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6248619 Summer Training Project Report on India Bulls[1]

6248619 Summer Training Project Report on India Bulls[1]

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Published by: hinandankr on Sep 05, 2010
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k.c.eapen vijay p. agarwal chander prakash

Study of  “The Market of Indiabulls in Context  to Its Competitors, Potential Investors and  Marketing Strategy”


Indiabulls Overview

Current principal business activities include securities broking, loan against shares, consumer finance and real estate development Also offers an array of other financial services products, including depository services, equity research services, third party financial and insurance product sales and commodities trading Sustained high growth: (FY05-FY06)
® ®



Revenues - 264% Earnings - 129%


Exponentially increasing client base : In excess of 2,60,000

Real Estate Development Indiabulls Credit Services Ltd Financial Products Distribution Unsecured Consumer Financing 4 .Diversified Businesses : High Growth Areas Indiabulls Securities Ltd Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd Securities & Derivatives Broking Secured Financing Indiabulls Properties Pvt Ltd Indiabulls Insurance Advisors Pvt Ltd.

Objectives of the Study • To make a comparative study of competitors of Indiabulls in Jodhpur City • To study Indiabulls products and services • To find out potential investors for Indiabulls and present attitude of investors regarding share market in Jodhpur city & suggest remedial measures • To analyze the marketing strategies of Indiabulls and suggest new strategies • To format the Daily Sales Report (DSR) 5 .

Research Methodology Primary Data • Field Observation Schedule •Group Discussions Secondary Data •Internet •Books •Journals&Magazines 6 .

Mo ila t l Os a w l Ma k t Re e r h r e s ac S ae h r K a h n Ka v r y Ta a Eq it Fu d t u y n 7 . F .Competitor Map of Indiabulls Re lia c Mu u l Fu d n e t a n In ia In o d f lin e Eq it & De iv t e u y r a iv s S r s ueh Ra h t i NRI S r ic s ev e De o it r S r ic s p s oy ev e ICICI Dir c e t ULIP INDIA BULLS In ia u d b lls Eq it A a s u y n ly is S BI M.

35/pc YES DEMATERILIS ATION Rs .1-0.25+5/pc Rs .07-0.1000 Rs .06-0.05 pais e Rs .25-0.3/pc Rs .10%06 pais e 10.35pais e Rs . SHARE KHAN KARVY M OSt CHARGES Demat A/C Trading A/C AMC BROKERAGE Delievery Trade Intra-day Trade F&O Trade EXPOS URE Delievery Trade Intra-day Trade F&O Trade INITIAL AMT.2-0.30/pc NO NA Rs .750 (4+5) Rs .1000 Rs .15%0.35/pc Rs YES(3000/7999) YES YES(PIB) 8 .7/pc REMATERILIS ATION NA S OFTW ARE Rs .300 R 800/5000 NIL (4+5+6) NIL 50 pais e 50 pais e 05 pais e(min1 p) 05 pais e 05 pais e 05 pais e 0. Rs .50%50 pais e 0.500 NIL Rs .25+15/pc .425%0.300/575/ s .1000/ 1750(4+5) NIL Rs .25/pc Rs .500 Rs .05 pais e 2/4 times NIL 12 times 10 times 75% of cas h NA NA NA NA NA NO NA 10 times NA Rs .274 Rs .4-0.85% 0.300/5000 A N Rs .Comparative Table A COMPARATIVE TABLE S HOW ING INDIABULLS AND COMPETITORS IN JODHPUR CITY INDIABULLS SURESH RATHI ICICI INDIA INFO.5200 2 times 8 times NA NIL NIL NIL NIL unlimited NIL 5 times (14+ 15+16) 2500/5000 Rs .100 Rs .220 Rs .20/pc interes t RS.5/pc Rs .35+2/pc Rs .10%08 pais e 30 pais e 03 pais e 03 pais e Rs .300 Rs .250 Rs .

Market Share of Indiabulls 7 % 1% 7 1% 3 S HARE KHAN ICICI DIRECT 1% 3 3% 0 2% 0 S URES RATHI H INDIABULLS INDIA INFOLINE OTHERS A pie-chart showing market share of Indiabulls among strategic group in Jodhpur city 9 .

Findings The major findings that were revealed during the research are as follows:  The investors in Jodhpur City have different opinions as to who provides the best service among the strategic group in the city  Indiabulls has good reputation among investors in the city  Power Indiabulls (PIB) was voted as one of the best software for active trading by customers. 10 .

Contd.  Around 50% of the people in the city named Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. as the best brokerage company  Only 20% active traders were found to be customers of Indiabulls  Few prospects expressed their dissent when contacted about the unsatisfactory services of the company 11 . Ltd.

Suggestions Competitive Intelligence System ƒ System Formation ƒ Data Collection ƒ Data Processing Disseminating Information ƒ 12 .

Contd. Positioning as Market Challenger „ Strategic Objective „ Attack Strategy „ Specific Strategies 13 .


Research Methodology Primary Data Interview Schedule Survey: Purposive Random Sampling Sample Size: 50 in 10 areas Secondary Data Internet Newspapers 15 .

Study of Products and Services  Normal Indiabulls (NIB) Priority Service Premium Research Online Accounting. 16 .

Study of Products and Services Contd…  Power Indiabulls (PIB) • Live Streaming Quotes • Fast Order Entry. • Tic-by Tic Live chart of the company’s stock performance • Technical Analysis of the company’s share performance • Live news and Alert form the uncertain share market 17 .

Survey Conducted  Occupation 3% 24% Interest for Share Market 55% 60% 50% 45% 40% 30% 20% 73% 10% 0% Interested Not Interested Businessmen Others Servicemen Interested Not Interested 18 .

40% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Businessmen 35% 14% 1% Others Businessmen Others Servicemen 19 .Survey Conducted Contd… Awareness about Indiabulls 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Aware Not Aware 65% Segment Interested in Share Mkt.

Contd…                         Potential areas Sardarpura Mehta Mkt. CHB Mandor Mandi Basani Mandi RTO . CHB Mandor Mandi Basani Mandi RTO 78% 76% 68% 62% 60% 54% 38% 42% 64% 20 Sardarpura Mehta Mkt. Pal Road MGH Shastri circle LIC. Pal Road MGH Shastri circle LIC.

RTO. Pal Road.Findings • During the survey business class people show positive attitude in Share Trading • Those who have Interest in share trading most of them were aware of Indiabulls • Mostly Investors show their first preference for share Trading in Suresh Rathi Securities • As per the survey results Sardarpura. office and Shastri Circle area show positive attitude in share Trading • In some areas especially Mandore Mandi. Mehta Market. and Basni Mandi a big part of Investors were found to be Interested in Commodity Market 21 .

Contd… • In survey few clients expressed full satisfaction for the products of Indiabulls mostly for PIB (power Indiabulls) 22 .

Suggestions  Indiabulls is a service firm so company should apply customer Development process Prospects First-time client Member Advocacy Partners Inactive or new Customer 23 .

Contd… • Indiabulls may go through “Investment Mela” • Indiabulls should come up with NCDEX • Indiabulls should conduct some kind of mock classes for new Investors who even don’t know about share market • There should be employee ID-Card for them so that when they go on it shows good impression and Identity of employee 24 .

Research Methodology Primary Data Personal Interview Observation Group Discussion Secondary Data Internet Modules 25 .

Marketing Strategies Of Indiabulls Company Internal Marketing Indiabulls External Marketing Employees Interactive Marketing Customers 26 .

Internal Marketing Equity Trading Business RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Sales Head Regional Manager Platinum Relationship Manager Team Leader Relationship Manager Management Trainee Average Management Trainee takes 12-24 months to become a Branch Manager Branch Manager 27 .

Brand Recognition & Customer Satisfaction 300.000 What Customers Expect Wide range of services under one roof 24 Hour Support & Ease of access s s s s What Indiabulls Offers Extensive product range Enhanced customer experience Personalised service through relationship managers Understands local market dynamics Expanding geographical and online presence 28 Personalized Attention s .000 0 Mar-03 Mar-04 Mar-05 Jun-06 16.000 150.000 200.455 30.000 50.932 Increasing Number of Customers 260.000 100.000 250.498 79.

commodities trading Offer innovative products such as Power Indiabulls and Indiabulls Signature Client Account Improve customer education through in-house equity research Improve customer interface and customer experience through technology Continually invest in upgrading of systems s Moving Up the  Value Chain s s Leverage  Technology s s Risk  Management s Enhance data mining to improve risk management processes 29 . depositary services.Marketing Strategies Contd… s Further reliance on the relationship manager sales model ® Client  Acquisition Personalized attention to customers s Improve the quality of service levels to provide an enhanced experience to clients Provide a wide array of services such as brokerage. mutual fund and equity distribution.

Formatting of DSR Occupation Existing A/C if any Views / suggestions Competitor’s Activity Next day contact 30 .

Findings Word of mouth communication Personal needs Past Experience Expected Service GAP 5 Perceived Service CUSTOMER MARKETER Service Delivery (including pre and post contacts) GAP 3 GAP 1 Translation perception into service quality specification GAP 2 Management perception customer expectation of GAP 4 External Communication customer to 31 .

Suggestions Self Service Technologies • Kiosk • IB card: .“Think It And Get It” Promotion • Advertorials • SMS Back Office Staff 32 .

the next to follow is Indiabulls which is gearing up for expansion in various nearer cities like Nagor.Conclusion Although Suresh Rathi Securities is the largest shareholder in the market. Indiabulls is all set up to become“The Company of the Future” 33 . with the spreading of business in these cities and further developing on the key areas in Jodhpur City. Pali. Balotra etc.

Thank You 34 .

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