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Copy of Swot Analysis of Infosys

Copy of Swot Analysis of Infosys

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Published by Pratik Ganatra

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Published by: Pratik Ganatra on Sep 05, 2010
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Swot Analysis of Infosys

Submitted by Riddhi Ganatra

SWOT ‡ It is the basic analysis of company s following factors : 1)Strengths 2)Weakness 3)Opportunities 4)Threats .

N. Narayan Murti Largest IT company in India It employs more than 90.R.Infosys ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Founder Mr.000 IT professionals It operates in a number of business sectors from banking to retail .

High skills levels in Information Technology Strong financial position Becoming a global brand .Strengths ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Low cost and highly skilled labor.

Weakness ‡ Struggles in the US markets. ‡ Much smaller than its global competitors ‡ Weaker when it comes to high-end management consultancy .

Opportunities ‡ Opportunity in outsourcing ‡ New and emerging market in China ‡ Strategic alliance between Infosys and Schlumberger ‡ Provision of offshore service .

Threats ‡ Competition me from other countries ‡ Labor becoming expensive ‡ Brain drain .

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