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Comets and the Origin of Life

Comets and the Origin of Life


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Published by: sharad_khandelwal_2 on Sep 05, 2010
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The picture of planet formation which has emerged in recent years is

backed up by numerous examples of accretion discs which reveal

evidence of planets embedded within them. It seems reasonable that we

should be able to fit the origin of comets into this scheme.

One consideration is that the Sun was in all probability born in a star

cluster such as that which we see in a number of molecular clouds, for

example the Trapezium nebula in Orion. But in that case the Sun is

unlikely to have been the first to emerge in the cluster. The more massive

the protostar, the more rapid its collapse down the Hayashi track onto the

main sequence. A 15 Mʘ

star, for example, will reach the main sequence

in about 50,000 years, a 3 Mʘ

star in two or 3 million years, about 5% of

the collapse time of the protosun. Thus the early Sun was probably born

in an environment where comets had already formed in large numbers.

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