Design is form-making in order Form emerges out of a system of construction Growth is a construction – In order is creative force In design is the means – where with what when with how much The nature of space reflects what it wants to be Is the auditorium a Stradivarius or an ear Is the auditorium a creative instrument keyed to Bach or Bartók played by the conductor or is it a conventional hall In the nature of space is the spirit and the will to exist in a a certain way Design must follow closely that will Therefore a stripe-painted horse is not a zebra Before a railroad station is a building it wants to be a street it grows out of the needs of the street out of the order of movement A meeting of contours englazed. Through the nature – why Through the order – what Through the design – how A form emerges from the structural elements inherent in the form. A dome is not conceived when questions arise how to build it. Nervi grows an arch Fuller grows a dome Mozart’s compositions are designs They are exercises of order – intuitive Design encourages more designs Designs derive their imagery from order Imagery is the memory – the form Style is an adopted order The same order created the elephant and created man They are different designs Begun from different aspirations Shaped from different circumstances Order does not imply Beauty The same order created the dwarf and Adonis Design is not making beauty Beauty emerges from selection affinities integration love Art is a form-making life in order – psychic

Beauty will evolve. .Order is intangible It is a level of creative consciousness forever becoming higher in level The higher the order the more diversity in design Order supports integration From what the space wants to be the unfamiliar way may be revealed to the architect. From order he will derive creative force and power of self-criticism to give form to this unfamiliar.

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