-case can be placed in the southern or western wall. light yellow or light blue. but a room east is recommended for a newlywed couple. White or light yellow marble work in the room is auspicious. and so even a TV is not allowed to be kept exactly opposite to the bed.

e. it results in unnecessary quarrels between them or increase in wasteful expenditure. as it saves the positive energies of body and mind. However. if the master bedroom or bedroom of a married couple is in the south-east direction of the main building. or his wife or eldest son occupies the south of south-west or west of south-west chair in the room. An up lighter in the southeast corner of the bedroom brings positive energy and good health. Always ensure that the center place of the room is empty i. Study Table The study table. should be placed so as to ensure that the child should face east. The furniture in the room should be placed a few inches away from the walls. but if it is necessary it can be placed in north-west of the room. The dining room can be an independent room or in continuation of the kitchen. Stimulate your appetite by painting its walls with shades of pink or orange. Facing east ensures better concentration while studying. north or north-east while studying. Dining Room East. preferably a rectangular one should be so arranged that the master of the house. south or west portion of the house are for the dining rooms. if placed in the bedroom. The dining table. Gadgets A television should never be placed in the bedroom.The door of the bathroom should not be exactly opposite to the bed. And a computer can be placed in south-east corner of the room. . never place any furniture in the center of the room.

. The dining table should be away from the walls. Guests so placed mean that they will not stay unduly long. This is the centre for vayu and denotes movement. The fridge can occupy the south-east of the room preferably against the south wall.Odd shapes like egg shaped or other irregular shapes are best avoided for dining tables. If a wash basin has to be placed. Avoid children in this region especially boys. it can be in the north or east of the room with the water draining to the north-east Guest Room The north-west corner is ideal as a guest room.

east or north-east direction opening clockwise. . Sink in the kitchen should be installed in the north east. If the kitchen is adjoining a bedroom. Dining table should be placed in the north-west cornet of the room. Drinking water should be placed in the north-east. If any storage cabinets are made in the north east. no dining table should be placed in the center of the kitchen. while cooking with the face towards south may lead to financial problems in the family.e. No toilets and bathrooms should be adjoining.Kitchen The kitchen should be in the south-east portion of the house. Big windows and ventilators should be in the east direction. The lady should face east while cooking. Soft pink and orange color can be used in the kitchen. Food should never be served in the center of the kitchen.. use these cabinets for light weight storage only. i. Cooking Gas/Range should be in the south-east part of the kitchen. Exhaust fan should be installed on the eastern wall in the south-east corner. for it brings good health to family members. while smaller windows should be in south. If the lady faces west while cooking it may lead to health problems to ladies. water filter will be installed in the north east. If a dining table is placed in the kitchen one should only face east north while consumption of food as it is good for digestion. if required Refrigerator should be in the south-west corner.. The door of the kitchen should be in the north. the wall between them should be thicker than other walls. A dishwasher can be placed in the north west of the kitchen. and above or below the kitchen.

When it has to be an attached toilet. Guru (Jupiter). No cabinets or tables should be placed in the center of the room. If books are placed in the north-west of the room there are chances of misplacing or loosing the books. and white. And windows should be larger on the eastern side and smaller on the western side of the room. The second alternative is the southeast of the building or room. Buddha (Mercury). Shukra (Venus) effect having a study room in the west direction. blue. and never in south-west and northwest of the room. Moon helps in the generation of new thoughts and ideas.Vastu for Designing of Study Room Study room should be in the west portion of the house. north. as mercury increases brain power. Venus helps in the growth of talent. but never be in the south-west and North West. Color of walls in the study room should be green. A sample plan of a toilet interior is as under: . light green. let it be to the northwest side of the room. Book rack and cabinets should be placed in the east. And the books are rarely used if placed in the south-west of the room. cream. north-east direction. Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building and in the northeast of the building. Jupiter increases ambition and curiosity. The door of the study room should be in the north east of tote room. Vastu for Construction of Toilet Toilets should to be in the northwest of the house/building. It is best to leave the center portion of the study room empty. Study table should be placed in directions that the face of the student while studying is towards the north-east. Chandra (Moon).

Toilet seats from south to north or west to east are approved. A shoe rack. Let the walls be colored using light shades. both at floor and the ceiling levels. can be built or placed in the north-west portion of the verandah. Points To Remember: y y y y y Have the bigger window on the north and a smaller one in the west after providing for privacy. if needed. More open places towards the east and north side of the house are good. Mirrors in the toilet may be on the north and east walls. . Doors can be on the east of the north-east.As northeast (eashanya) is the junction of Kubera and Indra. And. No walls blocking the sun rays should be constructed in the east and north-east side of the verandah. as it brings more positive energy of the morning sun to the house. A mirror can be hung on the north or east wall of the verandah. and northeast portion can be used to place light plants and flower decorations. it is said that toilet in the north-east may gradually weaken the finances and the general prosperity of the master of the house. The southwest portion of the verandah should always be higher then the north-east portion. Vastu for Construction of Verandah Verandahs should be in the east or north portion of the house. toilets in the southwest make the master indecisive and his health may suffer. Heavy furniture and plants should be placed in the south-west portion. Avoid red and black color.

mental well-being and general health. northwest. which is the reason that one should always be very careful about the functionality décor of the working space. It is therefore all more necessary that the structure is buit at the higher level to avoid flow of rain water in the building. In which direction of my house or office can I purchase additional land as an extension? A. Q. So. These also have an influence on our productivity. avoid oval and round shaped mirrors. Peepal. should be removed at least 6 months prior to starting the construction of the building. What does Vastu recommends about the cutting/ removal of trees from the plot? A. .Q. Vastu for Designing Your Office The office. Nees. Q. Mirrors should be installed only on east and north walls of the house. from left to right not front to back. where we spend the most significant portion of our working lives in our work places . Q. Avoid buying land to the south. Jack. and Taramid trees. South of South East. Is there any recommendation about the size and placement of mirror according to Vastu? A. southwest. Taking the life of a building of about fifty years. or southwest of your property. The height of the building should be equal or close to equal to the width of the building i. If trees are to be cut after the completion of the building. the owners must wait 3 at least months after commencement of living there. if present. The best direction in which you should extend your home or office is east. north. Does Vastu allow building a house at the same ground level as that of the road in front of the house? A. due care of this should be taken while designing the dressing room and bath room. The following table explains the placement of main door to the building: Favorable North of North East. The best shape for the mirrors is square or rectangular. What is the recommended height of the building? A. It is recommended to build the building at least two to three feet above the level of the road. Trees should be cut in a season when they nether have flowers nor yield fruits. Our work space. The working conditions and the environment in the offices directly affect the way people interact with the family and friends at the end of the day. Q. where we spend at least half our walking time . What is the recommendation of placement of the main door according to Vastu? A. and north east. there is always a possibility of the height of the road level slowly rising over a period of time. is as important a part of our lives as our homes. East of North East. Q. six days a week . west. West of North West Unfavorable East of South East West of South West South of South West North of North West.e.

with adequate access to stairs and fire escapes. y The receptionist should have direct visual access to be able to keep an eye on office comings and goings . CONFERENCE ROOM: Conference room is the central area of any office and can give impressions to anyone new having meeting in that room y Conference should ideally be easily accessible from the entrance . Usually made of non-combustible which prevents sound waves being reflected back into the room. like any other surface. If the business of the company calls for continuous interaction with guests who need to be suitably impressed. acoustic tiles and panels are becoming standard .PLANNING THE OFFICE: To plan an office effectively. including columns. neutral background for visual presentation and adequate lighting. Plaster or gypsum board is harder and reflects more sounds then it absorbs. followed by an in-depth evaluation of the possibilities and constraints of the given space. y y The facility of a nearby toilet will be an advantage for the same reason. The master plan would ensure that what is installed now will not have to be dismantled or relocated when new developments take place. as well as for circulation between these areas. it is important to conceive a long term master plan. Alternatively. An office should ideally have enough space not merely to seat its employees. Suspended ceilings are available in different materials. keeping in mind planned growth and future requirements. flip chart etc . existing plumbing and so on. y y Holes for recessed lights can be cut out wherever required. video monitor . from the stately boardroom to the humble pantry. black board . needs to be provided . When planning a given space. and increasingly . y y The reception can be used to display the company's product or operations with visuals or models. y . reflect light and sound. such as a screen . beams. so that the visitors do not have to travel all over the office. The equipment necessary for presentations. TV . THE RECEPTION AREA: It is the reception area that makes the first impact on the visitor and which colors his expectation of the space ahead. The furniture and ambience should be designed so that the participants can communicate with each other CEILINGS: It is well to remember that ceilings. y y The design should provide a calm. but to locate ancillary and support services. then it is important that the reception area be adequately dressed. This would help eliminate unnecessary wastage of material and labor. and contribute significantly to the lighting and acoustic qualities of a space. the designer should have a thorough understanding of the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client. paintings or aesthetic accessories in the room can be chosen to reflect the company's taste and style. especially in open offices and where no special ceiling treatment is required. even if the intention is only to implement part of the plan now and execute the rest as needs and funds arise.

and which completely fill a given space. besides which . can complement fluorescents and can be used to highlight specific objects . it is lighting which makes design come alive and it should be exploited accordingly.y Exposed structural ceiling are sometimes used to create a hi-tech image.. are still as useful as ever . lighting accounts for a considerable part of the energy consumed in an office. . filing cabinets . plants . Hard flooring. are usually noisier y y Soft coverings such as vinyl or carpeting . can be lowered to concentrate on a given space. or where possible even desk wise . but they are hardier. and it is therefore imperative that it be hardy and resilient. On the other hand. Therefore. objects . y One effective use of the standard bulb is as a wall wash . using the space above and below work tops. marble. cost and maintenance are concerned. FLOORING: Office flooring is subjected to more wear and tear than any other surface in the room. such as desks . y Furniture too can be designed to save space . which tends to imbue the whole space with incandescence and makes the room warm and friendly. halogens included . y Incandescent down lights. Flooring materials vary greatly. two basic elements which the designer must keep in mind are the cost and the efficiency of lighting. granite. STORAGE : While providing enough storage the emphasis today should be on eliminating unnecessary garbage . y In addition we have certain new innovations such as filing shelves which move on tracks . high contrasts should be avoided . y Flooring can be used as a design tool not only in an obvious choice of material and color . or used in lieu of the partitions to save space. etc. by a selective use of different hues and surfaces. y Suspended or pendant lights can serve a dual function in this regard. task lights can be practical . y y PANTRY: For offices that can afford the space. etc. Kota. cement . inviting and dramatic interior. whether they are free standing or built into walls . terrazzo . Wood . y To reduce eye strain and fatigue . paintings . can help restrict usage and operating costs of lighting to only as and when required. open shelf . as a stylistic alternative to the typical office interior. or result in a cold and monotonous office. appearance . and while providing overall illumination. Use of job oriented . y A system of selective switching and operational control areawise . LIGHTING: Good lighting is crucial for effective work . ceramic tiles . but to demarcate departments . private/public areas and circulation paths . Choice of flooring material will depend on the function of a given area and its requirements where durability . It can create a warm. a clean well designed and pleasant looking cafeteria or canteen will help employees relax. drawer unit . The basic storage units such as the cupboards . such as stone. if complemented by general lighting .

such as a hot plate or gas burner with cylinder space below and a sink . 4. The traps . if economically viable can save on maintenance and cleaning. sugar . A small compact refrigerator is useful for storing milk. y Thus. hand dryer etc . Disposable plastic cups . shelves or hooks can hold the cups and saucers. The ceiling of the poojaroom should be lower than the ceiling of all the other rooms in the house. Bathrooms don't have to be exotic. There should be no noise while opening the doors and windows especially the entrance door from hinges etc. 9. towel . Don't a keep jug or jar of water near the telephone. ESSENTIAL SERVICES: coming to the toilets . y Separate toilets for men and women are statutory to a given number of employees .y Pantries should be designed to incorporate all the essentials. etc. . preferably in light plain shades which are not overpowering and which cannot be scrubbed down easily. coffee . Your face should be towards the east while cooking food. Don't keep dirty clothes with the washed clothes. 8. etc. opulent and Spartan. Shoes and slippers should not be scattered all over the house. 5. y If ventilation is less than ideal . plates . should be provided. The cupboard containing food articles should be towards your right. y Facilities for dispensing toilet paper .To remove the noise keep the hinges well oiled. the professionals can help make the complicated thing. 3. 2. reveals the true class of a company . y y A good garbage storage system will help circumvent the inevitable mass of tea dregs . y They should have tiled surface . One should never sleep under exposed beam as it brings ill fortune. cutlery . 6. a stainless sink is hardy and easy to clean. The rooms in the south should never have ceiling low as compared to ceiling of the rooms in east and north side. the Indian and the western WC with the urinals to accommodate all the users. simple to understand and to work out Vastu Tips . A picture of Lord Ganesha and Saraswati is good in study room. y A storage cupboard. plates . planning the ideal offices large and small. preserving food items . for there are few things as off-putting as a smelly toilet. which perhaps more than any other room . but they do have to be adequate in number for the staff employed and they have to be clean. cold drinks. an exhaust or ceiling fan may help . as this leads to feud. tea . its attitude to cleanliness and the activity of its employees and visitors. Your head should be towards the east or south while sleeping. The electric rays produced from telephone leave bad effect on the water. 7. papers etc.

The house should always be kept neat and clean and all the wastage etc. `~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~`~*~ . 20. To prevent the house from evil-eyes. One should never construct circular stairs in the house. Comb and other beauty aids should be kept neatly at the right place. especially in the front of the house. If they are kept on floor their nourishing substance will be adsorbed by the floor. All the things should be properly placed and well organized in the house. It is very auspicious to view rising sun after taking bath in the morning. Change the bed-sheets during day time. 23. to ensure good luck. Place vegetables in a dish after cutting them. 16. seven green chillies and lemon should be hung at the main entrance of the house. 22. 17. 13. One should always wear neat and clean clothes while working. A cut-out in the roof should be provided in the northeast to ensure proper ventilation of the house. 19. 14. shop etc. This factor works as a natural air-conditioner for the house. A blue bed sheet should never be used in the house. Keep cash and jewelry in the safe or locker which opens in the north. 12. 18. 21. 11.0. One should never provide three doors on a single wall. should be dumped or stored in west of the house. 15.. There should be a separate towel for every member of the family and for guests.

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